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Pokésports: A Competitive Pokémon Podcast

Pokésports: A Competitive Pokémon Podcast

By StillJustMike, xRazeOvation

At Pokesports, we are passionate about all things competitive Pokemon, and we strive to share that passion with our listeners. Our podcast is a dynamic and engaging discussion between two seasoned experts, Kevin and Mike, who bring both their expertise and sense of fun to every episode.

Our goal is to provide the latest news and insights into the ever-evolving meta, while also exploring the many fun and exciting aspects of competitive Pokemon. We put in the work to research and analyze new strategies, discuss upcoming tournaments, and provide valuable tips and tricks!
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155 - Pokémon Day 2023!

Pokésports: A Competitive Pokémon PodcastMar 01, 2023

184 - Ogerpodcast!

184 - Ogerpodcast!

Kevin and Mike discuss the Sinnoh starters and their fun new role in Scarlet and Violet! We also take a quick peek at Regulation E. Let's see what's new, what's old, and what's nold!

Sep 20, 202351:05
183 - The Teal Mask's New Pokémon

183 - The Teal Mask's New Pokémon

DLC day is here! It's time to collect your favorite mask, slap it on an ogre, and go to town in Regulation D. Kevin & Mike discuss their experience in the DLC, and talk about competitive implications of it.

Sep 14, 202301:17:44
182 - Regulation E & The Higher-Ups

182 - Regulation E & The Higher-Ups

In which Mike & Kevin discuss (a lot of) Pokémon Sleep, Regulation E, and the decisions of management in Play! Pokemon. There isn't a ton of transparency in upper-level Pokemon, so it leads the community to make a lot of guesses as to why certain decisions were made. Working in events, Mike is able to make some pretty informed guesses. Being a seasoned veteran, Kevin has exposure to the rolling changes.

Sep 06, 202301:11:40
181 - New Rules for 2024!

181 - New Rules for 2024!

In which Mike & Kevin chat 2024 Worlds rules, regulations & prizing! 2024 is shaping up to be the best year so far for Pokemon Esports (or Pokesports?)

Also we answer a ton of your questions, define the Pokemon Good Sleep Day event, and so much more!

Aug 30, 202301:00:25
180 - Ride the Lapras Express!

180 - Ride the Lapras Express!

Tickets, please! It's time to hop on the Lapras express. Mike & Kevin discuss their brief return to Pokemon Unite, location-finding in Esports, and so much more! Now I've gotta sleep.

Aug 24, 202352:23
179 - Worlds 2023, New DLC Pokémon & moves!

179 - Worlds 2023, New DLC Pokémon & moves!

Kevin & Mike discuss the controversy surrounding Worlds, Worlds itself, and all the exciting information that comes with it.

Aug 16, 202301:03:39
178 - Pokémon Presents! DLC Release Date!

178 - Pokémon Presents! DLC Release Date!

Kevin and Mike do a full breakdown of the most recent Pokémon Presents, and get into the DLC details! There's been tons of amazing information dropped, so definitely check it out! Just in time for Pokémon Worlds!

Aug 09, 202301:01:56
177 - 2024 Play! Pokémon is Evolving!

177 - 2024 Play! Pokémon is Evolving!

What?! Play Pokemon is evolving?! *Evolution music intensifies*

Play! Pokemon has been making some major changes to their circuit due to the surge in attention and fandom. It's a welcome change as they grow, and Mike & Kevin are here to talk through it.

Also, Kevin gets WAY into Pokemon Sleep. Need some cool snoozing strats? We got you.

Aug 02, 202355:59
176 - What is Pokémon Mezastar?!

176 - What is Pokémon Mezastar?!

Kevin has had the best week of sleep in his life ever since Pokémon sleep gamified his needs. Mike has been...well, he's been busy.

The boys discuss Pokémon Sleep and its full release, the Yokohama controversy, and the grassroots tournament scene. Sleep well, folks!

Jul 26, 202301:07:49
175 - Competitive Pokemon Sleep
Jul 19, 202301:03:43
174 - It's A Long Road To Ohio
Jul 12, 202357:56
173 - NAIC 2023 with SBJ from It's Super Effective!
Jul 03, 202301:19:11
172 - Will the DLC change competitive?

172 - Will the DLC change competitive?

It's The Pokésports Corner! Harrison from TheGameCornerVGC joins Kevin as a guest host for this week's episode! In this episode, they discuss the new DLC trailers & all the Pokemon inside them! Trailers are a great way to get a hint of what Pokemon will be coming back. You just need to watch closely.

Jun 28, 202301:03:40
171 - Yokohama FOMO & AMA!

171 - Yokohama FOMO & AMA!

In this episode, Kevin and Mike lament over the Worlds Festivities. They look awesome, and they're unlikely to be there for them. It's alright though, because in the meantime, they've got plenty of questions to answer! I believe this is our longest episode to date. Yeesh. 2x speeders rejoice!

Jun 21, 202301:28:42
170 - Regulation D is full of bears!
Jun 14, 202301:02:35
169 - Milwaukee, Korea & Regirock
Jun 07, 202301:12:33
168 - Welcome Home!

168 - Welcome Home!

Mike and Kevin discuss Home, the Pokemon returning to it, and what we're expecting.

We also discuss VGC around the world, since apparently everyone wanted to have a tournament without us.

May 31, 202301:09:60
167 - Underestimating Status Moves

167 - Underestimating Status Moves

Kevin and Mike discuss status moves used on Lum Berry Pokemon, Hartford Regionals, and what they've learned in preparation for Milwaukee Regionals!

Check out our podcast, social channels, and much more!

May 24, 202301:12:54
166 - Home is where the Hartford is

166 - Home is where the Hartford is

Kevin and Mike take this, the week before the ultimate trial of sleepless nights and 10 rounds of best of 3s to compare Smogon's rankings to VGC's useability. They also chat about some returning Pokemon, and so much more! Goofisports is in full effect. Check out our podcast, social channels, and much more!

May 17, 202301:16:57
165 - Fluttermania Runnin' Wild!
May 10, 202353:08
164 - The Limit Does Not Exist

164 - The Limit Does Not Exist

Limitless is an amazing platform for Pokemon tournaments. Kevin and Mike take some well-deserved time to go through what makes it great, what kind of tournaments exist on it, and what they can do to lead a tournament themselves. Check out our podcast, social channels, and much more!

May 03, 202352:43
163 - Is Zoroark Perfect Yet?
Apr 26, 202352:34
162 - Kaijus & RPGs; EUIC In A Nutshell
Apr 19, 202301:04:14
161 - Into The Stadium!
Apr 12, 202353:51
160 - Welcome to Regulation C!
Apr 05, 202301:04:31
159 - When Pigs Fly
Mar 29, 202301:07:21
158 - That's Trash...That's Great!
Mar 22, 202301:04:06
157 - I put that Fish on everything!
Mar 15, 202301:05:44
156 - Decidueye, Regulation C & The Ruin

156 - Decidueye, Regulation C & The Ruin

Regulation C is just around the corner, and Kevin's got all the details for you on what's good, what's not, what's hot & what's Chi-Yu.

Also, it looks like we're getting yet another new non-Paldean Pokemon! Could this mean something further down the line?

Mar 08, 202301:00:11
155 - Pokémon Day 2023!
Mar 01, 202348:57
154 - 2023 Oceania International Championship
Feb 22, 202354:06
153 - Charity Tournaments ft. KingCorphish!
Feb 15, 202354:31
152 - Orlando Regionals
Feb 08, 202356:43
151 - The (New) Math Episode
Feb 01, 202351:14
150 - Liverpool, Forgotten Ruins & Mewtwo
Jan 25, 202358:52
149 - Never Underestimate The Bundle
Jan 18, 202301:31:40
148 - San Diego Regionals, Series 1's Quick Life
Jan 11, 202358:36
147 - Which Pokémon Reign Statistically Supreme?

147 - Which Pokémon Reign Statistically Supreme?

Time for another episode of Pokésports, where we've got something we haven't seen in YEARS! That being usage stats, of course. In this episode, we give our opinions on all of the most popular Pokemon that are topping the charts, and even give some tips on how to properly use them!

Also, Regionals are coming up. Get ready for that!

Check out our new Dozo Bozo t-shirt on the Pokésports store at

Jan 04, 202301:08:41
146 - Battling Bugs

146 - Battling Bugs

Hey there, and welcome to the latest episode of Pokésports, and the final for 2022!

In today's episode, we're chatting about some of the frustrating bugs and glitches we've experienced. Have you ever sat on Battle Stadium trying to find a match, only to be booted out and told "Sorry, no players are available"? Or have you had your Pokemon disappear for 20 seconds mid-battle? 

We also discuss the upcoming Oceania Internationals and the fact that they'll be played using Series 1 rules. While this is great news for players who are used to competing under these rules, it can be a bit of a challenge for those who are gearing up for Series 2, which is set to start at the beginning of February.

And speaking of regional tournaments, we also mention the Florida regionals and how they'll be using Series 1 rules as well. It's important to note that this means a shorter window for players to practice on cartridge, but hey, at least it's only for a few days, right?

Overall, it's clear that there are still some kinks to work out in the latest Pokemon game, but we're hopeful that future updates will address these issues and make for a smoother competitive experience. Thanks for tuning in, and we'll catch you in the next episode!

Dec 28, 202259:37
Happy Holidays from Pokésports!

Happy Holidays from Pokésports!

Thanks for making this year so special! We'll see you next week. In the meantime, check out the other stuff we've got going on!

Dec 21, 202200:57
145 - Open Teamsheets - Yay or Nay?
Dec 14, 202255:47
144 - Return of the Amoonguss Factor
Dec 07, 202201:04:18
143 - Scarlet and Violet Tournaments Activated
Nov 30, 202201:03:23
142 - The Unmentioned Scarlet & Violet Patch Notes
Nov 23, 202201:04:48
141 - Farewell Sword & Shield, Hello Scarlet & Violet!

141 - Farewell Sword & Shield, Hello Scarlet & Violet!

It's the end of an era. Pokemon Sword and Shield will always have a large place in our hearts, as it was not only the first game where we attended multiple competitions, both in-person and online, but also the game that kicked off all of Pokesports. We can't wait to keep things going with Scarlet and Violet, but we thought it'd be fun to go over each VGC series in SwSh and think back to some of the best moments of that game.

Nov 16, 202201:11:36
140 - Gus Gimmighoul

140 - Gus Gimmighoul

It's so close, we can smell it! Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are just around the corner, and we're ready to talk about all of the (officially) revealed content. We chat about all of the new reveals over the past week, the recent trailer, and so much more! 

Nov 09, 202256:43
139 - Just Crustlin' Around

139 - Just Crustlin' Around

Todays episode is Mike & Kevin further discussing the slow death of Sword and Shield. Ultimate Finale, Zoroark, and Pack Battles! This episode has it all.

Nov 02, 202259:26
138 - Greavard and the Scarlet & Violet Experience
Oct 26, 202253:39
137 - The Ultimate Finale of Sword & Shield

137 - The Ultimate Finale of Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield's Ultimate Finale competition is heading our way! Get hype. 

Clefable is fun, Zoroark is coming, and so much more! Check this out!

Oct 19, 202253:47
136 - The Farigaraf Conundrum

136 - The Farigaraf Conundrum

There's a new Giraffe in town, and their name is Farigaraf! Will it be top meta, or will it be right down on the bottom? The ability makes it seem useable, but the rest is to be seen. We chat about it anyway!

New expensive skins in Unite, distribution events, and Scarlet/Violet lead-up is today's topic. Check it out!

Oct 12, 202247:06