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The Pondering Stepmom Podcast

The Pondering Stepmom Podcast

By Michelle Brown

A podcast dedicated to the dynamic community of women navigating the realm of stepparenting. This Podcast was inspired by my blog, The Pondering Nook, where I write about my own experiences as a stepmom, mom, partner, and my own self-improvement journey. Each week the podcast airs there will be a topic or question posted in the days prior on The Pondering Nook’s Facebook & Instagram. I’ll discuss the topic on the show and read the responses (many will be anonymous!) Most episodes are under 30 min so you can listen while you’re on the go, on your lunch break, or on your drive to work.
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"The Package Deal"

The Pondering Stepmom PodcastSep 20, 2023

"The Package Deal"
Sep 20, 202327:39
"What Would You Say If You Could?"
Sep 13, 202325:14
"Stepparenting Toddlers"
Sep 05, 202317:03
"Great Expectations"
Aug 28, 202315:18
"The Introverted Stepmom"
Jun 28, 202314:33
"Thank You, Stepparents"
Jun 01, 202305:51
"Stepmom Wisdom For Mother's Day"
May 11, 202318:20
"Becoming A Stepmom"
May 04, 202317:37
"Who Talks To Who? Blended Family Communication Challenges"
Apr 20, 202324:10
"My Best Friends Aren't Stepmoms..."
Apr 13, 202324:29
"When Being A Stepmom Affects Your Kids: The Biological Dilemma"
Apr 06, 202324:26
"The Stepmom Connection: Are We Bonding?"
Mar 23, 202320:14
"Seasoned Stepmom Advice For Stepparenting Teens"
Mar 09, 202320:20
"Why Stepmoms Step Back"
Mar 02, 202322:20
When Your Partner Has Full Custody of The kids: Stepmom Stories
Feb 23, 202322:34
Parenting Biological Kids VS Stepkids
Feb 16, 202321:12
What You Never Expected: The Stepmom Journey
Feb 09, 202324:59
Stepparenting & Transition Days: The Biggest Frustrations
Feb 02, 202324:18
"Are You A Control Freak?"
Jan 26, 202321:17
"All The Things Stepmoms Wish You Knew"
Dec 08, 202221:60
"How We Have Changed: The New Stepmom Narrative"
Nov 17, 202219:29
"If You Weren't The Stepmom..."
Nov 10, 202228:12
"When Stepmoms Are Left Picking Up The Pieces: Coping With Abandonment"
Oct 27, 202223:48
"My Mom is A Stepmom"
Oct 20, 202215:27
"Too Close For Comfort"
Oct 06, 202220:22
When Stepchildren Become Adults: What Now?
Sep 29, 202225:17
"Understanding Stepmom Disengagement..."
Sep 22, 202218:13
"Seasoned Stepmom Wisdom"
Sep 15, 202225:52
"Nice To Meet You...?"
Sep 08, 202239:51
"Clash of Parenting Styles: When You & Your Partner Don't Agree on How To Parent Your Stepchildren"
Sep 01, 202222:11
"Who Supports You In Your Stepmom Role - For Better And For Worse?"
Aug 25, 202210:22
"Summer Bonus Episode! What Does Summer Break Look Like With Your Stepkids?"
Jun 16, 202216:23
"You Don’t Have To Call Me Mom"
May 11, 202234:34
"Being A Stepmom on Mother’s Day: The Good, The Bad & The Challenging Journey"
May 04, 202222:48
"Are We There Yet? The Journey of Step-Parenting Teens"
Apr 27, 202219:40
"Stepmom Perspectives: What We Wish Our Partners Could Understand"
Apr 20, 202207:56
"Age, Wisdom & The Stepmom Role"
Apr 13, 202221:58
"Do You Know Your Stepkid's Friends?"
Apr 06, 202221:25
"Who Disciplines Your Stepkids?"
Mar 09, 202225:03
"What Stepmom Disengagement Actually Looks Like"

"What Stepmom Disengagement Actually Looks Like"

We've all heard and talked about the concept of "disengaging" from the stepmom role BUT what does that actually look like in the real world? 

In this episode, I share feedback from all kinds of stepmoms who each have their own take on what disengaging can look like and how they implement it within their own family dynamics. Thank you so much for tuning in! Enjoy! xoxo

Mar 02, 202222:20
Blended-Sibling Jealousy
Feb 16, 202221:26
"The Ex Factor"

"The Ex Factor"

Stepmoms, what's your partner's relationship like with the ex/bio-mom? How does the state of that relationship affect your role as a stepmom? This week, I read some terrific feedback from stepmoms out in the world just like you! Tune in! xoxo
Feb 09, 202227:32
"Stay-At-Home-Stepmom Challenges"
Feb 02, 202232:00
The Ours Baby & Bio-Mom Dynamics
Jan 26, 202228:52
"To Discipline OR Not To Discipline..."

"To Discipline OR Not To Discipline..."

Hey, stepmoms! This episode revolves around disciplining stepchildren. Who does it in your household? You? Your partner? Both? I got some fabulous feedback from stepmoms out there in the world so tune in and enjoy the conversation! xoxo 

Jan 19, 202227:32
"Comments, Questions, Assumptions & Presumptions"

"Comments, Questions, Assumptions & Presumptions"

Stepmoms, do people ever say things to you about your stepmom role that really bother you? In this first episode of season 4, we talk about those comments, questions, assumptions, and presumptions that people say and make about stepmoms and how to practice the art of shrugging that stuff off! Thank you to all the stepmoms who gave me feedback for this episode! I love all of you!

Jan 13, 202221:09
"Stepmom Mental Health Check In"

"Stepmom Mental Health Check In"

How's your mental health, stepmoms? In the season 3 finale, I talk about how we as stepmoms deal with an array of problems, situations, and challenges that can take a major toll on our mental health. I read some comments from other stepmoms going through the same thing and I get honest about my own feelings. Tune in!

Dec 15, 202123:05
"The 'Ours baby,' Age Gaps, Jealousy & Step-parenting

"The 'Ours baby,' Age Gaps, Jealousy & Step-parenting

This week I talk about stepmoms who have had an 'ours baby' while step-parenting children who are much older. I hear from stepmoms who discuss how their stepchild/stepchildren reacted to the news of a younger sibling and how stepmoms broke the news to their stepchild/stepchildren initially about the new baby. Thank you for tuning in! xoxo

Dec 08, 202130:01
"Do They Really Like Me?"
Nov 17, 202130:13
"What We Bring & What We Learn: The Stepmom Journey"
Nov 10, 202125:31