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Positively Growing®

Positively Growing®

By Kayla Chew

Join Kayla Chew on the Positively Growing® podcast for talks on life, growth, self-care, parenting, balancing entrepreneurship and simply living life on your own terms.
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Being Too Humble is For The Birds

Positively Growing®Oct 13, 2022

Being Too Humble is For The Birds
Oct 13, 202212:19
Each One, Teach One with Tax professional Karina Cook
Aug 18, 202201:20:14
Change Starts With You
Mar 03, 202208:18
Intent Vs. Impact
Feb 24, 202210:25
Don't Talk About it! Be about it! With Jessica Willams
Feb 16, 202257:22
Business & Growth talks with Erica Harris
Oct 14, 202101:34:51
Be The Shifter
Oct 13, 202108:37
Are you Teachable?
Jun 24, 202107:39
Potential Is Only Potential
Jun 17, 202109:46
GOALS: The Importance of Goal Setting & Planning
Oct 01, 202018:35
Passive Income: Letting Go of The Overwork Mindset
Sep 10, 202015:37
HOMESCHOOLING- Tips For Virtual Learning

HOMESCHOOLING- Tips For Virtual Learning

It's the start of the new school year. Due to Covid-19 many parents around the country are not only working from home, but they now have to homeschool and help their children learn virtually. In this episode I give tips that may help you and your children successfully work and learn in a virtual setting.

Aug 27, 202015:34
Jul 21, 202027:13
Parenting- Letting Go of Unrealistic Expectations

Parenting- Letting Go of Unrealistic Expectations

Parenting is all about finding that balance, its just figuring out what works best for you and your family. Figuring out whats best for your child/children and their individual personality. Its learning when to push them a little harder and knowing when to take a step back. We often put unrealistic expectations on children that lead to other issues, problems, and insecurities. We are learning through trial and error, but thats how we grow, by making mistakes and falling and adjusting so that we can do better next time.

Jun 25, 202017:22
Growing To Understand Yourself and Others
Jun 10, 202021:27
Sending Our Love

Sending Our Love

With all the fear, pain, sadness and anger around the world I just want to send my love and leave you with a little message from my son Ashur.

Jun 01, 202002:50
Welcome to the Positively Growing Podcast

Welcome to the Positively Growing Podcast

Hello and welcome to the very first episode of the Positively Growing podcast. I am your host Kayla Chew, Mompreneur, Photographer, Illustrator, and I am so excited to embark on this journey with you. In this introductory episode of the podcast I give you guys a short backstory of myself. On Positively Growing, I hope to explore a variety of topics. I'll be discussing all things in life: breaking generational choices, self-care, parenting, entrepreneurship, and simply growing through life as we go through it. So come along and grow through this journey with me.

Jun 01, 202013:19