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The Post-Wedding Podcast

The Post-Wedding Podcast

By Shaina Sawyer

**Empowering you to plan the wedding you actually want.**

Real couples recap their values-driven wedding celebrations. They share lessons learned and tips for couples in the wedding planning process.
After listening, you'll feel empowered to toss out tradition and create a wedding celebration that reflects who you truly are.

Hosted by Shaina of Golden Door Photography.
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Jess + Sean’s Collaborative Oregon Farm Table Wedding

The Post-Wedding PodcastJun 08, 2020

Jess + Sean’s Collaborative Oregon Farm Table Wedding

Jess + Sean’s Collaborative Oregon Farm Table Wedding

The final episode of season one of the Post-Wedding Podcast is one that's super close to my heart. In this episode, I interviewed my sister Jessica and her husband Sean about their incredibly beautiful, collaborative Oregon farm wedding. What made this wedding so special was the magical way everything came together. The major theme of Jess and Sean's wedding was "community." That meant that every element of the wedding, from the music to the flowers, the chuppah to the food, was made by or crafted in collaboration with someone who loves them. And that was incredibly powerful. The level of thought and detail that went into this wedding is truly breathtaking. They embraced all the things they are passionate about with incredible depth and care. And anything that didn't feel natural and meaningful simply wasn't included. For anyone in the wedding planning process, here are a few of my favorite takeaways to listen for: - Working together to form a clear wedding vision (your "north star") from the very beginning. - Strengthening your relationship through the wedding planning process. - Accepting and embracing help from friends along the way. - An in-depth approach to the guest list and seating arrangements. - A fresh take on how to (not) plan your timeline. - Lots of details, jokes, love, and joy with some of my favorite people!
Jun 08, 202001:05:11
Carolyn + Greg's Berkshire Weekend Getaway Wedding
Jun 01, 202001:11:04
Meredith + Dave’s Pragmatically Romantic Winter Microwedding (with a Bonus Summer Party)

Meredith + Dave’s Pragmatically Romantic Winter Microwedding (with a Bonus Summer Party)

Although Dave (Dave Burns Photo Tours) and Meredith were married in 2014, their wedding is a strikingly relevant model of a wedding for our current times. They started with a 9-person winter microwedding at Cambridge City Hall followed by dinner. Then, in the summer, they threw a big tented backyard wedding on the North Fork in Long Island for 100+ family and friends.

Dave & Meredith chose to get married for pragmatic reasons, but that didn't stop them from being thoughtful, intentional, and downright creative with the festivities to celebrate the occasion. And they retell it all with humor and charm.

Some of the highlights include:

The merits of a big vs. a small celebration (and how to have the best of both). Why photography is such an important part of the day. (This was totally unprompted, I swear!) The logistics (and benefits) of planning a wedding at a private backyard venue. A slew of awesome Long Island wedding vendor recommendations Boston Winter Microwedding Vendors: 

Dress: ModCloth | Suit: The Ludlow Shop | Ceremony: Cambridge City Hall | Dinner: Craigie on Main

North Fork, Long Island Summer Party Vendors:

Food: Miam Miam Macaronerie (Boston) // North Fork Chocolate Company // The Winemaker Studio by Anthony Nappa Wines // 1943 Pizza | Dining: Ram's Head Shelter Island | Port-a-Potties: Island Portables

May 18, 202001:11:18
Mila + Christian’s Blended Family Winery Wedding

Mila + Christian’s Blended Family Winery Wedding

Mila and Christian wanted to plan a wedding that reflected their quirky personalities and their values as a couple.

In this episode, we cover how to incorporate kiddos into your wedding when you're creating a blended family, why daytime weddings are more fun, how to ditch the things you're "supposed to do" and be more "you," and my perspective as a guest on the big "oops" moment of the day.

May 11, 202001:08:53
Lara + Jason’s Christmas Manor Wedding

Lara + Jason’s Christmas Manor Wedding

Lara and Jason throw a big Christmas party every year so when they got married, they decided it would be the biggest Christmas party of all. There were carols sung, cups of cocoa consumed, ornaments hung, and one truly spectacular top hat. From the digs to their duds, every inch was Christmas and every inch was THEM.

We’ll cover their planning process, all the details that made it special, managing the finances of wedding planning, and how to be more present on your wedding day.

May 04, 202001:19:44
Tawny + Dan's Secret Mexico Beach Elopement

Tawny + Dan's Secret Mexico Beach Elopement

Tawny and Dan thought they were going to have a big backyard wedding. Dan was in school, so Tawny took on most of the wedding planning. And she absolutely hated it. After months of planning and struggle and tears, they secretly decided to ditch the party and elope on a beach in Mexico.

In the podcast we'll cover how it all came about and the logistics of planning an elopement abroad. They also share how they involved their family (in some pretty unique ways) and how everyone reacted when they broke the surprise elopement news.

Apr 27, 202054:19
PwP Teaser: What is the Post-Wedding Podcast?

PwP Teaser: What is the Post-Wedding Podcast?

What is the Post-Wedding Podcast and why should you give AF? Find out in this mini-episode!
Feb 14, 201902:02