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Pot Smoking Moms

Pot Smoking Moms

By Pot Smoking Moms

Your Mom smokes pot and has a podcast. We are 2 south Florida Moms that spark up a jay and have lots to say. Join us as we end the Stigma on Cannabis and Chat with; Medical Experts, Industry Insiders, and Moms who have plenty of stories to tell. New Episode Every Wednesday.
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#55 Weed Mom with Danielle Simone Brand

Pot Smoking Moms Mar 17, 2021

#135 Loophole Products with Megan the Trusted Cannanurse

#135 Loophole Products with Megan the Trusted Cannanurse

We are late, but back! Life has be lifing and we open up on the trajectory of the show and why our consistency has been in the crapper.  Our news nugs is filled with lots of information such as;  Ohio goes legal but the state has some concerns and already wants regulations. Loophole products fill the market and may be convenient for those in illegal states, but what is really in them and how can we trust them? For smoking socials we discuss Snoop Dogg and his break, we totally thought he was going to start selling edibles ya'll  In Florida news we get further proof that Cannabis will be on the ballot for voting in the upcoming elections.  Our interview is with Megan the Trusted Cannanurse and she gives us lots of useful information about low does use during pregnancy, why we should be weary of hemp derived products, and how she became the Trusted Cannnurse. We hope you enjoy the show!

Nov 29, 202301:37:44
#134 Drug Tests Removing THC Markers

#134 Drug Tests Removing THC Markers

Past Week Recap, News Nugs, and Rich people Riching in Miami. Hello fellow parents and canna8is enthusiasts, in this weeks episode we talk about how the Bud Crawl went and we catch up on some personal stuffs. We discuss Brittney Spears new book and Mathew Perry's passing. Back by popular demand is our New Nugs segment in which we discuss drug testing panels removing of THC, and Georgia getting medical for low thc in Pharmacies. In Miami; the rich people have so much cash they are building rooms in their houses to store it and all the useless Amazon crap they keep buying. Enjoy!
Nov 08, 202301:10:44
#133 Spooky Vibes and Ayahuasca Minds with Master Shamen Hamilton Souther
Oct 26, 202301:33:37
#132 Terp Appreciation, Chocolate Adoration with Andrea P. Gasc from Beau Bon Pastries
Oct 18, 202301:19:38
#131 Hot Takes-N-Blunts with Jojo
Oct 11, 202301:19:05
#130 Back To School Live Finale
Aug 09, 202301:34:19
#129 Moms on Psychedelics and Sharks on Cocaine with Jane West

#129 Moms on Psychedelics and Sharks on Cocaine with Jane West

On todays show we discuss how the ACLU gets involved in Florida's battle to get recreational on the ballot.
St. Pete experiences Psychedelics and Cannabis in its first Cannadelic event.
Waters infested with Cocaine sharks, not the dealers but the animals that eat the drugs and lots of weed washing ashore a Florida beach. We also interview cannabis advocate and CEO of cannabis lifestyle brand Jane West.
Aug 02, 202301:48:52
#128 PSM Goes NPC
Jul 26, 202356:06
#127 Rolling Techniques To Get YOU Higher
Jul 19, 202301:07:20
#126 Reclaiming Your Relationship With Weed featuring Ryan Sprague
Jul 12, 202301:34:00
#125 Weed Mom Vacations with Dank Girl Chelsea Green

#125 Weed Mom Vacations with Dank Girl Chelsea Green

Will Ukraine Legalize Cannabis to help its citizens cope with trauma caused by the war? Consumption lounges are finally coming to Nevada and a couple of dispensaries are getting ready to blow your minds! Locally Florida's attorney general Ashley Moody is trying to shut down the 39.5 million dollar Trulieve backed recreational ballot measure. We chat with the Dank Girl Chelsea Green about her all women Cannabis retreats! All this and much more on todays show! Stop in Our Website: Book a Retreat:

Jul 05, 202301:20:34
#124 Giant African Weed Smoking Snails
Jun 28, 202301:02:06
#123 Pitfalls of Cannabis Marketing and Content Creation with Auntie Lauren of Hi-Curious

#123 Pitfalls of Cannabis Marketing and Content Creation with Auntie Lauren of Hi-Curious

Is smoking weed safer than smoking alcohol? We discuss survey results from a study held by American Psychiatric Association. Will Joe Biden finally make good on his promise to de-schedule Cannabis? In Miami news we got our own dialect now, and we discuss the cuban/american influence on our speech patterns. We interview Lauren Mundell who is founder of Hi-Curious; a cannabis content marketplace. She talks to us about the Industry bullshit and how creators can benefit from joining her platform. Hope you enjoy todays show! Visit to connect!

Jun 21, 202301:30:47
#122 Supporting Important Causes with Cannabis featuring Yarema
Jun 14, 202301:25:24
#121 Hiding the W33d from Reality TV with MTV Teen Mom OG: Cheyenne Davis

#121 Hiding the W33d from Reality TV with MTV Teen Mom OG: Cheyenne Davis

Todays show opens up with the usual smoke sesh and we discuss home repairs, summer plans , and we talk about a few tv shows and movies we are currently digesting. In this premiere episode we celebrate Minnesota becoming the 23rd state to go recreational. Then; does the idea of a Cannabis Farmers Market make you excited? What about being able to purchase cannabis at a festival or concert venue? We discuss this becoming a reality for New Yorkers. Locally the Supreme Court needs to approve the Smart and Safe petition before putting it on the ballot, we remind you this bill gives Florida recreational without; homegrow, new licenses, or social equity responsibilities. This episodes interview is with MTV's Cheyenne Davis which has been on multiple reality shows including: Are You The One?, The Challenge, Teen Mom OG, and Teen Mom Next Chapter. She talks to us about her choice to keep cannabis use away from the cameras, but how she enjoys using it to unwind when the kids are down for the night. Cheyenne shares with us the response she received when she posted about the joint rolling station at her bridal shower on her Instagram. She also describes to us how her parents established an open relationship growing up, which was able to give her room to grow in an acceptive environment. Please visit our website: Support our sponsors like they support us: Our IG-  @PotSmokingMoms  Follow Cheyenne-  @ThinkLoudCrew   @DAVISFAMILY  On IG @Cheynotshy

Jun 07, 202301:36:34
#120 420 Finale Livestream w/ Snoop Dawg
Apr 21, 202301:36:44
#119 Parking Lot Petitions, Gas Station Weed, & Inconsistent Strain Availability

#119 Parking Lot Petitions, Gas Station Weed, & Inconsistent Strain Availability

This week we open the show with a few fun kid-birthday stories, Dee feels out of place and J is surrounded by her people. We discuss an article that explains why you don't see certain strains consistently in your dispensaries. The Smart and Safe petition is gaining momentum as canvassers are running rampant through Target parking lots all over South Florida. The Hemp bill that is set to kill business has lots of explaining to do, as they say their aiming for regulations. Please support us on : Patreon : And Visit
Apr 12, 202301:05:54
#118 Seventy Five Lbs of Weed on I75
Apr 05, 202351:06
#117 Talking to Your Teens About Cannabis

#117 Talking to Your Teens About Cannabis

Light one up with us as we discuss current TV shows we are watching. In the news: People want Prince Harry to get deported for smuggling weed, and the NY Times tells us how to approach the subject with our kids. The Florida Hemp industry fights a new battle to keep businesses alive in new bill proposal and we get into it. Enjoy the show and please visit our website

Mar 29, 202301:22:15
#116 Mommy Got High and Wrote a Book with Wendy Brazill
Mar 22, 202301:08:38
#115 Stoner Moms Unite with Laura of Canna Mom Gang

#115 Stoner Moms Unite with Laura of Canna Mom Gang

Today's Show is loaded with nostalgia from 90's era Universal Studios Florida, as we tell you all about the Pot Smoking Moms hot boxing Orlando!  Our News Nugs starts off with Travis Kelce admitting to being a productive stoner on SNL. We pay our respects to The Father of Cannabis; Dr. Raphael Mechoulum ,who passed away at 92 after so many contributions to science.  Here in Florida we introduce a bill to legitimize all the shit we are already doing; like Teledoc for MMj patient renewals. We hope you enjoy the show we got a few little visual surprises for those of you watching. 

Please let us know what you think of the show in the comments or if you are on Spotify answer the prompt.

Mar 15, 202301:08:39
#114 Fired For Weed with Fran Symons
Mar 08, 202301:11:57
#113 Social Equity in Cannabis with Whitney Beatty

#113 Social Equity in Cannabis with Whitney Beatty

Get ready for a smoke sesh like no other with the hilarious and knowledgeable Pot Smoking Moms! Join us as we bring you the latest news on the cannabis industry, review the tastiest strains, and interview some of the coolest people in the biz. In this episode, we're talking about everything from Stoner jobs being protected in Washington to Floridians growing their own medical marijuana. And you won't want to miss our interview with Whitney Beatty, the founder and CEO of Josephine and Billy's and Apothecary Brands. But that's not all - we're also doing a smoke sesh brought to you by Fluent, where we try out their amazing Freedom Town Holdings Fatso and Chocolate Marshmallow strains.  And of course, we have to give a shoutout to our patrons who make this podcast possible. So grab your goodies and get ready to sesh with us as we chat about all things cannabis.   Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and check out our Patreon for exclusive perks and access to our Discord community. See you there!

Mar 01, 202301:28:06
#112 Long Live The Kush Queen!
Feb 22, 202301:32:01
#111 Valentines Livestream Premiere

#111 Valentines Livestream Premiere

What happens when we decide to go totally live with you guys on a Wednesday night? Technical difficulties which we power through! I say it gives us character.

Pardon the audio for this one, it is real rough at the beginning then gets less rough...its part of the growing pains.

We talk about a recent podcast we went on where Afroman was the other guest, and fun was had on the Minds Wide Open podcast as well as the Cannadelic expo we attended. We talk about Rhi Rhi at the superbowl and relationships that were broken because of a Tubi commercial. Dee shares her mouse in the house story and J shares with us how to keep things fresh and romantic in your relationship with the 2-2-2 rule. 

For News Nugs a new survey shows we are gifting more weed on Valentines day than ever. A Robot shares his love for weed as we had Chat Gpt generate some Weed Love Poems. St Johns County in Jacksonville stinks as marijuana farms take up more space, and in Florida;  Trulieve continues to pour money into a petition that would pretty much monopolize recreational Cannabis. 

We play your favorite game 'Smoke Screen' with romantic comedies you suggested to us on IG. (that portion works best on our YouTube video)

Feb 21, 202301:27:29
#110 Blazing in 2023!

#110 Blazing in 2023!

A new year a new podcast! Light up with us as we discuss current events like that Andrew Tate chode being served up a little karma. We talk about barely making it on New Years and our plans to set You Tube a blaze! For News Nugs we celebrate New York's first legal and OPEN dispensary which happens to belong to the non-profit group Housing Works. We look to New York to set the standard for licensing, as they have started with those most impacted by the war on drugs. Snoop Dogg kicks off Death Row Cannabis and we watch a clip of him on NYE talking about all the places he has ever smoked! In Colorado Psilocybin therapy is finally legal, but they are letting the professionals handle treatments at the moment. For local Miami news: an MMJ Doc that we had previously reported getting his privileges taken away from him gets cleared from wrong doing. Thanks to our sponsors and patron!
Come back 2/15 for our special Livestream premiere episode!
Jan 04, 202358:02
#109 Even Though We Made It

#109 Even Though We Made It

The holidays have finally consumed me as I finish this weeks episode.
We start the show off with a fun recap video highlighting all the weed events we have hosted and attended this year really putting things into perspective for us. How did your Christmas go? Ours was overall "low-key" In the news nugs everybody's Tiktok homie Doggface was fake arrested in his music video only to be real arrested in Idaho for expired tags and of course weed.
In local news 2 young ladies are arrested with a Jar of weed and an expired med card, and even though we have come this far they deliver the message that; its cheaper and less arduous to just have a plug than participate in the system.
We hope you enjoy this last podcast of the year!
Dec 28, 202201:08:51
#108 Live Pot Smoking Christmas Special
Dec 22, 202201:32:55
#107 Holiday Work Parties and Murders Before Bedtime

#107 Holiday Work Parties and Murders Before Bedtime

Hey everybody! We are back this week and start off with the winner of this weeks advent winner. We then discus company holiday parties, a few tv shows, and we talk a bit about the Casey Anthony Documentary currently making the rounds and what we think about it. Jay and Uncle Jessie convince Dee that Gomez from the new Wednesday show on Netflix is more like the original Gomez. For News Nugs we get into the Britney Griner debate on her coming back and how we hope she decides to advocate for marijuana legalization locally here in the U.S because seriously who would be better to show up for the movement?!?! New York continues to have big plans before the year ends but seems to be falling short as a dispensary the size of a closet is almost ready to open across from The Apollo. Then a product that aptly goes by the name of 'Death By Gummy Bear' raises some serious dosing concerns and locally we discuss Art Basel and w33d art. We thank our patrons who help make this show possible and our sponsors. We will now be releasing the video episodes on our You Tube every Wednesday and hope you are following us on that platform so you can catch the Live Stream X-mas show Wednesday December 21 8pm eastern.
Dec 14, 202201:06:47
#106 Smoking Salmonella

#106 Smoking Salmonella

Getting into the Holiday spirit with some meth-head Buddhist's and the Salmonella strain of weed in NYC.
Nice to see ya back!
In this episode we start off by talking about the kiddy perps over at Balenziaga and all that rich people mess. Then Jay tells us about forging friendships with your kids friends parents. How do you broach the topic of weed without ruining your kids relationship?
In the News Nugs we talk about a study that found Salmonella and E-coli in the weed from some NYC pop-up dispensaries and Bodegas.
A temple is left Monkless when they all test positive for...get this... Meth, as Thailand sends confusing messages behind their drug policy.
Students in California get taken to the hospital for edibles; we smell a school drug ring in this headline.
For ILY Miami, we follow up on a wedding where the caterer made infused dinner and is now paying for it in a new lawsuit from one of the guests.
Dec 07, 202201:04:58
#105 Woo-Woo By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

#105 Woo-Woo By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Hope your Thanksgiving was as delightful as ours! This show starts off with some holiday talk, we have a big Christmas announcement. Capt J shares a funny Snoop video and Dee gets sent a TT video where a Man says the term "pot" is for people who don't actually smoke anymore. We chat about a few documentaries Dee recently watched; including that one about Pepsi points and the fighter jet.
Jay teases our Cannabis Advent calendar, which will give us a whole months worth of content and gifts for all our biggest fans (that means you).
In the news we get heated about new technology for Cops that scan your eyeballs to determine if you are driving stoned.
Locally; a Black Farmer gets one of the first minority MMJ license only to lose that because the state took so long, he died. We both agree the state should allow Moton Hopkins entity to continue through with the license, as they would have carried out the business through Hatchett Creek Farms anyway.
We hope you have as much fun listening as we did making this episode!
Nov 30, 202201:00:36
#104 Sort Of Winning

#104 Sort Of Winning

Hey everyone! This week we are back from attending the Port Charlotte Cannafeast festival and we have lots to dish out including winning the Canna-creator contest. Thank you to those who voted and those who could not attend. We discuss Thanksgiving plans and cheesy potatoes. In w33d news Congress passes a bill that intends to allow for more cannabis research. A psychedelics bill is introduced to the Senate requiring DEA to re-schedule substances like MDMA and psilocybin. Locally a Florida Governor makes a Navy Vet leader of Floridas regulatory agency, and we discuss a new dispensary.
Nov 23, 202253:32
#103 Mushroom Magic with Shay

#103 Mushroom Magic with Shay

We are back from a Bud Bus weekend and we cant wait to catch up with you. Dee asks for advice on giving kids medicine when they refuse to take it, and talks about the side of ticktok she has fallen into that is filled with controversy including a privileged influencer and a cheating husband. Jay talks about training her new dog to use command buttons, but winds up with a surprise instead. We share the good news of recent states legalizing or taking major legalization measures. News Nugs also covers the latest congressional meeting about legalization and its federal future. For local news we discus a gun buy back program in Miami that is providing Ukraine with firearms to protect itself from Russia. Our interview is with Canna-Shay from Magically Blended and she tells us how she got into psychedelics, why they are important, and she gives us a primer on Psilocybe cubensis or Mushrooms and how to use them. Enjoy the show!
Nov 16, 202201:20:17
#102 Acting For Cannabis with Jodi James

#102 Acting For Cannabis with Jodi James

In this episode we talk about kids parties. Sunny D tells us about that one kid that isn't part of the birthday but somehow manages to inflict his kid chaos on everyone. Where is his Mom? For our News Nugs segment we discuss a brand getting taken to court for lying about THC% . Locally Fried's lawsuit on MMJ patient gun rights gets tossed. Our Interview is with the knowledgable Jodi James from FLCAN and Floridians For Freedom and she tells us all the ways we can get involved in changing Cannabis laws.
We hope you enjoy!
Nov 09, 202201:27:52
#101 Getting Cannabis Prisoners Home w/ Stephanie Shepard

#101 Getting Cannabis Prisoners Home w/ Stephanie Shepard

We are so glad to be back in your ears with all things Cannabis. We discuss our successful Halloween 2022. Jay hosted an epic party that was filled with fellow Pot Smoking Moms including a 24 hour fly in.  This week we play catch up with an update on Griner, and Bidens initial move on urging for Cannabis to be de-scheduled. In local news a dispensary brand makes headlines after revealing plans to be located inside Circle K gas stations. Florida quickly announced that there had been no regulatory approvals for there to be so much gas available to customers.  Our interview this week is a very important one; Stephanie Shepard shares her story of serving 9 years in federal prison over a non-violent, 1st time Cannabis offense. She tells us what that was like, and how she turned that experience into an opportunity to help others.  Please help support our Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, and Mothers who have had their lives turned upside down by these needless Cannabis incarcerations. 


Nov 02, 202201:29:01
#100 Our Big 100th Episode!

#100 Our Big 100th Episode!

Our season finale and 100th show...well ok its our 99th episode because of a miscount but 99 is very close to 100 so lets celebrate it anyway!!
The Moms open the show discussing a few school 1st's and some stoner travel hurdles.
We have a new Mailbag segment where a Father writes to us for some help, then we discuss a couple of current headlines; in California the governor signs a bill treating weed the same as alcohol in welfare cases, in San Fran psychedelic's get decriminalized, the UK is blocking Bermuda to legalize it, and the department of defense shoots a fake press conference to highlight its NO CBD policy. We play back a Conan podcast where his current assistant talks about smoking weed with his old assistant, and Sunny Dee shares her theory as to why Conan doesn't get high. In Miami we discuss pressuring DeSantis to get rid of the newest dosage limits.
Celebrate our season finale with us!
Sep 14, 202254:36
#99 No Money In Weed with Serena from Ganja Clinic
Sep 07, 202201:09:02
#98 Weed History with David Bienenstock
Aug 31, 202201:45:58
#97 Self Certified with Brooke Westlake from Womens Expo

#97 Self Certified with Brooke Westlake from Womens Expo

In the midst of "Back to School" this week we discuss drop off tears, making friends, and getting used to the new school schedules. Weed trucks in New York are getting busted for operating illegally as licensing has not yet become available, while a crack cocaine farmers market operated under the radar for 2 years! In D.C you no longer need a doctor to certify your need for Cannabis, after a new law in effect which allows one to "self-certify". Sign Us Up! Locally we discuss a new initiative led by Cannamoms own Moriah Barnhart, aimed at home grow, that would run parallel to last weeks news of Trulieve's 5 million dollar backed Smart and Safe Florida. Our interview is with the charming Brooke Westlake who is the founder and owner of the Women in Cannabis Expo. She tells us how she started the expo and what one would expect from attending. Thank you so much from your contributions!! We hope you enjoy the show!

Aug 24, 202201:12:00
#96 Cannabis Festing with Brian Buono from Potluck Productions

#96 Cannabis Festing with Brian Buono from Potluck Productions

Todays episode starts with a new, updated, and sponsored smoke sesh! Sunny Dee discusses being nervous about her kid starting Kindergarten and shedding some tears in the front office after almost missing an appointment. Jay tells us about her kid going through the dreaded Jr. existential crises we all fear- "death talk".  Our news nugs sheds a spotlight on Colorado's cannabis boom and now 1st ever industry decline.  Then locally we discuss a new initiative aimed at getting recreational on our ballot for 2024; fueled by the money from big time industry player Trulieve. Spoiler Alert- home grow is not included WHOMP WHOMPPP! For the interview portion of the show we talk to the local event organizer that got us our first festival gig: Brian Buono of Potluck Productions. He tells us how he started, what it takes to bring people together, and the honest and relatable way he has NOT directly talked to his kids about Cannabis.  He is so much fun to talk to, we laughed a lot and hope you do too! 

Enroll for Fluent's Rewards through this link:  

Shop your local Cheeba Hut here:

News Nugs:

I Love You Miami: 

Aug 17, 202201:26:16
#95 Getting Lawyered with Michael Minardi

#95 Getting Lawyered with Michael Minardi

This week Dee shares her back to school worries as her young children are having night time setbacks. In the news Griner is sentenced to 9 years, while another former basketball player gets caught transporting 6.2 oz of weed through a Texas airport. Las Vegas prepares for consumption lounges and we explore how they plan on operating them.  Locally we talk about Berner and his Cookies brand moving into the Florida market, and we clear up some confusion about the medical requirements to obtain a FL medical card, spoiler alert Obesity and Cannabis use disorder is NOT there.  We also interview Michael Minardi a Florida attorney that is running for House and he gives us the lowdown on workplace protections, why 2.5 ounces is the monthly limit, the plain view law, and whether having the medical card puts you at risk of losing any government benefits. Please sub, rate AND review :)

Aug 10, 202201:42:44
#94 Weed Abroad with Jeffrey Demond

#94 Weed Abroad with Jeffrey Demond

Back this week and we discuss not only the unfolding of the situation with Britney Griner, but also another American stuck in Russia over a little weed in his luggage. We talk about how we should also apply the desire to release these  prisoners abroad right here within the US.  Locally we discuss plans to move the homeless into Virginia Key which was historically a black beach, and we talk about the pedo pendejo Matt Gaetz who is currently getting his ass handed back to him by the women he insulted.  Our interview is with the inspiring Jeffrey DeMond of the Grateful Veteran who has turned his life around from Opioid addiction  thanks to Cannabis. Weed changed his life so much he is helping others do the same through his advocacy.


Aug 03, 202201:38:11
#93 Weed on TV with High Society Mama

#93 Weed on TV with High Society Mama

In this episode J reads a very sad letter from Griner, as a group of bi-partisan Senators are acting on a resolution. We then discuss the possibility of Weed commercials, as a bill in the house has passed; allowing for Cannabis companies to advertise on TV and Radio. Senate Dems will be introducing their Cannabis bill this coming week. Locally, some eligible families will be getting back to school $checks thanks to a program called "Hope Florida- A Pathway to Prosperity". Our interview this week is with the lovely Bianca Snyder, aka High Society Mama from Society’s Plant, and she tells us all about her decision to grow and sell artisanal hemp in Michigan, what her cannabis habits are these days, and how she talks to her young son about this marvelous plant. We hope you enjoy the show!
Jul 27, 202201:04:06
#92 Finding Success with Melissa and Jesse
Jul 20, 202201:17:00
#91 Weed Hair Salon w/ Jessica Horton
Jul 13, 202201:47:44
#90 Cannabis Crops w/ The Green NP

#90 Cannabis Crops w/ The Green NP

We are ending our season just in time for the roaring 20's apocalypse.  We follow up on the Britney Griner Russian jail saga, how Cannabis has become a top 5 crop, a school initiative to educate kids on Hemp and we sit and chat with Marena De Jesus aka The Green Np and she discuses different extract types, how they are processed, plant genetics and strains.

Hope you enjoy!

May 11, 202201:31:24
#89 May A 4th Be With You! w/ Yanni

#89 May A 4th Be With You! w/ Yanni

Happy Nerd Holiday! We have one of our favorite patrons in the house with us on the show today! We discuss some more about the Depp trial, and J's pool may be almost completed just in time for Pot Mom Summer. In weed news California approves a bill for Cannabis farmers markets (ain't that the dream!), Georgia is getting a crack at including a whole question about just potentially having marijuana on the ballot. Then Disney in the news again as DeSantis creates a whole Brexit situation with the Mouse. Have Fun!
May 04, 202249:46
#88 Guns, Weed, & Wedding Cake w/ Jennifer Boyce from Cannawise
Apr 27, 202201:20:01
#87 420 Bongs and Moms

#87 420 Bongs and Moms

Celebrate 420 like only parents and stoners can: with our podcast!  D runs into the rolling limit issue in FL where they take the 2.5 oz limit and divide it into 4 weeks.  We discuss healing through nature and make that an excuse to plan future field trips to botanical gardens. We fantasize about going to a music festival since Capt J has serious FOMO after watching Coachella highlights. In news stories we talk NJ cops smoking weed, and for Florida news Curaleaf employees try stealing bud by shoving lbs into their pants. We also interview the lovely parenting team and Glass store owners Renae and Matt from Glasswarehouse and they give us the scoop on percolation in bongs and how that helps cool your clouds.

Join us tonight 8pm Est on the Hi Curious Ap for a 420 Livestream! See details on our IG!

Apr 20, 202201:30:51
#86 Necessary Loopholes with Peezy

#86 Necessary Loopholes with Peezy

We are back with news on the marijuana gifting loopholes that are at risk of being closed in D.C as well as Connecticut. Sunny D's kid gets hurt and she gets nervous about having paramedics smell weed in the house.  We also hang out with Peezy and have lots of fun talking to him about being a Dad, a podcast host, and the evolution of his creativity.

Apr 13, 202201:19:41