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Behind The Byline

Behind The Byline

By PR Newswire

Welcome to Behind The Byline, a podcast by PR Newswire, where we chat with journalists and editors across APAC on what goes behind their bylines. We will find out more about a day in their work lives, the trends and developments they are tracking in their news beats and how PR professionals can work better with them.
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Behind The Byline #9: With Poovenraj Kanagaraj, Founder & Editor, Disruptr

Behind The Byline Dec 06, 2022

Behind The Byline #9: With Poovenraj Kanagaraj, Founder & Editor, Disruptr
Dec 06, 202229:45
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Nov 24, 202236:38
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Behind The Byline #1: With Reta Lee, Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo! Life Southeast Asia

Behind The Byline #1: With Reta Lee, Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo! Life Southeast Asia

In Episode #1, we chat with Reta Lee, Editor-in-chief of Yahoo! Life Southeast Asia. Reta shares with us more about her recent book, The Stories Women Journalists Tell, a compilation of essays by 22 women journalists across Southeast Asia on their experiences reporting on the ground in areas such as politics and lifestyle. Reta also let us in on her most memorable news assignment.

Besides her book, Reta shares a day in her life as the editor of Yahoo! Life, new editorial initiatives during the pandemic and how her editorial work scope has expanded to affiliate marketing and why the shopping vertical is now her team's biggest priority.

A seasoned lifestyle editor, Reta also sheds light on what she looks out for in PR pitches, how PR professionals can help her team stay ahead of the developments in the region's vibrant lifestyle scene, and events and trends that she is looking out for in 2022. 


Introduction The spark behind Reta’s new book, The Stories Women Journalists Tell (1m 40s) Why it is important to share stories of women journalists now? (4m 03s) Surprises on book writing journey (7m 45s) Reta’s most memorable assignment (9m 45s) A day in the life of a lifestyle editor (13m 30s) How Yahoo! Life SEA’s adapted to the pandemic (15m 29s) Focus on the shopping vertical (16m 51s) Balance between shopping and editorial content (18m 52s) Readers’ response to shopping content (20m 06s) Lifestyle trends and topics for 2022 (21m 54s) Types of travel content (23m 40) Most memorable interview (24m 51s) What she looks out for in media pitches (26m 37s) How PR pros can work better with media (29m 18s) PR pitching tips (31m 10s) Lifestyle events in 2022 (33m 29s) Future editorial plans (34m 50s)
Mar 24, 202238:20