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Practice Partners Podcast

Practice Partners Podcast

By Ami Assigal

So, you are a medical practice owner, manager or investor struggling to grow your practice?
Your marketing efforts just aren’t bringing in clients?
You don’t have control over your finances? ​
Or maybe you are an medical centre investor who needs to learn about the industry?​

In this podcast series Ami Assigal the Director of Practice Partners shall be speaking to a range of different people in the Healthcare industry, sharing insights, tips and wisdom to help you grow, manage or market your practice better.
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Creating A Profitable Healthcare Practice

Practice Partners PodcastMar 27, 2019

Creating A Profitable Healthcare Practice

Creating A Profitable Healthcare Practice

Are you a Healthcare Practice Manager, Owner or Investor trying to establish or grow a profitable healthcare practice? If you are uncertain about how and/or when to embark on your growth strategy or start up your first practice that generates a profitable return, then this webinar is for you!

Register for our 90 minute live and interactive webinar where our panel of healthcare business experts will provide advice on how to;

- Gain insight into your practice valuation, and whether it’s a good time to sell, or expand and grow;

- Evaluate practice expenditure: understanding how your business is spending money, how to spend it and why.

- Look at the patient flow, nursing and doctor flow and correct room utilisation for a viable and profitable practice layout. 

We talk all things financial and operational valuation, growth potential and the difference in perspective from the side of the buyer and the seller. Our panel of healthcare business consulting experts will not only cover these topics, but will also be able to answer any questions you may have that maybe acting as a roadblock for realising your growth plans.

Mar 27, 201901:32:40
Virtual Accounting, PMS Integration and Cybersecurity.

Virtual Accounting, PMS Integration and Cybersecurity.

Are you a Healthcare Practice Manager, Owner or Investor looking to digitally transform your business in order to improve efficiency, security and profitability? Does the ‘virtual world’ of accounting, IT integration and cybersecurity leave you feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone!

Watch our 90 minute interactive webinar, where our panel of healthcare business experts have taken a deep dive into how you can:

  • Reduce human error through IT integration;
  • Increase efficiency of your management and staff and monitor practice stats for each doctor on your site, quickly and easily;
  • identify risk, increase profitability and minimise tax by virtually managing your fees and your ever increasing outgoings;
  • Reduce business risk through implementing a cybersecurity strategy.

This and much more!

Mar 27, 201901:05:18
IT Integration & Financing Your Medical Centre Projects.

IT Integration & Financing Your Medical Centre Projects.

In this day and age where IT integration is a big part of daily life for all of us, we chat about how IT integration can not only assist in the running of your practice but also provide accessibility and efficiency to your staff, patients and doctors. 

In making changes to your practices’ strategic plan, deciding on growth or expansion or starting up new premises, finance attracts a lot of questions. Talking all things structuring finances, gaining funds or simply knowing your financial position we discuss how you can be supported in your decision making process.

During this 90 minute interactive webinar, our panel of healthcare business consulting experts answered all of these questions and any others that may be acting as a roadblock for realising your growth plans. Let us assist you in taking the next steps in the right direction, geared with the knowledge and confidence to execute your vision.

Panel Members:

Shannon Murphy holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) and is a Director at ML Private Clients (MLPC), a firm that specialises in the medical sector. Shannon now concentrates his efforts in advising on the benefits of IT software systems to create efficiencies within medical practices to raise the level of patient engagement and experience. Shannon is extremely passionate about partnering with medical professionals to raise their awareness of best practice processes and using data to enhance understanding  of what is happening in their business. Additionally, Shannon works with his   clients on an individual level from an accounting perspective to assist them in reaching their goals. He’s also a father to two very cheeky little girls who have already caused all his hair to fall out and they aren’t even teenagers yet!


Claire Taylor is the General Manager of Healthsite; a digital business dedicated to the healthcare industry. I am passionate about all things medical, I started my journey in the healthcare industry 10 years ago working at the reception desk of my father’s GP Clinic, whilst completing a Marketing degree. After a few years of sales for a Medical technology company, I found my way to Healthsite. Healthsite specialise in digital tools for the healthcare industry, started in 2009 by Lachlan McPherson Healthsite offer a range of solutions from Online Appointments and Patient Check-in to Clinic Apps and Websites. We are now working with our clients to deliver digital marketing solutions including SEO, SEM, Social Media and Google Business living. The world is changing and the way we communicate and market to patients has to change as well. 


Steven Kuan has over 20 years of residential and commercial banking experience. He specialises in structuring and tailoring a loan to your specific requirement. Be it for individuals with residential loan requirements, or small business lending (SME) to corporate requirements. He also specialises in asset financing for your capital acquisition. Regal Oak aims to provide you and your business with outstanding finance and insurance services to secure and enhance your financial well being. With our combined experience in accounting, financial analysis and commercial lending, we can tailor to your specific lending requirements as well as draw from our vast business connections. We are well placed to assist you with your residential and investment loans, commercial lending and asset finance, with access to over 30 lenders. Regal Oak participates extensively in the Healthcare sector, where we have specialist lenders that offer financing solutions to Medical Practitioners.

Mar 27, 201901:38:44
The Process From Property Search Finance To Fit Out.

The Process From Property Search Finance To Fit Out.

Whether you are looking at opening your first healthcare practice or are looking at growth plans for your current practice, it can be daunting to know what to do first. Where do you start to look in terms of a location? How big do you need it to be? How will you finance this project? These are all questions that are common in any growth or startup project.

The fit out or refurbishment of a healthcare practice can also pose questions: How many rooms? What will the patient flow look like? What is the profitability per square metre? What does this even mean?!

During this 90 minute interactive webinar, our panel of healthcare business consulting experts answered all of these questions and any others that may be acting as a roadblock for realising your growth plans. Let us assist you in taking the next steps in the right direction, geared with the knowledge and confidence to execute your vision.

Panel Members:

David Easterbrook is a Director at Elite Buyer Agents and is passionate about the real estate industry. A Qualified Property Investment Advisor, Licence Estate Agent, Diploma in Finance, Bachelor of Economics minor in Laws, yet considers himself a student of the industry, for ever on a quest for knowledge and learnings. David is open to change, an instigator driving innovation in the buyer agency industry with countless hours of research and assessment, refined processes and procedures driving an efficient and simply better Client experience and outcome. David contributes to the industry and is a member of the REIV (Real Estate Industry of Victoria), REBBA (Real Estate Buyer Agents Association of Australia) and PIPA (Property Investment Professionals of Australia). 


Andrew Campion applies a hands-on approach to ensure his wealth of experience is translated into a successfully completed project, every time. With a sound knowledge of building practises, and extensive industry experience, Andrew has played a key role in guiding clients through the design and implementation of a variety of commercial fitouts, with a particular focus on developing healthcare environments to maximise benefits for practitioners and patients alike. Andrew’s positive and effective client interactions, along with the support of an expert team, have resulted in multiple commendations from clients and peers alike.


Mike Herman has 30 years of experience in professional mortgage management, commercial and construction finance, asset finance and as a specialist medical finance consultant.  Mike started his finance journey in 1988 with Citibank.  Since then he has held a variety of roles across a number of finance institutions, including Medfin, a specialist division of NAB, where he managed a large portfolio of medical and allied health professionals.  Mike’s focus is on providing the highest possible levels of service, as well as adding value to his client’s businesses by providing insights into industry best practices. Based in Melbourne, the award winning team at Alecto Finance has over 50 years’ experience in assisting our clients with commercial, asset and residential property finance solutions.

Mar 27, 201901:36:24