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Discussing Decolonisation - A PTAB Podcast

PRAKSIS Pod Mar 17, 2022

Language in art - from young perspectives

Language in art - from young perspectives

Members of PTAB 2022 speak together, starting the conversations from words they have encountered in the arts field.
This podcast asks how does language affect our relationships and comfort levels?

PTAB 2022 included Ari Sigurdarson, Dugagjin Osmanaj, Emil Temim, Fariha Malik, Gard  Møller-Johansen, Ilwaad Mahamed, Mey-Thip Mortensen, Sujani Sutharsan

Feb 16, 202347:13
Repression Expression: Violent conflict and creativity

Repression Expression: Violent conflict and creativity

Ongoing conflicts around the world that continue to devastate the lives of individuals and communities. This episode of PRAKSIS Pod offers perspectives from PRAKSIS residency 22, Repression – Expression // Violence – Creative Resistance. Three dialogues — between Cindy Horst, Tania Cañas, Daria Pugachova and Yanina Zaichanka; Diala Brisly, Yamile Calderon, Iman Jabrah, and Nastassja Nefjodov; and Ayman Alazraq, Khalid Elkhateem, and Motaz Habbash — take on important subjects including working with trauma; finding inspiration and kinship; avoiding "toxic positivity"; as well as the challenge and potential impact of working with such topics. 

Residency 22 took place between 15 August to 9 September 2022. It set out to create a space for exploration and community between artists whose creative practices respond to lived experiences of conflict and oppression. Developed with artist and organiser, Motaz Habbash and the Peace Research Centre Oslo (PRIO), it was underpinned by PRIO’s ongoing research project INSPIRE which investigates creative practice and activism in contexts of war.

Dec 13, 202201:16:16
Discussing Decolonisation - A PTAB Podcast

Discussing Decolonisation - A PTAB Podcast

What is decolonisation, why do we need it and how to approach it?
Listen to PRAKSIS Teen Advisory Board podcast as they take on these questions.

The PRAKSIS In Character Podcast is made by the PRAKSIS Teen Advisory Board together with Kevin Leander Fiabema, and team members from PRAKSIS. It features conversations together with Index Teen Advisory Board.

PRAKSIS Teen Advisory Board 2020/2021 Board Members are: Sadia Hassan, Nellie Barazandeh, Mikkel Inchley, Sumaya Elmi, Annine Slettebø, Noah Gylver, Hannah Røsholt Siger, Zeinab Al-khatib, and Nasteha Hassan Mahamed.

Index Teen Advisory Board 2020/2021 are: José Velasquez Esteban, Emil Pita, Sarika Ullah, Simon Sjöberg, Malin Issa, Adina Edfelt and Felix Krausz Sjögren.

Mar 17, 202201:05:12