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Pretty Mental

By Pretty Mental

Pretty Mental is about accepting our full selves and inspiring others to do the same by being daringly unfiltered. This means completely normalizing all things mental health and the wild journey that has brought us here. We are challenging the stigmatization of normal human suffering. We are done pretending and subscribing to the notion that it’s taboo to have challenging mental health experiences. Welcome to the pretty mental health club and enjoy the show! Tune in every Monday at 6am EST for a brand new episode & follow us on Instagram at @PrettyMentalOfficial
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116. Moving Beyond Survival Mode with Tara Zinnamon

Pretty Mental Oct 10, 2022

116. Moving Beyond Survival Mode with Tara Zinnamon
Oct 10, 202201:32:42
115. I Promise We'll Get Through It (Solo)
Sep 26, 202246:16
114. Finding Complete Redemption Through Our Pain with Murray Hidary
Sep 19, 202201:32:17
113. Calming Our Nervous Systems Through Transitions (HRV Breath Meditation)
Sep 12, 202213:12
112. A Reintroduction, My WILD Saturn Return, PCOS, & the Healing Power of Awareness (Solo)
Sep 05, 202254:06
111. Why We Suffer & How To Take Our Power Back with Aaron Abke

111. Why We Suffer & How To Take Our Power Back with Aaron Abke

HOLY Sh!t you guys!!! Today's conversation is EVERYTHING. I had the absolute honor of hanging with @Aaron Abke  and talking about insanely expansive and healing topics that are helping us as we deal with these shaky times and helping us come back home to ourselves in this lifetime. Together we dove into: 

  • Aaron's journey from becoming a pastor, leaving the church and then going on the journey of uncovering the question "what is the point of life?" 
  • How his depression led him to finding liberation from the bondage of his mind 
  • Tangible steps to take if we are finding ourselves feeling depressed, anxious, in fear or hopeless with how our lives are going right now - The 3 basic emotions (root energies) and core beliefs that ultimately lead to suffering  
  • How to begin transcending the emotions that are keeping us feeling stuck 
  • What the Law of One says about where we are right now as a collective and how we are becoming a positively polarized 4th Density planet (and what this means) 
  • How following our dreams is the best thing we can do for ourselves WHILE attending to the responsibilities and karmic duties that have been assigned to us 
  • How his 4D University Program is helping us go from a 3rd Density state of consciousness to a 4th Density state of consciousness  
  • What's been keeping Aaron's heart open lately & his practice when he feels his heart closing up  

If you are going through a rough time right now, know that you use this pain as a route to your liberation. As Aaron says: "The suffering we go through is used as a form of grace to wake us up from our delusions thinking we’re something we are not.”  

Guest Links: 

4D University

Aaron's YouTube channel

Aaron's IG: @aaronabke

Aaron's Website

Pretty Mental Links: 

Valentina's IG: @Valentina.Sinisterra

Breathwork with Valentina

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Aug 29, 202201:29:11
110. Pretty Mental’s Next Evolution
Aug 15, 202248:45
109. Toltec & Mayan Wisdom with Aiesha Cosmos
Aug 01, 202201:13:41
108. Letting Go To Let Life In
Jul 18, 202201:00:38
107. Alchemizing our Pain with a Warrior's Heart with Matt Shenker
Jul 04, 202201:04:03
106. Initiations, Shamanic Wisdom and Power Animals with Alyson Charles
Jun 20, 202201:07:47
105. Your 9 to 5 is Also Spiritual with Abigail Rose Turner
Jun 06, 202201:03:01
104. Staying in Alignment During Big Life Changes
May 23, 202201:00:55
103. Fearless Expansion with Sara Yamtich
May 09, 202201:13:43
102. Creating the Life of Your Dreams Right Now with Beth Hilton
Apr 25, 202257:17
101. Sexual Healing with Dr. Cat Meyer
Apr 11, 202259:44
100. Holy Sh*t We Made it to 100!!!

100. Holy Sh*t We Made it to 100!!!

For this very special episode we sat down together for a heartwarming moment of reflection on what the journey to 100 episodes has been like for us!  When we began this project we could never have imagined the ways in which it was going to invite us to step more deeply into our personal power and to really see our shadows and the aspects of our relationship that needed healing.  In this episode we unpack all of this and explore: How we have continued to honor and hold true to the original intention for this podcast. The biggest lessons we have learned on this 2 year journey. The ways in which our relationship with each other & ourselves has transformed along the way. Watch us on YouTube!!  Website: PrettyMental.Com  Breathwork with Valentina  Therapy with Paula IG: @PrettyMentalOfficial  Ask us anything - anonymously! 
Apr 04, 202201:04:09
99. Noelle Kovary's Courageous Journey to Nutritional Healing
Mar 28, 202201:13:35
98. Let the Human Have the Experience
Mar 21, 202201:19:33
97. Navigating Transitions & Healing Defensiveness
Mar 07, 202201:07:33
96. Rescuing Ourselves from Burnout with Dr. Azad
Feb 28, 202201:28:00
95: Guilt Pt. 2 & Listening to Our Breakdowns
Feb 21, 202201:23:11
94. Relationship Roundtable Q&A with with Nicole Dominguez
Feb 14, 202201:24:19
93. Cultivating Resilience and Self-Worth
Feb 07, 202201:06:42
92. Challenging and Managing Our Own Guilt (Solo)
Jan 31, 202201:06:22
91. Unpacking the Energy of Fear & Taking Control of Our Physiology (Solo)
Jan 24, 202201:02:03
90. Shedding All Masks and Owning All That You Are (Solo)
Jan 17, 202254:03
89. Learning How to Recognize Narcissistic Relationships & Embracing Imperfection (Solo)
Jan 10, 202201:27:41
88. Family triggers, Self-acceptance & Boundaries (Solo)
Jan 03, 202201:08:06
87. Freeing Ourselves Through Shadow Work with Abigail Iquo Isuo
Dec 27, 202101:08:10
86. Perfectionism, Social Anxiety & Being of Service (Solo)
Dec 20, 202101:13:55
85. Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet (Solo)
Dec 13, 202101:17:06
84. Deconstructing Triggers and Redefining Our Own Realities (Solo)
Dec 06, 202101:05:32
83. Understanding & Working with Anger During Stressful Times (Solo)
Nov 29, 202101:05:07
82. A New Paradigm for Mental Health (Solo)
Nov 15, 202101:08:13
81. Healing Through Kambo & Dissecting OCD (Solo)
Nov 08, 202101:12:52
80. Lessons from the Jungle (Solo)
Oct 25, 202101:03:53
79. Conscious Dating (Solo)
Oct 11, 202101:06:18
78. Reclaiming Our Sovereignty & Nervous System Regulation (Solo)
Oct 04, 202101:00:25
77. Healing Trauma Through Lucid Dreaming & Sleep with Charlie Morley
Sep 27, 202101:17:51
76. Psilocybin, Victim Mentality, & Social Responsibility (Solo)
Sep 20, 202101:22:21
75. Relationship awakenings & healing our attachment styles (Solo)
Sep 13, 202101:15:16
74. Divine Feminine Embodiment & Sacred Relationships with Victoria Richmond
Sep 06, 202101:37:20
73. Season 3, San Pedro, & healing my wounded masculine (Solo)
Aug 30, 202101:46:27
A Message from Your Higher Self (Meditation)
Aug 23, 202114:44
72. Unfuckwithable Self Love with MarY Grace
Aug 16, 202101:18:03
71. Human Design 101 with MarY Grace
Aug 09, 202101:09:00
70. Ayurvedic Wisdom & Deep Healing with Gunny Sodhi
Aug 02, 202101:20:21
69. Ketamine Therapy and Conscious Living with Pierre Bouchard

69. Ketamine Therapy and Conscious Living with Pierre Bouchard

For today’s podcast episode we had the incredible opportunity to sit with Colorado psychotherapist Pierre Bouchard. Pierre is an incredibly dynamic human being and healer who is amongst those on the cutting edge of the Psychedelic Psychotherapy movement that is currently taking place in the mental health world. In this fascinating conversation we got to deep dive into:

  • Ketamine 101 and how it’s being used within the therapeutic container to facilitate deeper and faster shifts in depression and trauma recovery.
  • The important role  that music plays in the Psychedelic Therapy process.
  • Stories of deep healing that Pierre has witnessed in clients through the therapeutic use of Ketamine.
  • Understanding and implementing integration work and why this matters.
  • The medicine of getting deeply in touch with the experience of being alive and treating every emotional and physical experience with deep grace and appreciation.
  • Pierre’s own journey of healing and arriving at the type of work he is able to guide his clients through today.

Pierre Bouchard:


IG: @pierre.bouchard.lpc

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Jul 19, 202101:17:46
68. Reclaiming Our Bodies, Our Time & Our Consciousness with Meredith Anne White
Jul 12, 202101:10:47