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Previously Rockhounding

Previously Rockhounding

By Currently Rockhounding

Welcome to the Previously Rockhounding Podcast where we explore the world of rockhounding and lapidary from the ye olden days of the 1970s and 1980s through the lens of vintage issues of Rock & Gem magazine.
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Episode 5: February 1976

Previously RockhoundingMay 11, 2022

Episode 18: December 1979
Apr 03, 202301:02:55
Episode 17: October 1979
Feb 04, 202301:16:35
Episode 16: September 1979
Jan 02, 202359:55
Episode 15: June 1979
Dec 01, 202201:11:60
Episode 14: January 1978

Episode 14: January 1978

We've made it to 1978, the year the King Tut exhibit traveled around to museums all over the US, and Rock & Gem tries to convince us that it's definitely relevant to lapidary hobbyists. This issue is filled with unconventional articles like a field trip report that is mostly about a murder and less about looking for rocks and making a one-of-a-kind chess set by hiring other people to do all of the work.

Oct 23, 202201:12:04
Episode 13: December 1977

Episode 13: December 1977

December means it's time for another Christmas issue! This issue is complete with ads disguised as a gift guide, a heartwarming Christmas story, and tales of Christmas gift procrastination! We also learn about a very interesting mineral collector's collection, rockhounding locations in California and Montana, and too many mediocre lapidary how-tos!

Sep 22, 202201:08:23
Episode 12: June 1977
Aug 20, 202201:22:18
Episode 11: April 1977

Episode 11: April 1977

It's here: the 1977 Rock & Lapidary Guidebook issue! This issue does not disappoint with a couple of article hitting very close to home,  including the field trip writing guide that we'd like to give to all rockhounding authors everywhere. We also see a variety of upscale ads, some which seems like great deals and some much less so.

Jul 28, 202201:09:25
Episode 10: January 1977
Jul 07, 202201:02:04
Episode 9: December 1976
Jun 30, 202201:20:42
Episode 8: May 1976
Jun 19, 202201:12:19
Episode 7: April 1976
Jun 04, 202201:19:22
Episode 6: March 1976

Episode 6: March 1976

In this episode we read about rockhounding in southern California and southern California-adjacent areas, and learn one good idea and many not so good ideas for using tumbled rocks. We also get our hopes up on a deceptively titled article.

May 26, 202258:57
Episode 5: February 1976

Episode 5: February 1976

In this episode America's bicentennial is drummed into us by way of a number of projects and ads, we learn more than we ever wanted to know about quartz crystals and we finally read an article about a rockhounding in our neck of the woods.

May 11, 202257:17
Episode 4: December 1975
Apr 28, 202201:11:06
Episode 3: November 1975
Apr 15, 202201:13:39
Episode 2: July 1975
Apr 10, 202201:01:12
Episode 1: June 1975
Apr 10, 202236:33
Episode 0
Apr 10, 202212:38