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By R Priya

The more you read, the more you discover. But if you read right, you also learn! Do it here, with me!
Science, debates, language, opinions, stories, poetry, and more -- there's something for everyone here.

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Science in ten minutes - The Internet

PriyafiedSep 14, 2022

Science in ten minutes - The Internet
Sep 14, 202204:20
Unpopular opinion: Mediocrity is acceptable
Apr 24, 202106:09
Time: Wormhole from the eyes of the past

Time: Wormhole from the eyes of the past

Join me on the final episode in the series "Time" where I take you on a journey through some real math for wormhole travel that has always been there in front of us! This episode is also available as a blog post:
Link to the video: This is the final episode of the first season. I hope you were able to reconnect with your roots and realize the rich past we all had and can bring it back! Stay tuned on my podcast for the next season where I bring to you a series on mental advancement and intellect. You can also visit my blog for all the articles. Stay Priyafied!
Apr 20, 202116:29
Time: Wandering through past and future
Apr 20, 202115:40
Time: Decoding the cosmos or chaos
Apr 20, 202109:40
Putting astrology through the scientific lens
Apr 20, 202113:47
Answered: Why are stars and planets said to affect my life?
Apr 20, 202113:38
No fault in our stars: The astro- (nomy+logy) truth
Apr 20, 202110:58
The 13th constellation: Did we go wrong on Vedic astrology?
Apr 20, 202108:36
“Being Indian is strange”: Debunking the “unscientific” science

“Being Indian is strange”: Debunking the “unscientific” science

Debunking has become the trend of the present times I suppose. Here I am, debunking the impractical science of the unscientific minds and hoping to reconnect to the actual Indian in you. I start the first season of my podcast with topics that will help you reconnect with your roots. This episode is also available as a blog post:

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Apr 11, 202112:01
April 10, 2021

April 10, 2021

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Apr 10, 202100:60