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Product Bakery – The Product Management, UX & Design Podcast

Product Bakery – The Product Management, UX & Design Podcast

By Alex Dapunt and Christian Strunk

Are you currently working in a Product Company or even considering starting your own? In this Show, Design Manager Alex Dapunt, and Product Coach Christian Strunk are bringing people from all product functions together to talk about the key to build successful products customers love. This involves everything from Product Management to Design as well as Development and Marketing, breaking down traditional silos around these functions and fostering an open dialogue between them. Tune in for weekly interviews, discussions, and best practices that help you understand the whole product process.
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#124 The Vision-Based Product Strategy

Product Bakery – The Product Management, UX & Design PodcastOct 19, 2023

#124 The Vision-Based Product Strategy

#124 The Vision-Based Product Strategy

In today's episode, titled "The Vision-Based Product Strategy," our hosts Alex and Christian tackle the challenges and importance of having a clear product vision. They discuss the common pitfalls of defining a vision and how it can lead to misalignment within the company. Christian challenges the traditional approach of creating a single inspiring sentence and emphasizes the significance of also including the "what" and the "why" in the product vision. The conversation evolves into distinguishing between a company's mission and its vision, and how these two aspects need to be aligned to drive success. Get ready for an insightful discussion filled with practical advice on crafting a strong product vision.

What we've covered:

(00:02:34) Defining an inspiring, world-changing vision.

(00:04:18) Product vision = future state and covers the what and why

(00:07:53) The mission in concise sentences.

(00:10:30) Vision and missions in multiproduct companies

(00:14:59) Alignment with input from teams.

Blog Article:

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Oct 19, 202318:06
#123 The Effective vs. the Ineffective CPO
Oct 12, 202314:33
#122 Don't Get Stuck on Tooling
Oct 05, 202315:46
#121 Bold Move: Airbnb's Shift Away from Product Managers

#121 Bold Move: Airbnb's Shift Away from Product Managers

In this episode, Alex and Christian bring you an insightful discussion about a hot topic in the industry. They dive into the recent announcement by the CEO of Airbnb, who boldly stated that the company is moving away from product managers. They explore the implications of this decision and its potential impact on the role of product management. They also share their thoughts on the evolving nature of the product manager role and how organizations can optimize their workforce for efficient product development. Join us as we unpack the CEO's vision for a more design-driven company and the possible implications for the future of product management. Stay tuned for a thought-provoking conversation addressing product managers' role and relevance in today's ever-changing landscape.

What we've covered:

(00:01:56) Apple worked without product managers, interesting discussion.

(00:05:26) Engineering manager enables on-time delivery, overlaps determine role necessity - Apple example.

(00:08:16) Designers and CPMs should work together effectively.

(00:11:44) One person can cover the process, but experts validate.

Product Marketing Episode With Martina (click me)

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Sep 28, 202314:01
#120 Why You Need to Adapt to "The Change"
Sep 21, 202317:24
#119 To Innovate or not to Innovate That's the Question
Sep 14, 202316:00
#118 How You Learn & Improve With Feedback
Sep 04, 202315:37
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Jun 20, 202309:53
#116 Panel Discussion: The Importance of The Product Strategy @Product Conference Munich
Jun 12, 202333:54
#115 Panel Discussion: Running The Product Discovery @Product Conference Munich
Jun 05, 202335:45
#114 AI PMs Will Take Over Your Job - Ofir Natan @PracticalAI

#114 AI PMs Will Take Over Your Job - Ofir Natan @PracticalAI

In this episode, Alex and Christian are joined by the insightful Ofir, a Chief Product Officer with a deep passion for AI. They explore the evolving role of AI in product management and design, discussing how AI capabilities can empower users, boost productivity, and unlock new value. From AI copilot assistants to generative AI tools, they provide practical examples and valuable resources for integrating AI into your work. Join us as we dive into the AI revolution and discover how to develop an AI mindset in the world of product development.

What We’ve Covered:

(00:01:24) A good CPO focuses on AI, tools, and AI mindset.

(00:06:59) AI empowers product managers to innovate faster.

(00:09:13) English is the new programming language.

(00:13:50) Will AI make humans smarter or dumber?

(00:17:41) Rate of change challenges the education system now.

(00:21:50) Generative AI tools will help.

(00:24:45) Saving time with backlog management.

(00:30:06) Revolutionary shift in product development approaches.

(00:32:32) AI transformation empowers users and boosts productivity.

(00:35:00) AI is a powerful partner, not hype.

(00:39:23) Be mindful of AI but don't underestimate it.

Connect with Ofir:

Link to Ofir's AI talk:

Link to the resources:

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May 29, 202342:34
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May 16, 202209:60
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#75 Asking powerful stupid questions - with Paul Ortchanian, CEO @Bainpublic

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