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Productivity Tip of the Day

Productivity Tip of the Day

By Marian Knopp

The Productivity Tip of the Day show shares a short practical tip to help you optimize your productivity. Hosted by productivity coach, Marian Knopp. Subscribe to this show on YouTube or your favorite podcast platform. Also, follow Marian on Twitter at @workflowwonder. She would love to hear your productivity questions, tips, and tricks.
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105 | Systemize Accountability

Productivity Tip of the DayNov 24, 2021

105 | Systemize Accountability
Nov 24, 202103:50
104 | Prioritize and Pivot
Nov 23, 202103:15
103 | Track the Last Date Contacted

103 | Track the Last Date Contacted

Track the Last Date Contacted

When we are keeping up with the relationships that matter most, you may not want to systemize and track the date you last contacted someone.

  • Using a CRM may seem impersonal to building authentic relationships in your online communities and in-person networks.
  • When we are building those relationships it will take a little more initiative and attention to keep those relationships growing, nurtured, and fulfilled.
  • So easily we may forget about a relationship and let it slide to the wayside.
  • All of a sudden that person is no longer a friend, but an acquaintance. It is no one's fault, but it happens.
  • If it was a relationship that was very important to you, you might feel a bit guilty.
  • Recognize that that fallout could have been prevented if you had a system to track the relationships that matter the most.
  • When using a CRM, you don't have to track everyone's birthdays or pets or how many kids they have.
  • I would like to encourage you to track the last date you contacted them in order to stay on top of that relationship.
  • This way you can see when the distance has grown between now and the last date contacted. You can assess if you should reach out to them again.
  • This doesn't have to be hard at all. I do this as part of my daily R.I.Z.E. (Reach Inbox Zero Everywhere). You can get fancy in your CRM and add automations about how often you'd like to contact this person.
  • We don't want this to feel routine and cold, but it should help you manage each important relationship in your life to make sure it is nurtured.

If you track just one thing about the people that you contact, track the last date you contacted them.

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Nov 17, 202105:19
102 | Delegate Procedures to a Virtual Assistant
Nov 16, 202102:36
101 | Update as you Execute
Nov 10, 202102:51
100 | Document Click by Click Procedures
Nov 09, 202103:13
99 | Identify the Triggers
Nov 03, 202102:51
98 | Use Roles, Not Names in Documentation
Nov 02, 202103:14
97 | Make Procedures Team Accessible
Oct 27, 202103:14
96 | Let Go of FOMO
Oct 26, 202107:16
95 | Use a Text Expander App
Oct 20, 202104:21
94 | Pin Important Browser Tabs
Oct 13, 202102:56
93 | Install Nifty Browser Extensions
Oct 06, 202104:38
92 | Be Ready to Capture Your Screen
Sep 29, 202103:17
91 | Manage Your Tabs with One-Tab
Sep 22, 202104:18
90 | Set-up Scheduling Software
Sep 15, 202102:22
89 | Always store files in the cloud
Sep 08, 202102:10
88 | Build a Dashboard

88 | Build a Dashboard

Build a Dashboard

1. Dashboards allow you to see what you need to focus on while ignoring the rest. If it isn't on your dashboard, it must not be a priority. When using a Dashboard, everything you need for the day is at your fingertips.

2. Find a dashboard tool that works for you such as Notion, Trello, Clickup, or Asana

3. Dashboards help you to PERSISTENTLY PRIORITIZE your day by helping you to focus on what actually needs to be done. Avoid wasting your time by reorganizing your to do list, focus on the most important work instead.

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Sep 01, 202102:54
87 | Use a Password Manager
Aug 25, 202104:01
86 | Set Browser Boundaries
Aug 18, 202102:39
85 | Prepare to Onboard Yourself

85 | Prepare to Onboard Yourself

Onboarding Estimate = ~10 hours

You can offer this for free as part of your offer, or do it "on the clock."

Send your client Onboarding Progress Updates

1. I will typically login to "your office" (aka my browser for you) at least once a day, Monday through Friday, to at least check [INSERT CHAT TOOL]. Thus, you should expect a response time of 24 business hours to anything you say in the chat. If, however, you have a true emergency at any time, you may call or text my emergency line: [INSERT PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER]. No need to apologize if this does happen; it's understandable.

2. I typically invoice all my clients around the 23rd of the month for a monthly retainer that they pay ahead of time. I'm going to go ahead and do that for you as well so I can get you into my system, but since [MONTH] is a trial month, the due date will be the end of [MONTH], so you don't have to pay me right away.

3. All of this onboarding work and set-up is complimentary and allows me to be ready (and have complete peace of mind) to go on day 1 -- no dilly dally. The [INSERT #] hours will start on [DATE]. I'll request to schedule an "off the clock" meeting with you to discuss our trial at the end of my [INSERT #] hours of work.

4. You are welcome to meet with me on Zoom anytime. You can send me your scheduler to choose from, or just schedule on my calendar specifically for private clients: [SCHEDULER LINK]

If you want to chat before [DATE], I'll consider it an onboarding conversation off-the-clock. If you schedule something on or after [DATE], it will be considered on-the-clock.

5. Do you have any lingering questions for me before we get started?

If you want to make sure that you onboard yourself productively, go to and check out the Workflow Wonder program.

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Mar 10, 202103:30
84 | Where Assistants Can Find Clients

84 | Where Assistants Can Find Clients

Traditional Job Sites - FlexJobs, Indeed

Remote Job Sites -

Freelancer Job Sites - Upwork

VA Associations - IVAA

Private Groups, Directories, Memberships - such as Horkey Handbook's VA Facebook Group for members of her course


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Mar 03, 202104:27
83 | Create a Schedule Before You Have Clients
Feb 24, 202102:19
82 | Establish an Online Presence
Feb 17, 202102:56
81 | Be Clear on What You Offer
Feb 10, 202102:56
80 | Create a User Manual
Feb 03, 202106:04
79 | Learn the Fundamentals of Productivity

79 | Learn the Fundamentals of Productivity

Learn the fundamental philosophy and foundation of effective workflows, time and task management, and systemizing FROM SCRATCH, so that you can walk away with understanding of what works and how it works.

Then, when you go to use fancy tools like Asana, Trello, ClickUp, BaseCamp, etc. with their fancy automations and dashboards, etc., you KNOW how to engage and what the most important elements are.

This knowledge is going to be what makes you super flexible and invaluable to your clients because it won't matter what tool you use. New tools are coming out everyday, and they're amazing, and they have fancy AI or complex algorithms built in.

Before we get into the bots that send us agendas, dashboards that show us everything at a glance, how to use GANTT charts and task dependabilities, we need to understand the basic building blocks so no matter what new tool shows up, we can adapt and properly engage with it without wasting our time or our clients' time.

It's easy to get lost in learning / PLAYING with a new tool where you get a false sense that you're being productive form the neat organization of information.

But the real value is in the ENGAGEMENT and ACTION that you take to deliver results.

That is what will make you a super assistant, not just "making things pretty."

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Jan 27, 202104:03
78 | Proactively Systemize

78 | Proactively Systemize

Why do we make life seem so hard?

Why do something over and over and over again when we live in a world with such amazing technology and automation capabilities?

I'm not talking about crazy futuristic AI technology.

I'm talking about the basics: lists, procedures, templates, and simple macros.

Have you ever scrambled to pack for a trip? No packing list... just walking about your home, grabbing what you think you'll need?

How did that feel? Did it feel easy, or did you get overwhelmed at any point? 

Now, have you ever packed for a trip with a plan? Maybe there was a clear itinerary or even a packing list.

How did that feel? Easier, maybe?

Here's a news flash: It's okay to do things the easy way.

It's not cheating to follow a checklist, or use a template, or have a computer do the work for you.

Lists can be easy reference, procedures can help you do the same thing over again without missing any details, and templates can save you SO MUCH TIME! 

Don't reinvent the wheel.

And, for goodness sake, use text expanders as much as possible. You don't need to type out your bio, your address, or that ridiculously long URL every time. 

There are free and paid text expanders for your device... find one and use it! When you type a few keystrokes, you can pull out full sentences or even paragraphs. It's amazing!

Sometimes you'll feel unproductive simply because your workload seems hard... so find ways to make it easy.

It's okay. You're allowed. An easy life is way more fun.

Learning how to proactively systemize so that you can truly FLOW with your work is a key element of The Ultimate Productivity Workflow. 

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Jan 20, 202105:01
77 | Fiercely Follow-up

77 | Fiercely Follow-up

It's so important to take ownership over your workload so you can make magic happen with your productivity.

But, owning your workload isn't enough these days, is it?

We often work with other people.

And their workload affects your workflow.

You could be humming along on a project, then hit a roadblock where you have to wait for someone else.

Isn't that annoying?

It feels like you don't have any control over it, right?

You can't control someone else's productivity.

...or can you?!

At the very least, you can fiercely follow-up.

You probably don't love following up, but it's absolutely crucial to your workflow.

And you're doing everyone a favor.

When you follow-up, you're obviously helping yourself so that your workflow doesn't get interrupted.

But, you're also helping the other person. They may need a reminder. They may not have The Ultimate Productivity Workflow to guide them along in their workload. (You can always invite them to learn about it though! 😉*)*

Pretending that other people will have their shit together is a joke.

It's a hope and a prayer... and often, a disappointment.

You're going to need a system in place to make sure you don't get screwed over by someone else's lack of productivity.

Take control of your goals by fiercely following up on your team, your clients, your boss, and even your family.

This is just one key part of The Ultimate Productivity Workflow and you can learn about the whole process.

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Jan 13, 202103:19
76 | Manage Your Workload
Jan 06, 202106:07
75 | 32 Tips on my 32nd Birthday
Oct 29, 202007:53
74 | Bonus | YouTube Live: Ask Me Anything
Jul 17, 202014:51
73 | You are in charge of your life
Jul 14, 202005:01
72 | Turn off notifications
Jul 09, 202006:08
71 | Turn off nudges
Jul 07, 202006:28
70 | Use a transcript generator
Jul 02, 202004:24
 69 | Provide context when delegating tasks
Jun 30, 202002:18
68 | Use recurrences in your calendar
Jun 25, 202004:28
 67 | Layer time blocks as needed
Jun 23, 202004:01
66 | Store files on the cloud
Jun 18, 202004:45
65 | Use a screen capture tool
Jun 16, 202006:51
64 | Use OneTab for quick access bookmarks
Jun 11, 202004:17
63 | Be aware of busy/free time
Jun 09, 202003:32
62 | Use due dates
Jun 04, 202004:40
 61 | Anticipate what you will need to get done
Jun 02, 202002:53
60 | Use read later apps
May 28, 202006:44
59 | Filter to the archive
May 26, 202005:53
58 | Pin your ASAP Inboxes
May 21, 202004:11
57 | Limit your calendar to 15 minute increments
May 19, 202004:33
56 | Create checklists for routine reviews
May 14, 202003:48