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Let's Chew the Gum!

Let's Chew the Gum!

By ProTKAll

Who says you can't chew gum and talk? Not only do we chew the gum, but we talk about everything from A to Z. This podcast has something for everyone and if you don't find it, let's talk about it. Have a topic? Send it to us. Need a topic? Tune in.
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National Voter Registration Day 2023: Your Voice, Your Vote

Let's Chew the Gum!Sep 18, 2023

National Voter Registration Day 2023: Your Voice, Your Vote

National Voter Registration Day 2023: Your Voice, Your Vote

Tuesday, November 19th is National Voter Registration Day. This year several non-profit groups and community service organizations came together to create a Public Service Announcement to help spread the word.

I asked two influential community leaders to join me to share their stories about gaining and regaining the right to vote and why we should all register and vote. Their stories are inspiring and they've made their voice matter

Be sure to catch the PSA video on OnWatch TV via your Roku or Amazon FireTV Stick or on VIDAA TV.

Sep 18, 202340:06
From Dope Dealer to Community Healer

From Dope Dealer to Community Healer

Keith Strickland’s story is one for the movies.He had the rare opportunity to survive the dangerous game of selling large amounts of drugs and serving time in prison to bringing hope and opportunity to the same communities he once helped to destroy. Love it or not, his story is compelling and worth telling. Listen in as we keep it above table and 100% real and uncut. Let’s Talk About It! 

Be sure to come back for part two on the next episode.

Aug 29, 202359:27
Unforgiven with Jason Scott

Unforgiven with Jason Scott

My guest, is Montgomery, Alabama native, Jason Scott. Of course we had to discuss the hot topic surrounding the paddle boat incident in Montgomery. He shares some interesting insight about life in Montgomery.

We also discuss his experience as an Amazon Best Selling author. In this episode we discuss his book, Unforgiven which focuse on the trials and tribulations of a dysfunctional family life including crack addiction in his family, sexual abuse, violence and an adulterous wife.

Jason is also seeking to get on the donor list for a kidney transplant; his blood type is B+. Any help is appreciated.

Aug 15, 202356:33
Season 8 Preview
Aug 07, 202316:45
Leaving Trauma Behind withAmazon#1 best Seller, robert Lawson
Jul 19, 202329:48
Let's Chew The Gum: Dear James With Anthony "Da Boogie Man" Rucker
Jul 11, 202346:45
Newsflash! Many People Don't Celebrate the 4th of July.

Newsflash! Many People Don't Celebrate the 4th of July.

Independence Day (4th of July) is among the oldest holiday observances in United States history. People enjoy the day with festivities, cookouts, and of course fireworks. This year marks the 247th anniversay of the signing of the Declaration of Indenpendence, however many people in the United States don't feel a sense of freedom or indenpendence. In fact, many people in the United States don't even celebrate the 4th of July. Why? Tune in here or on Onwatch TV to capture a dynamic conversation to gain some insights and perspectives you may have never considered. Let's Talk About It!

My guest today are:

Mary Levi, Educator/Activist, (Citizen-Hopi Tribe, Shungopavi, Arizona) Robert Levi, Educator/Activist (Citizen Torres-Martinez Band of Cahuilla Indians)

Jason Scott, Author

Sami Teiuc, Student Filmmaker

Ted Yancey, Artist/Entertainer

Jul 04, 202301:22:30
Critical Race Theory: Revisited

Critical Race Theory: Revisited

You won't believe your ears!

Are you sure you really know what critical race theory is? This episode previously aired during the summer of 2021. Recent events and requests suggest that we air it again. Let's Talk About It!

Jun 27, 202357:53
Juneteenth 2023

Juneteenth 2023

We had a great day celebrating Juneteenth. Lots of fun, food, and people with purposes. LCTG was live at the event filming and conducting an on location podcast. Enjoy the excerpts and tune in next week for more. Let’s Talk About It!

Jun 19, 202326:03
I'm Back with 7 Cs just for you!

I'm Back with 7 Cs just for you!

I’m Baaaaaaacccccck! Yes, after three weeks, I’m back in the studio. Could the Car Chronicles episodes be over with? We’ll see…

In this episode, I welcome myself back to the studio to share 7 Cs with you. I also get a bit excited to share some awesome news with you about new episodes as well as to give a sneak peek into some exciting news relating to couples. Shout out to OnWatch TV; I was so excited that I didn’t place their sponsorship ad in the episode. Don’t miss a second. Let’s Talk About It!









Jun 05, 202327:42
The Car Chronicles Episode 3: The Way We View Others: Is it Judging?

The Car Chronicles Episode 3: The Way We View Others: Is it Judging?

If you could see yourself in others , would you be apt to judge them less harshly?

In this episode I respond to a couple of longtime listeners as they challenge me to explore my own thoughts on the actions of Ja Morant and whether or not I was judging him. Tune in to check out my response and more on the latest edition of,  Let’s Chew The Gum. Let’s Talk About It!

May 29, 202330:43
The Car Chronicles Episode 2: Am I My Brother's Keeper (Ja Morant)?

The Car Chronicles Episode 2: Am I My Brother's Keeper (Ja Morant)?

Am I my brother’s keeper? NBA star, Ja Morant was recently banned from all team activities and will likely face substantial repercussions after a video of him waiving a gun was seen on social media. This was the second such incident this spring. With so much on the line including mega-millions from his NBA career and sponsorships, why is he seemingly risking it all. In this episode I’m asking the question , “where is his support system?” Where are his advisors, counselors, or even inner circle of folks that want to see him succeed. No judgment is placed on anyone involved, but I have questions. Let's Talk About it!

May 19, 202333:17
The Car Chronicles:Episode 1 Teacher Appreciate Week

The Car Chronicles:Episode 1 Teacher Appreciate Week

Our host, Dr. K has been so busy in film and media production. He hasn't been able be in studio for recordings.

He decided to take the show on the road; literally. Join in as he acknowledges teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. He literally recorded the show while driving. We call it Let's Chew The Gum: The Car Chronicles.

Let's Talk About it!





May 10, 202333:42
In Honor of Harry Belafonte

In Honor of Harry Belafonte

Recently we lost a cultural icon in Harry Belafonte. He was a fabulous singer and actor. However, it was an activist where he may have had the most influence on society. In this episode I reached out to someone who had a profound influence on my life, my dad. I asked him to share with me the importance of Mr. Belafonte to our society.  Join in as we discuss Mr, Belafonte as well as the need for continued leadership worldwide, and more. “Let’s talk about it!”

May 01, 202328:35
Checking In

Checking In

I've been in production for a few new shows coming to OnWatch TV. Wouldn't you know I started feeling a bit under the weather just before it was time to record the latest podcast. The doctor said I needed to rest, but no worries. I'll be back on the air in two weeks. Tune in on May 1st for more exciting and informative shows. I look forward to answering your emails in the meantime. Remember, we always have something for your mind.
Apr 17, 202301:35
More than a Woman!
Apr 02, 202356:19
See You Soon!

See You Soon!

We're coming back from spring break and will resume the show this Friday, March 31st for the conclusion of on focus on Women's History Month. Afterwards, we will return to our regular Monday schedule. See you soon!
Mar 27, 202300:40
Women's Health is World Health: A Flashback with Jennifer Silva

Women's Health is World Health: A Flashback with Jennifer Silva

Flash back with me to Season 3 for a Women's History Month honoree. Jennifer Silva has amassed a wealth of experience in public health. Her love of people, education, and health led her to become an educator and advocate for local and global communities. Her service and knowledge as it relates to hypertension and COVID 19 is on full display in this episode. Listen in on the conversation as she shares valuable information and resources on how we can improve our lives and those within our global communities.

For more information on health factors  and concerns be sure to visit the website of your local department of health as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC).




Mar 20, 202352:51
Season 7 Opener Part 2: Objectifcation and Self-Sexualization ?

Season 7 Opener Part 2: Objectifcation and Self-Sexualization ?

Are women sexualizing themselves more than men? We address this topic and more in part 2 of this multi-episode season opener with Dr. Cheyenne Bryant.

Mar 13, 202329:02
SPECIAL EDITION! Ninety Percent of the World is Biased Against Women!

SPECIAL EDITION! Ninety Percent of the World is Biased Against Women!


To kick off season 7 of Let’s Chew The Gum and the beginning of  Women’s History Month, we have a special mid week edition. My guest is psychology expert, award winning author, renowned life coach and co-producer of MTV’s Teen Mom, Dr. Cheyenne Bryant. In the first part of this multi-episode podcast we discuss findings from a United Nations study which suggested that 90% of the world’s population (men and women) are biased against women. Join us as we peel the layers back to reveal what might cause the results of such a study.  Let’s Talk about it!  If you listen on Spotify, be sure to take our one question poll.




Mar 02, 202324:59
Busy, Busy, Busy: Shortest Month and New Season

Busy, Busy, Busy: Shortest Month and New Season

For February to be so short, it sure has been the busiest!  We're wrapping up season 6 and getting ready for more. Tune in for a quick catch up and then come back next week for the kickoff of Season 7!

Feb 27, 202309:51
Indie Filmaking Made Easy

Indie Filmaking Made Easy

 So you want to make films? Get a peak into of one of the most underrated indie films of 2020. Unshadow is the brainchild of Vic Mendoza. After attending the premier last fall, I had to bring him on the show to share his experience and what it takes to make indie filming. Go behind the scenes with us along with the film's star, Lenor Soriano. Let's talk about it!

Feb 20, 202359:53
Mission Minded Mary Moore

Mission Minded Mary Moore

After several experiences with being treated unfairly  Mary Moore was determined go into business and treat people the way she would like to be treated.
One venture led to another, and has landed her in multiple business arenas. From cosmetology to retail store ownership, auto brokering as well as being a licensed realtor, Mary has contributed a lot to her community and customers. Listen in to find out more about Mary Moore

Feb 13, 202333:17
Broken Record? MLK Special Edition
Feb 06, 202301:14:04
Are Students Self-Segregating At School?

Are Students Self-Segregating At School?

It's been almost six decades since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 legally ended segregation in the United States of America. This week students approached me about coming on the show to talk about their observation of students choosing to self-segregate. Is this a problem or a natural occurrence. Let's Talk about it!

Jan 16, 202342:60
Equity Perspectives: Live and Let Live

Equity Perspectives: Live and Let Live

My Guest today is entrepreneur and podcast host, Cee El. She is self-assured and certain that equity is about acceptance. Listen in for her perspectives on being accepted on her own accord as a life guard, entrepreneur, and host of her own show. Let's Talk about it.

Jan 09, 202340:58
New Year's Resolution
Jan 02, 202311:18
Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for supporting the podcast for six seasons. I’m taking this opportunity to share a special moment with my worldwide audience. Happy Holidays.

Dec 26, 202216:14
Magic Avatar!

Magic Avatar!

I know a fantastic artist of many genres. He stopped by to “Chew The Gum” with me on a few topics related to the social media trend of posting avatars from Lensa’s Magic Avatar. It’s the number 1 app on the Apple Store. Join in to see why it’s so popular and how it is likely doing much more harm than good. Let’s Talk About It!
Episode note: we had a great time catching up after many years. If you want to skip our BTS talk and skip straight to the topic, it begins at the 15:43 mark. Otherwise stick around for the complete show.
#creative #matrix #dystopian #webmd #genieoutofthebottle #avatar #sims #futureisnow #melbourne #bodydysmorphia #starwars #R2D2 #commissionwork #studioquality #actionfigures #dallas #texas #2023
Dec 19, 202256:15
Students Send Strong Message to School Leaders and Community at Large.

Students Send Strong Message to School Leaders and Community at Large.

December 10 is the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To commemorate the day, I left the studio to sit with five high school seniors as they shared personal  experiences that evidence basic human rights being in jeopardy.It’s been 74 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations.

The stories the students share are revealing as they unashamedly share compelling anecdotes that challenge us all to do better as adults, as educators, as policy makers, and as a community as a whole. Pass this episode along; everyone needs to hear this.

Episode sponsor link:







Dec 12, 202244:26
Consciouness, Collaboration, and Influences Through Film and Art
Nov 28, 202242:49
Speak Up For Mental Health

Speak Up For Mental Health

I recently invited Gerzon Cesena to join me on the show to discuss various aspects of mental health. Gerzon serves as the Program for the Inland Empire Men's Mental Health Program which operates under the Make Hope Happen Foundation in San Bernardino, CA.

We had an insightful conversation about mental health including challenges, misperceptions, awareness and possible solutions to assist those inflicted. Cesena shares several free resources offered through his program to help alleviate issues related to people suffering with mental ailments. Whether you battle with mental health issues or know someone that does, this show has a lot to offer you. Listen in to find out ways you can assist.

Nov 14, 202242:22
It's Halloween, But Don't Be Afraid of Michael!

It's Halloween, But Don't Be Afraid of Michael!

In 2020 Mike Butorac was a senior on the verge of graduating. Like all students from around the world, Mike had his plans for graduation cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Undeterred, Mike applied and became one of many Instagrads as a part of the worldwide outreach program Instagrad2020.

Two years later I caught up with Mike to discuss how his life has changed and how Instagrad2020 influenced his outlook and life plans. I can’t say I was surprised; Mike was an Instagrad2020 Star and is doing well as an author, artist, student and community leader, and as an entrepreneur. Tune in to hear this awesome story of how he maintained and triumphed over challenging circumstances and his encounter with Danny Trejo. “Let’s Talk About It!”




Oct 30, 202201:00:57
Welcome Back: Season 6

Welcome Back: Season 6

For the Season 6 opener, we brought back longtime friend and show business veteran, Tezz Yancey. Join the discussion as we catch up on some of the latest happenings including movie roles of Black males in Hollywood, gender roles, the Woman King, Tezz's role with the Black Improv Alliance, cosplay, a lil bit of NFL, and upcoming shows on OnWatch TV. 

Oct 10, 202233:57
Season 6 Sneak Peak

Season 6 Sneak Peak

After the summer hiatus, Let's Chew The Gum is BACK!!! Check out this sneak peak and be sure to catch the season premier on Oct 10.  I'm excited to catch up and chew the gum with you! I can't wait, and remember, we always have something for your mind!

Sep 29, 202201:57
Summer Service and Inspiring Stories

Summer Service and Inspiring Stories

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy vacations and to serve within our communities. This past week I joined in on the podcast, Da Candy Shop. We had a great conversation about the inspiration to get involved in the filming industry with OnWatch TV, podcasting with Let’s Chew The Gum, serving communities via the non-profit organization, SCORE and Instagrad2020.

It was a great time reflecting and sharing insights. “Let’s talk about it!”

You can find out more about this week’s guest host by visiting

Jul 18, 202255:37
Freedom and Independence: Juneteenth and The Fourth of July

Freedom and Independence: Juneteenth and The Fourth of July

Whether you celebrate on the 4th of July, June 19th or neither we hope you had a safe and fun time. On Juneteenth (June 19), I was thrilled to host and emcee the first ever Juneteenth celebration at Sylvan Park in the city of Redlands, CA It was a great time had by all. We enjoyed live music including West Coast Slave, and our headliner, Lakeside In addition to the music we had dozens of great vendors, an all day skate park, beer garden, and more.

In between hosting and emmceeing I caught up with a few performers including "Tony", and Larry Houston from the band West Coast Slave, Hip Hop Artist Sylk-E. Fine and Lakeside lead singe,r Make Wood Jr. Tune in for the fun of it all and a tidbit on the history of Juneteenth.

Jul 07, 202224:43
Men Don’t Have Mental Health Needs?

Men Don’t Have Mental Health Needs?

Bonus!!! Listen in on a live unscripted and unedited phone conversation.
Whether you believe it or not, men that do have mental health needs likely don’t know it. If men do know it, they often don’t express it or lack safe spaces to do so. Which ill-effects result from a lack of safe spaces for men to express mental health needs? If he is ridiculed by loved ones or others for expressing mental health concerns, will a man try to find a listening ear or suffer other consequences? These questions and more including true stories are addressed by our guests Mr Tezz Yancey and Ms. Isha and host, Dr. K. in this all new episode of Let's Chew The Gum. Let’s Talk about it! Be sure to take the episode poll; available Spotify. Search for Let's Chew The Gum under the podcast tab.

If you or someone you know has mental health needs or suffers from substance abuse you can call !-800-662-HELP (4357) 24/7, 365 days a year for help, treatment, and referrals.
Jun 13, 202201:01:39
Production Rights to Popular Hollywood Movie Revealed!
May 30, 202252:12
Senseless Violence and Racism: Just Say No!
May 16, 202201:08:14
TLS Live Show: Guest Spotlight

TLS Live Show: Guest Spotlight

I was invited to be on the exciting ‘Truth Lies and Shenanigans Live Show’ to discuss my role as a professor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.  Aside from sharing my personal insights, it was a great experience engaging with the hosts on other topics such as:The murder of Patrick Lyoya and the policing of minor violations, Cam Newton's misogynistic comments, and the war in Ukraine.

You can listen to my spotlight segment here on the podcast, Let’s Chew The Gum to hear more about year round scholarship opportunities offered via my Non-Profit Organization, SCORE which aims to secure communities of racial equity. We also touch upon what inspired me to create the streaming channel, OnWatch TV.


Be sure to view the complete TLS Live episode now streaming on OnWatch TV using your Roku and Amazon FireTV as well as on the TLS platforms:

YouTube Full Episode:

YouTube Spotlight Clip:

Facebook Full Episode:

Apple Podcast

Episode: ‎Truth, Lies, Shenanigans: Ep 29: Dr. Tayari Kuanda. Plus, Patrick Lyoya, Cam Newton, and Ukraine. on Apple Podcasts

Follow my friends and hosts of the TLS Live Show here:

Gianni Storm-

RobBRoK -


Nio Nyx -

Support the TLS Live show (

May 06, 202227:55
Ethnic Studies: Demystifying Norms and Expectations in Society

Ethnic Studies: Demystifying Norms and Expectations in Society

Recently I continued on my journey as a guest on some of my favorite podcasts. This week I revisited the PB & J podcast to continue our discussion of Ethnic Studies. Beginning in the 2025-26 school Ethnic Studies courses will be a high graduation requirement in California. We’re having discussion to address norms and expectations while considering the varying perspectives about its inclusion as a requirement. Tune in and be sure to follow up with emails to
Apr 25, 202233:12
Life Discussions

Life Discussions

Recently, I was invited to be a guest on the Idon Active Health Show, the Health and Business Podcast, with host Khalil Smith. He invited me on to discuss my entrepreneurial ventures including OnWatch TV, the nonprofit organization SCORE and the podcast Let’s Chew The Gum and the world renowned outreach program, Instagrad2020. It was great to sit and reflect upon these topics with him. In the end he challenged me to a lightning round with an insightful Q&A session based upon health and wellness. This is the second in a series of me sharing guest slots from some of my favorite podcasts with you. Be sure to tune in next week as I continue my tour of podcasts. You are appreciated!
Apr 10, 202243:15
Ethnic Stuides Part 1: In High School: A California Requirement

Ethnic Stuides Part 1: In High School: A California Requirement

On October 8, 2021 California became the first state to require ethnic studies in high school. This new law has its foundation in the civil rights movement and roots that go back even further. As more school districts prepare to implement ethnic studies courses into their curricula, others still find cause to deter its implementation or at least spur conversations of controversy. I agreed to be a call-in guest on the Project Bridge podcast to discuss some of the concerns as well cause for celebration that the passage of Assembly Bill 101 has fostered in communities across California, the United States and arguably the world. I also agreed to air the interview on Let’s Chew the Gum as the opening episode of season 5. Let’s Talk About It!
Apr 04, 202201:07:07
Perspective, Perception, and Product: Art is More Than Just About Art (A Revisit)

Perspective, Perception, and Product: Art is More Than Just About Art (A Revisit)

We will continue with new episodes after a two week hiatus. Until then please enjoy some of the fan favorites from the first four seasons.
This episode was among the top shows and a bright spot of 2020. It remains relevant. In fact the content was so relevant and informing that this episode was adopted as a part of the curriculum for four college courses! Students at the historic Seminole State College of Florida had an opportunity to learn and grow from the experience and expertise of my esteemed guest. I know you will enjoy it.

You truly have to see with more than your eyes. It's not a task easily done. I sat down with the renowned sculptor, Brian Owens for a discussion about his works and inspirations. However, after just a few moments it became about so much more. It became apparent that there are many levels to what makes anyone the crafts-person or unique individual that they are. This conversation turned out to be about all of us, including you, the listener, Don't miss out. I, for one, have been transformed once again. Listen with a friend or alone and then share what will certainly add value to your life.
"Art is not what I do, it's who I am." - Brian Owens
Mar 18, 202258:55
Women's History Month!

Women's History Month!

"This is a man's world, but it wouldn't be nothin' without a woman..."-James Brown

This episode was so true to what I believe, that I had to do it again!

Happy Women's History Month! Join me as I discuss honoring and upholding our women. Outside of mothers, spouses, significant others and  family members who are your top ten favorite or most influential women of all time? Send your list to for a chance to win a special prize. My Top 10 in no particular order are:

Wilma Mankiller, Patricia Bayard, Ida B. Wells, Dolores Huerta, Septima Clark, Marva Collins, Cicely Tyson, Victoria Bomberry, Juliette Levy, and Ms. Slappy (My 4th and 5th grade paraeducator). Tune in here or on your favorite podcast platform.

Mar 10, 202232:46
Hollywood: Inclusion and Triumph Over Adversity with Eileen Grubba

Hollywood: Inclusion and Triumph Over Adversity with Eileen Grubba

When you hear the phrase triumph over adversity, what person comes to mind? My guest, and new favored friend of the show, the multi-award winning Hollywood actor, Eileen Grubba, comes to mind for many. After listening to this episode, you’ll understand why.

Despite many obstacles due to her experience with a spinal cord injury, cancer and uncertainties about her future in the industry, she persevered to not only work in Hollywood among stars but to shine!

She is a phenomenal actor as evidenced by her work on shows such as Sons of Anarchy, CSI: Vegas, Criminal Minds, The Closer, and New  Amsterdam. These are just a few of the over one hundred credits in which she's captivated audiences. More importantly, Eileen is an outstanding person. Her dedication to secure inclusion of people living with disabilities is admirable; her determination to uplift all is just as remarkable. She doesn’t mix her words; she shouldn’t have to. 

Join Eileen and me as we share stories of human dignity, failure,  determination, uncertainty, triumph and more! "Let's Talk About It!"

Mar 03, 202201:15:07
Sharing Beyond the Scars

Sharing Beyond the Scars

I was recently honored as a guest on the show, Beyond the Scars. I was invited to share personal stories of overcoming adversity and to discuss how I overcame many of them.

What occurred was personal and reflective discussions on family, love, and joy, as well as stories of persevering over loss, turmoil and tragedy. The trials and tribulations in my life have fortified a gratitude in me for peace of mind and purposeful living for the benefit of others. If my vulnerability in sharing incidents of my life with my audience inspires even one person, I am grateful for having had the opportunity. Thank you for continuing to Chew the Gum with me. 

Feb 24, 202201:02:17
Breaking the Stereotypes about Hypnosis

Breaking the Stereotypes about Hypnosis

John Moyer is a professional hypnotist who has performed his stage hypnosis show around the United States for corporate, university, and public and private events. He's also performed around the world as a guest entertainer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. A graduate of film school, John's combined his production skills with hypnosis to create a YouTube Channel with over 200K subscribers, focused on hypnosis and meditation content, showing people how to harness the power of their minds.

We took time to discuss the process,benefits, possibilities and limitations of hypnosis. It was revealing and surprising. You might be surprised too. I have been a skeptic of hypnosis all of my life and even a bit suspicious of its uses. John helped to dispel the misconceptions I had about it, which were mostly based on Hollywood interpretations. In fact I found out that I have been unknowingly, engaged in and utilizing hypnosis in my everyday life for years. Tune in and “Let’s Talk About it!”

Feb 10, 202249:22
From Turmoil and Trauma to Redemption: A Real Life Story

From Turmoil and Trauma to Redemption: A Real Life Story

WARNING! Although this episode ends with a story about redemption and positive upliftment, it contains graphic descriptions of violence, mayhem, drug use and sexual permiscuity. This is sure to be the most “Cunning, Baffling, and Powerful” seventy-seven minutes and twenty-five seconds podcast you have ever heard!
Have you ever heard a real life story that was so unsettling but you were compelled to continue to listen because you knew it had to be told? Have you ever heard details that were so shocking that you were left in disbelief but you knew it was all believable and true?
My guest Joel Carroll shares with my audience an amazing story with an equally amazing ending that is all that plus more.
His new book, “The Book of Joel: Cunning, Baffling, and Powerful” is a must read! This podcast episode is a must listen. “Let’s Talk About It!”
Jan 27, 202201:17:25