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Pulse Rifles & Plasma Grenades

Pulse Rifles & Plasma Grenades

By PRPG Podcast

A vet-led podcast discussing military science fiction. We stopped editing out the cursing, but the general level of discussion is likely PG-13 for occasional juvenile crassness. Don't listen to us in church, you may burst into flames. PRPG, PR&PG, scifi, sci-fi
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Returning Soonish with Season 2

Pulse Rifles & Plasma GrenadesMar 06, 2020

Returning Soonish with Season 2

Returning Soonish with Season 2

It may take another month or two, but we shall return... stronger, faster, mo better!

Mar 06, 202004:21
Tales from the Blotter - 002

Tales from the Blotter - 002

Capt PAPA-79 & Sgt ROOK-541 are lost on Ruggit V and must face off against a pair of vicious DogBunnies? Fluffy Grumpkins? Pugbit? Flophounds? Fanghare? DeathBunBuns? HoppityCrunches?

Nate and his son Chief tell a rickety, silly tale, where Nate makes a bunch of Monty Python references that go over his son's head. 

Aug 29, 201905:05
FOB Theater - ENEMY MINE 1985

FOB Theater - ENEMY MINE 1985

Beli, Doc Oats, and Nate...almost f*k it up... but here it is

Aug 06, 201901:48:12
FOB Theater - Enemy Mine 1985 Trailer

FOB Theater - Enemy Mine 1985 Trailer

Our Trailer for our FOB Theater on 1985's Enemy Mine
Beli, Doc Oats, and Nate

Aug 03, 201902:52
After Action Report: STtNG - Redemption

After Action Report: STtNG - Redemption

Notes will go up tomorrow. Boogered a thing or two and had to "correct" myself. It's Romulan Warbird and Klingon Bird of Prey

Jul 24, 201907:50
After Action Report: STtNG - Best of Both Worlds

After Action Report: STtNG - Best of Both Worlds

Borger King Locutus in the House

Show Notes:

Jul 17, 201912:58
PRPG News - July 2019

PRPG News - July 2019

EDIT: Uploaded louder audio with some minor edits.

Show notes:

Jul 16, 201917:38
After Action Report: Robotech - MSe1-3c - the SDF-1
Jun 19, 201908:19
Episode 009 - Medic, I need a Medic!

Episode 009 - Medic, I need a Medic!

Part 2 of Nate & Doc Oat's discussion on Medics in SciFi

Notes on the website:

Jun 18, 201950:49
Episode 008 - Damnit, Jim! (pt1)

Episode 008 - Damnit, Jim! (pt1)

So, it's after midnight and my eyes are bleeding, but the episode (at least part 1) is up. We ran long so I split it into 2 segments. Here's part one (ep 8). Part 2 will go up next week. 

We talk Medics in scifi with Doc Oats!

Remember, hydrate and change your socks.

Jun 13, 201946:37
After Action Report: Robotech - MSe1-3b - Battle Above Macross
Jun 12, 201904:52
After Action Report: Robotech - MSe1-3a - Battle for Macross Island
Jun 05, 201909:17
Episode 008 Teaser

Episode 008 Teaser

Damnit Jim! I need a Medic.  Next time on PR&PG we discuss Medics (or the lack thereof) in Military SciFi. 

Jun 04, 201901:01
After Action Report: SG1 - (s2e8) Family
May 29, 201904:54
After Action Report: SG1 - (s2e6) Thor's Chariot
May 22, 201906:00
After Action Report: SG1 - (s1e4) the Brocca Divide
May 15, 201904:58
Episode 007 - RealTech Drones & Robots

Episode 007 - RealTech Drones & Robots

Poppa Bear, Jay, and Nate discuss Robotics and Drones in the warspace and elsewhere.

May 13, 201901:36:23
PRPG News - AwesomeCon19

PRPG News - AwesomeCon19

Full writeup is on the new website

May 08, 201923:05
FOB Theater - ALIENS 1986 Theatrical Release

FOB Theater - ALIENS 1986 Theatrical Release

DO NOT Listen to this without the movie! There is a lot of dead air and it will not make sense without the movie playing. 

Our first FOB Theater. NSFW content! Beli and Nate review the theatrical cut of 1986's ALIENS.  Again there is no audio from the film, it's designed as an MST3K/Commentary track for the film.  The ONLY external audio is the 20thFOX fanfare so you can sync it up to the movie.  Alternatively, just press play at 25s into the recording. 

Apr 22, 201902:16:00
Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Drop - Nate Reacts

Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Drop - Nate Reacts


Reaction, speculation, postulation.  Do NOT listen if you want to go into IX blind. 

Lots of holy sh*t type cussing. 

Apr 12, 201919:01
After Action Report: SG1 - (s1e1) Children of the Gods

After Action Report: SG1 - (s1e1) Children of the Gods

Started Stargate SG1 over again,  was on in the background while working on some other stuff for the podcast and figured it deserved an AAR.

Anchor is letting me put more in here, so we're gonna start having better show notes in-line and a new website.

Synopsis: Pilot episode, where we are reintroduced to the events of the Stargate  movie. MacGuiver becomes LtCol Jack "with two Ls" O'Neill. They had some solid USAF backing so they aren't horribly bad with inaccuracy. (Their salutes get better over time).  Nate discusses the accuracies and issues he has, but overall - much love for SG1!  There's plenty good to go over, but as always some bad and ugly. Also covered: How Nate would reshape the SG-teams around a more flexible 6-body core. 

"FuFu" is the word of the day. Also, if you listened to it in the first day, there were some errors that Nate goes back to address quickly (Called Apophis, Anubis and the Death Glider is a bit sketchy). 

The SG-Team x6-core 

Team Lead (LtCol/Maj minimum as we are dealing with on the spot strategic decisions that impact global relations) Team Ops (Maj/Capt) - In charge of security, posture Combat A (SNCO) - Light Gun, Scout, Linguistics Combat B (SNCO/NCO) - Heavy Weapons, Demolitions Medic/Corpsman (NCO/JrE) - G'doy. Folks are always getting hurt Science (Civ) - Gotta have the science: Terp, culturalist, archaeologist +1/2 for specific mission roles (More ass for a combat unit, more scientists for research teams, etc)
Mar 30, 201921:31
Episode 006 - RealTech Weapons

Episode 006 - RealTech Weapons

Took us forevah! But yes, here it is our discussion of SciFi Tech (specifically weapons) that have entered reality. Railguns, Rods from God, the 3rdArm, and.... ugh Kirk Fu!

Also... some plugs:   &
and   <<< Get your WarpCore Cafe poster before Saturday March 24th or it's gone!

Additional Show Notes:

Mar 21, 201949:04
Episode 006 Teaser

Episode 006 Teaser

A quick teaser, because as always editing is taking too long.
AND! to get a plug in for Jeff Carlisle's "Another Night at the Warp Core Cafe" Limited run Print. It's only $45 and only available until Saturday March 24th!

Mar 19, 201904:29
PRPG News - February 2019

PRPG News - February 2019

Our Feb 2019 News bonus episode. We talk AI, Star Wars video Games, Starship Troopers the TV show or movie, and much more.

Show Notes and Article Links:

Feb 18, 201920:36
Episode 005 - the 1st Kid Special

Episode 005 - the 1st Kid Special

Recorded over the Christmas break with the help of some small nerdlings.

Reddit Episode Notes:

Jan 26, 201957:12
Episode 004 - the Mandalorians
Nov 22, 201801:04:16
Episode 003 - My Alien Enemy
Oct 21, 201801:30:47
After Action Report: BSG(n) - the Fall
Oct 17, 201812:52
PRPG News - October 2018
Oct 06, 201813:37
Episode 002 - the Last Starfighter

Episode 002 - the Last Starfighter

Outside of our intro memorial to the late Al Matthews, this entire episode is dedicated to that 1984 cult classic: the Last Starfighter.

We mentioned a few books:
Armada - Ernest Cline;
Strategy Strikes Back - Max Brooks;
Last Shot - Daniel Jose Older;

Soundbyte info:
- Aliens © Fox 1986;
- Halo © Microsoft 2001;
- Duck Hunt ©Nintendo 1984;
- Star Trek TNG © NBC/Paramount 1987;
- Last Starfighter © Universal 1984;
- Soul Coughing - Screenwriters Blues © Slash/Warner 1994
Sep 30, 201801:09:32
Tales from the Blotter - 001

Tales from the Blotter - 001

In our first bonus content; Tales from the Blotter, we learn about the fate of Stormtrooper JB-007 after he failed to keep Rey prisoner.
Sep 23, 201802:56
Episode 001 - Our first episode

Episode 001 - Our first episode

Here we go with our nearly non-sequitur first episode where two of our hosts bang out some trifle chatter about "what is Military SciFi" and why are we doing this. Slight crass language warning. R2 bleeped the curses, but you shouldn't listen to this at church or work. ;) Episode rating: PG-13 02:53 - Is Star Trek really military? 04:35 - Klingon Military advisors 09:50 - SciFi influence on our life 14:06 - Robotech, it's not that kind of anime 21:30 - Space Above and Beyond, one expensive DVD set 24:21 - Space STDs 30:53 - Space Coasties & the Village People 33:51 - Starship Troopers Boobies 38:10 - Spaceballs is the In the Army Now of Military SciFi 42:25 - Star Wars as a war movie 48:40 - Space Force & Space Shuttle Door Gunners Archer : Fox © 2009 Star Trek TOS: NBC/Paramount of ©1966 Futurama :Fox ©1999 Ice Pirates :MGM ©1984 Spaceballs :MGM ©1987 For more info:
Sep 16, 201857:27
Episode 000 - Dare to demo

Episode 000 - Dare to demo

Not quite a "first" episode, more of a demo really.
Sep 16, 201816:38