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Sixth & Daniel

Sixth & Daniel

By PsychIllinois

This is the official podcast of the University of Illinois Psychology department. "Sixth and Daniel" spotlights the people who have at one time or another considered this location a home away from home.
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Jacob Triplett

Sixth & DanielSep 14, 2023

Jacob Triplett
Sep 14, 202341:34
Amy Charvat

Amy Charvat

Amy Charvat pops by Sixth & Daniel to give insight into the world of Occupational Therapy.

We discuss her decision to step out of her comfort zone in choosing a bigger university than initially planned, plus how she overcame her struggles to find a sense of family and routine in a new place.

Through the "Fast Five," we also cover aromatics, summer trips, and the balance of honesty vs. kindness.

Jun 27, 202352:11
Matt Difanis

Matt Difanis

Keeping it close to home once again with our latest guest, Matt Difanis. After leaving the halls of Sixth & Daniel, Matt pursued his law degree while becoming a practicing Realtor. We delve into how his work in real estate has evolved since then, especially his work with teaching courses on implicit bias and his role in eliminating housing discrimination.

Plus, we get into a local lesser-known ice cream treat, recreating "The Never Ending Story" and the transformation of campus into a micro-urban setting.

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May 05, 202340:46
Dr. Bethany Dohleman

Dr. Bethany Dohleman

It is time to kick off the new year with new guests! Dr. Dohleman joined me to discuss her career path from UIUC to huge groundbreaking companies like Nike and AbbVie...spoiler all started at a job fair on campus!

We tap into her upcoming talk discussing how industry trends are defining the workplace of the future. 

Plus, a Fast Five section filled with the Harry Potter universe, football's Birthday, and the American songbook.

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Feb 10, 202335:39
Lisa Sullivan

Lisa Sullivan

My first "townie" guest! I had the pleasure of talking with Lisa Sullivan, the Director of Marketing and Communication for "Salt & Light."

We kick things off in a "normal" fashion...discussing scary movies, the pains of menu planning, and famous lunch guests.

We then settled into what it is like to return to the workforce after taking time off to raise a family, the depths of how Salt & Light serves the community, and her unique perspective of campus life as a student, townie, and mother. 

Oct 21, 202244:44
James "Jimmy" Carter

James "Jimmy" Carter

Maximizing the potential of your mind and body is Jimmy's specialty. He is the owner of Ingrained2Train in Naperville, Illinois. 

We discussed his journey to unlocking that desire to help others from stepping foot on campus after his first year at UIUC. 

He also broke down exactly how difficult it can be as a student-athlete one day and then run your own business later in life. 

Jimmy gives great tips and perspectives to new students and potential entrepreneurs. 

As per usual on Sixth & Daniel, we also branched out and discussed pizza, Ghostbusters, the legend of Giovanti's chicken strips, and heading to the Rose Bowl!

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Aug 22, 202236:26
Meg Newhouse

Meg Newhouse

Learn about the world of "unconsulting" from the CEO and Co-Founder of Inspirant Group!

We talked with Meg about her path to her current role, creating a charity near and dear to her heart, the ins and outs of the Forbes Business Council, yoga instruction...and, of course...tacos...

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Jul 11, 202251:13
Paige Fox

Paige Fox

Paige Fox is an Attorney at Chuhak & Tecson who specializes in Elder Law. She is also an advocate, an ally, a fantasy football player, a beach bum, and a former bartender!

These are just some of the layers we peel back about Paige during this episode covering her journey from our psych department to the present day.

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Jun 23, 202248:03
Denise Burger

Denise Burger

Graduation is right around the corner! Congrats! You have put in a lot of work to reach this career stage. 

We sat down with Denise, Vice President of Human Resources at Litania Sports, to discuss finding that first job. 

We cover resumes, cover letters, benefits, do's and don'ts, the salary discussion, and more. Denise has over 20 years in the industry and tells it like it is. 

Be prepared for that next step.

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Apr 12, 202251:02
Dr. Ehsan Bokhari

Dr. Ehsan Bokhari

Dr. Bokhari has been quickly climbing the ranks in Major League Baseball over the past seven years. He is currently the Assistant General Manager of the Chicago Cubs.  

Before starting that journey he earned three graduate degrees from UIUC, including his Masters and Ph.D. from right here at Sixth & Daniel. 

We talk about the decision to start a career in athletics, scratch the surface of advanced metrics in baseball, and of

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Apr 01, 202235:48
Dr. Natalie Hallinger

Dr. Natalie Hallinger

I could've continued talking for hours with my new friend Natalie, and boy, did we cover a lot of ground in this episode! 

Dr. Halliger is a very respected member in her field, so we, of course, talk about her journey to the tech start-up world, the process of choosing secondary education, and her experiences teaching at Loyola.

To get there...we touched on jewelry making, comic book creation, sensory motorcycle rides, the "importance" of grades, the behavioral studies of litter, and quite possibly my new favorite cocktail. 

Thank you for joining us!

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Mar 11, 202201:14:24
Dr. Patricia Deldin

Dr. Patricia Deldin

Here we go! Welcome to Sixth & Daniel! I am honored to have Dr. Patricia Deldin join me as the first ever guest on the program.

Dr. Deldin is currently a professor at the University of Michigan in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry. She is also the Founder and CEO of "Mood Lifters."

I uncover that Patricia is a first generation college grad, avid reader, former track star, and maybe currently dreaming of a burrito as big as her head.

In this episode, we primarily focus on Dr. Deldin's career path, advice for current students, and how she came to start her own company.

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Mar 03, 202245:45
What is Sixth & Daniel?

What is Sixth & Daniel?

Welcome to the official podcast of the UIUC Psychology Department.

Listen to a short description of our plans to engage and connect our students to our alumni, faculty, and staff.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jan 29, 202201:29