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Psychopomp Stories

Psychopomp Stories

By Katie IndiCrow

My name is Katie IndiCrow. I am an earth walking, soul talking Crow-Person. In other words, a psychopomp. I spend my days (and nights) traveling the planet taking care of it and the people who live here. Souls, the underworld, sacred sites, spooks. I see it all. This podcast is a collection of my stories. New episodes released every second Thursday.

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Hauntings at Gettysburg: Soldiers and soul crossing

Psychopomp StoriesOct 19, 2023

Hauntings at Gettysburg: Soldiers and soul crossing
Oct 19, 202302:26
The Hamas Attack: Powerful Sacred Sites and the Human Energy Archetype

The Hamas Attack: Powerful Sacred Sites and the Human Energy Archetype

Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, 2023. Beginning at a rave and quickly fanning out, armed militants have been taking humans hostage and murdering those in their wake.

If that were not terrible enough, this is occurring: a) in a region that is highly sacred; and b) at a moment where Earth people are in the process of making a major leap in our healing journey. This is not just an attack on the people of Israel. This is something that is being done with the intention of harming all of us.

As a psychopomp it is my job to go to spaces of war as well as to aid those who are being harmed by it. It is also my job to protect the planet. No surprise then, that this would be a sacred task that Creator would assign me to. Knowing that so many people are feeling deeply touched by this incident, I felt it was prudent to record this information about what is happening, its spiritual significance, and to tell those wishing to help what they are able to do. In this instalment of "Psychopomp Stories", I talk about the Hamas attack. Analyzing it from a spiritual perspective, I argue that this conflict is being used by Baal Molloch as an attempt to stop Earth from its moment of healing and to maintain the order of Chaos as opposed to the Order of Creation. I also address the impact of current actions being done to women and men on the human energy archetype.

As part of this telling, I address our current cosmic moment and how the timing and direction of this battle are no mistake or coincidence. This is how the Beast works. We will not let them in.

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Oct 09, 202331:23
Dark Night of the Soul into Rebirth: Saga of Earth pt 6

Dark Night of the Soul into Rebirth: Saga of Earth pt 6

Way back in 2019, Earth and its people had met an apex. The Great Awakening was happening. We felt optimism. Things were going well until about mid 2019 when they started taking a turn. In early 2020, Saturn moved into Capricorn. A few weeks after that, we wound up walking through a dark night of the soul of our entire planet. During this moment, we met our personal initiations, saw societal limitations, and for those of us in the spiritual community: we actually had to battle the beast.

In this, the final instalment of the Saga of Earth series, I talk about how in these years, we met the global shadow. We saw it in ourselves, society, and the people we love. Things felt almost impossible, and then - bam. Change started happening and it went fast. Alignment by alignment, the planets showed up for us and charted our path through it. If you recall, during these years, life was extremely censored. I say most of the things we were not allowed to back then, in this one. Being honest about what happened is part of how we heal and move on. The best news about it all is that we have once again made it to a place where the changes in energy are palpable. We, as a society, are in re-brith mode.

Remember episode 4 where I talked about Vlad Impaler, the Doctrine of Discovery and the witch-hunt? Well, even that energy came back in these few years to be dealt with. Listen in to hear where it showed up during the dark night - because oh goodness, it did.

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Aug 21, 202351:32
Battle of the Light and Dark: Saga of Earth pt 5

Battle of the Light and Dark: Saga of Earth pt 5

As Earth worked through its healing journey, it became very clear that there were two general 'camps' in action. People of the light and people of the dark. Those of the light are the ones who are here to anchor in the energy of the Order of Creation. They respect Creator and this Universe and are here to restore their freedom and power. Those of the dark view this Universe as their possession. People and this planet are mere food and battery power.

How did the dark get here? Well. They were seeded during the time of the False Idol Saturn. Their relationship with it was passed down through the generations and in ceremony. They are ets posing as gods and the humans who are their friends.

Who are the light and how did they get here? Some were connected to that love again the moment Creator unhinged the sheath. Others answered a call from the Universe to come here and help Earth get free. You may know them as lightworkers.

In this special instalment of Saga of Earth, I talk about the lightworking community and how we got involved in the battle of light and dark. I talk about our successes, but also some of our more difficult moments. You see, we too got targeted and agents of Saturn are working to harm our souls from within our own community.

Viva light, viva love, viva Earth.

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Jul 30, 202338:38
Vlad Impaler, Doctrine of Discovery & the Battle for Souls: Saga of Earth pt 4
Jul 10, 202337:56
Solstice Special: Path to Powerful Connection
Jun 15, 202324:28
Jesus Rises + the Beast in the Americas: Saga of Earth pt. 3
May 25, 202322:12
The Reality Jesus Came to Shift (Saga of Earth pt.2)
May 12, 202326:49
Ceremonies of Saturn Ongoing + Uncensored Episode
May 11, 202305:31
Attack on Earth: Saga of Earth part 1

Attack on Earth: Saga of Earth part 1

Planet Earth is an infinite source of wealth, energy, and knowledge. It is the JEWEL of our Universe. This is the story of how planet Earth became targeted by a greedy set of colonial beings and ultimately, how our beautiful home got hurt. Working with the planet Saturn as a backdoor gate into our Universe, these beings harnessed Earth. They created an energy sheath that was placed over the energy system of the planet, and they were fairly successful at creating a world order that fed their objectives. This world order is destructive, based on chaos, and is ruled by greed. The Mayans predicted December 21, 2012 as a moment that would mark the conclusion of a phase of life on earth. They were right.

December 21, 2012 represented the moment that the game set in part by these beings had run out of time. But time from what? Who were these beings and why did they try to take over the planet?

Many people have heard that the vibration of the planet was lowered, they have heard that there were different magick wars and competing factions and interests. They know that the life of Jesus somehow ties into all of this. But what we know less of is how it all happened. They just know that it did.

In this instalment, I go in deep to explain about how Earth got hurt and the role that the planet Saturn played on all of it.

This story includes information about: how '3d happened' (the sheath), Saturn as a backdoor to the Universe; esoteric astrology, how sacred sites were constructed and used to colonize the energy structure of the planet, regimes of religion built around false Gods using human sacrifice and stolen energy to colonize the planet, and why the life of Jesus is important to our path out of this.

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Apr 27, 202322:31
Trained by Earth: Psychopomp Stories ep 10

Trained by Earth: Psychopomp Stories ep 10

Have you ever wondered where I learned how to do this? I was trained as a psychopomp by the planet Earth, animals, and the Universe. In this instalment I talk about how these special teachers have guided me to figure out who I am and how all of this works.

Starting off in earnest shortly after having cancer, I first saw the truth in the trees. Shortly after that, it was a gradual process of learning that animals could speak, that the Earth could teach us all how to heal our wounds, and that we were meant to be living together in harmony. Experiences like feeling Universal love for the first time changed me forever in that it showed me what Earth was meant to be. Hearing the voice of a crow and my cat giving advice that worked also rocked my world. So too did realizing that we all have the capacity to tap into this wealth of knowledge, energy and connection. We are not alone and finally, I no longer felt that way.

In 2012, the training changed tone from learning how the Earth could heal me to how I could heal it. In 2016, I found myself standing in front of a gate to Atlantis knowing it was my job to close it. After a trip to the Rocky Mountains and being shown the Great Rift and that the Planet was in danger, I left my job as an anthropologist to do what I do now full time: the psychopomp bit.

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Apr 06, 202322:53
Teenage Misadventures: Coming of Age + the Danger that Came with It

Teenage Misadventures: Coming of Age + the Danger that Came with It

What do Harry Potter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Percy Jackson, and half of the cast of X-Men the original cartoon have in common? They are all tweens and teens who are in the process of discovering + figuring out their 'extra' abilities. Guess what? There really is something to this. Young people develop their intuitive senses and begin receiving more of their soul power around puberty. This is not just for movies. Because we do not talk about it, we often leave the young people in our lives vulnerable to spiritual entities who hunt and attempt to gain power over them through astral manipulation and false promises.

In this instalment, I talk about what it was like to start waking my senses up. In it, I tell you about a voice that followed me for my early years, promising me glory if I would just 'do this one thing'. Later on, after years of rebuffing the voice, I temporarily fell prey to the hunters via an alien pen named Lucifer and a stuffed zebra named Zeus.

What happened to me is something that happens to many people as they begin to near the spiritual growth and soul grounding that comes with maturation. Though a story about my life, it has much to say about the truth of waking up in our current world.

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Mar 30, 202328:60
When People Reject Their Own Souls: ep 8
Mar 15, 202322:10
Beyond the Keepers pt 3 *ish*: The Web is About to Be Revealed in Real Life

Beyond the Keepers pt 3 *ish*: The Web is About to Be Revealed in Real Life

In this 3 part series, I have been regaling you with the story of finding and clearing out a dark web of energy in Baltimore, Maryland being powered by the untoward activities of an ex-Priest called Father Maskell. As I have been telling you throughout the instalments, I had my suspicions throughout that this was much bigger than him. That it was connected to a much larger set of actions and a very powerful evil being.

As so happens with my stories from time to time, this one has had a big change! A good one. When I set out recording these instalments, it had just been announced that a legal document containing the information that would detail the dark web was going to be 'sealed' and kept away from public. I decided to record with what we had thinking it was the best. Well. By episode 2, a new judge had come onto the scene and ordered that this document will be released.

As I record today, the redacted version of it was submitted to that judge meaning we are very close to a full release.

I call this part 3 ish because it includes some of my final sentiments however I am holding off on the 'real conclusion' until the full release. For now, we go with my general remarks and we prepare for the real 3 post-release. 

I love the healing that this is creating not only in this city and for the people affected, but also in the name of Jesus. Tune in for a little bit of a post -wrap up honest conversation about what I really think was happening here and its European roots.

Mar 13, 202311:19
Beyond the Keepers pt2: Meeting the Entity Psychopomp Stories ep6
Mar 02, 202322:56
Beyond 'The Keepers': the Dark Web of Joseph Maskell pt.1: Psychopomp Stories ep 5

Beyond 'The Keepers': the Dark Web of Joseph Maskell pt.1: Psychopomp Stories ep 5

This story takes place in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. It is about a nun named Sister Cathy, a priest called Father Maskell, and a web of dark energy that I was called to fix. If those names sound familiar, they are the same Sister Cathy and Father Maskell the Netflix docuseries ‘The Keepers’ was about. Sister Cathy, a nun who is no longer with us, called me to this project to help with her unsolved business: bringing justice to the many vulnerable believers who were hurt by Maskell, and more importantly, to show me the web of evil that his actions had created. She knew that what he had done was not isolated and she understood that the souls of the people he had hurt were in some cases, still entangled in it and thus, were not free. She also knew that what he was doing went much beyond Archbishop Keough to cover a lot of this city and parts of the county.

As it turns out, Father Maskell was a busy guy who had been in 7 different parish based locations spread all around the city (and briefly Wexford, Ireland) before he was defrocked. His tenure with the Church spanned almost 30 years. As I worked this project, I realized what he was described in The Keepers, it appears, went on for many years. These actions left a dark web on the city. It was this dark web of influence that Sister Cathy was contacting me about.

Over the course of three years, she, my husband, and I worked together to untangle it.

In this instalment of psychopomp stories, I introduce Joseph Maskell and detail the web of fear and evil he created. In my opinion, Joseph Maskell was acting under the influence of a demonic entity. Every single person he hurt, every feeling of fear he evoked, helped to power it. Lucky me, I got to go hunting.

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Feb 23, 202322:45
My Disappearance Acts: Psychopomp Stories ep 4 (a new version)

My Disappearance Acts: Psychopomp Stories ep 4 (a new version)

*A much improved second telling of the story.* My life as a psychopomp has been all over the place. I have lived in 20 houses in the last 20 years, and through that engaged thousands of energies. The constants for me are: my husband, the call of the Universe, and figuring out what I have to do to answer it most safely and effectively. Sometimes, that has entailed doing things that were very hard for other people to understand. For the past decade or so especially, that has been most of the time. I am in one place for a second, then at another. When I am working on something dangerous, I become impossible to find. I disappear.

In this instalment, I talk about the two biggest disapearance acts. At one point in my life, I was a working social anthropologist. This was my life path until 2016, when I had to walk away. Why? To do what I do now. The second major disappearance I made was recently. It entailed a long rest from a thriving social media presence and a large community. In both cases, as with all choices, I did what I had to do to serve my role in this Universe. I did it to stay true to Planet Earth. I did it to stay healthy and alive. Yes, it really was like that. 

These are the types of real life decisions I make in my pursuit of freedom and dignity for the souls of this planet. These are some of the most difficult moments where my integrity was tested.

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Feb 11, 202331:35
Teachings of the Titanic: Psychopomp Stories ep 3

Teachings of the Titanic: Psychopomp Stories ep 3

As life and alignments would have it, I found myself living in between two Titanic gravesites in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Though this city was never the destination for the ship, it was three Halifax ships that went to retrieve the people. It was also these two spaces that became the final resting place for the people that were retrieved by them. Now these cemeteries serve as Titanic pilgrimage sites. In this way, Halifax, Nova Scotia became part of the Titanic story.

How did I become involved? Well, it just kind of happened. One afternoon out walking, I found myself in front of a placard that told me this was a burial site for the people of the Titanic. As I approached the gravemarkers, I felt the souls start to communicate with me. As it turns out, there were several who were ready for their journey, there was unfinished business that needing hearing, and there was a grief net that needed lifting. Would I be able to help them lift it?

In that moment, I said yes. What I thought would be a six month task has gone on for several years. The people of the Titanic have a lot to say about who they were and what they required. In this instalment, I tell you a little bit about the honour it was to hear their requests, to repatriate the souls who were ready, and in some cases, to continue the path toward resolution of unfinished business. 

The Titanic is a story, a ship, and a memory that stands out in the hearts and minds of so many. In part, because of the collective upset of the end that 1500 souls met on that cold April morning. I (we) are happy to tell you that many of those souls have met their resting point. They are at peace now. Those who remain have messages to share. Our work is ongoing!

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Feb 01, 202320:34
The Grotto of the Magdalene: Psychopomp Stories ep 2
Jan 22, 202323:28
Path of the Crow: Psychopomp Stories ep.1

Path of the Crow: Psychopomp Stories ep.1

Crows (and Crow people) are known for having the ability to see the unseen and being able to speak it. They are often regarded as wisdom holders capable of bringing people between worlds. In other words, Crows (and Crow people) are psychopomps. I first realized I was on the path of the Crow at five years old when I looked out my window to a sea of souls waiting for me to take them somewhere. Since then, I have been on the soul superhighway.

In this instalment, I introduce myself to you and talk a little bit about what my life is like living in between worlds and why I decided to tell my stories.

Souls are always on the move. Even if their people do not know it. Living, crossing, being born: I deal with them all! A big part of 'doing' that is going to places in the world that connect to the soul superhighway and keeping it safe so the souls on it are free to make their movements. It is not always nice or pretty. (More on that in the next instalment.) It is entertaining and exciting. Like a psy-fi movie but for real life.

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Jan 22, 202320:49