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Storytelling with Puck

Storytelling with Puck

By Puck Creations

At the start of each year, Puck Creations hosts a week long initiative for people to share their stories across social media called #StorytellingWithPuck. This podcast continues in that style. We'll be sharing stories, chatting about stories and becoming the next story about stories. We'll also be seeing why stories are so powerful in business, branding and marketing.

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S02E10 - Dean F. Oliver: Every day is history

Storytelling with PuckSep 01, 2021

S03E18 - Katie Hornor: The Flamingo Advantage
Feb 01, 202351:12
S03E17 - Wojtek Kolodziejczak: Life Networker
Jan 25, 202301:04:56
S03E16 - Matt McWilliams: Turn your passions into profits
Jan 18, 202301:11:39
S03E15 - Lucy Griffin-Stiff: Half time
Aug 03, 202201:03:07
S03E14 - Lenise Collimore: Travel that teaches
Jul 27, 202201:06:35
S03E13 - Hansa Pankhania: Best of 3 worlds
Jul 20, 202201:06:49
S03E12 - Lydia Brown: Strength in Weaknesses
Jul 13, 202252:41
S03E11 - Susan Payton: When I ordered my husband
Jul 06, 202201:01:37
S03E10 - Scott Frothingham: When opportunity knocks
Jun 29, 202256:33
S03E09 - Gillian Jones: Lessons from the past
Jun 22, 202201:06:49
S03E08 - Charles Waters: Exploring Life
Jun 15, 202201:14:01
S03E07 - Steve Phillip: The Jordan Legacy
Jun 08, 202201:08:12
S03E06 - Sheron Mingo Y: Conflicting Beats
Jun 01, 202259:15
S03E05 - Mark Robinson: Speak. Inspire. Empower.
May 25, 202201:00:41
S03E04 - Timothy Mason: Smile for the camera
May 18, 202244:52
S03E03 - Eleanor Goold: Alchemy
May 11, 202257:35
S03E02 - Bina Briggs: Moving
May 04, 202201:00:28
S03E01 - Jennifer Elia: It starts with a hen
Apr 27, 202201:02:52
S02E15 - Jennifer Nunez: Late Bloomer
Oct 06, 202158:10
S02E14 - Harshita Khandelwal: Finding common ground
Sep 29, 202101:04:03
S02E13 - Claudia Miller: Ready
Sep 22, 202101:07:37
S02E12 - Mark Kingston Jones: Sleeping with Hyenas
Sep 15, 202101:11:16
S02E11 - Jackie Goddard: My Dad, the Stuntman!
Sep 08, 202101:07:15
S02E10 - Dean F. Oliver: Every day is history

S02E10 - Dean F. Oliver: Every day is history

Every day is history. If every day is history, how does anyone choose which history to exhibit in the Canadian Museum of History? There's a lot to it but there is a process. So much goes into those displays that we get to indulge in or occasionally even pass by but when you have a mission that really matters to you, it's all worthwhile. Listen to Dean F. Oliver as he tells us what it takes to put on an exhibit about Afghanistan during the Afghan war, how he describes the importance of stories in explaining history, why fairies matter and so much more. You can talk to Dean right now, in the present. Find his details below: Dean’s LinkedIn Dean’s professional email address

Sep 01, 202158:28
S02E09 - Gill McKay: Brain Child - The girl with blue lips
Aug 25, 202101:03:51
S02E08 - Janine Coombes: A wig won't cover it!
Aug 18, 202101:05:20
S02E07 - Rory Berry: You have to stop to keep going
Aug 11, 202151:46
S02E06 - Joey Sordyl: Curiosity killed the chat
Aug 04, 202101:10:59
S02E05 - Shelley Wilson: Werewolves and Turkeys
Jul 28, 202159:43
S02E04 - Marijana Ajster: Dancing Through Lines
Jul 21, 202156:15
S02E03 - Florentina Martin: Training in a Train
Jul 14, 202148:14
S02E02 - Catherine Williams: Are you sitting comfortably?
Jul 07, 202101:03:48
S02E01 - Shona Hirons: From Broken to Bionic
Jun 30, 202101:16:05
S01E20 - Farewell, not goodbye: We'll start with a story
May 12, 202101:35:47
S01E19 - Nicola Richardson: You don't want flannel
May 05, 202152:31
S01E18 - Trisha Lewis: Unsquashed
Apr 28, 202157:52
S01E17 - Garima Nabh: Science to stories
Apr 21, 202153:39
S01E16 - Ria Moolgie: One small gesture
Apr 18, 202153:29
S01E15 - Rosalyn Palmer: A Madonna moment
Apr 14, 202101:20:48
S01E14 - SJ Woods: Forest Music
Apr 11, 202101:01:09
S01E13 - Nick Diakanastasis: Dreaming in stories
Apr 07, 202101:20:38
S01E12 - Carol Miltersteiner: Burnout, A drama in three acts
Apr 04, 202101:06:58
S01E11 - Viv Parry: The Bar
Mar 31, 202101:01:12
S01E10 - Jules White: Ghosts, dragons and unique humans
Mar 28, 202147:51
S01E09 - Chrissie Lowery: Worth all the battles
Mar 24, 202138:14
S01E08 - Ben Masters: As seas carve coastlines
Mar 21, 202147:08
S01E07 - Shaena Jasmat: A letter to say goodbye
Mar 19, 202159:52
S01E06 - Clive Bartlett: Roll the dice
Mar 15, 202142:41
S01E05 - Kayla Conley: A feast at Granny's
Mar 11, 202158:05
S01E04 - Gary Nightingale: The Madman in the Cellar.
Mar 08, 202101:07:54