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By Puddlegum

Puddlegum Podcast is a lighthearted conversation about Independent Music between Kevin Flick and Scott Drichel of the Puddlegum Music Blog, as well as guests. We discuss topics that matter to artists and listeners... and we sometimes get off topic and go down rabbit trails.
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Pilot: We started a podcast!

PuddlegumMar 25, 2023

Pilot: We started a podcast!

Pilot: We started a podcast!

Puddlegum Podcast is for the Independent artist, and fans of dream pop, shoegaze, bedroom pop, and music covered on the Puddlegum Music Blog. Expect relaxed conversations on music tech, recording and mixing, interviews with guests, and off-topic rabbit trails. Kevin Flick and Scott Drichel host the weekly podcast.

This is the Pilot Episode, originally recorded on January 8, 2023.

In this episode, we discuss AI and the tool Mubert. The article we refer to is Mubert: AI Text -to-Track.

Thanks for your support!

Mar 25, 202301:09:04