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Life by Design

Life by Design

By Puja Puneet

The Life by Design Podcast is for those who want to design a life they love. Learn directly from Puja Puneet, India's leading certified Life Coach, Author, Thought Leader and TEDx speaker who trains over 10,000 women each year. Learn life changing concepts with every new episode that moves you into action on how to get unstuck, feel empowered and take charge of your own life! Visit to join this tribe!
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The Art of Earning RESPECT

Life by DesignMay 20, 2022

The Art of Earning RESPECT
May 20, 202201:07:37
May 13, 202201:09:40
How to Reject REJECTIONS
May 08, 202201:11:08
Change your Vocabulary, Change your Life!
Apr 23, 202257:43
How to recognise a Toxic Relationship
Apr 16, 202256:16
Manifest your Dreams using the Law of Attraction
Mar 18, 202201:09:49
How to Handle Toxic People
Feb 27, 202201:06:18
How to Develop a Solid Morning Routine

How to Develop a Solid Morning Routine

It should come as no surprise, that the one common habit among the top global achievers of the world, is a solid morning routine. A morning routine is said to boost happiness, increase productivity, reduce stress levels and get you grounded and settled for the day. But often, routines get boring and monotonous and we tend to give up. Understanding why we do what we do is a great way to remain committed to your morning routine.

Listen to this podcast to understand more hacks on the follow topics:

1) Why a Morning Routine? Set the energy for the day, Set the right intentions, Find your calm, Plan for the day 2) Understanding why the morning routine is so important - Find your most productive time which may also be late in the night. The idea is when the world is asleep we have a deeper connection with our inspiration. 3) How to get started? Start small, Build your way up, Commitment is a muscle.

My Morning Routine

Short version (SAVERS) - Silence, Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing/Journaling Comprehensive version (GODDESS) - 14 things, don’t need to do all, pick and choose what resonates with you Feminine Energy - Gratitude, Owning your Emotions, Dreaming, Dancing, Energizing, Silence, Smiling Masculine Energy - Goals, Oxygen, Declaring, Decision Making, Exercising, Scribing/Journaling, Scheduling

Listen till the end for the LIVE Q&A! 

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Feb 17, 202257:15
How to Manifest Abundance
Feb 10, 202201:11:53
Emotional Mastery!

Emotional Mastery!

More often than not, we let our emotions rule us. For me Emotional Mastery is the ability to Respond rather than React. Emotional Mastery is the process of becoming aware of and learning to direct your emotional states – how you feel moment to moment – and using it to your advantage. If you would like to know how you can do, listen to this podcast to understand more on these essential topics:

1) The capacity to RESPOND rather than REACT 2) How to react when our expectations are not met? Improving COMMUNICATION is key 3) How to process Negative emotions? Identifying the source is key. Once we understand and process the emotion, the less reactive we become, the more emotionally mature we become. 4) Some common negative emotions a) 3 step process to managing ANGER i) Confront ii) Accept iii) Remove yourself from the situation. b) When we feel BITTER & RESENTFUL, we have not said NO enough times. We have over done trying to please the person. Boundary setting is the key. c) GUILT is a wasted emotion. Act upon the emotion and find a solution. 5) How to Let Go of Bitterness & Resentment? Develop your Kali (Warrior) Goddess. Build the COURAGE to disappoint the people you love, and stand up for yourself! 6) What to do when other people don’t behave properly? Focus on the LESSON & THE PATTERN. When we transform inside, our outer world starts to change.

Listen till the end for the LIVE Q&A!

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Feb 03, 202201:02:10
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