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the podQast

the podQast

By Qaswa House

A podcast by Qaswa House where we discuss topics surrounding Islamic education and raising a Muslim family in the 21st century.
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The podQast #9 Term 2 Week 4

the podQastMay 22, 2023

The podQast #9 Term 2 Week 4

The podQast #9 Term 2 Week 4

In this podcast episode, we explore the concept of zakat in Islam, which goes beyond simple charity. Zakat means purification and involves cleansing our wealth and hearts. It reminds us that our possessions are not solely ours and should be used to benefit others.

Purification is linked to charity as the Qur'an emphasises the importance of purifying our hearts for success in this world and the hereafter. Through the story of Khalifah Umar, we learn three key lessons when giving charity: keep it a secret, forget about it, and never insult the recipient.

The heart plays a crucial role, acting as the king of our bodies. It is the battleground between our pure soul and lower self, with our mind as the judge. We can shine our hearts by cleaning, beautifying, and reflecting on our actions.

This episode encourages listeners to explore the inner dimensions of charity, purify their hearts, and strive for success in this world and the hereafter.

May 22, 202336:13
the podQast #8 Term 2 Episode 2: Ramadan the Month of Charity

the podQast #8 Term 2 Episode 2: Ramadan the Month of Charity

🎙️Episode Title: "Ramadan - The Month of Charity"

Join us in this week's episode as we explore the true essence of Ramadan. Dive into a heartfelt conversation about the two kinds of happiness that fasting during Ramadan offers - the joy of breaking fast at Iftar with family, and the profound happiness when meeting Allah.

We delve into the powerful concepts of Sabr (patience) and Shukr (gratitude), the two guiding principles that are beautifully intertwined with the practice of fasting. Learn how they serve as the "two caps" of Taqwa, the consciousness of Allah in every aspect of life.

We'll also take a thoughtful look at Zakat, the pillar of Islam that encourages charity, and how it serves as a tool for social justice, eradicating poverty, and purifying one's heart from greed. We discuss how each one of us can contribute to this noble cause, not just with wealth, but also through sharing our time, knowledge, and resources with those in need.

This episode encourages listeners to reflect on their blessings, understand the wisdom behind the existence of wealth disparity, and recognize the true measure of success as stated in the Quran. It's about more than just material wealth - it's about returning to Allah with a pure heart.

Tune in to understand the spiritual journey of Ramadan more deeply and let’s together make a list of the charities we can contribute to this week. It's a compelling conversation that's sure to inspire gratitude, charity, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Don't miss out on this exciting episode! 🌙🤲🏽

May 16, 202332:51
the podQast #7 Term 2 Episode 1: Ramadan the Month of Taqwa

the podQast #7 Term 2 Episode 1: Ramadan the Month of Taqwa

We're back!

After a long hiatus, welcome to the latest episode of the Qaswa podQast! As we begin Term 2 at Qaswa House, we are excited to delve into the themes of fasting and charity. In this episode, our hosts Azizi and Safiyyah explore the topic of teaching Ramadan and fasting to children.

As parents themselves, Azizi and Safiyyah share their personal experiences and tips on how they teach the significance of Ramadan and fasting to their three daughters. They also discuss how Qaswa House approaches the subject and the importance of instilling these values in young minds.

If you are a parent or educator looking for guidance on how to teach the concepts of Ramadan and fasting to children, then this episode is for you! Tune in to gain valuable insights and practical strategies from our hosts.

May 09, 202331:23
the podQast - 6 - Solah (part 2) and updates on Qoffee & Dates

the podQast - 6 - Solah (part 2) and updates on Qoffee & Dates

This week we talked about the new cafe, Qoffee & Dates, the story behind the cafe, and the big dream of Qaswa. We then continued the discussion about teaching Solah to children at Qaswa.

Mar 14, 202326:56
the podQast - 5 - The Solah (part 1)

the podQast - 5 - The Solah (part 1)

Join us as we explore the great gift of Solah - our direct line to the Master of the Universe. In this episode, we discuss the outer dimensions of Solah and how it can bring us closer to Allah in times of sadness and difficulty.

Read the full show notes here:

Mar 06, 202336:12
the podQast - 4 - Wudhu' (part 2)

the podQast - 4 - Wudhu' (part 2)

Welcome to episode 4 of our podQast. This week we continue our discussion about Wudhu' in Islam. Wudhu' is a fundamental ritual cleansing process that Muslims perform before prayer. It involves washing specific body parts, reflecting on one's sins, and making supplications to Allah. However, wudhu' is not just a physical act, but it also purifies the heart and soul.

In this podcast, we will discuss the various levels of purification involved in wudhu', including physical body, physical sins, purifying the heart, and the purification of the Prophets and Messengers. We will also explore the inner dimension and the importance of reflection and supplication during wudhu', and how practicing wudhu' can help Muslims draw closer to Allah.

Join us as we delve deeper into the significance of wudhu' in Islam and how it can help purify our hearts and souls.

We also answer one question that was asked by few of our listeners on book suggestions for tweens. Here are the book recommendations:

11 year olds

Fiction: When Wings Expand

Non-fiction: 365 Days with the Prophet

12 year olds

Fiction: New Beginnings

Non-fiction: Women in Islam

13 year olds

Fiction: Rough Diamond

Non-Fiction: Lost Islamic History

Feb 27, 202346:59
the podQast - 3 - Wudhu' (part 1)

the podQast - 3 - Wudhu' (part 1)

This week we discuss about teaching wudhu' to children. We discussed about:

Importance of water and preservation of the environment Teaching wudhu' to young children Teaching wudhu' to teenagers The importance of reading  ChatGPT for Muslim students.

Feb 20, 202340:50
the podQast - 2 - Explaining natural disasters to children

the podQast - 2 - Explaining natural disasters to children

This week, we took a break from our normal syllabus to discuss the earthquake in Turkey and Syria with our students.

Feb 13, 202336:07
The podQast - 1 - Foundations of our Deen

The podQast - 1 - Foundations of our Deen

Alhamdulillah Qaswa now has a podQast.

In this episode, Azizi and Safiyyah discusses the Foundations of our Deen and how it is taught to students at Qaswa.

Feb 06, 202332:08