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The Quality Engineering Podcast

The Quality Engineering Podcast

By QE Unit

Accelerating with quality is a challenging balance to achieve for companies in transformation. The QE Unit is a community dedicated to improving our software quality practices with Quality Engineering. You are welcome from Product Management, Development, QA to Operations. Sharing of experience, round-tables and interviews are regularly available. Each episode provides actionable practices for your priorities.
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#Interview - What is Quality Engineering? With João Proença

The Quality Engineering PodcastSep 09, 2021

#Interview - Quality Engineering or Die Trying, with Antoine Craske

#Interview - Quality Engineering or Die Trying, with Antoine Craske

A reversed interview within the QE Unit by Olivier Dennemont with Antoine Craske, founder of the Quality Engineering community

This interview let Antoine shares his personal story, background and perspectives on the software industry, and especially on the theme of Quality Engineering,

Organizations are facing a tremendous pressure of reinventing their value proposition with software meeting the requirements of Quality at Speed software,

In such a context, the perspective of the QE Unit is that Quality Engineering is the paradigm to meet such challenges, hence the mantra “Quality Engineering or Die Trying”

#software #quality #qualityengineering #qe

01:00 What’s your story? Where do you come from?

10:00 What led you to work & define Quality Engineering?

17:30 What’s your view of the software industry?

23:00 Where does your inspiration come from?

26:00 What’s the future of the QE Unit?

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Sep 13, 202232:22
#Interview - Built-in Quality in an Accelerated World, Filipe Carvalho

#Interview - Built-in Quality in an Accelerated World, Filipe Carvalho

A QE unit interview with Filipe Carvalho on identifying the place of Quality Engineering in an accelerated world

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The ecosystem is on a constant acceleration of growth. It becomes even harder to follow the number of start-ups moving to scale-up, while unicorns appear in different parts of the world. But are we able to keep the rhythm in the mid-term?

Quality Engineering is of growing interest for companies searching to continuously deliver value to their users. They must balance successful experimentation of valuable experiences while ensuring the scalable technology foundations.

That challenge of Quality at Speed is easier said than done. In this interview, Filipe Carvalho, Senior Engineering Manager at TalkDesk, one of the top unicorns of Portugal, shares his perspective on using Quality to meet such challenges.

#qualityengineering #qe #quality #qa #testing

00:15 Podcast introduction with Filipe Carvalho

02:30 The main problem facing with software engineering

10:00 The strengths of Quality

15:30 The weaknesses of Quality

19:00 The opportunities for Quality

22:40 The threats for Quality

27:00 The effective practices implemented in real-world

32:00 Takeaways for Quality in an accelerated world

36:40 References and recommended content

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About Filipe Carvalho

Currently working as a Senior Engineering Manager, leading the SRE Developer Experience cluster in Talkdesk. He has been working as an Engineering Leader of several teams in the SRE area since mid 2019.

Previously he worked in several companies as a Software Engineer in Test and CI/CD specialist, supporting quality efforts for different applications, technical stacks and companies as a whole. He has also been involved in several communities such as Porto Testers Meetup and events like Commit Porto.


Google Testing Blog :

Ministry of Testing :

Book : Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High

Share with communities - in Portugal : PTM, Quality Talks, QE Unit ;)

Jan 11, 202242:12
#Interview - How We Drive Quality @ tb.lx, Lina Kulakova

#Interview - How We Drive Quality @ tb.lx, Lina Kulakova

A QE Unit interview with Lina Kulakova on aligning quality at tb.lx in an agile organization

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Starting a QA practice alone is not easy. The true challenge is to bring value to the organization's purpose and mission, aligning the various stakeholders on the right priorities.

Lina Kulakova is the founder of the QualityTalks community. She joined tb.lx to take on the challenge of driving quality in the company. In this interview, we share her perspective, learnings and convictions about her experience.

We cover the following themes through this interview:

  • Understanding the company context, purpose and mission
  • Aligning stakeholders expectations on the value to deliver
  • The importance to develop habits, autonomy and collaboration
  • How to implement fast feedback loops to experiment the value of quality
  • Select the tool to support the overall why, not only a technology silo
  • Focus on prevention rather than reaction and its impact on measurement

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#qualityengineering #qe #quality #strategy #value

05:40 The mission and purpose of tb.lx

08:20 The Why of investing in Quality at tb.lx

11:00 The first 90-days & How the dynamic started

13:45 The Methods to align Quality

16:00 The key elements of the Quality strategy

18:00 Architecture & Technology choices

22:00 What impacts and value for business

26:00 Management, metrics and KPIs in place

28:00 Organization & Skills perspective

32:00 Key challenges and learnings

36:00 Key takeaways & advices to start

39:00 Recommended inspirational content

For more Quality Engineering :

Useful resources


João Proença (2020). What is risk storming?How to begin your Quality career?How to define a QA strategy? Quality Talks.

Lisa Crispin, Janet Grégory (2008), Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams. Addison Wesley.

Lisa Crispin, Janet Grégory (2019), The Agile Testing Condensed. Addison Wesley.

ATDD et BDD quelle différence. La Taverne du Testeur

Dec 16, 202147:28
#Interview - Quality Conscious Software Delivery, Lalitkumar Bhamare

#Interview - Quality Conscious Software Delivery, Lalitkumar Bhamare

A QE unit interview with Lalitkumar Bhamare on aligning actors for a Quality Conscious Software Delivery

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Delivery software at the high standard is hard. Companies have to both accelerate their rate and quality of software delivery to remain competitive and develop valuable digital offerings.

Quality Engineering is the paradigm to enable companies to respond to these challenges, constraining the overall system to Quality requirements. In this interview, we step back for the big picture of software quality and testing.

From his industry experience, Lalitkumar shares a SWOT on Software Quality and a methodology he has built over the years to deliver faster and with quality, “Quality-Conscious Software Delivery” (QCSD).

#qualityengineering #qe #quality #qa #testing

00:15 Podcast introduction with Lalitkumar Bhamare

02:00 The main typology of problems face with Quality

05:00 The strengths and weaknesses of Software Quality and Testing

09:00 The opportunities to implement Quality Consciousness

10:24 The threats for the evolution of Quality in organizations

12:40 The valuable practices for Quality

15:00 The Key Takeaway

16:00 Feedback on the Quality Engineering Definition

19:00 Concluding points and references

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About Lalitkumar Bhamare

Lalit spent 3 years with Barclays Investment Bank as Sr. Test Analyst and led their L&D CoP (for testing), primarily responsible for rolling out the latest testing practices in Barclays, as part of Innov8 (an organization-wide program).

Under the TCS-Cisco relationship, he has also worked as founder and director of Technology Excellence Group for Testers. He has worked as a consultant on demand for various project teams across Barclays group, especially to implement CDT in testing projects, along with other things.

Lalit thinks that his connection with the global testing community & his volunteer experiences help him contribute back to the organizations he works for. That has helped him to contribute to building an intellectual testing culture at his workplace.

He is a skilled Tester, Test Manager, Trainer, Coach and Consultant on demand, all packed in one profile. His creative talent (which reflects his activities) is an additional skill that helps him effectively communicate ideas.

You can follow him on twitter @Lalitbhamare and Linkedin.


Daniel Terhorst-North, We need to talk about Testing,

Quality Conscious Software Delivery (QCSD), Tales of Testing.

Tea time with Testers

State of Testing Report 2021, InfoQ.

The Association for Software Testing

Oct 14, 202119:43
#Solo - The Tipping Point: The Inflection Point of Quality Engineering
Sep 16, 202107:24
#Interview - What is Quality Engineering? With João Proença

#Interview - What is Quality Engineering? With João Proença

A QE unit interview with João Proença on defining Quality Engineering from his industry experience

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What is Quality Engineering? That question raises others like the why, the what, the how. We covered these during a deep dive into Quality Engineering with João Proença.

#qualityengineering #qe #quality #moderntesting #testing

00:15 Podcast introduction with João Proença

05:00 Industry experience and challenging of hypergrowth

11:00 What is your definition of Quality Engineering?

15:00 How Quality Engineering is different, what is its added-value?

21:00 Which roles and organizations for Quality Engineering?

25:00 Measurement and metrics in Quality Engineering

30:00 The need for Quality Engineering in the current ecosystem

35:00 How can organization adopt Quality Engineering

40:00 Takeaways, concluding points and inspiring references

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About João Proença

João Proença comes from Lisbon, Portugal, and is the Principal Quality Engineer in R&D for OutSystems, a company that provides one of the leading low-code development platforms in the world.

He has assumed various roles throughout his career in the past 11 years, including quality assurance, development, customer support, and marketing. Finding innovative solutions for complex problems drives him the most, so he is always eager to talk about how professionals are overcoming testing challenges around the world.

Outside of IT, João is passionate about songwriting, movies, and football. You’ll see him tweet about all of these topics using the @jrosaproenca handle.


You can find all the reference on the transcript on the QE Unit Website.

Sep 09, 202144:28
#Solo - How to negotiate a project budget for Quality?

#Solo - How to negotiate a project budget for Quality?

A solo episode dedicated to quality negotiation for software projects in the QE Unit

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This project is complicated: aggressive dates, multiple rework, and hours that accumulate. We would have liked to be more efficient between our results and our efforts, part of the definition of quality.

We can even imagine thinking: “with 30% of the project budget allocated to quality, it would be much easier; a better definition of the requirements, tests giving us rapid upstream feedback”. The reality is far from it.

It is not enough to arbitrarily allocate time, especially since business constraints do not allow it. “How to negotiate a project budget allocated to Quality?” was the theme of our round table suggested by Arnaud.

The title leaves clues as to practices to put in place. If they seem far from the pure negotiation of a quality budget to you, it is normal; this is not the first subject to address.

#qualityengineering #qe #qa #qualityassurance #qualitynegotiation #softwarequality

00:00 Introduction and why hope is not a strategy

02:00 Why have to negotiate? Why negotiate a quality budget?

04:10 Prepare a negotiation upstream of collaborative workshops

05:20 Understand and map the stakeholders

06:30 Align the stakeholders around common interests

08:15 Define the measures of value to be followed in the iterations

09:10 What to do when the negotiation seems closed?

13:10 The negotiation mistakes to avoid

15:15 Negotiation requires understanding, diagnosis and strategy

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Sep 02, 202117:04
#Solo - How OrgDebt Can Make You Fail At Quality Engineering

#Solo - How OrgDebt Can Make You Fail At Quality Engineering

A solo episode dedicated to the decryption, articulation and impact of organizational debt, or OrgDebt, in the QE Unit

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Building software with technical debt is painful. Every change is becoming slower due to the accumulated waste and complexity - until the organization becomes unable to evolve the software.

When hitting a wall, organizations destroy the house they have been paying for the last years. They usually start another software effort from zero, transforming the initial investment into an entire waste of money.

Technical debt is a widely known concept in engineering. It represents the iceberg of issues organizations accumulate over time from their implementation decisions.

Achieving Quality Engineering revolves around the 5 pillars of MAMOS: Methods, Architecture, Management, Organization and Skills. Debt is everywhere, and OrgDebt is a fundamental entropy to contain within Management, Organization and Skills.

In this episode, we cover first OrgDebt to then identify how to detect and to prevent it leveraging Quality Engineering:

  • Organizational Debt is more than the sum of shortcuts
  • Lack of shared mission and purpose dispersing the effort
  • Lack of alignment with the overall system is waste
  • Lack of valuable interactions will make you miss the point
  • Lack of necessary capabilities and skills will slow you down
  • Lack of value creation will make the organization hit a wall

#qualityengineering #qe #organization #orgdesign #debt #techdebt #orgdebt

00:00 Introduction

01:10 The definition of OrgDebt: organizational debt

02:52 Methods: Debt Methodologies

03:47 Management: Mission, purpose and alignment debt

06:57 Organization: The lack of interactions

08:10 Skills: Lack of skills

09:25 The impact is sooner or later to yell at a wall

11:10 Quality Engineering leaders must act

Content mentioned

MAMOS, The Quality Engineering Framework, QE Unit, Antoine Craske.

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Aug 26, 202111:40
Pilot - Introduction to the Quality Engineering Community

Pilot - Introduction to the Quality Engineering Community

Hello and welcome to the Quality Engineering (QE) podcast!

This episode shares the thinking that led me to create this podcast and the Quality Engineering Unit community,

The goal is to share the key concepts that will be shared, media and formats involved,

The next episodes will be content dedicated to the theme,

Since your feedback is important in adapting the content, please feel free to leave me a rating, comments or contact me directly,

Following the podcast will also give me leads of interest, thanks in advance!

Good listening,

Antoine Craske

Aug 19, 202113:07