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Queries, Qualms, & Quirks

Queries, Qualms, & Quirks

By Sarah Nicolas

Queries, Qualms, & Quirks asks published authors to share their successful query letter and discuss their journey from first spark to day of publication. Author Sarah Nicolas interviews authors of all genres about how they got started writing, their writing process, getting their book deal, and their experiences with publication.
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Kidlit and Romance Author Tanisia Moore and the One Thing You Will Have is Trouble

Queries, Qualms, & QuirksMay 18, 2023

Kidlit and Romance Author Tanisia Moore and the One Thing You Will Have is Trouble
May 18, 202351:58
Young Adult Author Jesmeen Kaur Deo and One Rule to Finish a Book
May 11, 202342:03
YA & MG Author Kalyn Josephson and It's All in the Execution
May 04, 202327:01
Young Adult Author Brian D. Kennedy and the 112th Person Saying Yes
Apr 27, 202328:55
Middle Grade Author & Illustrator Derrick Chow and A Certain Amount of Quietude
Apr 20, 202329:41
Short Story and Literary Author Allegra Hyde and the Labor and Anxiety
Apr 13, 202318:24
Author and Poet Meg Eden Kuyatt and Eight Years to Bloom
Apr 06, 202321:23
MG Graphic Novel Author Elizabeth Agyemang and the Missing Piece
Mar 30, 202321:52
Fantasy and Thriller Author Chelsea Mueller and The Queen of Google
Mar 23, 202329:50
Young Adult Author Rosiee Thor and So Many New Words
Mar 16, 202346:28
Middle Grade Author Sarah Allen and A Decade of Querying and Failing
Mar 09, 202329:44
Fantasy Author R.R. Virdi and the Seven Year Grind
Mar 02, 202324:28
Middle Grade Author Esme Symes-Smith and the Million-Revision Unicorn
Feb 23, 202338:05
Young Adult Author Laura Taylor Namey and the MSWL Tweet That Changed Everything
Feb 16, 202321:28
Middle Grade Author PJ Gardner and the Idea Machine
Feb 09, 202331:12
Young Adult Author Sarah Suk and Query Trenching
Feb 02, 202338:46
Women’s Fiction Author Sierra Godfrey and Long Stretches of Silence
Jan 26, 202319:59
Non-fiction author Catherine Baab-Muguira and Literary Wisdom from Kevin Bacon
Jan 19, 202332:27
Sci-Fi Author Nanci Schwartz and Why It’s Okay To Quit
Jan 12, 202345:02
Kidlit Author Lyn Miller-Lachmann and the Five Year Drought
Jan 05, 202331:30
Author and Poet Donna Gordon and the Desire to Put Words Together
Aug 04, 202227:09
Women’s Fiction Author Roselle Lim and Using Your Petty Batteries
Jul 28, 202233:47
SFF Author Erin Fulmer and Everything Happening All at Once
Jul 21, 202228:11
Mystery Author Sandra Block and Losing Control
Jul 07, 202226:51
Young Adult Author Jamie Beth Cohen and Checking Her Body for Jealousy
Jun 30, 202240:30
Gothic Fiction Author Paulette Kennedy and Letting the Words Come Out
Jun 23, 202232:53
Historical Fiction Author Addison Armstrong and When Your Passion Becomes Your Work
Jun 16, 202223:08
Young Adult Author Crystal Maldonado and Writing for the Vibes
Jun 09, 202248:33
Book Club Fiction Jessica Strawser and Taking a Pause
Jun 02, 202235:10
Young Adult Author Carolyn Tara O’Neil and a Passion for Settings
May 26, 202227:40
Young Adult Author Margie Fuston and Proving Vampires are Real
May 19, 202232:46
Science-Fiction Author Jackson Ford and the Secret First Draft
May 12, 202229:35
Young Adult Author Sarah Dass and the Pressure of Representation
May 05, 202237:29
Book Club Fiction Author Lyn Liao Butler and Too Much Query Personalization
Apr 28, 202231:54
Nonfiction Author Jessica P. Pryde and a Dare from Daniel José Older
Apr 21, 202232:13
Young Adult Author Lauren James and the Ten-Year Gap Year
Apr 14, 202238:40
Middle Grade Author Payal Doshi and the Joy of Writing a Single Scene
Apr 07, 202245:06
Middle Grade Author Meera Trehan and Falling Asleep on Page 75
Mar 31, 202246:29
Horror Author Cynthia Pelayo and Your Person Versus Your Persona
Mar 24, 202239:17
Fantasy Author David R. Slayton and the Two Hardest Publishing Decisions
Mar 17, 202244:09
Middle Grade Author Shakirah Bourne and the Email That Will Change Your Life
Mar 10, 202241:30
Middle Grade Author Maria Frazer and Not Quitting Your Day Job
Mar 03, 202244:34
Young Adult Author Derek Milman and the Last Pre-Pandemic Book Tour
Feb 24, 202237:12
Sci-Fi Thriller Author Rob Hart and Managing Expectations
Feb 17, 202228:46
Young Adult Author Heidi Heilig and the Joy in Receiving Critique
Feb 10, 202240:58
Disney Author Mari Mancusi and the Longing to Go Into the Unknown
Feb 03, 202231:33
Literary Fiction Author Kirthana Ramisetti and the Twenty-Year Overnight Success
Jan 27, 202232:26
Mystery Author Kathleen Marple Kalb and the Headline I Can’t Actually Use
Jan 20, 202228:45
Thriller Author Ashley Winstead and Eating Ice Cream in the Dark
Jan 13, 202248:22
Romance Author Ruby Barrett and the Opportunities Disguised as Failures
Jan 06, 202249:17
Romance Author Charish Reid and the Kind of Professor She’d Like to Be
Dec 09, 202128:23
Young Adult Author Kyrie McCauley and the Importance of Being Present
Dec 02, 202127:16
Mystery Author Leslie Budewitz and the Lawyer to Author Pipeline
Nov 18, 202134:05
Young Adult Author Dante Medema and the Book Auction at the End of the World
Nov 11, 202137:20
Romance Author Farah Heron and the New Year Resolution Follow-Through
Nov 04, 202135:27
Horror Author Jessica Lewis and the Korean Rap Editing Hack
Oct 28, 202119:10
Young Adult Author Annie Sullivan and the Resurrected Manuscript
Oct 21, 202135:51
Middle Grade Author Sarah McGuire and Threading the Needle of Confidence
Oct 14, 202141:49
Historical Crime Author John Copenhaver and Finding Meaning in the Process
Oct 07, 202138:45
Science Fiction Author AJ Super and the Measured Risk That Paid Off
Sep 30, 202129:34
Picture Book Author Kira Bigwood and Taking an Opposite Action
Sep 23, 202129:33
Mystery Author Kellye Garrett and Kicking the Door Open
Sep 16, 202135:41
Middle Grade Author Deva Fagan and the Long Dark Night of the Soul
Sep 09, 202138:32
Speculative Fiction Author EJ Wenstrom and Selling a Dystopian in a Dystopia
Sep 02, 202142:51
Science Fiction Author Mike Chen and the Sports Reporter to Novelist Pipeline
Aug 26, 202140:37
Thriller Author Tammy Euliano and Putting Yourself Out There
Aug 19, 202135:28
Middle Grade Author Adrianna Cuevas and the Successful Conference Pitch
Aug 12, 202145:05
Historical Romance Author Royaline Sing and Her Literary Agent Sara Megibow
Aug 05, 202142:36
Picture Book Author Tara Lazar and Rebelling Against Routine
Jul 29, 202143:37
Contemporary Fiction Author Suzanne Park and A Thousand Rejections
Jul 22, 202146:16
Romance Author Kait Ballenger and the Literal Elevator Pitch
Jul 15, 202142:60
Mystery Author Susan Elia MacNeal and Rolling with the Punches
Jul 08, 202129:53
Middle Grade author Laura Segal Stegman and Finding Peace with Your Path
Jul 01, 202144:20
Young Adult Author Angeline Boulley and a Decades-Long Journey
Jun 24, 202138:19
Literary Fiction Author Catherine Adel West and There Is No Morning Dew (Yet)
Jun 17, 202139:37
Cozy Mystery Author Mia P. Manansala and a Candle for the Ancestors
Jun 10, 202148:33
Romance Author Mary Ann Marlowe and the Relief of Going Hybrid
Jun 03, 202137:49
Middle Grade Author Alyson Gerber and Taking Up Space
May 27, 202136:15
YA Author Jenn P. Nguyen and the Publishing Hail Mary
May 20, 202137:19
Fantasy Author Rebecca Enzor and the Publishing Plot Twist
May 13, 202134:27
Mystery Author Abby L. Vandiver and the Accidental Hybrid Author
May 06, 202143:24
Middle Grade Author Waka T. Brown and the Hidden Power of Networking
Apr 29, 202136:06
Romance Author Denise Williams and Comparison Being the Thief of Joy
Apr 22, 202140:07
Science-fiction author Michael Mammay & Diving In Head First
Apr 15, 202145:27
Historical Fantasy Author Cass Morris and The Perils of the Acquisitions Board
Apr 08, 202143:27
Welcome to Queries, Qualms, & Quirks - starting April 8th!

Welcome to Queries, Qualms, & Quirks - starting April 8th!

Hello, I'm Sarah Nicolas and I would like to welcome you to my new podcast Queries, Qualms, & Quirks. The show will officially launch on April 8th, 2021 and will release an episode every week on Thursdays.

This podcast is for authors early in their career, those who are writing their first book, and those who are querying. It's for those who are wondering what exactly a successful query letter looks like, if other authors share the same worries as them, and if anyone else has a similar writing process.

Queries, Qualms, & Quirks will ask published authors to share their successful query letter and discuss their journey from when they first got bit by the writing bug to the day of publication. I will interview authors of all genres about how they got started writing, their writing process, getting their book deal, and their experiences with publication.

I hope that these stories will help inspire you on your own publishing journey and remind you that you are not alone in what can be a long, complicated process and a confusing industry.

Please subscribe now and look out for that first episode on April 8th. I look forward to sharing these stories with you and hope we’ll soon be able to talk about your own queries, qualms, and quirks.

If you're a published author interested in appearing on the podcast, go to and click on the image in the sidebar. That's Sarah with an h, Nicolas with no h.

Mar 21, 202101:28