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Questioning Pornography

Questioning Pornography

By Lily

The Questioning Pornography Podcast seeks to promote thoughtful and critical conversation on porn's effects on individuals and society, relying upon scientific research, empirical data, and anecdotal evidence.
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Tribute to Gary Wilson

Questioning PornographyMay 23, 2021

Will age verification really work? Skeptic questions John Carr
Jan 30, 202248:50
Research Highlight: A Review of Longitudinal Research on Pornography's Impact on Adolescents
Jan 18, 202215:22
Dr. Mateusz Gola on the Neuroscience of Porn Addiction
Dec 11, 202154:16
Christopher Bueker: Addiction Counselor & Author of "Break Free of Chains"
Nov 20, 202136:04
Research Highlight: A Meta-Analysis on Porn & Sexual/Relationship Satisfaction
Nov 06, 202115:44
Mary Sharpe: Pornography, People with Autism, and "Rough Sex Gone Wrong"
Oct 23, 202135:29
Research Highlight: How does porn impact female consumers?
Oct 09, 202116:28
Dr John Foubert on Pornography & Sexual Violence

Dr John Foubert on Pornography & Sexual Violence

In this episode I speak with Dr. John Foubert, leading expert on the intersection between Pornography & Sexual Violence. I was grateful for the opportunity to ask him some of the trickier questions on this issue that I've been wrestling with for a while. We discuss such questions as: 

  • Can pornography actually decrease rape rates, by providing a mechanism for the release of sexual tension? 
  • Is there really a difference between using people in pornography as tools/commodities to serve our own sexual pleasure vs. using people as tools/commodities to serve our own purposes in other types of commercial exchanges? 
  • Are there nuances to acknowledge when it comes to what types of acts in pornography should be considered "violent"? 
  • Why do different studies assessing the rates of violence in pornography get such different results? 

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If you wish to read Dr. John Foubert's book How Pornography Harms, you can purchase a copy here. He also has a new book coming out soon is addressed to parents, so keep your eye out for that one as well!

Studies referenced during our conversation:  

Goodson, A, Franklin, C.A., & Bouffard, L.A. (2020).  Male peer support and sexual assault: the relation between high-Profile, high school sports participation and sexually predatory behavior. Journal of Sexual Aggression, DOI: 10.1080/13552600.2020.1733111

De Heer, B.A., Prior, S., & Hoegh, G. (2020).  Pornography, Masculinity, and Sexual Aggression on College Campuses. Violence Against Women

Rodriguez, C.G. & Fernandez-Gonzalez, L (2019).  Is pornography consumption associated with intimate partner violence?  The moderating role of attitudes toward women and violence.  Behavioral Psychology, 27(3), 431-454.

Hughes, A., Brewer, G. & Khan, R. (2020). Sexual coercion by women: The influence of pornography and narcissistic and histrionic personality disorder traits.  Archives of Sexual Behavior, 49, 885–894.

Bridges, A.J. (2019). Pornography and sexual assault. In W.T. O’Donohue & P.A. Schewe (Eds.), Handbook of sexual assault and sexual assault prevention.  Springer.

Foubert, J.D. & Bridges, A. J. (2017). What is the attraction? Understanding gender differences in reasons for viewing pornography in relationship to bystander intervention.  Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 32 (20), 3071-3089.

Oct 09, 202131:45
Research Highlight: The Pornography "Rebooting" Experience
Sep 25, 202122:07
Murray Perkins: Can Age Verification help kids who stumble on porn outside of commercial pornography sites?
Aug 28, 202150:05
Research Highlight: Porn Consumption & Extramarital Sex Attitudes
Aug 21, 202117:14
Alexander: How Quitting Porn Improved my Relationships and View of Women
Aug 14, 202138:37
Francesca Palazzolo: Addiction Counsellor & Author of Pornography Research
Aug 07, 202130:27
"Research" Highlight: Dr. Paul Wright on Selective Exposure vs. Sexual Socialization
Jul 31, 202112:60
Paul Lavergne: Psychotherapist Specializing in Porn & Sex Addiction
Jul 24, 202144:30
"Research" Highlight: Dr. Paul Wright on Overcontrolling for 3rd Variables
Jul 17, 202114:18
Dr. Darryl Mead: Understanding the Porn Industry and its Consumers

Dr. Darryl Mead: Understanding the Porn Industry and its Consumers

Dr. Darryl Mead, the Chair of The Reward Foundation, speaks about his research into the Pornography Industry. Questions discussed: How big is the industry? What are its consumer demographics? Its business practices and ways of making money? We also discuss possible avenues for reducing the harm caused by the pornography industry. 

Jul 10, 202129:58
Research Highlight: Porn, Two forms of Dehumanization, and Sexually Aggressive Attitudes/Behaviours
Jul 03, 202125:42
Gabe Deem: Recovered Porn Addict & Founder of Reboot Nation
Jun 26, 202142:33
Research Highlight: Exploring the Lived Experience of Problematic Porn Users
Jun 19, 202122:25
Aaron Kennell: Porn, Healthy Relationships, & Domestic Violence
Jun 12, 202133:46
Research Highlight: Is Porn causing Sexual Dysfunctions?
Jun 05, 202125:55
Dr. YanYan Zhou: The Cognitive Processes of how Porn influences Violence
May 29, 202137:18
Tribute to Gary Wilson
May 23, 202113:36
Senator Julie Miville-Dechêne & Murray Perkins: Age Verification
May 11, 202138:49
What happens when Porn becomes Sex Ed for kids?
May 04, 202130:13