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Quince Questions?

Quince Questions?

By Quincy Stallworth

As the Show Experience Lead of Sofar Philadelphia, I’ve had the honor of introducing so many talented performance artists to my city on stage.

This is my opportunity to introduce them to the world.

I’m a also a proud member of The Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists (PABJ), the first and oldest association of Black journalists in the country.
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Ep. 51 Quince Questions? Cecily Alexandria

Quince Questions?Sep 11, 2020

Ep. 222 Brianna Demayo
May 23, 202358:38
Ep. 221 Anna Elyse

Ep. 221 Anna Elyse

A poet at heart, Anna Elyse is a singer/songwriter/producer who draws inspiration from prolific songwriters like Neil Young and looks to modernize her sound with influences from producers like No ID, Mike Dean, and Illangelo.

"I always found solace in music, especially when I connected to the stories. And I hope to provide that for someone else."

After graduating from UCLA, with a concentration in Creative Writing, Poetry, she went on to Audio Engineering School and found that one of her very favorite places to be were in the studio. She was used to spending many hours in the dance studio growing up, and stepping into the recording studio was like slipping into an immersive world she knew she fit.

She worked behind the scenes in recording studios and serendipitously ended up on a few prominent hip-hop albums. But, it wasn't until a couple of years ago that she decided to let go of her reservations and release her own music. Her self-produced and mixed debut single, "Trading Glances" landed her on several upcoming folk-pop playlists.

May 12, 202343:33
Ep. 220 Izzy Pingrey
May 05, 202319:38
Ep. 219 Vincena
Apr 21, 202341:44
Ep. 218 Arden Alexa

Ep. 218 Arden Alexa

San Francisco, CA- Taking inspiration from Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and the pop princesses who soundtracked her childhood and teen years, Arden Alexa's unique sound has been developed by infusing her own quirky and youthful indie style into the upbeat anthems she knows and loves.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Arden spent the after school hours of her high school years cutting her teeth in the Bay Area music scene. Her debut single, 2021's "The Coast" was the world's first glimpse of her artistic ability. This was followed by 2022's "Day Dreams", Arden's first full length project: A six song EP that truly welcomes you into her universe of raw vocals and deeply personal lyricism.

Since embarking on her journey as a full time artist in June of 2022, Arden has been focused on polishing her craft and finding her sound. Her last release "Strawberry Pie" showed off a more modern side of her artistry while still displaying the same fun, exuberant personality of her previous releases. Her newest track, "Stupid Boy", and the accompanying music video made in collaboration with her best friends is an ode to high school boys and the solo prom nights that (may or may not) follow.

Arden is excited to share her new single + music video for "Stupid Boy", set to release on March 31st.Here's what she had to say about the songwriting process: "Let’s be honest, high school boys can be clueless about romance. After experiencing this firsthand with a particularly dramatic unrequited love, I wrote this song as an ode to high school boys. While channeling fun synth-pop from the 80s mixed with the indie music of today, the lyrics of this song say all of the things that I never had the chance to say to the boys I’ve loved".
Mar 31, 202324:25
Ep. 217 Andrew Moorer

Ep. 217 Andrew Moorer

Show Notes Andrew Moorer is known to animate and enthrall audiences with unique arrangements and an engaging stage presence. Moorer began pursuing my career as a performer immediately after graduating high school in 2014 and has had the honor of sharing stages with artists such as Louis Knight, CADE, and Mike Posner. Combining classical routes and musical influences (including Bruno Mars, Elton John, Charlie Puth, John Mayer, and The Beatles), Moorer strives to bring enlightenment through his catchy original records and from wherever he performs.

Mar 24, 202341:10
Ep. 216 Miu Haiti

Ep. 216 Miu Haiti

Genre-bending singer-songwriter Miu Haiti draws her eclectic musical influences from Pop and R&B with a Hip-Hop edge. She was born and raised in Haiti but is now in the United States. Music has always been in her blood, being the daughter of a saxophonist. Miu Haiti is a renaissance woman - her versatile artistic expression is influenced by her love of fashion, makeup artistry, performing arts, and interior design. Her ability to compose music and sing in various languages (English, Creole, French, and Spanish) allows her to connect with a global audience. It has driven collaborations with arrangers, talents, and artists from Saint Lucia, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, the United States, Canada, France, and Haiti. Miu Haiti has remained prolific since her debut album, “Unexpected," in 2014. She has been featured in various media outlets. She has garnered a sizable fanbase with nearly 500,000 followers across social media platforms, and she has accumulated well over one million streams and views. Continuously evolving, 2022 saw the releases of her highly replayed song and music video, “In 'Em Face,” and the first-ever self-produced single, “Real Ones.” Her 2022 catalog was just a glimpse of what is on the horizon for 2023. Her latest single, “Is This Love,” shows a different side of the multifaceted talent yet and gives fans a taste of the quality and masterfulness that can be expected from her upcoming EP, slated to drop later this year. Links: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: YouTube: / Spotify: Apple Music: Tidal: SoundCloud:
Mar 17, 202322:39
Ep. 215 Elsie @elsieyalater
Mar 03, 202347:02
Ep. 214 Andorra

Ep. 214 Andorra

Andorra’s 2019 album Family Tree took itself very seriously. After successfully self-producing, mixing, and mastering their third full-length LP, the long-standing Philadelphia band found themselves exhausted and instantly misplacing energy on new projects. Members of Andorra went on to tour with Bright Eyes and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, joined local groups Box of Books and The Retinas, and jump-started classic rock cover bands. This gave Andorra a much-needed pause.

As the rage from the pandemic slowed, Andorra picked back up where they left off and found that “thing” that contributed to 10+ years of relentlessly ripping through dive bars… having fun. The guys teamed up with musician Tommy Leahy of Wildflower Studios in Glenside, PA to produce their forthcoming swampy, Memphis-influenced rock record, Boogie Night Blues.

“We rediscovered our love for this band. We didn’t nitpick or think too hard about arrangements. Anything that felt right, we just went for it. For the first time, we captured the energy of the live set onto an album. This one is raw, punchy, and will make you want to dance,” says lead singer Kevin McCall. From the Grease-flavored shuffle of pre-release single “Guts” to revved-up energy on “Hidden Desires”, Boogie Night Blues proves Andorra’s chemistry as a live act and their commitment to rock and roll, making it their best record yet.

Andorra also recently released a documentary commemorating their first 10 years as a band directed by Mike Scioli, watch here:


Soundcloud Pre-Release Album Stream:


Feb 24, 202349:37
Ep. 213 Ny Bell
Feb 17, 202348:24
Ep. 212 Moonroof

Ep. 212 Moonroof

Moonroof started in a small college town called Bloomsburg. After graduating, they relocated to a suburb outside of Philly called Conshohocken. Their primary passion is crafting beautiful music for your lovely ears :)To keep things simple, Moonroof is an indie pop band, but our sound has evolved, and many different bands have inspired them. They've released many songs over the years that you can find wherever you listen online. Moonroof has played many fantastic shows, from local bars to the Radio 104.5 12th Birthday Show at the BB&T Pavilion. Moonroof’s  EP, Dream State, was released in October of 2021. Dream State debuted at #2 on the Alternative List on Apple's iTunes charts, right behind Coldplay. Moonroof has much more to come and is excited about what's to come in 2022. They released their single "Maybe Crazy" in August of 2022, with a music video in December, and their next single, "I'd Rather Be Alone," comes out in January 2023. Members: Dave Kim: Lead Vocals Kevin Randolph: Bass Francis Convery: Guitar Dan Rendine: Drums @doyoan | @kevindrandolph | @fonvery | @djr91143 Signed to @freediverecords I’d Rather Be Alone is out now below ✌️
Feb 03, 202336:06
Ep. 211 Epidemic Sounds Episode
Dec 02, 202201:53:50
Ep. 210 Brianna Castro

Ep. 210 Brianna Castro

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

Brianna Castro is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, dancer, model, actress, producer, and writer from Philadelphia, Pa. 

Brianna Castro has just released an ep titled "For Now." 

As a singer-songwriter from the Philadelphia music scene, she specializes in writing and performing music in the R&B Hip Hop genre. Brianna has been writing and performing music for over ten years. 

She has performed at various venues in the Philadelphia area, including the Latin American Cultural Center, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. 

She has also been a featured performer at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and the Roots Picnic.

Nov 25, 202249:08
Ep. 209 Seraiah Nicole
Nov 16, 202249:23
Ep. 208 Noel Scales
Nov 01, 202246:37
Ep. 207 Great Time

Ep. 207 Great Time

Great Time doesn't want to fit in a box. Living up to their name, the band wants to have a great time making the music they like. Tired of being advised to "pick a lane" by some of their industry peers, Great Time sets out to create music that celebrates their wide-ranging sound, incorporating genres like synth-pop, electronic, jazz, punk, rock, and R&B. Their most recent releases are a series of EPs titled “Sounds Like ____.” The band had the idea to turn the EP titles into a Mad Libs type of game "so that someone could put their adjective or descriptor for the EP in the blank space," explains singer/multi-instrumentalist Jill Ryan. The projects explore some different sounds and styles influencing Great Time. “Some people thought [our 2018 debut LP] Great Album was all over the place, so with the ‘Sounds Like’ series, we decided to lean even further into our multi-genre tendencies and place the option of categorizing or putting us in a box on the listener.” True to their vision, each EP carries a different sound. On Vol. 1, Great Time creates a blissed-out atmosphere with R&B and neo-soul melodies. For Vol. 2, the band zones in on its electronic and pop influences, creating a livelier atmosphere that feels ripe for dancing. Whereas Vol. 3 shows a guitar-heavy, more traditionally rock-sounding side to the three-piece group, ranging from punk to acoustic folk.
Oct 25, 202249:27
Ep. 206 The Tisburys

Ep. 206 The Tisburys

The Tisburys: Formed in 2015 by singer-songwriter Tyler Asay and lead guitarist John Domenico, the indie rock/power pop band has continued to evolve in the passing years.

Oct 18, 202232:06
Ep. 205 Phantasm

Ep. 205 Phantasm

Phantasm is a Philly-based heavy, alternative-rock band producing intricate, melodic songs in avant-garde stylings reminiscent of Muse, Royal Blood, Tool, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. Their latest single, Spirit Box (Tuned To You), is set to release Friday, June 10, 2022, on all major streaming platforms. The song was inspired by real-life experiences using a spirit box to connect with the metaphysical in this dimension and the world beyond. The device receives messages of spiritual entities woven through a musical pattern, emitting rhythmic bursts with distinct chopping and fragmented AM radio signals. Although experimenting with the gadget may have been the original inspiration for the song, Spirit Box (Tuned To You), is a metaphor and commentary on the digital age we live in today.
Originally hailing from Western New York, Phantasm first hit the music scene in 2003 and later relocated to Philadelphia, PA. With onstage exploits, such as sampling their music live and using power tools as instruments, the band's explosive performance has taken innovation to a new level. They balance a sophisticated, avant-garde metal edge with a powerful, straightforward rock foundation. After releasing their last album, Phantasm has spent the last two years writing an album demonstrating their refined approach to a progressive 90's rock sound.
Oct 11, 202236:04
Ep. 204 Sam Mercades
Oct 04, 202236:26
Ep. 203 Project (No Guest)

Ep. 203 Project (No Guest)

Just Quincy Talking. The Crew is on Vacation. 

Jul 18, 202223:51
Ep. 202 Noni Rene
Jul 14, 202248:48
Ep. 201 Black Music Month

Ep. 201 Black Music Month

June is Black Music Appreciation Month! This collection is in celebration of the multitude of genres created, and inspired, by Black artists around the globe.

Jul 05, 202254:33
Ep. 200 Pride Month

Ep. 200 Pride Month

Epidemic Sound empowers Music Creators to express themselves through their music. This Pride season, we've curated a collection of joyful tracks across genres, as well as music featuring some of our queer artists, to honor and celebrate our LGBTQIA+ communities around the world.

Jun 28, 202201:39:55
Ep. 199 Alexa Givens
Jun 20, 202230:06
Ep. 198 Sidney Bird

Ep. 198 Sidney Bird

Sidney Bird Interview

Jun 17, 202245:41
Ep. 197 Bella Rios

Ep. 197 Bella Rios

At only 18 years old, Bella Rios already has a musical past life. After years of exclusively performing covers, she spent her high school years releasing rock-leaning originals, inspired by the classic records she was raised on. “My parents would wake me up by playing Led Zeppelin, Heart, Fleetwood Mac,” Rios says. “It brought my family together.”

At the same time, she traveled and performed with professional children’s choirs; all while receiving classical training in both voice and piano.

However, her diverse musical background led to a bit of an artistic identity crisis, which inspired her to attempt songwriting in every imaginable genre, determined to find her sound. Bella's upcoming singles are the successful products of that process: moody, powerhouse pop songs with an edge.

Jun 14, 202241:49
Ep. 196 25 O’Clock
Jun 10, 202201:21:23
Ep. 195 Love Said the Commander
Jun 07, 202258:54
Ep. 194 Archpalatine

Ep. 194 Archpalatine

Archpalatine - One of the freshest new artistic voices standing out amongst the backdrop of the City of Brotherly Love’s many multi-faceted and musically talented artists. Archpalatine the singer, songwriter, pianist, performer, and charismatic band front-man Derek Anthony Wilson is poised to not only create a lane for himself and his bandmates (Anthony Pompey - vocals, Aaron Wolf - percussion, Ben High – bass, and John Palmer - Synths/Direction) but also blaze a trail for creative risk-takers, soulful storytellers, and theatrical musicians who challenge the old guard of musical gatekeepers.

Wilson is a classically trained concert vocalist, National Marian Anderson Historical Society scholar artist, and internationally touring musician whose accolades both on and off-stage are only rivaled by his desire to use his musical platform and gifts to initiate and support social change, engaging spirit, and talent, and course ambitions within the musical landscape. With a penchant for beautifully and seamlessly blending genres, Archpalatine sires a sound that is just as difficult to pigeonhole into one category as it is to forget.

Archpalatine breaks down the genre to create a new sound that may eloquently and appropriately be called “Histrionic Cosmic Soul”.  The feel-good music gifted to the audience at an Archpalatine show offers a long-time abandoned experience that can be enjoyed by every group of people from all walks of life, every taste in entertainment, all preferences and interests, and moves the soul, be it in the form of smiles on faces to dancing out of your seat.

Archpalatine infuses his musical presentations with theatrics traditionally reserved for stage shows and are reminiscent of large-scale Broadway features — be they performed on a grand scale, in intimate rooms, or at the trendiest outlets.  Performances by this musical powerhouse develop a rapport with the audience, encourage audience participation through call & response, and incorporate danceable rhythms.



The next single “Can’t Compare” out 4/29:

Riding and Rolling (JP Remix):

May 31, 202247:33
Ep. 193 Farmer Jawn Philly
May 24, 202245:43
Ep. 192 Rubber

Ep. 192 Rubber

Rubber creates an intricately balanced soundscape combining their R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Soul influences like Frank Ocean, Thundercat, Patrice Rushen, and Amy Winehouse while maintaining that hot-pink, dynamic feeling of pop music, anthemic and universal. The group is a Philly-based, writing-producing duo made up of singer-lyricist, Andrew Loper, and producer/multi-instrumentalist, John Della Franco formed during their time studying at Temple University in 2018. They started out writing music for fun, but after performing for the first time together in a campus coffee shop, they were signed to the Temple University Record Label and released their first single to critical acclaim sending them up and down the East Coast. The duo shines the brightest in a live setting where their combination of bass-driven grooves and vocal acrobatics has grabbed and held the attention of audiences across the country.

May 13, 202243:20
Ep. 191 Kingsley

Ep. 191 Kingsley

Kingsley’s unique and unforgettable voice will warm you up and melt you down. Her presence is captivating and overwhelming, she sings only about her personal experiences of life, love, and her journey to becoming Kingsley. Kingsley doesn’t just stick with one genre, her vocal can do anything - her song are influenced by pop R&B, and anything in between! Kingsley has been making strong headway by opening up for acts like Elise Trouw, VHS Collection, and SG Lewis!

Therapy (Official Music Video)

I'm Fine (Official Music Video)

All Me Feat. Haley Johnsen


May 06, 202252:33
Ep. 190 L. Rodgers
Apr 29, 202256:58
Ep. 189 Jasmine Omo
Apr 24, 202243:57
Ep. 188 HighNoon
Apr 15, 202248:26
Ep. 187 Lia Menaker
Apr 09, 202254:24


Meet Natalis, 5x's Multi-Genre Billboard Charting & Platinum selling Artist, Songwriter & Producer.  She is Bronx-born, of Puerto Rican descent and so Brooklyn at heart. Currently living in New Mexico, not to be confused with Mexico yet determined to inspire others throughout the world via her music. NATALIS | Singer/Songwriter she/her Musician CEO of @aybenditorecords® 5X Platinum/Billboard GRAMMY® Voting Member Credits INCLUDE: Ye, JCole, Bratz, Wendy Williams The Movie
Apr 01, 202248:06
EP. 185 SING

EP. 185 SING

SING (born Mark Robertson) is a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His professional music career began as the lead singer of the sensational cover group, AHMIR. In 2018, SING kicked off his solo career as a recording artist with his first single "Don't Ever". He landed his first high-profile songwriting gig when he co-wrote “As Long As I’m With You” for hometown heroes Boyz II Men.  SING also went on to write for TV shows in Mainland, China, as well as for the K-Pop group Oh My Girl (“Tic Toc”, 2019).

SING’s debut EP “Dirty Truth” was released in April; 2020.  Since then, the project's single “Don’t Ever” won two Fan Favorites - International Independent Music Video Awards (IIMVAs) in the R&B/ Soul and Rock categories.  SING's 2022 album release is now on the horizon.

More Info:

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Mar 25, 202248:49
Ep. 184 Mandella Eskia aka blackzeusx and TeV95

Ep. 184 Mandella Eskia aka blackzeusx and TeV95

Mandella Eskia - blackzeusx and Producer TeV95 aka 95Lens of 95Labs talk about their latest album #BARSUPPLY 

 Album available on all streaming platforms

1.) Absinthe Minded 5.) Tequila Sunrise (feat. Reddaz) 9.) Irish Coffee

Buy the digital album on BandCamp

Mar 23, 202241:60
Ep. 183 Voyce Morris

Ep. 183 Voyce Morris



Mar 18, 202240:07
Ep. 182 Lisa Bello

Ep. 182 Lisa Bello

Lisa Bello is an award-winning R&B singer-songwriter who infuses her performances with the soul, swagger, and depth of feeling that make up the roots of this East Coast-bred artist.

Most comfortable on stage, Bello's 2020 self-titled album was written and produced in quarantine during the dark days of the 2020s global pandemic and uprising for racial justice. It features collaborations with Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated producers and her 8-year-old son Cassius (who appears on both of her studio albums and serves as her publisher). She released the EP “Overnight Shift” with the multitalented producer June Jissle in 2021. A prolific performer, Lisa toured globally for her first EP, Tommy Boy, in 2018 and is preparing to release a new Live album in March 2022 as well as an upcoming tour.

Lisa is known and recognized for a lifetime of songwriting, vocal ability, and humanitarianism, having been awarded the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the Hip Hop category, Boston Music Awards Female Vocalist of the Year and R&B Vocalist of the Year, the New England Nightlife Independent Artist of the Year, and OUTMUSIC Awards Humanitarian Songwriter of the Year.


Mar 11, 202245:38
Ep. 181 #IAMCJ
Mar 04, 202250:56
Ep. 180 Valencia
Feb 25, 202242:07
Ep. 179 Rory D'Lasnow

Ep. 179 Rory D'Lasnow

Heralded as a “golden-voiced troubadour” and one of the “32 N.J. bands and artists you need to hear in 2022” by, Rory D’Lasnow picked up his late father’s guitar upside-down and backward at the age of six. Despite never turning his guitar right-side-up, Rory’s unique contemplative sound has propelled him on to perform at some of the East Coast's most distinguished venues and festivals such as Mercury Lounge, House of Independents, and the Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival.

His penchant for evocative and vulnerable storytelling has earned him international radio airplay, opening slots for The Early November, Knuckle Puck, American Idol Winner Lee DeWyze, Actor/Musician Drake Bell, and John Corabi of Mötley Crüe/The Dead Daisies, and has garnered praise from the likes of American Songwriter and Atwood Magazine.

This year, Rory is touring nationally in support of his new EP, entitled “Songs From An Empty Room” which was produced by Hidden In Plain View guitarist/producer Rob Freeman (Gym Class Heroes, Armor For Sleep, Cobra Starship, Hit The Lights), mastered by Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Mike Kalajian (All Time Low, Circa Survive, Saosin, Straylight Run), and is available on all streaming platforms now.

Feb 18, 202201:01:20
Ep. 178 M1nerva The M1st1c
Feb 11, 202252:40
Ep. 177 James Qupid

Ep. 177 James Qupid

"Super Clean" Music Video   PRESS RELEASE: The super talented James Qupid is back with a new music video for his single, "Super Clean," to kick off the new year. The self-produced track is laced with heavenly harmonies and bass thumping 808s. The vibey jam is brought to life with visuals from Oasis Imagery. "Super Clean" combines R&B and Hip-Hop/Rap. The track is meant to be a fun, catchy song that embraces confidence. "'Super Clean' embodies what it means to be the flyest in the room," James Qupid explains. The music video is a clever rendition of the anthem, and features clean visuals and phenomenal dancing. "Super Clean" showcases James Qupid's versatility with his smooth flow and silky vocals. The singer-songwriter and producer is only getting started in 2022. James Qupid is ready to take over this year. Go grab your best outfit, throw your shades on, and press play on "Super Clean." Artist's Bio: James Qupid is a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from South Florida. He has been featured in countless media outlets. Warm as wool and smooth as silk, James Qupid is mighty versatile. James Qupid has been honing his craft like a seasoned chef; he puts as much soul into his sultry dishes as mama’s home cooking. Obsessed with pairing live instrumentation with space age digital sounds and wicked bass, James Qupid has a unique talent of crafting songs that simultaneously feel retro and futuristic. His innovative streak has him freely hybridizing genres as diverse as Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, and Rock, with a healthy smattering of Electronic influences. His smooth vocals and playful, yet understanding, lyrics exude the attitude of a suave and experienced man worthy of the moniker derived from the god of love. Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: SoundCloud: Spotify: Apple Music: Tidal: /
Feb 04, 202231:47
Ep. 176 Lynda

Ep. 176 Lynda

Lyndä (pronounced Lin-day) is an American singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. She is best known for her song “Honey,” a fan favorite that she released in March of 2018. Lyndä began writing and singing at the age of 12, and cites Jazmine Sullivan, Lianne la Havas, Emeli Sande and Ms Lauryn Hill as some of her biggest influences. As a self described R&B artist, her songs often revolve around themes of love, relationships and how she sees the world. As of 2021 she has 3 singles released and is working on her debut EP. In The Garden (Acoustic Version) - St. Chrls, Lyndä Lyndä - Honey (Official Music Video) No Pressure (Audio Only)
Jan 28, 202237:57
Ep. 175 Jamie and the Guarded Heart
Jan 21, 202240:54
Ep. 174 Ruffin
Dec 12, 202143:11
Ep. 173 Ben Dehan

Ep. 173 Ben Dehan

Ben DeHan creates a unique sound somewhere between Machine Gun Kelly and Angels & Airwaves.

His meticulously programmed beats, LoFi keyboards, and singalong choruses have drawn comparisons to artists like the 1975 & The Band Camino, while the use of acoustic guitars and a “wear your heart on your sleeve” vocal performance will feel right at home for fans of 90’s pop/rock and New Alt in the vane of Valley or THE WLDLFE. Melancholically optimistic lyrics and the haunting swells of a cello accompaniment make it easy to connect with a litany of catharsis, joy, & introspection.

The distorted guitars of his pop-punk influences have been traded for atmospheric string arrangements and the intentional space left in production is filled with a vocal performance oozing with a pop sensibility. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or driving through the mountains, these are songs to roll the windows down, sing out loud, and make memories too. Something nostalgic but new, his music becomes a life soundtrack.

As a member of the Baltimore-based pop-punk band American Diary, Ben cut his teeth playing the 2008 Warped Tour. Feeling despondent in a broken scene, line-up changes, and upside-down record deals, Ben took a hiatus from the music business before re-emerging as a solo artist. Equipped with a DIY work ethic and a decade more of life experiences, Ben came out the other side with a greater appreciation and love for the records he grew up with and the process it took to make them. What had started with an acoustic guitar and hundreds of voice memos became fleshed out arrangements with the help of girlfriend/collaborator/cellist Lauren White. Together they enlisted the help of producer Sam Pura (The Dangerous Summer, The Story So Far) to help find the sound that would bring their ideas to life. Littered with Catharsis, Joy, and Introspection, his songs connect on an emotional level. Something nostalgic but new, his music becomes a life soundtrack.


Ben DeHan


Spotify | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

FaceBook | Twitter | New Noise Magazine

Alchemical RecordsIndiePulse | Hype Machine | Band Is In Town

Dec 12, 202158:08
Ep. 172 PoetiQ
Dec 12, 202153:57
Ep. 171 Victorian Death Photos
Dec 05, 202101:00:47
Ep. 170 Mia Giovina

Ep. 170 Mia Giovina

From New Jersey, 20-year-old singer-songwriter Mia Giovina is taking the internet by storm. Using her platform to share her message and incredible vocals, Mia is dedicated to having her music create a safe space for listeners everywhere. With over 160k+ on Tik Tok, Mia is creating a creative platform through rewriting popular songs. Mia just released her highly anticipated debut single "Sirens" and she is ready to take her music to the next level!
Dec 05, 202157:46
Ep. 169 Twin Pixie
Dec 02, 202156:58
Ep. 168 BeMyFiasco

Ep. 168 BeMyFiasco

After years of contributing vocals to songs by notable artists such as Robert Glasper, Dreamville's Lute, and others, R&B/Soul artist BeMyFiasco released her long-awaited debut album Where I Left You via +FE Music/EMPIRE on October 15, 2021. Today (12/1/2021), the Dallas, Texas native singer-songwriter and Where I Left You, executive producer, Phonte reveals the creative process behind album standout "Anywhere" in the latest episode of FE's 'Song Profile series, debuted exclusively via ThisIsRnB. In the clip, Phonte reveals how he connected with the song's producers Anakin & Vader (also frequent collaborators with Eric Roberson), and how the song's second half came about with featured vocalist Carlitta Durand.

Watch the "Anywhere" song profile on YouTube:

Check out ThisIsRnB's exclusive debut of the "Anywhere" song profile:

Where I Left You includes guest features from Little Brother, Devin Morrison, Carlitta Durand, and Darien Brockington. With production from Tall Black Guy, Roho, among others, the album's roughly 30-minute runtime floats through warm and mellifluous R&B, and seamlessly transitions between Neo-Soul and Electronic dance rhythms, with slight flourishes of Hip-Hop.

Stream/purchase Where I Left You:


"2 Car Garage" (song profile), premiered by StupidDOPE "Love Feels" (song profile) "Meet BeMyFiasco" Pt. 2 "Bad Dream" (music video + song profile) "Meet BeMyFiasco" Pt. 1 "Caramel"


Bianca "BeMyFiasco" Rodriguez is a singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas. Her musical influences include Anita Baker, D'Angelo, Musiq Soulchild, Chaka Khan, and SWV.

Outside of her solo work, BeMyFiasco contributed vocals to "Violets", a 9th Wonder production from Robert Glasper and Miles Davis’ 2016 Everything is Beautiful album. That same year, she collaborated with Erykah Badu’s band RC & the Gritz, writing and arranging vocals on two songs ("Anxiety" and "Give Me Your Heart") on their album The Feel. Her contributions to the band's project earned her a spot on their U.S. tour.

BeMyFiasco reunited with longtime collaborator Phonte Coleman for Little Brother’s “May the Lord Watch” album in 2019. Her debut album Where I Left You was released in 2021 via +FE Music.

Dec 02, 202149:27
Ep. 167 lil MC

Ep. 167 lil MC

Hosts Lil MC & UnLearn The World, take you on a wild ride every Friday on Spotify/Apple podcasts/ and Saturday at 4 pm on @theblock105radio Bay Area Bilingüe emcee/producer| hip hop educator w/ @hiphop4change|podcaster @ratchetandwokepodcast 👅 👁‍🗨|Comic book creator| track "OMG" on NBA2k21 LiL MC is a Bay Area-based MC Singer/Songwriter/producer, who recently had her hit single "OMG" featured on NBA 2K21,  and has been quickly raising her profile on the regional and even international music scene due to her exciting live performances, impassioned music, and bold presence. Born and raised in the small beach town of Half Moon Bay, LiL MC started making the transition from a well-known local Battle Rapper to a recording artist with the release of her first solo album, Prey for Gods in 2017. Her album chronicled a lot of her personal experiences with trauma, addiction, and violence and was produced and recorded at J7 studios, an artist collective and studio in her hometown. Since the release of her debut album, Lil MC has continued to grow and thrive in the community as a Hip hop educator, event coordinator, comic book creator, and podcaster. She's well known in the San Francisco/Oakland Hip Hop community for her battle rap wins, using witty wordplay and blatant humor-infused insults. She has since used this reputation and social capital to curate and promote Hip Hop events across the Bay Area that are inclusive of the larger artistic community. LiL MC has also hit her stride as a Hip Hop Educator, serving as a senior instructor with the Oakland-based non-profit organization Hip Hop for Change, teaching rapping, producing, and songwriting to students all across the Bay Area. She is the co-creator of the Women's Empowerment Hip Hop curriculum which highlights female pioneers in hip hop, which she has taught at a university level to faculty and students.
Nov 28, 202155:23


Nuyoni artists create spirit-led music that supports love, peace & well-being for all. We share the same dedication: create high-quality music that breaks open the heart allowing us to truly see what is and acknowledge what has been. Facebook Instagram NUYONI.COM IG & FB: Nuyoniproductions
Nov 25, 202148:44
Ep. 165 N I C O B R Y A N T

Ep. 165 N I C O B R Y A N T

Based out of Claymont, DE, Nico Bryant is a singer, songwriter, producer, musician and actor. His fusion of R&B, soul, hip hop, and funk, which he calls "Jukebox Soul", attempts to push the genre forward while also looking back and paying homage to his predecessors. Instagram YouTube Twitter SoundCloud
Nov 19, 202153:31
Ep. 164 Heather Blackwell

Ep. 164 Heather Blackwell

Heather Blackwell is a CBT-certified mental health coach and Psychology subject matter expert (SME), dedicated to bringing Psychology insights to the dating population. She has two Masters degrees in the areas of Forensic Psychology and MFT and has 15+ years of experience in behavioral analysis under her skill belt. Her discussion topics include, but are not inclusive to, dating experiences, interpersonal relationships, maladaptive behavioral development, self-identity development, self-help, holistic mind-body health, and nutrition as it applies to mental wellness.


Nov 16, 202101:11:17
Nov 10, 202150:03
Ep. 162 Sara Henya

Ep. 162 Sara Henya

Sara Henya is a singer-songwriter and harpist based in Philadelphia, PA. Her music can best be described as Fantasy-Pop, combining the fun of pop music and the ethereal sound of the harp. Sara incorporates imaginative, fairy-like visuals that allow her audience to interact with her otherworldly character. Her melodic and complex artistry echoes the complex nature of her lived experiences with Tourette Syndrome, using music to transport into the enchanted sceneries detailed in her many tattoos.
Sara Henya released her debut EP, Small World Alchemy, on May 20th, 2018. Her EP has received widespread radio play on Folk and Alternative programs such as Out of the Woods, Power Folk, Womenspace, and Radio 104.5’s Live at 5. As well as touring music venues around the East Coast, she has created a large and dedicated following, which is especially seen at science-fiction conventions like Balticon, Arisia, and Philcon. This November, Sara will be Philcon's Musical Guest of Honor.
In the summer of 2020, Sara released her first single of the year, Circle. On November 20th, 2020, Sara released her highly anticipated follow-up single, Pancakes. On January 8th, 2021, the official music video for Pancakes was released with very positive reviews. Nick from said, "My interest soon became deeper when I realized how well done this music video is. I would never have guessed that this is a relatively new artist."
Sara Henya is inspired by artists such as Joanna Newsom, Grimes, Hannah Diamond, and Sara Bareilles. Her debut album is available now on all platforms.
Nov 03, 202146:13
Ep 161.  Jennifer Hall

Ep 161. Jennifer Hall

Jennifer Hall has created a gripping performance with an unmatched vulnerability in her music. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Florence + The Machine, Shaed, and Alice Merton, Jennifer identifies as a vocal powerhouse.

Jennifer released her booming single, ‘In The Water’ at the close of 2019, delivering her signature soaring vocals, marking the beginning of Hall's next creative chapter.


Facebook || || || YouTube || Instagram
Nov 02, 202150:07
Ep. 160 Tracy Cruz

Ep. 160 Tracy Cruz

Tracy Cruz has a voice that will melt even the toughest of hearts. This vocal powerhouse aims to connect communities with her universal language of love, hope, and happiness. Her unique musical and lyrical blend -- Bay Area urban soul tinged with the influence of her indigenous Filipino roots --has captured the ears of music lovers around the world. Boasting a vocal range that might be bigger than her, Cruz emanates a classic and timeless feel.

Two full-length albums (Feel’osophy and Universoul Symphony) and four EPs (H3artifacts, Art of Facts, Purple H3artifacts, and Illuminate Love) have garnered 33 music awards and over 65 nominations including four World Songwriting Awards, one Bright Star Music Award, one Surrey Hill Soul Train Award, one GOLD International Singer-Songwriters Award, one Global Music Award, one National Black Music Award, six Bay Area Black Music Awards, one International Singer-Songwriter Association Month Award, one Northern California Entertainers Music Award, five Akademia Awards, four Gran Royale Music Awards, three Muse’s Muse Awards, two Atlas Elite Entertainment Music Awards, one Independent Network for the Music Arts Award as well over twenty Bay Area Black Music Award nominations, six Hollywood Music in Media Award nominations, four Readers’ Choice Award nominations, seven Northern California Music Award nomination, three Josie Music Award nominations, and five ISSA (International Singer-Songwriter Award) Awards nominations . She has opened up for several established acts including Kenny Lattimore, Pete Escovedo, Miki Howard, Keke Wyatt, Sy Smith, Moonchild, Raheem Devaughn, Wes Felton, of the Black Eyed Peas, Dee Dee Simon, and more. The songstress approaches her music unapologetically and freely, staying true to herself, while her stellar band "Instrumentali-T" provides a grown and sexy soundtrack for her vocal creations. They completed a 17-venue, 4-month “SOULShine Tour” around California in the summer of 2016. She had a SOLD OUT dual CD release concert with R&B/Soul band Feelosophy at Yoshi's in Oakland on 8/22/17. In 2018, Tracy embarked on her “H3artifacts” EP Trilogy Tour that consisted of shows in California, Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. She was selected by Roger Smith of the legendary group Tower of Power to perform at his private wine pick-up party for his company Bump City Wine Co.

She continues to tour and record as well as remaining a strong presence in her community, working with local youth as a vocal coach and mentor (Tracy Cruz Vocal Studio). She encourages them to follow their dreams to sing freely and wholeheartedly.

She has released her EP trilogy (H3artifacts, Art of Facts, Purple H3artifacts) which includes the single "Keep Our Soul Alive", produced by Detroit-based, multi-talented, Grammy Award-nominated producer Brandon Williams, and “My H3art Says to You” which features her band “Instrumentali-T”. It is her tribute to Grammy Award winner R&B/Soul music artist D’Angelo. Tracy released her new R&B/Soul single “Your Love’s Everything” produced by Stone Paxton on Tuesday, October 6, 2020. She is currently working on new singles and a new album.

-Written by Elle K. Productions


Nov 02, 202153:45
Ep. 159 KY @Jawnwitdagreen

Ep. 159 KY @Jawnwitdagreen

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BIG KY💚 (Kee-are-uh)
KY “Jawnwitdagreenhair” is a Singer/Songwriter from North Philadelphia. With a fiery attitude and a tongue that doesn’t hold back, she speaks for the underdogs and women who want to make a stand. She speaks her truths in infectious melodies that leave you singing along and wanting more. Between her charisma, music, and green hair she’s set on being a household name and taking over the industry.
Nov 01, 202133:45
Ep. 158 Jay Retrosins

Ep. 158 Jay Retrosins

Jay Retro


"There is nothing rarer, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself.

PA | NJ | NYC 


|| NEW MUSICE: LU-Ni & Julia Carbajal "Esperando Tu DM"

Oct 31, 202144:15
Ep. 157 Sally Rose
Oct 29, 202101:03:33
Ep. 156 Inari Briana

Ep. 156 Inari Briana

i n a r i . 稻荷

Commercial + Editorial Photographer | ATL

"Sometimes I step in front & I travel"

Inari Briana is a commercial, portrait, and fashion photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her photography journey began during her freshman year of college and over the years, has had her work featured on various websites, publications, and commercials. She prides herself on showcasing versatility throughout every project she takes on. Along with her work, Inari Briana has been featured as herself in a number of publications and commercials.

Oct 29, 202151:29


Jade is the colorful writer and J-fashion enthusiast behind Jadedisland on social media. 

Author of "Belladonna in My Grief" & "My Deity Named Pride"
Kawaii Writer -  Pink Style Muse
Radical Self Love & Bookworm
Founder of @thekawaiiriot

Born and raised in Maryland she became a pink magical girl, with a B.S in English literature and Psychology, "Cause no one is perfect so I write about that. I’ve been writing for what seems like all my life, but that’s impossible, right?"

Jadedisland began as a platform for Jade to express her ideas. 

She has taken her love of writing, storytelling, and authenticity and made it my movement. 

"I’m invested in narratives for Black Femmes, Kawaii lifestyles, and creative writing."

Oct 18, 202143:45
Ep. 154 hellosixx
Sep 22, 202158:38
Ep. 153 LizJe

Ep. 153 LizJe

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LIZJE SARRIA is a versatile Colombian performer, Songwriter/Producer, and solo artist, born in Los Angeles, CA. Her musical journey began at the age of three when she started singing. Influenced by the sounds she heard growing up, Lizje learned to love music from the voices of Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Mercedes Sosa, Colombian Folklore, and all kinds of soulful music. Her stylistic influences range from RnB, Gospel, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Pop to the music of her Colombian roots. She completed her B.A. in Performance, Contemporary Writing, and Production, and Latin Music Performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA in 2017.

Lizje is a true artist, soulful and driven by the healing power of music.

|| LIZJE - Todavia "Acoustic" || || LizJe Facebook || 
Sep 17, 202158:56
Ep. 152 pumashock

Ep. 152 pumashock

Natalie White

Pumashock Arts LLC

Music & Creative Services

Digital Gaming Producer and Gamer Queen Pumashock

Join us for an amazing interview. The music in this episode was all produced by pumashock

|| Youtube || Twitter || LinkIn || Facebook || Instagram || BandCamp

Sep 14, 202133:16


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Namarah is a musician exploring the connections of social exchange through performance art. Namarah shares her take on the universal world of thought in her music and examines the construct of social systems. Enjoying the challenge of understanding, experiencing, and redefining these systems, Namarah works to create spaces where individuals can create monumental change.  Namarah infuses various musical influences to create her messages. Her soulful voice and intricate melodies are like a breath of fresh air, producing a musical brew of rhythms and tunes that take you on a transformational journey. She is an activist and community change-maker, believing that anyone can impact the world if they are willing to make unique partnerships to reimagine the world through music, the arts, and any other medium - in Namarah’s world, it’s about the human connections we form that make life worth living.
NAMARAH on Twitter
NAMARAH on SoundCloud
NAMARAH on YouTube
Sep 11, 202101:16:34
Ep. 150 BiaJavier

Ep. 150 BiaJavier

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[Motions - EP] 

Lawrence, Massachusetts native singer and songwriter Biajavier combines influences from R&B and Latin American styles of music into her own powerful and dreamy sound on her recent single “Not Looking Back”. Biajavier studied at Berkeley College of Music in Boston, striving to amass the tools she needs to create music that transcends demographic or background, connecting people of different cultures while representing her own. To that end, Biajavier frequently incorporates Spanish lyrics into her music, working hard to reach as many lovers of music as possible. Outside of music, Biajavier works as an educator, striving to inspire and challenge her students so they have the tools they need to chase their own dreams. Though Biajavier has an incredible passion for education, she does aspire to pursue music full time and has shown that she is clearly a prolific songwriter since her resurgence in 2020.

“Not Looking Back” is track 2 on Biajavier’s recent EP “Motions”, and takes the listener through a complicated and manipulative relationship that she is trying to get away from. Stuck in s situation where she has ignored too many red flags for too long, Biajavier knows that she is much better off cutting this person out of her life and putting down the weight she has carried in her heart while trying to make it work. Biajavier is searching for freedom from negative influences so she can get back to her search for happiness & her journey of working on herself and building her life and career.



Spotify: BiaJavier  | Youtube: BiaJavier


Video for "ABYSMO" from her  "MOTIONS" EP  Videographer: IG @harvardseye


Sep 07, 202153:18
 Ep. 149 Thought Beings
Sep 05, 202158:12
Ep. 148 Gouda

Ep. 148 Gouda

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Joey is the Philly artist is known as Gouda Buzz

Gouda Podcast
Gouda Music on Spotify
Gouda and Velvet Fields have teamed up to bring you the GOUDA HOLIDAY COOKBOOK.
Facebook: Gouda Music
Sep 01, 202143:54
Ep. 147 Will Toms | REC Philly

Ep. 147 Will Toms | REC Philly

Will Toms; Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at REC Philly

901 Market Street, Unit 2120, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Aug 27, 202155:51
Ep. 146 Dante Mazzetti

Ep. 146 Dante Mazzetti

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

Named one of the Top 20 Prospects by Music Connection Magazine, Dante Mazzetti delivers a unique brand of alternative roots music.  Described as a “standout songwriter” (New Music Weekly), "multi-talented musician" (The Independent), and "the next big thing" (Keep Walking Music), Mazzetti is known for his gravelly vocals and fearless creativity.  As a multi-instrumentalist, Mazzetti plays most of the instruments on his albums.   Mazzetti plays several instruments simultaneously during his live performances while switching between guitar, mandolin, upright bass, banjo, and piano.

Mazzetti has been featured on radio stations worldwide, including New York's Country 94.7 out of New York City, USA, Cambridge 105 out of Cambridge, the United Kingdom, and CILU 102.7 out of Ontario, Canada.  He has opened for several major artists, such as Ben Folds, Guster, and America, and was chosen to star in Levi's "What's True" national television commercial campaign.

Growing up in New York City's vibrant cultural landscape has influenced Mazzetti's eclectic musical style.  Mazzetti notes, "New York City is a place where happiness, tragedy, anger, and love intersect on street corners daily.  It’s the ultimate experiment.  Thousands of people from all walks of life, all the cultures of the world.  Lyrical and musical inspiration is everywhere."

Mazzetti began his music career with the release of his self-titled debut album. After exploring the genre of Americana, Mazzetti experimented with his sound by releasing his rock album, Lost and Drifting. This album showed off his ability to capture different genres through his songwriting.

After the terror attacks of September 11th, music took a backseat when Mazzetti decided to serve the people of his city by joining the Fire Department of New York (FDNY).  After a deadly apartment fire, the FDNY awarded Mazzetti one of their highest medals of honor in recognition of his heroic actions on that day.

In July 2019, Mazzetti made his official return to music by releasing a string of singles and EPs.  This culminated in the 2020 release of Hotel, his third full-length album.  The record brought together gritty acoustic folk and alternative blues, laced with lyrical storytelling.  Mazzetti says, “The music on this album is a mixture of accessibility and wild imagery. I’ve always enjoyed making music that goes off on a tangent but doesn’t fall off the cliff.  The songs are doors that open easily into bizarre worlds rather than places of comfort.”  With this release, the press predicted big things to come for Mazzetti, stating "Dante will be a legend" (Yellow & Black Music) and "Mazzetti has a big future...a multi-talented man with fire in his voice." (The Sound Sniffer)

Mazzetti is still an active FDNY firefighter.  He also organizes fundraisers for First Responders Children’s Foundation which supports the children of firefighters, police officers, and EMTs who have died in the line of duty.

Mazzetti has started releasing a string of singles through all the digital music platforms.  He is currently hosting free Live Stream concerts straight from his New York City balcony each Thursday at 7 pm EST on Facebook.

Aug 24, 202146:39
Ep. 145 Grace Storm
Aug 20, 202157:55
Ep. 144 BellaADonna
Aug 17, 202144:45
Ep. 143 Kerry Blu

Ep. 143 Kerry Blu

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

North Carolina Born, multi-hyphenate rapper, and founder of the Empire State Music & Arts Festival, Kerry Blu is a staple in the New York City music scene. His soulful approach to hip hop is punctuated by his experimentation, and immense love for other genres such as pop, punk, r&b, Gospel, and rock.

Since 2013 Kerry has been packing out shows all around the country. Having opened for the likes of Tory Lanez, Kota the Friend, and Michael Alvarado, in venues such as The Fillmore Charlotte, The Knitting Factory, and The Bowery Electric, Kerry's wide range of potent emoting has and continues to connect to audiences from the US to Australia.

// Founder of @empirestatemusicfest
"Same World" Music Video Available Now! //
Aug 13, 202153:20
Ep. 142 Gabby Patrice

Ep. 142 Gabby Patrice

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Gabby Patrice is a Nashville recording artist who, in spite of the country music magnet which is Music City, was always drawn to pop hooks and storytelling. With the success of her first single, Bad Girl, she established her voice as a confident romantic that will have you believing her side of any story.

| Instagram: @gabbypatricemusic |

|Facebook: Gabby Patrice

|Twitter: @gabbypmusic |

Aug 10, 202138:24
Ep. 141 Bairi

Ep. 141 Bairi

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

R&B singer/songwriter Bairi (a.k.a. “Bairi the Siren”) developed her voice and love for music within the confines of her small hometown Hershey, Pennsylvania, a.k.a. “The Sweetest Place on Earth”; ironically fitting, given the singer’s sweet, angelic tone. Bairi contradicts the softness of her voice with vivid, often explicit lyricism to tell stories of the typical 20-something journeying through love, lust, and life.

Toward the end of 2016, Bairi (formerly known as Bri Marie) independently released her 6-song debut EP Beginnings, including the sex-playlist track Bedroom Eyes which surpassed over 176k plays within the first 2 weeks on YouTube with little promotion. Since then, Bairi has consistently left audiences with a strong impression, performing on notable stages alongside rising east coast talent, and opening for artists such as Isaiah Rashad, Nitty Scott MC, Jesse Boykins III, Ari Lennox, and more.

Bairi has shown promise, versatility, and progression through every addition to her discography. From her debut in 2016 to releases such as ICNU, Permission, Medu$$$A, and now Brat, the siren has prepared to make the world fall in love with her journey– as well as its own– through her music.

Aug 06, 202157:44
Ep. 140 Lindsey Alderman

Ep. 140 Lindsey Alderman

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

Lindsey Alderman is a West Coast R&B, Producer, Rapper, Singer, Writer, and Music Arrangement Manager of her own indie label Lindsey Alderman.

Lindsey Alderman has taken the warrior’s path when it comes to developing her career, performing at clubs and high-end venues around the world.

She is a top-shelf R&B artist who only drops albums for the sake of her fans.

On her website, she’s crafted a phenomenal collection of boudoir photography with big-name Photographers and other creators.

Major-label interest buzz is circling her while still in the early phases of making music.

Lindsey Alderman style is tough, confident, and flows met with more detailed production as she released more music, resulting in sinister trap bangers with the occasional R&B hook on her 2019 single “Right Now” featuring Weaver


After dropping several hot singles and an ep from her Independent recording labels, Lindsey Alderman has issued her latest LP, Never Sorry


lindsey.alderman  |  |

Soundcloud: Lindsey Alderman | YouTube: Lindsey Alderman  | Twitter: @itzthelidz
Aug 03, 202157:05
Ep. 139 Sophie Coran

Ep. 139 Sophie Coran