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Radiant Coaches: Live Sessions

Radiant Coaches: Live Sessions

By Radiant Coaches Academy

Learn from all kinds of coaches doing all kinds of things!

Format includes live video interviews, live coaching, and live Q+As with host, Ali Hendry.
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Ayurveda Coaching with Julie Brazen

Radiant Coaches: Live SessionsSep 08, 2023

Ayurveda Coaching with Julie Brazen
Sep 08, 202345:01
Executive Coaching with Taiwo Olajide (PCC)
Aug 30, 202343:29
LGBTQ+ Positive Psychology Coaching with Lori Sweetman

LGBTQ+ Positive Psychology Coaching with Lori Sweetman

Lori Sweetman specializes in supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and partners or family members in emotional wellness, authenticity, confidence, and self-love. She helps them deal with stress from homophobia or transphobia, coming out, and living unapologetically themselves. This includes communicating their needs in relationships, understanding themselves and their desires, boundaries, managing emotional triggers and spiraling thoughts.

Lori’s coaching style is rooted in holistic practices and positive psychology-based sciences. She creates a safe space with her client(s) for them to lead her, and when requested offers mentorship and education in emotional wellness strategies. Lori believes in the power of nature, mindfulness, cultural arts, and making space to spend time listening to your inner self. When a client is blocked or in need of support in their journey to authenticity, she uses holistic methods to support them in diving within and leading with self-compassion on their journey into better knowing themselves. 

Find out how Lori got into coaching and how she runs her business. Watch a live coaching session as she helps host, Ali Hendry, explore dating.


GUEST: Lori Sweetman





HOST: Ali Hendry (PCC)





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