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Radically Alive Women

Radically Alive Women

By Julia Neumann

Edgecast (broadcast for Edgeworkers) for Women who sense or know that something radically different from how we have done life in Patriarchy is possible. Listen in for conversations with mostly Women that are courageously shaping a new culture. They are taking higher levels of responsibility, by radically owning what is alive in them. Together, we create the culture that comes next: Archiarchy.
This Edgecast is brought to you by Julia Neumann and Team and is powered by Possibility Management.
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Starting with Women

Radically Alive WomenSep 23, 2023

A Woman's Dignity: Anna Rudolph (Legends from Women of Earth Lab)

A Woman's Dignity: Anna Rudolph (Legends from Women of Earth Lab)

This Woman speaks of Dignity and how it emerged as an experience that she has taken into her everyday life from the Women of Earth Lab in Portugal.

This is the fourth Woman sharing her experience from Women of Earth Lab, which was navigated by Anne-Chloé Destremau and Vera Franco.

Listen in for a fresh, gentle breeze of radical Transformation.

Dec 02, 202320:26
Sisterhood and the older Woman in Archiarchy: Susanne Hutzler (Legends from Women of Earth Laboratory)

Sisterhood and the older Woman in Archiarchy: Susanne Hutzler (Legends from Women of Earth Laboratory)

Susanne Hutzler, Bardo danceress and Feelings Practitioner, shares her legends and ripple effects from Women of Earth Laboratory in this episode with Julia Neumann.

This interview is like a fresh breeze of feminine wisdom breathing. Susanne tells of the Sisterhood that emerged once the space was cleared of emotional baggage, so that Women could step into Archiarchy, so that they could de-baptize themselves out of patriarchy, and so that they could venture into the new land of not knowing as Sisters where "her case is my case".

Susanne also shares how the experience is shaping her life today, how it leads to more Love, more Friendship, and how it helped her connect to her role as an older Woman in Archiarchy with her life experience.

"It's already working."

Terms you may want to learn more about:

Box - Your automatic survival mechanism. You have a Box, you are not your Box. Read more on Box Technology.

Gremlin - The part of you that does whatever it takes for your childhood Survival Strategy to succeed. Read more on Gremlin.

Nov 21, 202322:03
Women empowering each other: Sónia Maia Gonçalves (Legends from Women of Earth Lab)

Women empowering each other: Sónia Maia Gonçalves (Legends from Women of Earth Lab)

Women of Earth Lab legends with Sónia Maia Gonçalves:

Listen in as Sónia shares her experience of deep transformational and initiatory days with 26 other Women at Women of Earth Lab held by Anne-Chloé Destremau and Vera Franco.

With her capacity to look at the bigger picture, Sónia shows a path of how Women can keep radically collaborating outside dedicated training spaces.

When we keep empowering each other as Women, radically collaborating, we change the world and create Archiarchy.

Nov 11, 202321:08
Women sourcing Archiarchy: Anne-Chloé Destremau (Legends from the Women of Earth Lab)

Women sourcing Archiarchy: Anne-Chloé Destremau (Legends from the Women of Earth Lab)

Anne-Chloé Destremau recently held space for a Women of Earth Laboratory in Portugal, together with Vera Franco. She speaks to Julia Neumann about what it actually looks like when women decide to exit Patriarchy forever. She paints the picture of how Women that exit Patriarchy source Archiarchy - not as a Women's culture, for everyone. Women carry the seed of a regenerative culture in them, and are natural spaceholders for Archiarchy.

This is already a legendary radical interview that holds tremendous Clarity and is full of gold.

May it fuel your fire, bring you insights and be a guiding light in what can seem like a monumental task – sourcing and inhabiting a new culture: Archiarchy. As a Woman, you were made for this.


Topics covered include:

  • The many layers of emotional fears that come up for women as they exit Patriarchy.
  • What is actually involved in the Escaping Patriarchy Process
  • Female rage as an essential ingredient to be able to exit Patriarchy.
  • The grief of what has been lost/given way over this lifetime and past generations.
  • The necessity for Women to own their culture, reclaim their dignity, and keep their "bar" high.
  • The importance of the network of women.
  • Creating from aliveness, not reactivity.
  • What is meant by Archiarchy being sourced by Women and how it goes for women to hold that space constantly without perfectionism.
  • The magnificence that is sourced when Women stand close by each other’s side.

There will be other Women’s Labs happening in Brazil and Germany in the nearer future. If you want to join a Women's Lab and haven't been to an Expand the Box Training, get yourself into one now. It is a requirement before you can attend a Possibility Laboratory. You will find international offers of Expand the Box and Possibility Laboratories here:


Anne-Chloé Destremau’s website:

Article by Anne-Chloé Destremau: Dignified Arrogant Women Carry Seeds of Archiarchy, ⁠⁠

Article by Anne-Chloé Destremau and Clinton Callahan: BEYOND REPAIR — 7 stages of women bridging men to Archiarchy | by Anne-Chloé Destremau | Sep, 2023 | Medium

Dive in further:


Nonmaterial Value

Expand the Box Training

Possibility Laboratory

Nov 04, 202331:21
Supporting the local Mayan community: Michelle Manjarrez (Part 3)

Supporting the local Mayan community: Michelle Manjarrez (Part 3)

"It's been a slow process, and I'm on it. I don't get compassion fatigue."

In this part 3 of Julia's conversation with Michelle Manjarrez, we speak about her necessity to support the local, Mexican village and empower these people, especially through a Women's Cooperative.

Michelle has been supporting the local Mayan community for the last three years and shares some of the challenges, such as "compassion fatigue" of some of her collaborators, and the literal survival struggles with food, health, and violence that the community is facing.

Together, Michelle and Julia look at these issues under the perspective of Gameworld building: How to distil the bigger purpose, Empowerment, and Winning Happening.

The fundraiser for the Mayan elder couple that Michelle mentions is here:

You can find Michelle through her website:

Nov 03, 202330:58
Holding Space for Transformation on a Bridge-Boat: Sylvan Kuczera (Pirate Boat of Love and Transformation, Part 3)

Holding Space for Transformation on a Bridge-Boat: Sylvan Kuczera (Pirate Boat of Love and Transformation, Part 3)

Here is part 3 of the interviews about the Pirate Boat of Love and Transformation with which 5 transformation adventurers sailed along the coast of Australia for 4 months, for the purpose of Adventure and Transformation. They sailed in a yacht and applied the tools of Possibility Management.

Sylvan Kuczera was the originator of the trip. He could have chosen to be a captain, to play the usual game of hierarchy on a boat. Instead, he chose to be a spaceholder - holding space for Radical Responsibility on the boat and the transformation necessary for that to be possible. Healing happened. Transformation happened. Community happened.

Sylvan also shares what it did to him as a Man to surround himself with empowered, radically alive Women such as his mother, his sister, and his partner on this adventure trip.

You can contact Sylvan if you'd like to know more about conscious sailing, spaceholding, Transformation, Community-building, stepping out of hierarchy in the workplace, young men's empowerment, and more.

Words you might not be familiar with:

Gremlin is the King or Queen of your Underworld - the part of you that tries to avoid or destroy what your Being longs for out of survival strategies.

E.C.C.O. is the Earth Coincidence Control Office.

Maps means Thoughtmaps. A 'Thoughtmap' is an energetic diagram of a piece of your Thoughtware. Thoughtware is what you use to think with.

Oct 27, 202322:12
Presence in Parenting: Sara Lee Page

Presence in Parenting: Sara Lee Page

In this RAW episode, Hannah Abouzahrah interviews Sara Lee Page on parenting. Listen in as two radically alive mothers unfold the magic of staying present with a child and the dance of motherhood. They touch upon many topics, ultimately weaving together the multidimensional nature of being a mother, raising a child and all the factors that go into that, especially a Woman's cycle.

Topics included are: Getting out of your own head to discover what is actually possible here. Going further into yourself to be in the moment with a child. Being grounded and centered in your physical body. First 1000 days, read more here: Following the rhythm of the child. The Dance of a mother through the day. Getting to know the wisdom of your own menstrual cycle. Asking for help. Letting go of needing to have complete control. Changing the family culture to find deep connection and support. Getting in touch with your own internal wisdom as a mother and learning to trust that.

For further information: Understand Your Brain – The First 1000 Days - Nathan Wallis

Oct 15, 202320:46
Surfing with the Sharks: Sofia Kuczera (Pirate Boat of Transformation and Love, Part 2)

Surfing with the Sharks: Sofia Kuczera (Pirate Boat of Transformation and Love, Part 2)

Sofia Kuczera recently returned from a real adventure: 4 months of sailing on a yacht with her family: her mother Nadine Autet (a previous guest on this edgecast), her brother, her partner and her brother's partner.

They decided to embark not only on this outer adventure, but to include an inner adventure: To travel in the context of Possibility Management and use the tools of distinguishing between Feelings and Emotions to navigate their life on board.

Sofia's main challenge was to encounter her fears, to heal her emotional fears and to use her feeling of fear to navigate risks. As a 'reward", she got to surf with sharks in the most remote places along the Australian coast.

Listen in for an inspiring conversation in which Sofia shares authentically from her experience on the yacht.

PM stands for Possibility Management: a context of Radical Responsibility for upgrading human thoughtware through adulthood initiations.

EHP stands for Emotional Healing Process: A process from the context of Possibility Management where, by feeling your past emotions you get to the core of old decisions from situations long gone, and you get to make new choices for your life today.

Oct 10, 202320:11
Medicine Woman, Crafting Her Own: Michelle Majarrez (Part 2)

Medicine Woman, Crafting Her Own: Michelle Majarrez (Part 2)

In the first part of Michelle's interview, she shared about her personal journey of becoming a Medicine Woman using plant medicine, and the two approaches of shamanic plant medicine and medical treatment with plant medicine and their characteristics.

In this episode, which is part 2 of our conversation, Michelle Manjarrez describes the gameworld she crafted out of her necessity of an approach that combined different modalities, which she had herself experienced as extremely powerful.

So this episode is about that: Crafting your own.

You will also get a glimpse into the healing journeys that Michelle offers, and her mentorship programme.

Michelle supports a local village in Mexico and you can donate to their cause here: https://gofundme/b18379e7

Oct 10, 202329:21
What does it mean to be radically alive as a Woman?

What does it mean to be radically alive as a Woman?

A short clip of Julia Neumann speaking to "What does it mean to be radically alive as a Woman?"

You may think it's about being angry, or happy, or loud, or something. But that's not necessarily it.

Listen in here for 1:30min in which Millicent Haughey held space for Julia to speak about Radically Alive Women, the context and the implications.

What's clear is that after years and years, decades and decades of conditioning, it is a journey to become radically alive as a Woman.

One leg of the journey happens in Golden Bay from 16-19 November, and you could be part of it, shape it, and make it your own:

Next women's culture is already here. Are you in?

Oct 08, 202302:09
Connected to Everything: Nadine Autet (Pirate Boat of Transformation and Love, Part 1)

Connected to Everything: Nadine Autet (Pirate Boat of Transformation and Love, Part 1)

“Pull me out with other humans and then I am just part of this magnificent universe”

This episode is a plea for outer and inner adventure and radical teamwork.

Nadine Audet, is a Transformational Adventure Pirate and Connected to Everything who just returned from her 4 months trip on a sailing yacht.

In this special episode, she speaks of her remarkable adventure sailing a yacht along the coast of Australia for 4 months together with her two grown up children and their partners.

Simultaneously the crew committed to radically rely on each other using the tools of Possibility Management. This meant that as a team they navigated not only the ocean but also their feelings and healed their emotional wounds as these showed up.

It opened the space for profound connection to each other and, even more astoundingly, Nadine speaks of experiencing a deep connection to all of the magnificent life around her. From this embodied presence she finds life teachers and team members everywhere, including the ants.


The yacht really turned out to be a pirate boat of Transformation and Love:

“I can not be the best I can be without a team. When I am connected to myself and my team, I am connected to the whole world.”


Nadine mentions “sheets” plastered to the inside of their transformational sailing ship. These are Maps from the context of Possibility Management:

Stay tuned as Report 2 is in the making - where you will get to hear Nadine's daughter's version of the adventure. Watch out for the upcoming episode with Sofia Kuczera!

If you would like to explore the context of Possibility Management, find your first training on the events website or join one of the online trainings.

Interview by Julia Neumann. Editing and summary by Millicent Haughey.

Oct 01, 202325:31
Business, Spirit, Intuition: Kristin Morrison

Business, Spirit, Intuition: Kristin Morrison

Meet Kristin Morrison, Business Coach, Author and Creatress of Business Pathfinder podcast in this energizing episode all around business coaching and the edge of business.

Kristin here shares her deep passion for listening to her clients and especially that which is not spoken.

Surprisingly, she invites us to converse with the business, its spirit and life to face challenges and find the direction. Kristin uses an effective modality of "Active Imagination" to support her clients in nonlinear ways, supporting them to find their own solutions.

You might love hearing that she describes business as a portal into other realms, as a portal for creation.

Kristin and Julia in their conversation also touch upon the vision for business that goes way beyond profit and a comfortable life for the individual. This is how we transform and shape the world as Women.

Let us be the virus by modelling new ways of Being.

After this conversation and while editing, Julia had a big smile in her heart. What a blessing it is to be a Woman, so that we can have these kinds of honest conversations with each other. Next Women's culture is already here.

Will you inhabit it?

You can find Kristin through these Social Media channels:


Instagram for Business Pathfinder podcast:


If you'd like to try out one of Julia's anger trainings, check it out here: Women's Rage Club 1.0 - (

Sep 25, 202327:25
Starting with Women

Starting with Women

A short clip on why we need to start with Women: Why Women need to go first.

This is an excerpt of Julia Neumann's conversation with Michelle Manjarrez.

Sep 23, 202300:21
Medicine Woman, Crafting Her Own: Michelle Manjarrez (Part 1)

Medicine Woman, Crafting Her Own: Michelle Manjarrez (Part 1)

Let yourself be inspired by the Clarity, Inner Authority, and Enthusiasm that Michelle Manjarrez conveys as she speaks in this episode about her journey in crafting her own therapy modality with the use of psilocybin mushrooms.

Michelle lives in Mexico. She calls herself a Medicine Woman, not a Shaman, and takes you on her journey of encountering Ayahuasca, a sacred plant medicine which saved her daughter's life. Through a combination of this and other experiences, Michelle came to uncover her interest and skills with psychedelic plant medicine.

Today, Michelle offers group, couple and family processes with psilocybin mushrooms combined with other therapeutic modalities, such as emotional healing processes as from the context of Possibility Management.

This is the first part of a longer interview with Michelle. If you would like to hear the full interview, become a member and get access to Membership content here:

You can contact Michelle here.

Michelle is a powerhouse who also supports the local indigenous community. She currently has this fundraiser going for an elderly Mayan couple, we are sure they would appreciate your support:

Sep 17, 202321:53
More than Cacao: Empowering Women and Planet Conscious Endeavours - Floris Niu

More than Cacao: Empowering Women and Planet Conscious Endeavours - Floris Niu

This RAW episode is quite raw indeed: The interview was taken just outside the Tauranga food show, and you'll hear some background sounds. The seagulls gave a concert especially at a crucial point of the conversation!

Floris Niu lives in Samoa and runs an organic Cacao plantation, Ms Sunshine Organic Farms, as well as taking a stand for women organic farmers through various organisations.

In this episode, she shares how her life's challenges have brought her to reconnect with her ancestral land, the necessity and power of women's collaboration, and the healing properties of food grown naturally - especially Cacao as a medicine.

You will get to hear about planet conscious, about Growness, about remembering that Women can do anything when they stop trying to do everything and instead start choosing to create the things they are missing in the world. Floris is a great example for that herself, taking a radical stand for organic women farmers.

This episode is rich like a cup of warm, thick organic Cacao. Listen in for yourself.

Read/hear more about Floris and her projects here: Floris Niu: empowering Pacific women farmers with chocolate | RNZ

Sep 10, 202324:32
The importance of Grief: Kiri Bear (full episode)

The importance of Grief: Kiri Bear (full episode)

If you've already listened to Part 1 of this episode, you can jump straight to minute 13:22 and continue where you left off.

"Death is right here. (...) That reality can be frightening (...) but it is also liberating somehow, and galvanizing, because death makes life precious. It's precious because it's finite. (..) And it's mysterious because you never know when that moment is going to come. (...) But bringing death closer in my experience really enriches life. "

Kiri Bear is a Grief Plumber, supporting people in their grief to make space for Love, and life, to flow.

In this episode, Kiri shares of the importance of grief, of the effects of suppressed grief on people's hearts, and on the relation between Grief and Love. The second half of the episode gives some hints on holding space for grief.

Kiri holds space for grieving processes as well as funerals. Contact her to find out more about the importance of grief for your life, or visit her website

This is the recording of a very personal interview that was too good not to publish. I am grateful that Kiri agreed to publish our conversation for you to be able to listen to it.

Sep 03, 202328:28
The importance of Grief: Kiri Bear (Part 1)

The importance of Grief: Kiri Bear (Part 1)

"Death is right here. (...) That reality can be frightening (...) but it is also liberating somehow, and galvanizing, because death makes life precious. It's precious because it's finite. (..) And it's mysterious because you never know when that moment is going come. (...) But bringing death closer in my experience really enriches life. "

Kiri Bear is a Grief Plumber, supporting people in their grief to make space for Love, and life, to flow.

In this episode, Kiri shares of the importance of grief, of the effects of suppressed grief on people's hearts, and on the relation between Grief and Love.

Kiri holds space for grieving processes as well as funerals. Contact her to find out more, or visit her website

This is the first half of a very personal interview that was too good not to publish. I am grateful that Kiri agreed to publish our conversation for you to be able to listen to it.

The full episode is available through a RAW Membership at Memberships are NZD 6 per month via my website or NZD 7 via Spotify, and they support the context of Radically Alive Women. They also allow you to step closer into the circle, be part of more intimate conversations and learn more about how you can become radically alive.

Sep 03, 202313:58
Radically Alive Women: Celebration, Necessity and Commitment

Radically Alive Women: Celebration, Necessity and Commitment

In this episode, Annika Korsten interviews Julia Neumann, main spaceholder of RAW Edgecast, on celebration, necessity and commitment. Listen in as Julia speaks with clarity and authenticity about the Radically Alive Women (RAW) context, and how her authentic necessity has been essential in bringing RAW Heart-Quarters (HQ) to life as a physical structure. Julia also shares about some of the things that have been necessary for her to go through on her path, to find and inhabit the space that is uniquely hers and the magic that unfolds from there. Here is a live example of what it looks like when a Woman takes a radical stand for her own aliveness, and how this calls the wider community to life, which simultaneously opens up opportunities for authentic aliveness in other women, in men, and the wider network of life.

Topics include:

  • Learning to celebrate self
  • What Radically Alive Women is about and how the project itself has changed Julia.
  • How Commitment changes the shape of being.
  • Integrity
  • How building a physical structure is actually about taking a stand for a culture.
  • RAW HQ as a seed.

RAW HQ is still accepting donations: Find out more about how you can support it here.

Gratitude to Millicent Haughey for editing this episode.

Aug 26, 202323:05
Transforming Shame: Lisa Ommert

Transforming Shame: Lisa Ommert

Do you ever feel shame? Do you even know what shame feels like?

In this episode, Julia Neumann interviews Lisa Ommert on her research around shame. Lisa Ommert is a Consciousness Smith, a Possibility Coach and Possibility Management Trainer who has dedicated a large part of her research to exploring shame - her own, and through offering training programs also that of others.

Listen in to find out how shame might show up in your life, where it originates, what the difference is between shame and guilt, how shame is relevant to women especially, and how to transform shame.

"Women without shame, I see that as a very joyful world, very alive."

You can find Lisa here:

Lisa's website:

Lisa's Youtube channel:

Lisa's English Articles:, and especially this article on Guilt.

Aug 20, 202323:27
Women's Anger
Aug 17, 202311:35
Craniosacral and more - Lightness, Stillness, Love: Rachel Phelps

Craniosacral and more - Lightness, Stillness, Love: Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps works as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist in Aotearoa, New Zealand, but that's only "what gets people through the door".

In this episode Rachel shares about lightness for aliveness, the specifics of craniosacral therapy, and how she collaborates with source, listening out for stillness as she puts her hands on her clients during treatment.

A distinct part of the episode is about the necessity for radical honesty with yourself, and how heartbreak can be a catalyst for finding out what you want, and essentially which culture you want to live in and create.

Aug 14, 202321:24
Beyond Chai. The mind and the heart: Nalini Patel
Aug 14, 202318:58
Collaborating with Fear - The Wild Woman Way: Charlotte Vetter

Collaborating with Fear - The Wild Woman Way: Charlotte Vetter

"The wild women are here, we're back. (...)

They tried to burn us, and we're back, and now what?

Because now, you ain't burning me.

Now let's use the energy that we were afraid of before, to be creators."

Charlotte Vetter is bringing back the Wild Women, including herself.

In this episode, she shares her connection to the invisible realms, how she learned to use her fear, and how she keeps living at the edge of her comfort zone, taking spaces with her so that the wild woman way becomes a reality.

Charlotte holds space for Women to rewild themselves, both one on one and in groups. You can contact her or check out her website to learn more.

If you'd like to become radically alive, why not join a Women's Rage Club and learn how to hold space for yourself, your richness, your aliveness with all feelings. The next Women's Rage Club 1.0 for Women who are ready to wake up starts Friday 25th August 2023, 8-10am CEST / 6-8pm NZST online, running for 5 consecutive Fridays. Find more information here.

Aug 06, 202321:38
Conscious Parenting: Rose O'Connor - with Hannah Abouzahrah

Conscious Parenting: Rose O'Connor - with Hannah Abouzahrah

Rose O'Connor is interviewed in this episode by Hannah Abouzahrah (who has been an interview guest herself a while ago on conscious Freebirthing, listen in here) on her experience with Aware Parenting against the background of her own emotional healing journey with Possibility Management.

Rose shares how she found out the power of holding space for the feelings and emotions of her son Xavier, who at the time of the interview was 11 months old. She speaks of the importance of trusting the baby's capacity for healing and your own intuition, as well as the importance of the parents recognising their own needs, including their emotional needs.

The episode contains practical hints on how parents can create a support structure for themselves for that purpose. It also describes the particular power of being with the baby's emotions so that they can heal birth trauma.

As Hannah points out: Imagine a world in which humans heal their emotional trauma already at this young age. How much more spaciousness they would have to live their destiny in action!

Rose O'Connor is a child and family psychologist who works with individuals, couples, and families. You can contact her at

For further research on the topic:

* Aware Parenting:

* Possibility Management:

* 3cell:

If you enjoy this Edgecast and want to support its creation, you could:

* become a Member through a monthly subscription, which will give you also access to special content. You can do this either on Spotify or via this website:

* gift money to the building of RAW Heart-Quarters, a compact recording and creation studio currently being built by Julia Neumann, the main spaceholder of this Edgecast as a deciated space for the creation of more content for Radically Alive Women. You can do this by paying through wise to or read more, including bank account details, on

And if you want to step more into your radical aliveness, join the upcoming Women's Rage Club 1.0, starting 25th August 2023. More information here or on

Jul 30, 202324:17
Sexuality and Aliveness: Ewa Szczepaniak

Sexuality and Aliveness: Ewa Szczepaniak

"Healing the sexuality is the journey to regain my dignity and my power, that I can use everywhere."

Meet Ewa Szczepaniak, a Researcher and Bridgebuilder for the new culture. She is an Edgeworker committed to Evolution and Aliveness, and a Sorceress manifesting Love, Connection and Empowerment. Ewa helps people find their purpose, their destiny in this lifetime.

In this episode, Ewa shares vulnerably of her journey with healing from sexual abuse, and how healing and consciously accessing sexuality is connected to aliveness. She speaks about the importance of connecting with and owning your physical body, learning to make proposals, and finding your special gateway to sexual energy as a life force energy.

Ewa was part of and shares of her experience in Annika Korsten's series "Healing Women's Sexuality", and also mentions Lisa Ommerts "Going Crazy" series.

Contact Ewa for support in finding your Life Purpose.

"Sexuality for me is connected to everything: To how I am in the world, how I take a stand for myself."

Jul 23, 202321:41
Shave your hair, make a gap: Experiment

Shave your hair, make a gap: Experiment

In this episode, Briar Goldie interviews Julia Neumann on her experience of shaving her hair off, in preparation of her plan of shaving her own hair off on the occasion of her 32nd birthday. What emerges is the account of a 4-feelings conscious Box expanding experiment.

Listen in and be inspired to experiment yourself - with your hair or other representations of your vanity. It is time to play full out. And remember the sunscreen!

Radically Alive Women's Fundraiser is here:

Jul 20, 202319:13
Be who you really are: Moira Aberdeen

Be who you really are: Moira Aberdeen

"The hardest thing is to know yourself, and to be yourself. ... Reconnecting people with who they really are, a source being and a point of consciousness, that's my jam."

Moira Aberdeen's passion is to help others find out who they really are. She does that in a holistic way and against the background of her own life journey of reconnecting with who she really is.

This warm-hearted, deep and light conversation is about the necessity of people being who they really are and helping them to heal so that they can "get what they need when they need it". The world would look differently then, because it would set free so much energy for creativity, to create a better world. Moira's bottom line is to reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering and to disrupt such suffering, including cumbersome systems.

Listen in for some wisdom deeply grounded in reality, from a Woman that stands in her power. Let yourself be inspired by Moira's passion for the human body as a divine vehicle.

Moira's healing practice helps people to reconnect with their physical health, emotional health, mental health, psychological health, and spiritual health. You can find Moira here:

"When people are disconnected from themselves, that's when they do the most damage to themselves and others; so why not invest in the other side of the coin: Having people know who they are, as source."

"Your best sovereignty... exists when you're really present: When you're really present, everything in you and around you is available to you. But when you're not, that's diminishing returns, the less present you are."

Jul 12, 202323:34
SPECIAL! Next Culture Fatherhood: Tristan Girdwood

SPECIAL! Next Culture Fatherhood: Tristan Girdwood

Here is a First: For the first time, we are broadcasting a male voice here on Radically Alive Women Edgecast.

Tristan Girdwood is a Man taking a stand for new ways of Fatherhood: How does it go to hold space for children to grow up into adulthood, supporting them to choose life instead of numbness?

Tristan used to have two stepchildren until he chose to be their father - taking a bigger risk, stepping fully in rather than keeping a foot out the door. He describes how he came to make this decision (which has nothing to do with "adoption"), and how essentially every father has to choose fatherhood.

This conversation was too good not to publish here. It is relevant for fathers and mothers, it is relevant for creating next culture, and it is relevant for the spaceholding for future adults.

Tristan is a Possibility Management Trainer and Coach, and offers Possibility Team for Men as well as Inward, a Men's Gathering in Golden Bay.

Find Tristan here:

If you would like to support this Edgecast:

* Share it widely. Tell your friends. (Don't keep it a secret.)

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Jul 06, 202316:55
Empowered Sexuality: Sensual Body Massage - Ana Lucia

Empowered Sexuality: Sensual Body Massage - Ana Lucia

This episode is an open conversation with a Professional Bodyworker. Ana Lucia⁠ is a Woman who has tailored her own path and now provides Tantric inspired sensual massage to men and women in Otaki, New Zealand. She speaks here with clarity about responsible encounters and how her own journey of healing, shedding her "good girl mask" and holding her boundaries enables her to create spaces for people to explore sensuality, pleasure and intimacy.

Topics include: Conscious use of sexual energy, clear communication, empowered Sexuality, crafting your own profession.

Contact Ana Lucia or check out her ⁠website⁠ if you would like to find our more, or to book a session with her.

Jul 01, 202321:40
RAW Voices: Do not deceive yourself

RAW Voices: Do not deceive yourself

RAW Voices brings you written texts, vocalised by the author.

"Do not deceive yourself" is written and read to you by Martina Riccarda Niklis. It is a powerful article providing tools for women to stand in their power, especially as they meet and relate with men.

Martina Riccarda Niklis is a wordsmith. You can read more of her articles on Medium.

Jun 22, 202320:25
Courage for Love: Selina Frei

Courage for Love: Selina Frei

"We are in a time of relationship also, of learning how to maintain and create love between human beings. There has been such a huge evolution and development in the technology field, but we are nowhere in human relationships; and this is the base to be able to create something new. There's no future if we don't learn how to really, really hold the space for Love."

Join Selina Frei and Julia Neumann for this episode of deep feminine wisdom around Courage, the excitement of jumping off the edge of your knowing, letting something greater work through Woman, birthing Life and birthing Love, and the role of fear in the creation process.

Selina lives and works in the highlands of Chiapas, in Mexico. In this episode, she shares about her courageous journey from her protected life in Switzerland to a next culture community in Mexico, where - drumrolls - she is currently pregnant with her second child. This experience informs the conversation and connects to the archetypal forces that come through Women: holding space for life to come through, and for Love.

Selina is passionate about Next Culture Womanhood and the collaboration amongst Women, for Women to shine with each other, as well as the collaboration of Women with Men - for Love to occur.

Take your heart into your hand, and jump!

You will find Selina's article on stepping out of Patriarchy here.

Anne-Chloé Destremau's episode on RAW, which Selina mentions, can be listened to here.

If you would like to support the building of RAW Heart-Quarters (HQ) recording and creation studio, head to for more information.

Radically Alive Women are changing the world!

Jun 16, 202319:54
Radically Alive Villaging: Christine Dürschner

Radically Alive Villaging: Christine Dürschner

Christine Dürschner describes herself as Woman before the bridge, holding space for the washing machine process that is necessary for people to shed their old constructs before building out their sustainable inner structure, to be able to create a different culture, next culture. It is heart-warming to witness her dedication to and acceptance of the chaos that is necessary for that evolutionary process to unfold.

In this episode, Christine shares about these spaces especially with regards to community building, against the background of her 11 years of experience creating community at Schloss Glarisegg in Switzerland, a community of 55-60 adults and children.

Listen in to find out more about how to build a sustainable community inside out, where everyone gets to discover their own nonmaterial value, which is essential for the whole to become a "radically alive village", and the role that women are playing in such a village.

Christine offers her experience as a Community consultant. Contact her if you would like Coaching for your community:

You can also check out the Academy for Community Building at Schloss in Switzerland:

Other offers from Christine that you may find helpful:

Possibility Coaching by Possibility Management

The Completion Process by Teal Swan

Jun 10, 202321:57
How to empower yourself and bring your nonmaterial value to the world: Sónia Maia Gonçalves

How to empower yourself and bring your nonmaterial value to the world: Sónia Maia Gonçalves

"Being in touch with reality, the reality of my own value, this is priceless for me. The reward is to be aware of my value, and the more I am aware of my value, the more I do what I want."

Sónia Maia Gonçalves is an Explorer of Gaia’s Inner Landscapes and the Gaia Consciousness field. In this episode, she shares her research on self-empowerment. She speaks about the path of empowerment as a woman, its pains as well as the rewards.

⁠This episode is for you if you want to hear more about the journey necessary to create an inner structure that enables you to be in touch with reality and your own value, flicking the switch so that your inner light can shine.

One key aspect that Sónia mentions is around rediscovering your sensitivity. A woman's sensitivity has no value modern culture. How can you reclaim it for yourself, despite having learned to numb yourself by being the good girl, the good student, and despite having had your inner knowing crushed for naming that something different is possible, over and over again?

Listen in to hear more about how to discover the piece of the puzzle that only you hold for the larger whole, the piece that only you have for creating the change necessary for a next culture in collaboration with each other, and especially with other women.

This episode includes a practical experiment for using your energetic body consciously, and for calibrating the accuracy of your sensibility.

"There's not a recipe. There is not someone that says: This is done like this and this. No. There are distinctions, there are tools, and I pick them wherever I am. It's amazing. I am my own guide, my own teacher."


Terms used in this episode, to facilitate your listening experience:

1) EHP means Emotional Healing Process.

A facilitated space to fully express your emotions (carthexis) that are stuck from past experiences, to get to the root of old decisions that determine how you live your life today. 

2) Energetic Body is one of your 5 Bodies.

You can learn to be connected to all your 5 bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic and archetypal)

3) Possibility Management:

A context of Radical Responsibility (consciousness in action).

Jun 04, 202319:47
What does it mean to be radically alive?

What does it mean to be radically alive?

Listen to Julia Neumann sharing some powerful distinctions on what it means to be radically alive, and what it takes to become radically alive.

May 31, 202315:50
Diving deeper: Beyond Sex - What is Sexual Intimacy, and how do you create it?

Diving deeper: Beyond Sex - What is Sexual Intimacy, and how do you create it?

In this episode Annika Korsten takes us on a deeper dive to explore⁠⁠ in more depth the topics of sexuality and conscious anger. It is a follow up from the episode with Annika on "Women's Anger and Sexuality".

This episode looks at 3 aspects of sexuality:

* Different kinds of intimacy

* Sexual intimacy and Sex

* How to create the intimacy you want.

This episode is a rich and wide exploration of the vast possibilities of intimacy, including sexual intimacy, with your partner way beyond what modern culture offers in movies or porn.

Annika shares her experience from her personal exploration and from the perspective of a spaceholder for women's anger and sexual healing on an emotional level, coming to speak also of the elements of the physical body and creative ways of engaging with them as an information source. Did you ever consider that you could communicate with your vagina?

Many young women lack a role model as they embark on their exploration of sexuality: a woman role models who would empower them to honour their own body and experience, and to make it so clear that a man (one worth exploring with) could cherish that also. No matter which age you are now, you may have missed out on that. Annika builds a bridge for such an empowerment of women.

She also mentions a variety of healing modalities that will support you in creating the spaciousness to take your next steps. One modality mentioned in this episode are emotional healing processes around the topics of sexuality and relating, which you can go through regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not. You can contact Annika Korsten or Julia Neumann as spaceholders for that, or find other spaceholders here:

Men's role in spaceholding for a woman's experience is also briefly touched upon.

The episode closes with practical tips for being present, staying present, and learning to say Stop in sexual intimacy, as well as with a hands-on experiment for you (pun intended).

May 31, 202346:27
Death and Aliveness: Aralyn Doiron
May 27, 202323:13
RAW Voices: I step out of Patriarchy (Selina Frei)
May 23, 202306:51
Women Reclaiming Their Voices: Peek into Women's Rage Club
May 20, 202323:17
Proactivist Agent for Change: Every Woman Counts - Laura Cope

Proactivist Agent for Change: Every Woman Counts - Laura Cope

“Shit is fucked and we need to deal with it. We can’t carry on with it.”

This episode is a plea for behavioural change and personal responsibility. It is about the power of grassroot action, and personal agency.

Laura Cope is a Proactive Agent for Change, with clear connection to her sword with which she cuts out bullshit.

Laura is the founder of UYO (Use Your Own), a ProActivist cafe guide to reduce single use serviceware in cafes, as well as Takeaway Throwaways⁠, an initiative to promote legislative changes. 

Laura takes a bold stand for grassroot level solutionising: Taking action to solve the problems rather than talking about them. With a clear awareness of the bigger picture and the systemic problems we are facing, she appeals to the power of seemingly little actions by every woman. Taking responsibility on a personal level is not a concept. Laura shares and shows by living it how it goes to take a radical stand for what matters. Join this radically alive conversation for an invitation to connect with what you love unconditionally, and then go and take a radical stand for it.

Besides Laura's clarity, integrity and humor, I particularly enjoy how Laura represents and models an intrinsic feminine approach of communicating and networking. There is so much power in that.

"We need to dissolve the apathy of feeling disempowered. (...) Change is possible. Anyone has an opportunity to use their voice."

NB: Aotearoa is the indigenous name for New Zealand.

May 18, 202323:36
Feminine Business: Fierce Devotion from the Heart - Lysa Black

Feminine Business: Fierce Devotion from the Heart - Lysa Black

If I’m not clear and distinct enough to annoy some people, I won’t have the power and precision to really make an impact for the people that are for me.

Lysa Black is a Feminine Business Amplifier. As such, she shows a path, through business, to liberate the heart. From her own journey of evolution, rites of passage, trial and error, Lysa learned to embrace her boldness, and unraveled her fierce devotion for heart-led business. This is at the core of "Feminine Business".

In this episode of Radically Alive Women, Lysa shares about her Feminine Business vision, which she embodies herself: A radical approach to business, where the pure essence of women's sense and intrinsic knowing, their authenticity, is at the core of how and what they do for business, and where they really let their hearts lead. In such a model, family is an important aspect of "business". It is a model where human beings' devotion interacts.

In the transition from men-made business for men, which no longer works, she offers a bridge to utilise the currently existing constructs. Through Lysa's work, business becomes a vehicle for birthing a new culture, where Women stand in their power and receive income for their intrinsic worth, medicine, knowing and power.

Lysa offers very practical heart-led support: So that women can build a financial structure that honors their life, work, family, and frees them up to be who they actually are in the world.

Contact Lysa for one-on-one coaching or join her monthly Feminine Business Connections in four locations across Aotearoa's (New Zealand's) North Island (Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington) to amplify the value that you bring to the world and make it sustainable for your life.

For more, find Lysa here:

Lysa has written several books, amongst them:

Heart Healing: 13 Principles of Emotional Self Healing

Heart Medicine: 13 Principles of Feminine Business

May 11, 202322:40
Coming closer
May 08, 202304:44
Plant Medicine from Peru and Radical Collaboration with Nature: Amba Casturi O'Hara

Plant Medicine from Peru and Radical Collaboration with Nature: Amba Casturi O'Hara

"It's absolutely crazy not to collaborate with nature."⁠

Amba Casturi O'Hara is a Woman radically connecting and collaborating with Nature.

She currently lives in Peru, where she is immersed in a tradition of the Shipibo indigenous tribe. Near Iquitos, she goes into the jungle for weeks to months with only very basic food soaked in water, with no distraction such as salt, sugar, fruit. And then she listens to one plant for the entire time. This format is called "dietas", or diet.

Amba speaks vividly about how she ended up in Peru, why she chooses to listen and learn from plants, and what that has to do with being a human. The stories she shares of her diet and post diet experience are captivating. They show a path to reconnecting with one's own roots, one's own nature, and how that can serve human interaction with each other.

Learning to communicate with plants is a continuation of Amba's long practice of listening to Gaia, the Earth, to inform her projects. From that she developed "Futureshaping", a program that enables others to learn to collaborate with nature to inform your projects.

"Future Shaping stands for the ongoing dance of creating Life serving networks, projects and possibilities. Future Shaping means remembering Life’s deep Intelligence and participating in the dance of co-creation. A Future Shaper knows that actions, thoughts and feelings shape the field of human possibility."

Contact Amba if you would like to work with her.

May 04, 202322:51
RAW Voices: Dear Witch, wake up. (Sónia Maia Gonçalves)

RAW Voices: Dear Witch, wake up. (Sónia Maia Gonçalves)

An article written by Sónia Maia Gonçalves and read to you by the author herself: Dear witch, wake up. You can read the full article here.

Let it land in your heart. Let yourself feel the goosebumps. Let yourself hear the written words spoken into your inner knowing.

May 01, 202305:20
Aliveness through Music and Movement: Sybille Biedert

Aliveness through Music and Movement: Sybille Biedert

Sybille Biedert is a Magician when it comes to opening doors for Transformation through Music and Movement.

With a background in Possibility Management and Open Floor Movement, she combines movement with an embodiment in all bodies: especially the physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

In this episode, Sybille shares of the magic that can happen on a dancefloor when people start to move, to feel, and bring out their unique colours, as she becomes the space through which possibilities and music emerges. She describes her experience of music and movement as door openers to the heart, and a way to become radically alive. At the end, she gifts you an experiment to do at home.

Sybille offers embodied movement sessions and immersions, which you can find via her website.

Together with Julia Neumann, spaceholder of this Edgecast, she creates 3-4 day immersions for women to become "Radically Alive" through feeling and moving, in connection with nature. The next one takes place in Wainui Bay, Golden Bay, from 116-19 November 2023. Find out more here.

Terms explained:

1) Numbness Bar

The level of feeling below which you are numb to the feelings of either anger, sadness, fear, or joy. Being numb is a survival strategy that makes it possible to kill life on planet Earth at the fastest rate possible. You could change your mind about that and start to feel consciously, so that your feelings become the rocket fuel for change.

2) Energetic Body and Emotional Body

You have five bodies. Modern culture over-emphasizes the intellectual and physical body, holds limited awareness of the emotional body, and teaches nothing about the energetic body.

Your emotional body has a heart, and your heart has feelings and emotions.

Your energetic body has presence and can notice energies.

You can train your emotional and energetic bodies just like you could train your intellectual and physical bodies.

3) Liquid State

The transition state when a new distinction really landed in you - then you become liquid in some or all of your five bodies. In an authentic Liquid State the rigid structures of your belief system release their grip on your world and allow your Being to redesign itself to meet current circumstances, to be a force of nature at work serving something greater than your own pitiful defendedness. No liquid state, no change.

Gratitude to Millicent Haughey for her support in editing this audio file.

Apr 30, 202320:20
RAW Voices: And I laugh - Lessons learned on my path of Evolution (Julia Neumann)
Apr 28, 202312:29
A force to be reckoned with: Trish McGee and Renee Alleyne

A force to be reckoned with: Trish McGee and Renee Alleyne

"It's time for a Revolution" and "That's way more exciting than planning a trip to Rarotonga." In modern culture, the older women get, the more they become invisible. Here is an outlook into Next Women's Culture and an entirely different possibility: Trish McGee (Builder, Teacher, and Rage Club spaceholder in the making) and ⁠Renee Alleyne⁠ (Possibilitator and Psychodramatist) started their initiation into adulthood in their late 60s and are on fire. They are, at the age of around 70, becoming "a force to be reckoned with". So much so, that by the time they are 90, they consider they may have time then to only sit on the porch. But before, they are on the mission to live their life purpose to the fullest. In this episode, they share about their experience of their inner fire growing instead of vanishing as they become older. Both have been in a relationship with each other for 35 years and are discovering what it's like to radically relate not only with each other, but also with the world: To do what each of them really wants to do. While they had created a beautiful home together in the past, they are now getting ready to sell it and move into a tiny house as part of their project with Ana Norambuena, "The Ontree Center" for people to heal and transform. They share what they perceive of their role as older (elder) women, and also give some practical hints for your next possible steps. "Let's be together in a new way and create something that's bigger than us!" Terms to ease your understanding: 1) PM means Possibility Management, a context of Radical Responsibility (consciousness in action). 2) "Lab" is a Possibility Laboratory in the context of Possibility Management: 3-5 day transformative trainings in radical responsibility. 3) Archetypal Lineage is a force of nature and a resource for you to become your destiny in action. Your Archetypal Lineage is waiting to stream down into your life, entering from up behind the top of your spine and exiting into your life actions through the place just above your heart. It is unique to you, and it is already ready to put useful and challenging jobs on your bench, and also to provide you with unseen resources and unimaginable coincidences and connections to handle these jobs. 4) ⁠Ontree Centre⁠: A Centre for Next Culture Creation in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Trish and Renee are taking a stand for it together with founder Ana Norambuena. 5) Rage Club: The purpose of Rage Club is to change your relationship to the feeling and emotion of anger so you can consciously and productively use the energy and information of anger as an adult in your daily life, without being possessed or overwhelmed by it. Find out more in these upcoming Introductions to Rage Club on 27th April & 4th May 2023, 8-10am CEST / 6-8pm NZST.
Apr 22, 202320:10
Beyond the mind: Julia Neumann

Beyond the mind: Julia Neumann

Meet Julia Neumann, the main spaceholder for this Edgecast.

It was such an honour to be interviewed by Millicent Haughey on what it means for me to be a Radically Alive Woman. Millicent is part of this Edgecasting team with a knack for editing the episodes as well as interviewing and non-linear ideas.

We speak of the limitations of the mind and the role of fear and anger as resources to operate and act from a different point of origin than the mind. Thanks to Millicent's questions we also got to talk about the collaboration amongst women and the collaboration of women with men, as an original creative process.

When this conversation was recorded, I still called this broadcast a Podcast. Well, things change quickly in a radically alive world. Also, you may notice that my voice is a bit husky and pitchy at times from my conscious anger practice that day.

If you are starting to be, or already are passionate about conscious anger, you can join these upcoming Rage Clubs with me here:

Introduction on 28 April and 4 May, 8-10am CEST / 6-8pm NZST (Online)

5 weeks series starting 12 May, 8-10am CEST / 6-8pm NZST (Online)

Introduction to Rage Club (in person)

Apr 16, 202321:30
Freebirthing Love: Hannah Abouzahrah

Freebirthing Love: Hannah Abouzahrah

Listen in for the (almost) incredible story of a woman freebirthing her daughter in March 2022, following on from a decision to heal her feminine lineage.

From the beginning of her pregnancy, my guest Hannah Abouzahrah prepared for giving birth without medical assistance. She had decided to venture into this path due to her third miscarriage, which empowered her to notice that she actually knew how to handle her body.

It is the story of reclaiming the inner authority over a woman's capacity to give birth, to know her body, to heal her past emotions and use her feelings consciously, to have a feelings doula coach by her side, and to collaborate with the baby. What emerges is a beautiful description of how a whole village supported the young parents in walking their path and enabling this child's birth in a swimming pool under the stars. Love was born. Hannah mentions this book, "Intuition: The Inside Story. Interdisciplinary Perspectives".

If you would like to explore the topic of freebirthing or miscarriage with Hannah as a Coach, contact her.

Stay tuned on this Podcast/Edgecast for deeper dives into these topics!

Terms explained:

A 3Cell is a team of 3 people coming together to evolve and grow up, each member committing to help the two other people evolve and grow up. 3Cells are about making the (r)evolution conscious.

Apr 13, 202323:36
From Nurse to Combat Center Owner: Sally Greenwood

From Nurse to Combat Center Owner: Sally Greenwood

This week's guest Sally Greenwood is a fiery, alive woman running The Combat Center in West Auckland, where for a little more than a year she has been offering a women's empowerment programme called "Power Up".

Sally shares her personal journey, and her growing up process from having been an intensive care nurse, a really "good wife, good person, good girl" rescuing the world around her, to becoming the co-founder of The Combat Center. She shares of her inexplicable health problems, hitting rock bottom, and a recovery journey which lead her to a physical and emotional healing journey.

Listen in for a refreshing conversation that makes Sally's journey relatable far beyond her personal story. It is the perfect example of a woman's journey of adaptation and rescuing, fuelled by the fear of not being valuable unless she helps others. It shows a path of empowerment through reconnecting with her own physical body, own power, and agency. When Sally chose to go first, magically, a Village of Women appeared around her.

Sally has been using The Combat Center since as a doorway from modern culture to next women's culture, empowering and collaborating with women from where they are.

"As a business woman, as a mother, it is so important to have access to our clean anger."

"No one can do it for me; AND no one can stop me from doing it."

What you may want to read more about:

1) "Stellating" feelings means going all the way to 100%. When you can do that, you activate the archetypal force of that feeling, in the case of fear: the Magician; for anger: the Warrior(ess); for sadness: the Lover; for joy: the Possibilitator. You shift from a consumer to a creator (like from a planet to a star).

2) 3x3x3 Anger: A practice of strengthening your "anger muscle" by committing to 3 months of 3 minutes of anger for 3 times a week. The way it goes: lie down on your back, then get angry and feel angry for 3 minutes (setting a timer helps). Let your body go wild. Make the sounds. (More instructions via the link)

Apr 06, 202320:02
Women's Anger and Sexuality: Annika Korsten

Women's Anger and Sexuality: Annika Korsten

"How do you create radical shifts in your sexual intimacy with a partner, to come to a place of discovery together?"

This interview with Annika Korsten is one of the bravest conversations I have yet had on this Podcast.

Both women's anger and women's sexuality are topics that are underrepresented in mainstream culture. Bringing both together into one conversation may seem dangerous. Yet: Where if not in sexuality would lie a key to ecstatic aliveness? And how could you unfold into your sexuality if you cannot hold space for it with the clarity of your anger?

It becomes obvious that these topics naturally belong together.

Annika Korsten has explored them both over the past few years with conscious healing and experiments. Her recent article on "Anger and Sexuality" is a door opener for this conversation.

In this interview, Annika shares her research on conscious sexuality and how her access to conscious anger helped her embark and continue on this discovery journey. Annika encourages women to be bold and ask for the unthinkable, through an intimate connection with their own body.

Did you know that your body parts, such as your Yoni, your Vagina, and your lips, have information and can say Yes or No to an experience?

If you would like to learn more, stay tuned: A longer episode with Annika is in the making.

You can also book Annika Korsten as a coach for support and healing on your own discovery journey:

Mar 30, 202322:59