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Phantom Radio Podcast

Phantom Radio Podcast

By Radio Charlotte

From high above the city streets of Uptown Charlotte, Radio Charlotte is an online rock radio station streaming worldwide. The Phantom Radio Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Renn.
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Social Distancing.. Before It Was Cool

Phantom Radio PodcastMar 26, 2020

Can We Communicate with Extra Terrestrials?
May 27, 202101:13:19
Geoff Notkin and the Treasure From Space
Mar 15, 202101:33:21
Are We Shifting Our Consciousness?
Jan 17, 202155:35
Where Do We Go When We Dream? ..with Dream Expert Dr Susan Plunket
Jan 06, 202101:00:08
2021 Predictions??

2021 Predictions??

2020 is about to be behind us.. What a long strange trip it's been! We learned 2020 was unpredictable. So we're not going to try and make any specific predictions for 2021. Okay.. maybe we have a couple of thoughts about it. 

Dec 31, 202028:16
Subconsciously Conscious.. Healing Emotional Trauma with Dr George Pratt
Dec 16, 202059:58
Matter Of Thought..

Matter Of Thought..

What actually happens when you begin to consciously change your ways of thinking? You move from all of the chaos that once filled your mind to feeling more joy and gratitude and love in your heart. You begin to feel like yourself, your true self for the first time in a long time. You start to fall in love with life again. It is in this state of mind, this state of being.. where you can create the life that You want. But it doesn’t matter what I think. It Matters what You think.  Matter.. is what You think. Got it..? 

Dec 10, 202028:41
Be Still..

Be Still.. is in the stillness that you can connect with your heart, your soul, your true self.

Nov 17, 202020:06
The Akashic Records Preview

The Akashic Records Preview

Preview of this week's Phantom Radio Podcast. The Akashic Records with Lisa Barnett

Nov 07, 202000:57
Mandela Effect Preview

Mandela Effect Preview

Preview of this week's Phantom Radio Podcast. The Mandela Effect with Cynthia Sue Larson.
Oct 29, 202000:51
The Mandela Effect with Cynthia Sue Larson
Oct 25, 202001:12:42
Quieting Ego Anxiety & Fear Through Meditation with Mishiah Crute

Quieting Ego Anxiety & Fear Through Meditation with Mishiah Crute

Mishiah Crute (Mishiah Crute Yoga) joins Renn in the studio to discuss ego, anxiety and fear during the COVID-19 pandemic and how to shift your mindset to open up the peace, joy and gratitude within yourself through mindfulness and meditation.
Oct 08, 202001:15:01
Allergy Season Paranoia
Apr 03, 202044:08
Coronavirus Heroes on the Front Lines
Mar 31, 202058:33
Go To Your Room (For 21 Days) ..Please?

Go To Your Room (For 21 Days) ..Please?

There is now an official "Shelter in Place" Order here in Charlotte that 'could' come with a fine or jail time for those who violate it. It is for everyone's safety but many are confused and unclear on what that means. Renn takes calls from around the country on the "Tan Line":  704-TAN-LINE (704-826-5463) If you are hungry and not sure how to handle it, we have a list of local Charlotte restaurants who are still open and offering pick-up and/or delivery. Now go wash your hands and stop touching your face!

Mar 28, 202001:08:32
Social Distancing.. Before It Was Cool
Mar 26, 202001:10:52
Comedian Shaun Jones
Feb 13, 202030:43
It's Palmer!
Feb 04, 202039:31
Stay Present.. Yoga, Mindfulness and the Journey of Life with Mishiah Crute
Oct 23, 201901:12:20
Quote For The Cure with Dickerson & Associates
Oct 12, 201901:07:53
Kaska Sun
Aug 21, 201901:28:20