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Rahdo Talks Through

Rahdo Talks Through

By Richard Ham

A podcast all about boardgames, hosted by Richard "Rahdo" Ham
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Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode 94

Rahdo Talks ThroughMar 25, 2023

Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode 94

Rahdo Talks Through►►► Episode 94

This episode Jen and I (and Dan King of  @TheGameBoyGeeks ) answer a LOT of questions! Please keep the ?s coming by emailing us at :) 0:00 Sponsor segment 1:23 Intro ----------------------------------------------- Game & show questions ----------------------------------------------- 2:45 Changing the Rahdo brand? 9:31 Other contributors? 10:56 How do I like the new folks on Dice Tower? 13:53 Intro game for Kevin Smith? 18:37 Shadowrun Crossfire manual in expansion box? 19:47 Pilgrim vs Trajan? 21:14 Enjoying Russia themed games? 24:20 Podcast funding vs contributor funding? 29:11 Beyond the Sun tweak? 30:04 Pointing out Paulo during runthroughs? 33:08 Faiyum vs Concordia? 36:48 Old Western theme issues? 41:49 Phil Eklund games? 43:04 Caverna: Frantic Fiends? 43:50 Jamey Stegmaier and me? 47:30 Rahdo house rules geeklist? ------------------------------------------------ Game questions with Dan ------------------------------------------------ 51:31 Changes to the board game space? 1:04:08 What boards games speak to us on personal level? 1:08:56 Tuning competitive games co-op? 1:13:44 Purposefully unbalanced cards? 1:18:34 Card drafting? 1:33:33 Boardgames into tv shows? 1:36:33 Unreasonable long turns? 1:41:30 Seating position? 1:44:27 Boardgame celebrity? 1:51:39 Boardgame industry downturn? 1:57:09 Co-ops that aren't fire fighters? 2:02:30 Agricola drafting? ------------------------------------------------ Game questions with Jen ------------------------------------------------ 2:08:57 What boards games speak to us on personal level? 2:12:45 Boardgames into tv shows? 2:14:34 What do we like about Gloomhaven most? ---------------------------------- Personal questions ---------------------------------- 2:20:35 Biggest surprises & disappointments in 202