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Lead Yourself! 
With Rajeev Sahu

Lead Yourself! With Rajeev Sahu

By Rajeev Sahu

Recharge Yourself on the journey of Leadership and Personal Development!
Hello! My name is Rajeev Sahu and I am a Political Leadership Development expert. I am on a mission to help 1 Million people become successful leaders, who will be able to lead the people and the country efficiently contributing to nation-building.
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08 Pillars of Strong Political Leadership

08 Pillars of Strong Political Leadership

Building political leadership means learning to become a leader. Being a leader conveys you are someone others can trust. A genuine leader has confidence and knows how to delegate responsibilities, and a leader with superior political skills inspires people to work together to reach a common goal. Having political skills and learning to be an effective leader doesn’t come easily to everyone. The good news, however, is that anyone can hone their political leadership skills. A leader with a vision for the people builds connections with the people to win their support and in return builds strong political leadership.

Aug 23, 202007:59
Are Leaders born or Made ?

Are Leaders born or Made ?

One of the most curious questions about leadership is — Are Leaders born or made?

Many of the researches have proved that Leaders are ‘mostly made.’ 

The leadership qualities to lead, motivate and direct a group of people — whether business or politics — are backed by a set of skills, mostly acquired through experiences, self-development as well as through coaching.

Tune into this episode of Podcast to know about the skills required to transform anyone into a Leader! 

Aug 16, 202004:42
The Power of Listening !

The Power of Listening !

In this episode, I share one of the important parts of powerful communication i.e. Listening! There are two kinds of listening: Ordinary Listening and Active Listening. I am highlighting the importance of Active Listening where we just don't listen from ears, but try to feel the emotions of the person speaking to us. Active Listening is an art that can be learned. We must understand the power of listening as listening is the Golden Key that opens the door to human relationships! Let's dive in...

Aug 04, 202007:11
Why we all should have a GOAL?

Why we all should have a GOAL?

Its always said that Goal is important in life. Why is it so important? Everyone wants to accomplish success in life and one of the most important factors in getting success is GOAL. Setting a goal gives you a sense of direction and responsibility. Breaking a big task into smaller goals is the key to success. I invite you to this journey of success. Listen to this podcast to understand the importance of GOALS.

Jul 29, 202002:51
07 Tips on How to Become a Leader

07 Tips on How to Become a Leader

In order to improve leadership skills, people in leadership roles should take the time to hone their relevant skills and adjust their style to suit the needs of the people and followers. Here are the 07 tips effective leaders use to keep their people motivated, and how anyone aspiring to become a great leader can apply them.

Jul 13, 202015:12
How to live a Quality Life in the times of Corona Pandemic ?

How to live a Quality Life in the times of Corona Pandemic ?

As the crisis of Corona Virus in expanding globally, here are some ways to turn the crisis into an opportunity for us and our families.

Mar 16, 202001:17