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Rambles with Rob

Rambles with Rob

By Rob Flood

Welcome to Rambles with Rob!

I decided that I wanted to share not just holistic but other content too! The new and retooled podcast will be all about different topics each week, from relationships to holistic wellness, and everything in between! I hope to inspire y’all and just share parts of myself along the way!
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Let's Ramble About Insurance!

Rambles with RobDec 07, 2023

Let's Ramble About Insurance!
Dec 07, 202310:28
Let's Ramble About Inspiration!
Nov 29, 202310:02
Let's Ramble About SAD

Let's Ramble About SAD

This week, I want to ramble about how the change of season can be tough for us all and that if you are dealing with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) that you should reach out and talk to someone!


Nov 09, 202308:23
Let's Ramble About ADD/Anxiety Meds!

Let's Ramble About ADD/Anxiety Meds!

Hey all!

I wanted to ramble this week about the first week on my new medication for ADD and Anxiety. Not a bad week but give the episode a listen!

The Blog:

Nov 02, 202310:59
I Was Apparently Right-ADHD/Anxiety

I Was Apparently Right-ADHD/Anxiety

Hello all!

So if you listened to last week's episode, you know that I was concerned about my lack of focus, etc and that I may have ADHD. It turns out I may have a mild form of both ADHD and Anxiety disorder. In this episode, I talk about the doctor's appointment that helped to potentially get to this diagnosis and how it may now help me get back on track!

As always, if you want more of my content, check out the blog at!

Be well and Namaste!

Oct 26, 202312:55
Let's Ramble About Potential ADD and Finding a Therapist

Let's Ramble About Potential ADD and Finding a Therapist

Potential trigger warning!

This week, I want to talk about my current struggle with mental health and looking for a therapist to help me get a handle on things.

It's something I've been struggling with and it's time to get help. I encourage anyone who is struggling to get help. It's been a long road and it's just beginning but over the last few weeks, I've noticed my issues getting more difficult to ignore. I talk about that in this week's episode. This does get personal so be warned.

Check out my blog!

Oct 19, 202314:30
Bonus Episode-Happy National Coming Out Day!

Bonus Episode-Happy National Coming Out Day!

Happy National Coming Out Day!

In this extra episode, I talk about how I came out to my parents and what that experience was like. Spoiler alert: It went so well! I hope this encourages any of my listeners to be true to themselves and come out whenever they might be ready!

Oct 11, 202309:40
When One Door Closes

When One Door Closes

You know that old saying "when one door closes, another one opens"? Well, one door closed for me last week. I am working on opening another door.

This week I ramble about the event that happened right after I uploaded last week's episode and about things that I wish I had done. I also talk about what it's like to pull myself back up by my bootstraps and get going all over again. It's not always easy but it's a lesson I keep learning so let's get rambling!

Check out my blog at

Oct 11, 202314:17
Revamped Podcast! Come Ramble with Me!
Oct 03, 202305:46
Mental Health Awareness
May 05, 202311:24
Do The Thing You're Scared to Do!
Apr 14, 202309:33
Apr 07, 202307:03
How To Use Meditation For Improved Mental Health

How To Use Meditation For Improved Mental Health

Let's talk about meditation and how it can improve your mental health, this week!

New Website/Blog
Mar 03, 202308:10


Welcome back to the Holistic Grotto! Today, I want to talk about gratitude :)
Check out my blog:
New Website/Blog
Feb 10, 202307:34
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Nov 23, 202207:35
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What is ASMR?
Sep 21, 202208:14
Are Daily Affirmations Helpful?
Sep 14, 202208:25
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Setting Healthy Boundaries
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Mindfulness In Relationships
Aug 24, 202220:31
Journaling Check In!
Aug 17, 202209:27
5 Ways to Level Up your Self-Care Routine
Aug 10, 202212:17
Finding Your Holistic Health "Sweet Spot"
Aug 03, 202208:41
Guided Meditation to Bust Fearful Thoughts
Jul 27, 202214:09
Holistic Hot Mess? ME TOO!
Jul 20, 202210:50
Fun ways to meditate in the summer

Fun ways to meditate in the summer

Welcome to the new episode! Today, we talk about fun ways to meditate in the summer. I give you some tips and talk about my experience with meditation in the hope of inspiring you to take action!  

Follow Me on Social Media:




Jul 13, 202211:24
Mindful Exercise In Summer
Jul 08, 202208:42
Mindful Eating for the 4th of July

Mindful Eating for the 4th of July

Welcome to Episode 8 of The Holistic Grotto Podcast! This week, I want to share some tips for mindful eating during the upcoming holiday weekend! I hope you gain some great tips from this week! 

My Instagram account is @the_holistic_grotto so follow me there if you want to see the posts I do each day! 

Be well, and namaste!

Jun 29, 202212:36
The Joy of Rediscovering Yourself!

The Joy of Rediscovering Yourself!

Welcome to this week's episode! I'm so glad you're here! This week, I share a story from a great friend of mine about feeling disconnected from things, and how she, and the rest of us can experience the joy of rediscovering ourselves! 

Jun 22, 202211:30
Hydration for Wellness

Hydration for Wellness

Hydration is so important so this week, I talk about all things water and keeping hydrated! Grab a water bottle and take a listen :)

Jun 15, 202210:31
The Benefits of Meditation..For YOU!

The Benefits of Meditation..For YOU!

Welcome to this week's episode on the benefits of meditation! I am so excited you're here and I hope you love this week's informational episode! If you haven't listened to last week's guided meditation, definitely go check it out!
Jun 08, 202210:46
Guided Meditation for Relaxation/Stress Relief

Guided Meditation for Relaxation/Stress Relief

Welcome to this week's episode! Today is a guided meditation, for relaxation and stress relief. Sit back, close your eyes, and let's get centered together!

Jun 02, 202212:19
Journaling as Self Care

Journaling as Self Care

Welcome to the first in a mini-series all about self-care! Today, we talk about journaling/writing and how it can be used to practice self-care. This is a great modality for holistic wellness. I hope you enjoy this week's episode!

May 24, 202208:19
What does "Holistic" Really Mean?

What does "Holistic" Really Mean?

Welcome to episode 2! Today, I talk about what holistic means, both in the literal sense, and what it means to me. I also talk about what it can mean for YOU, my listeners! I do apologize for the email noise at the start. I thought I had put my other computer on mute. 

I hope you enjoy this week's episode and stay until the end for a special announcement!

May 17, 202208:44
Finding Your Holistic Grotto

Finding Your Holistic Grotto

Welcome to our first episode! This week, I want to introduce you to the podcast, and talk about how to find your own "holistic grotto" no matter where you are! Sit back, relax, and let's talk!

May 12, 202206:51