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Raw & Real with Dr. Lisa - Season 2

Raw & Real with Dr. Lisa - Season 2

By Dr. Lisa Cooney

Are you ready to get raw and real with yourself? This PODCAST was created through my choice to get real with myself and to look at my life through a raw lens. Who was I being, what was I choosing and what would it take to show up as all of me in my life? I’ll be guiding you through everyday issues, topics and actions steps to getting RAW & REAL with yourself. This is designed to contribute to you, and to the world. Looking for more now? Check out Season 1: New episodes every Wednesday at 1 PM Central!
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Discovering Your Soul Purpose.

Raw & Real with Dr. Lisa - Season 2Oct 19, 2022

Discovering Your Soul Purpose.

Discovering Your Soul Purpose.

A soul print is made up of your dreams and your destiny lived and conscious and not yet conscious. It is made of your past and all of your yesterday's. It is your successes, and especially your failures. It is your fear of fragility and vulnerability, as well as your grandiosity and larger than life yearnings. Your soul print is a song only you can sing the poem only you can write, and the way of being in the world, which is you and you alone. To impress your soul print, on the lips of reality is the highest goal of spiritual living.

Clients that have been coming in to work with me lately have been talking about wanting to know their soul purpose? What are they supposed to do here? Is there such a thing as a purpose? How can I be more service oriented or do something in the world that is more fulfilling. How to manage anxiety or have better communication with their partner, or family. To feel more intimate during sex and also just in general with the Earth and life. To trust. These are all things that I've been seeing over and over and over again. But it really came up strong this week and I just thought I'd share this to remind us of all of that there is no one perfect path to unleashing your soul print on the lips of this reality or being you in the fullest and greatest expression.

If you require something deeper, reach out for a session. I am here for you.

If you have questions or topic suggestions you can end them to and I’ll be happy to read them and use them for an upcoming episode!

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Why do you get paralyzed?

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MENTAL HEALTH: Overcoming Depression

MENTAL HEALTH: Overcoming Depression

In this episode we go back to the Mental Health series, for one of the main reasons I get people looking for help since I started my practice, years and years ago. And let me tell you, if you're not living to the fullest and freest expression of who you are, you might have a little bit of depression going on. 

In this episode I’ll go deeper on how to overcome depression, and give you a set of tools you can use on yourself… and share with your loved ones.  

Do you have any questions? Is there any topic that you would like me to talk about? Email me at !

May 12, 202223:56
Healing with the ROAR Method®

Healing with the ROAR Method®

In this episode, we are going to discuss the ROAR Method®. You may have heard about it or tested it in a private session or a class with me, or maybe you haven’t!

You should know that everything that I've experienced, every modality, every healing session, every person that I've ever worked with, every book I've ever read, every cleanse I've ever done, everything has been guided the next step on this, like the road of consciousness and healing and transformation and change, it all has contributed to the creation of the ROAR Method®.

Would you like to know more about how it works and how it changed my life and so many people’s lives all around the world? Join me for this very much Raw & Real episode.

May 04, 202228:46
Mental Health: Focus your Energy
Apr 27, 202232:43
Mental Health: Stop Proving Your Worth
Apr 20, 202238:58
In what direction is your attitude taking you?

In what direction is your attitude taking you?

Are you viewing everything from problem or possibility? The weed or the nurturing/planting? Possitive or negative?

Stop right there, where are you? Where would you like to go?
And where is your attitude taking you?

Join me and find out how to stop what’s not working for you, change, and start focusing on the actualization of your heart’s desires!

Apr 13, 202230:57
Mental Health: How to keep going when everything goes wrong?

Mental Health: How to keep going when everything goes wrong?

Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you didn’t get up? Is that your usual situation? Would you like to review that in order to take care of yourself?

And why does mental health matter?

It all can be changed. It’s mostly about your mindset. Will you let the outside defeat you? Or will you lead charge into your desires?

Join me and I’ll share tools to help you keep going, even when you feel defeated.

Apr 06, 202235:55
Victorious mindset vs Victim mindset

Victorious mindset vs Victim mindset

When you look at your life and see something that you don’t like… Where does you point to? You or someone else? If you chose someone else chances are, you’re in a victim mindset.

The victim mentality will always find a way to make you believe that you can’t have what you desire, because someone did something that set you up with a disadvantage. What is the other side of it?

The Victorious Mindset will allow you to see the possibilities and opportunities knocking at your door. You know you have this mindset when you look at a problem and instead of getting scared you see it as a way to improve yourself, your strength and your standing.

Join me for this episode to get more tools to go deeper into changing the Victim Mindset for a Victorious Mindset, and how to live victorious.

Mar 30, 202227:37
It’s all about the action

It’s all about the action

Have you ever seen a possibility and were SO EXCITED, then some time passed and that excitement started to fade? In my experience,

That's because you just stood and looked at it, but didn’t take action.

In the world today people are talking lots about manifesting your dreams, about visualization. But they forget a very important piece: you have to do your part too. When you get to actualize your dreams, you ACT, you take the appropriate action every moment and stay connected to your desire.

Want to know more about that and the perks of being into action? Let’s do it together!

Mar 23, 202242:25
Let go of Yesterday

Let go of Yesterday

Is your past haunting you and taking a toll on your energy, health relationships and money?
As a psychologist I’ve been facilitating transformation in the life of my clients well over 25 years. Before that I had an abuse filled childhood and the first person that actually asked me how I was feeling was a professor, in college. And for so long therapists of different techniques told me that I would have to learn how to live with it (AKA survive). And no, I’m not a survivor.
I knew something else was possible, and that’s what I’ve dedicated my life, for me and the people that reaches me for a change, a transformation for their lives.
What if your past didn’t dictate your future? What if you could just let go?
Join me! I’ll give you my best tools to do it!
Mar 16, 202238:34