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A podcast from ECHO. Amelia and Will sit down with new and emerging musicians and actors to chat about their new projects and behind the scenes stories.
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Ep 89 | Conversation with Oscar Lang

ECHO - The PodcastAug 26, 2023

Ep 89 | Conversation with Oscar Lang
Aug 26, 202329:57
Ep 88 | Conversation with Sam Vartholomeos
Jun 22, 202330:00
Ep 87 | Conversation with Rowan Drake
Jun 21, 202316:05
Ep 86 | Conversation with Sadie Jean
Jun 02, 202326:29
Ep 85 | Conversation with Devin Kennedy
May 23, 202324:29
Ep 84 | Conversation with Sam MacPherson

Ep 84 | Conversation with Sam MacPherson

Singer-songwriter and producer Sam MacPherson recently unveiled his electric new EP Powerlines featuring his heartfelt single “Safe to Say.”

The project, like the single, showcases Sam’s earnest songcraft and candid relatability. 

Boasting the title of one of the top New Jersey artists to hear in 2023 and with nearly 50M career streams, it’s “safe to say” that Sam is an artist to keep an eye on! 

We caught up with Sam before he embarked on his first ever headlining tour to chat about his new EP Powerlines released via Elektra Entertainment and more!

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Apr 14, 202325:07
Ep 83 | Conversation with Lilah Fitzgerald
Apr 06, 202315:36
Ep 82 | Conversation with Caleb Hearn
Mar 28, 202322:24
Ep 81 | Conversation with Thomas Day
Mar 13, 202317:49
Ep 80 | Conversation with RHODES

Ep 80 | Conversation with RHODES

British singer/songwriter Rhodes invites listeners into an emotional new chapter on his sophomore album, Friends like These.

The autobiographical release showcases musings and stories detailing love, loss, friendship, and hope. These ten stunning tracks were collected over the past 7 years since his acclaimed debut, Wishes, which included the single Let It All Go, a duet with Birdy.

It took me a moment to get here but in such a noisy world, I’ve always found that true beauty and clarity comes in the pauses,” Rhodes says of the hiatus.

We chatted with Rhodes about the independently released album, his upcoming tour, and more!

Jan 27, 202331:11
Ep 79 | Conversation with Antonio Cipriano

Ep 79 | Conversation with Antonio Cipriano

If you’re a millennial that was into treasure and scavenger hunts, then you most likely watched the iconic movie series, National Treasure. Years later, now it’s a show on Disney+. With guest appearances and Catherine Zeta-Jones playing the villain, the show is a great watch for avid lovers of mystery and adventure. Antonio Cipriano plays one of the main characters, Oren, who actually was the one who first got kidnapped from Catherine Zeta-Jones. We chatted with Cipriano about his acting career, and moving from Broadway to streaming.

Jan 18, 202313:16
Ep 78 | Conversation with Barny Fletcher

Ep 78 | Conversation with Barny Fletcher

On our latest podcast we chatted with Barny Fletcher. This rising London-based artist has launched his latest mixtape project, JETPACK.

During the early days of COVID, when we were all stuck inside, Barny found opportunity in “the infinite labyrinth, which is the internet.” Delving into the plethora of beats, Barny was inspired by the work of some Platinum and Grammy winning producers.

Blending those hip-hop beats and R&B melodies with his laser sharp lyricism, Barny has produced 10 high-octane tracks to get lost in, including “Weakness” and “Breakfast at Isabel’s.”

We chatted with Barny about the mixtape, performing live, and more!

Oct 20, 202234:23
Ep 77 | Conversation with Adam Melchor

Ep 77 | Conversation with Adam Melchor

Emerging artist Adam Melchor is introducing fans to a new era of music with his single, “Turnham Green.”

Adam first captivated fans with his track “Real Estate,” which introduced listeners to his alt/indie sound and ability to musically translate feelings in unexpected ways.

His latest single begins his exploration into a new layered landscape that feels both intimate and collective.

We chatted with Adam about “Turnham Green,” the music video, and what fans can expect from his debut album, Here Goes Nothing dropping October 21. 

Aug 12, 202236:38
Ep 76 | Conversation with Brayden Tabakian

Ep 76 | Conversation with Brayden Tabakian

At just 19 years old, Brayden Tabakian is on track to be the next famous singer and drummer, a type of talent we don't see much of in the industry. From being in a band with a good friend to now working on his solo music, Tabakian chats to us about his recent song, drumming, and much more!

Jul 20, 202216:53
Ep 75 | Conversation with Sabrina Song

Ep 75 | Conversation with Sabrina Song

On this episode we chatted with alt-pop singer-songwriter Sabrina Song.

It’s one thing to put feelings into words, but Sabrina is a master at putting those feelings into song. Her intimate lyrics find meaning in the most nuanced experiences, while her purposeful instrumentation helps to tell the story.

Her latest single “Doors'' is an example of that brilliant artistry. Through the lyrics, Sabrina contemplates a relationship's toxicity and the times she wishes she advocated for herself. That inhibition is also represented through the purposely restrained melody that never hits the expected explosive chorus.

We sat down and chatted with Sabrina Song about the production of the single, her upcoming EP, and more!

Jul 05, 202235:31
Ep 74 | Conversation with Ben Abraham

Ep 74 | Conversation with Ben Abraham

In 2014, Australian artist Ben Abraham released his debut album, Sirens to critical acclaim. Riding high on his professional success, Abraham was blissfully unaware of the impending heartbreak and faith crisis that would rock his personal life.

However, like a phoenix, he rose from the ashes and coped in the best way he knew how, music. Abraham began pouring some of his most personal thoughts over a baby grand piano.

In 2022, those honest lyrics and soulful melodies have culminated with his sophomore album, Friendly Fire via Atlantic Records.

We chatted with the award-winning singer-songwriter about the new album, how a conversation with Kesha inspired a lyric in his introspective new single “Another Falling Star,” and more!

Check out Ben's new single "Another Falling Star" on your Voice of ECHO 2022 playlist.

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Mar 14, 202228:12
Ep 73 | Conversation with Laura Morano

Ep 73 | Conversation with Laura Morano

We chatted with Laura Morano about her new single "Dance with You," her new film The Royal Treatment, and more! 

Feb 06, 202222:03
Ep 72 | Conversation with Joy Again

Ep 72 | Conversation with Joy Again

You could say Indie-Rock band Joy Again was before their time.

Back in 2016, they released their single, “Looking Out For You.” The nostalgic banjo earworm had all the ingredients of a bop but went under the mainstream radar.

Six years later, with the help of TikTok, their single has made a resurgence that has launched the song into virality.

In November 2021, Joy Again introduced old and newly earned fans to their evolved sound with the release of their Arista Records debut, “What Lovers Do.”

We chatted and laughed with Sachi, Arthur, Blaise, Tyndall, Will, and Kieran about TikTok, new music, and more!

Dec 22, 202121:56
Ep 71 | Conversation with Elle Winter [Holiday Edition]

Ep 71 | Conversation with Elle Winter [Holiday Edition]

'Tis the season for hot chocolate, holiday lights, and nostalgic tunes!

This December, Elle Winter is putting her own spin on a holiday classic, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”

We chatted with the New York Native about reimagining the holiday playlist staple with the original writer, Jeff Barry, her holiday traditions, and an exciting new project.

Dec 13, 202114:31
Ep 70 | Conversation with Mads Langer

Ep 70 | Conversation with Mads Langer

Since the age of eight, multi-platinum and award-winning Denmark artist, Mads Langer has turned to music as an honest and cathartic outlet.

While quarantining during the pandemic, he processed the swirling storm of emotions in the best way he knew how. He dove deep into his own experiences to write and produce one of his most authentic albums yet, ‘Where Oceans Meet.’

Its lead single, “Lightning” is a powerful anthem about once-in-a-lifetime moments that bring two people together.

We chatted with Langer about the new album, what fans can expect next, and more!

Nov 08, 202132:26
Ep 69 | Conversation with Orla Gartland

Ep 69 | Conversation with Orla Gartland

Six years after Dublin-born singer-songwriter/producer, Orla Gartland first introduced her unique brand of lyrical candor, she is back with her long-awaited debut album ‘Woman on the Internet’ via her own label New Friends.

An ode to what Gartland has dubbed “the chaos of my 20s,” the 11 track project tackles subjects like toxic masculinity, self-discovery, and authenticity with wit, understanding, and a desire for connection.

We chatted with the artist about the album, writing and recording during lockdown, and what to expect next!

Sep 20, 202128:13
Ep 68 | Conversation with Josh Beauchamp

Ep 68 | Conversation with Josh Beauchamp

After chatting with Now United member Noah Urrea, we were interested in chatting with more members from the 18 member band. Josh Beauchamp is the Canadian member of the group. Similar to Urrea, he got started in the dance/music scene at a young age and since has found his way into the spotlight with Now United. We chatted with Beauchamp about his upbringing in the industry and much more.

Sep 09, 202123:31
Ep 67 | Conversation with Stephen Kramer Glickman

Ep 67 | Conversation with Stephen Kramer Glickman

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok recently, you may have heard a melancholic rendition of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” flooding your FYP. What you may not have realized was that the voice behind this viral sound was none other than Stephen Kramer Glickman, known by millennials as Gustavo Rocque, the band’s producer on the Nickelodeon hit Big Time Rush.

Glickman has had a passion for music since he first sat at his grandmother’s piano at the age of two. Throughout the years, he has made his mark in comedy, television, and animation, but it was only recently that he began to seriously revisit that passion with his cover album, “The Moving Company.”

Fresh off the release of his debut project, produced by Grammy Winner Greg Collins (Album Of The Year for U2), Glickman chatted with us about the album, the music videos, and what fans can expect next!

Sep 06, 202138:43
Ep 66 | Conversation with ROSIE

Ep 66 | Conversation with ROSIE

In 2020, rising singer-songwriter ROSIE released her viral hit “Never The 1.” The track was not only an introduction to her authentic and transparent writing but set her off on a journey of healing and growth.

That exploration produced breakup anthems like “To Get Over You” and  introspective ballads like “Sad Sad Sad.”

This reflection is culminating Fall 2021 with ROSIE’s debut EP via Arista Records.  The seven-track project takes on 5 different stages of grief, as well as transitional stages.

We chatted with the New York native about the single, the EP, and the journey!

Aug 30, 202120:38
Ep 65 | Conversation with Zach Hood

Ep 65 | Conversation with Zach Hood

Growing up in Alabama, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Zach Hood always dreamed of releasing original music.

In middle school, he started to share his talents on Instagram, sharing covers with his growing followers. However, it wasn’t until he posted a snippet of an original pop song to TikTok that those dreams became reality.

Now the viral TikTok star counts himself among Arista Records' impressive roster with his label debut “Pink Ferrari.”

We chatted with Hood all about the evolution of the single, the music video, and more!

Aug 26, 202110:54
Ep 64 | Conversation with Noah Urrea

Ep 64 | Conversation with Noah Urrea

We chatted with Noah Urrea, one of 18 members of the global band Now United, about their new single "Wave Your Flag," his experience in the band, getting started in music, and more!

Aug 20, 202115:58
Ep 63 | Conversation with KINGS

Ep 63 | Conversation with KINGS

Ever since she was young, singer-songwriter KINGS has always wanted to connect to others through music.

What first began as a passion in North Carolina evolved into a music career pursuit that took her to Nashville.

In 2019, audiences took notice of KINGS's dedication sending a video of her singing at the Starbucks drive-thru into viral TikTok stardom.

Since then, she has released the anthemic “ur a good bye,” and her most recent single, “Thank Me Later.”

We chatted with KINGS about the single, TikTok, and what fans can look forward to next.

Jul 12, 202119:30
Ep 62 | Conversation with Indi Star

Ep 62 | Conversation with Indi Star

Since the age of eight, 14-year-old Indi Star has been chasing her entertainment dreams. Known for her role as "Kimmie" in Nickelodeon's Henry Danger, Star has carved out her space as an actress, dancer, model, content creator, and now singer.

Following five popular singles including “Just Might Dance,” Star is focusing on storytelling in her latest single, “Afterglow.” The pop track celebrates the feeling of being in a new relationship.

We chatted with Indi Star about her new single, her role as “Young Vista” in the upcoming 2022 feature film The Hyperions starring Cary Elwes, and more!

Jun 21, 202112:49
Ep 61 | Conversation with Jake Miller

Ep 61 | Conversation with Jake Miller

We chatted with Jake Miller about his new album “Silver Lining II,” his tour, and much more!
Jun 18, 202113:24
Ep 60 | Conversation with vaultboy

Ep 60 | Conversation with vaultboy

Over 700K followers have already discovered rising singer-songwriter vaultboy. Since his first video in late 2020, the now-viral TikToker has creatively captured relatable feelings and emotions in 60-second clips.

One of the first TikToks to gain traction for the Florida artist was a conversational song “about looking on the bright side.” At nearly 2 million views, vaultboy decided to transform the demo into his full-length debut single, "everything sucks” co-written and co-produced by fellow artist gnash.

We caught up with vaultboy to chat about the single, music video, and more!

May 31, 202118:18
Ep 59 | Conversation with Lawrence

Ep 59 | Conversation with Lawrence

Mix in the soul and energy of Stevie Wonder and the storytelling and humor of Randy Newman and you get the unique signature sound of soul-pop band Lawrence.

Led by sibling duo, Clyde and Gracie, the group has become known for their high-energy vocals, explosive melodies, and old-school sound.

Their new single "Don't Lose Sight" is a powerful anthem about perseverance and determination. The single is the lead track off their upcoming third record co-produced by Jon Bellion & Jorgen Odegard and their first release on Bellion’s Beautiful Mind Records.

We chatted with Clyde and Gracie about the single, album, and more!

May 24, 202129:24
Ep 58 | Conversation with Brynn Cartelli

Ep 58 | Conversation with Brynn Cartelli

Flaunting a skyscraping range, undeniable presence, and eloquent songcraft, Brynn Cartelli tells relatable stories without filter, but with a whole lot of finesse and fire. Long before amassing 20 million-plus streams and receiving acclaim from People, Billboard, and more, she grew up in Longmeadow, MA where she embraced music as a kid. At just five-years-old, she took regular piano lessons. She eventually learned guitar and developed her chops by performing in talent shows, at coffeehouses, and anywhere else with a stage. Her vocals captivated viewers everywhere when she won Season 14 of NBC’s “The Voice” and emerged as “the youngest champion in the show’s history.” However, she hunkered down and focused on writing original material in the aftermath. Introducing her signature style, “Last Night’s Mascara” amassed over 10 million streams globally. Meanwhile, her 2019 follow-up and original composition “Grow Young (Version 1)” cracked over 1 million total streams.  Hitting the road coast-to-coast, she supported Kelly Clarkson on the Meaning Of Life Tour and opened for Maroon 5. Along the way, she also garnered a nomination at the “People’s Choice Awards” and captivated audiences on the NBC’s “TODAY” and “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,” “Radio Disney Music Awards,” and on Boston’s most hallowed ground, Fenway Park. Brynn released her fan favorite, holiday cover of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and gave an unforgettable performance of the staple on The Kelly Clarkson Show to cap off 2019.  After two years of writing and recording, she’s back in 2021 with her new single “Long Way Home” and her EP, Based On A True Story, coming May 28th. We chatted with Cartelli about her new single and much more!!

May 13, 202113:43
Ep 57 | Conversation with Anna Thompson

Ep 57 | Conversation with Anna Thompson

Following a string of viral singles, independent artist Anna Thompson has released her highly anticipated debut EP “Centerpiece.”

The 7 track pop project highlights Thompson’s signature confessional storytelling as she recounts first discovering lingering feelings for an ex and the subsequent reconnection.

We talked with the Seattle artist about how she got started in music, creating her EP, and more!

May 10, 202123:16
Ep 56 | Conversation with Chance Perez

Ep 56 | Conversation with Chance Perez

From the band In Real Life to filming in New Zealand for the show Power Rangers, Chance Perez is making his way around in the Hollywood world. The former band member and now solo artist/actor is working on new projects and endeavors. Perez recently was featured on a song with Deerock & Wyle called "Bad." We chatted with him about the song and acting in New Zealand and much more!

May 06, 202121:14
Ep 55 | Conversation with Britton Buchanan

Ep 55 | Conversation with Britton Buchanan

On this episode, we chatted with Britton Buchanan.

Buchanan has been active in the music scene since he first picked up a guitar at age 8. He grew up playing local venues and eventually bars, but when NBC’s The Voice reached out, he knew it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

The singer-songwriter went on to captivate the Season 14 judges and viewers to earn the runner-up spot. Since then he has been continuing to hone his soulful sound inspired by the soundtrack of his childhood.

His latest release “Better” is an effervescent bluesy, rock track reminiscent of the late music legend, Prince.

We chatted with the singer-songwriter about “Better,” his forthcoming debut record, and more!

May 03, 202133:40
Ep 54 | Conversation with Grace Gaustad

Ep 54 | Conversation with Grace Gaustad

In 2018, Grace Gaustad stunned viewers with her YouTube cover of Hozier’s “Take Me To Church,” which amassed an impressive 25 million views.

Since then Gaustad has continued to captivate audiences with her powerful vocals, vulnerable lyrics, and mission to create a welcoming and safe space for her fans.

We chatted with the Arizona-born singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist about her new EP, her upcoming full-length debut, ‘BLKBX,’ and more!

Apr 30, 202119:12
Ep 53 | Conversation with Hayd

Ep 53 | Conversation with Hayd

On this episode, we chatted with rising artist Hayd.

Listening to Hayd’s discography is like reading a page from his journal. With each chord, Hayd exposes his innermost thoughts and provides comfort in the realization that none of us are alone in our feelings or struggles.

Following his viral track, “Changes,” a song about our worlds evolving faster than we are, his new single “Closure” addresses the relatable confusion that comes with heartbreak.

We chatted with the Michigan-based artist about “Closure,” his upcoming debut EP, and his next chapter!

Apr 26, 202125:42
Ep 52 | Conversation with Greyson Chance

Ep 52 | Conversation with Greyson Chance

You may know Greyson Chance from his famous cover of "Paparazzi" a few years back, which landed him as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Since then, Chance has grown into a talented young musician. He released his album Portraits back in 2019, earning him a loyal fan base. He headlined LA Pride back in 2019 and now he is gearing up for his second album. He just released his new single "Hellboy" and we chatted about his new music and much more!

Apr 23, 202115:06
Ep 51 | Conversation with Kate Stephenson

Ep 51 | Conversation with Kate Stephenson

Are you single and wondering why there are no single theme songs out there? Well, Kate Stephenson has released the most relatable song for all those single people out there. Her new song, "Exless" is out now and it's basically the Olivia Rodrigo song for all single people and we absolutely love it. We chatted with Stephenson about her new song and much more!

Apr 12, 202115:48
Ep 50 | Conversation with Mehro

Ep 50 | Conversation with Mehro

Finding new music can be hard, that's why we're here, to make it easier. Rising artist, Mehro is the perfect musician to stream if you're having a lot of questions about a relationship or just life in general. His debut EP, SKY ON FIRE is deep and really hits a lot of messages that make you wonder and think. Whether it's the title single of the EP, "SKY ON FIRE," which deals with feeling sort of trapped, or a more love-type song such as "Chance With You." Each song has a different emotion felt while listening to the EP. ECHO chatted with Mehro about his debut EP and much more!

Apr 08, 202107:50
Ep 49 | Conversation with Tai Verdes

Ep 49 | Conversation with Tai Verdes

You may not know the name Tai Verdes, but you’ve definitely heard his music on TikTok. His breakout single, “Stuck In The Middle” has been used in 2.6 million videos across the platform.

His new single, “we would have some cute kids” is already gaining traction with its fun narrative, catchy lyrics, and idyllic video.

We chatted with Tai about the new single, his upcoming debut album 'TV,' and more!

Apr 05, 202115:53
Ep 48 | Conversation with 44blonde

Ep 48 | Conversation with 44blonde

We chatted with rising artist, 44blonde, about his brand new single “She Loves Drugs” and more!

Apr 01, 202108:44
Ep 47 | Conversation with Dasha

Ep 47 | Conversation with Dasha

On this episode, we chatted with pop/west coast R&B artist, Dasha.

Over the past several months, Dasha has been producing songs worthy of TikTok virality. This writing has culminated with her debut EP, $hiny Things.

Across all six tracks, Dasha opens up about her successes and struggles over the past year. From “More Than This” to the title track, the project provides a range of heartbreaking and empowering songs that combine honest lyrics, relatable stories, and California vibes.

We chatted with the multi-hyphenate about her new EP, TikTok, and more!

Mar 29, 202118:29
Ep 46 | Conversation with Zak Abel

Ep 46 | Conversation with Zak Abel

Zak Abel has released his new track, ‘Be Kind’ — his first new solo music of 2021. Co-written with Nate Cyphert (Marshmello, Bebe Rexha) and produced by Nick Ruth, ‘Be Kind’ radiates the warmth and sincerity that Zak put out into the world throughout the course of 2020.

A smoky, feel-good jam full of verve and groove, ‘Be Kind’ itself listens like an anthem for the soul, an antidote to the division and intolerance that Zak sees and feels all around him. Zak says: “We are living through a strange time where it feels like we are so divided and intolerant of people that we disagree with or are different to us. Often, that intolerance is based on someone’s race or religion, sexuality, gender, or identity. To me, the content of one’s character is a much, much more important factor. In a world where you can be anything, I’ll be kind to you. Could you be kind to me?"‘Be Kind’ follows the success of 2020’s ‘Freedom’ — a collaboration with Superstar dance producer Kygo which has since amassed over 100 million streams.

Mar 25, 202114:50
Ep 45 | Conversation with Bahari

Ep 45 | Conversation with Bahari

On this episode, we chatted with alt-pop duo Bahari.

From their debut single “Wild Ones” to their viral hit “Savage,” Bahari has continued to create tracks that resonate universally.

Their first releases of 2021, “Bipolar” and “Jackie Kennedy” address relatable and deeply personal subjects, including mental health and sudden loss.

We chatted with Ruby and Natalia about growing up in Kenya and California, the writing process behind both singles, and more!

Mar 22, 202117:34
Ep 44 | 2021 Grammy Awards

Ep 44 | 2021 Grammy Awards

Co-Founders, Will and Amelia recap and break down the history-making 2021 Grammy Awards.

Mar 16, 202135:10
Ep 43 | Conversation with Foley

Ep 43 | Conversation with Foley

On this episode, we sat down with New Zealand Pop Duo, Foley.

Following their 2020 debut EP, ‘On My Conscience,' Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett have continued to create infectious tracks that resonate with their over 85,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

On their sophomore EP ‘Vacation,’ Foley create and contemplate different avenues of escape while delving into love, loss, and learning.

Foley took a break from festivals and their mini-tour across New Zealand to chat with us about how the pandemic changed music in New Zealand, their new EP, and more!

Mar 15, 202132:03
Ep 42 | Conversation with Dolo Tonight

Ep 42 | Conversation with Dolo Tonight

On this episode, we chatted with emerging rapper Dolo Tonight.

Since 2019, the New Jersey native has been fusing lyrical wordplay with a blend of  Jazz, Punk Rock, and Hip-Hop to create thought-provoking songs.

Following tracks like “Graduation” and “Zoom,” his latest single “Higher” tackles the struggle to find peace through the fluctuations of life.

Dolo takes that idea to new heights in the accompanying music video in which Dolo and his crew attempt to break the Guinness World Record for music video filmed at the highest altitude on land.

We chatted with Dolo Tonight about “Higher,” breaking records,  and what to expect from his upcoming project, Back To Earth, landing Spring 2021.

Mar 01, 202122:07
Ep 41 | Conversation with Sarah Barrios

Ep 41 | Conversation with Sarah Barrios

On this episode, we chatted with Sarah Barrios.

Listeners were first introduced to Sarah Barrios’s unfaded honesty on her 2020 debut EP, "Letters I Never Sent.” Although the four-track project chronicled the end of a relationship, it opened a pathway for Barrios to reflect on her behavior and sexuality.  Her latest EP, “Conversations With Myself” addresses questions that arose during this journey of self-discovery

We chatted with the alt-pop singer-songwriter about her new single “Happy,” what she learned in the writing process, and more!

Feb 22, 202125:21
Ep 40 | Conversation with Lauren Weintraub

Ep 40 | Conversation with Lauren Weintraub

On this episode, we chatted with viral TikTok musician Lauren Weintraub.

From an early age, Weintraub loved music. Her passion led her to seek and secure roles in local theater productions and eventually to busk and perform throughout Massachusetts.

In 2017, Weintraub left Boston to study music in Nashville. Shortly after her arrival, people began to take notice of her songwriting, including Big Machine Music and Brandy Clark who eventually signed her.

A few years later, all eyes and ears are still on Weintraub’s music. Last month, 1.5 million TikTok users discovered her now-viral video featuring a clip of her debut single, “She’s Mine.” a relatable twist on a breakup song.

We chatted with Weintraub about the single, what it has been like going viral and more!

Feb 15, 202116:57