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Reading Mission

Reading Mission

By embody

Reading Mission is a live podcast where we read some of our favourite books about mission, justice, and social change together. Each fortnight, Mitch and Emily will be sitting down to chat through and wrestle with books about local, national, and global mission and development. Participate live at
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Gondwana Theology Chapter 05: A Letter to My First Nations Sisters and Brothers Concerning the Church

Reading MissionSep 13, 2023

Gondwana Theology Chapter 05: A Letter to My First Nations Sisters and Brothers Concerning the Church
Sep 13, 202354:37
Gondwana Theology Chapter 04: On Racism and the Trinity
Sep 13, 202358:35
Gondwana Theology Chapter 03: The Unfinished Business of Reconciliation
Aug 09, 202357:08
Gondwana Theology Chapter 02: Towards a Theology of First Peoples Spirituality
Jun 21, 202301:09:42
Gondwana Theology Chapter 01: First Peoples Spirituality
May 31, 202301:02:34
Credible Witness Chapter 6: Hosts for a Multicultural Community & Conculsion
May 17, 202301:10:15
Credible Witness: Chapter 5, Servants for the Needy
Apr 20, 202301:08:07
Credible Witness: Chapter 04, Advocate for the Marginalised
Mar 15, 202301:19:55
Credible Witness: Chapter 3, Shepherds for Settlers
Feb 22, 202357:20
Credible Witness: Chapter 2, Chaplains for Convicts

Credible Witness: Chapter 2, Chaplains for Convicts

In this episode Mitch and Emily discuss early colonial expressions of chaplaincy and how they has influenced the place we now call Australia. 

Covered in this episode: Chapter 2: Chaplains for Convicts

Get a copy of Credible Witness from your local bookstore or Christian retailer, or online.

Transcript available at

P.S. If you're looking for Prayer from Come From Away, here it is


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Our theme music is 'Golden Sunrise (Instrumental Version)' by Josh Woodward,

Used under Creative Commons.

We respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands and waters of Australia, and pay respects to elders past and present. We recognise their continuing connections to land, waters, and culture.

Feb 08, 202357:20
Credible Witness: Introduction & Chapter 1, Spiritual Companions For the Journey
Feb 01, 202352:49
Christmas Special - The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus
Dec 07, 202201:22:17
Plum Tree in the Desert - Chapter 9: Play Their Tune & Chapter 10: Wherever We Are & Chapter 11: The Days Left for Me
Nov 09, 202201:05:58
Plum Tree in the Desert: Chapter 7: The Light Shines & Chapter 8: She Must Love Us
Oct 19, 202201:04:44
Plum Tree in the Desert - Chapter 5: In Weakness & Chapter 6: The Seeds
Oct 05, 202257:58
Plum Tree in the Desert - Chapter 3: Twenty Thousand Pots & Chapter 4: The Least of These
Sep 21, 202259:00
Plum Tree in the Desert - Chapter 1: In Search of a Story & Chapter 2: The Right Time
Sep 07, 202257:47
When Helping Hurts Chapter 11: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! & A Final Word: The most Important Step
Aug 03, 202201:05:23
When Helping Hurts Chapter 10: Excuse Me, Can You Spare Me Some Change?
Jul 27, 202201:12:32
When Helping Hurts: Chapter 8: Yes, In Your Backyard & Chapter 9: And to the Ends of the Earth
Jun 29, 202201:14:38
When Helping Hurts Chapter 07: Doing Short-Term Missions Without Doing Long-term Harm
Jun 15, 202201:02:34
When Helping Hurts Chapter 06: McDevelopment: Over 2.5 Billion People Not Served
Jun 01, 202201:17:15
When Helping Hurts Chapter 05: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, and Their Assets
May 04, 202201:02:32
When Helping Hurts Chapter 04: Not All Poverty is Created Equal
Apr 20, 202201:15:55
When Helping Hurts Chapter 02: What's the Problem & Chapter 03: Are We There Yet?
Apr 06, 202201:19:48
When Helping Hurts Introduction & Chapter 01: Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?
Mar 23, 202201:09:47
Make Poverty Personal Chapter 08: Apocalypse Now - Last Things and the Things That Last
Feb 09, 202201:11:26
Make Poverty Personal Chapter 07: Epistles - Letters from Jail and Other Tough Places of Discipleship
Jan 19, 202201:26:01
Make Poverty Personal Chapter 06: The Early Church: Standing Against Poverty Together
Dec 22, 202101:44:47
Make Poverty Personal Chapter 05: The Gospels and Messianic Transformation
Dec 08, 202101:20:34
Make Poverty Personal Chapter 04: Prophetic Ministry - Radical Hope from the Margins
Nov 24, 202101:40:08
Make Poverty Personal, Chapter 03: Hebrew Poetry and the Awesome Truth
Nov 17, 202101:22:04
Make Poverty Personal, Chapter 02: Hebrew Laws and "Always Having" Poverty
Oct 27, 202101:26:10
Make Poverty Personal, Chapter 01: Beyond Excuses
Oct 13, 202101:40:55
Episode 00 - Welcome to Reading Mission!
Sep 22, 202101:21