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We are interested in having a conversation about real church matters because real church matters. We want to reveal the difference between the casual Christian and the devout, the church culture that is void of the Christian resolve.
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Episode 195 - The Growth

Real Church Matters PodcastDec 16, 2021

Episode 195 - The Growth
Dec 16, 202101:19:01
Episode 194 - He That Hath An Ear
Dec 09, 202151:12
Episode 193 - Fighting Dysfunction
Oct 14, 202101:03:46
Episode 192 - Living With Regret - Part 3
Oct 07, 202152:16
Episode 191 - Living With Regret - Part 2
Sep 30, 202147:11
Episode 190 - Living With Regret
Sep 23, 202101:08:01
Episode 189 - It's The Discontentment
Sep 02, 202101:11:16
Episode 188 - You First
Aug 19, 202101:19:23
Episode 187 - Love Yours
Aug 12, 202153:14
Episode 186 - Words Work
Aug 05, 202145:49
Episode 185 - Relying On The Unreliable
Jul 29, 202141:56
Episode 184 - Working Out On Your Own
Jul 22, 202136:00
Episode 183 - Of A Certain Discipline
Jul 15, 202146:34
Episode 182 - Encourage Yourself

Episode 182 - Encourage Yourself

The first of my "By Myself" series of podcast that will take on how to be self-centered in the right way. This particular one talks about encouraging yourself. The realities of life can often leave us distressed, but we sometimes get even more distressed that people aren't there for us in those distressing times--but helping you in your distress is not their job, it's yours. I talk about what it means to encourage yourself in a practical way that you can start doing today. Enjoy.

Jul 08, 202135:26
Episode 181 - Nothing New
Jul 01, 202142:42
Episode 180 - Ask Me Anything
Jun 24, 202101:09:13
Episode 179 - The Strong Friend
Jun 17, 202147:21
Episode 178 - The Jesus Effect
Jun 03, 202101:15:05
Episode 177 - Take Care
May 27, 202101:14:46
Episode 176 - Cutting The Cords
May 20, 202101:14:52
Episode 175 - Find Love In A Hopeless Place
May 13, 202101:03:57
Episode 174 - Hide And Seek - Part 2
Apr 29, 202101:04:45
Episode 173 - Hide And Seek - Part 1
Apr 22, 202154:11
Episode 172 - The Gifted
Apr 15, 202101:06:39
Episode 171 - Purpose Process Progress
Apr 08, 202151:02
Episode 170 - Water Break

Episode 170 - Water Break

Life is no walk in the park. If you find yourself fainting in the midst of it, ask yourself if you've drunk enough water. This pod is dedicated to those going through it, I'm talking directly to you in this one. Listen and share. 

Apr 01, 202131:06
Episode 169 - Mind Your Business
Mar 18, 202147:20
Episode 168 - Return On Investment
Mar 11, 202101:05:53
Episode 167 - How Did I Get Here
Mar 04, 202101:03:57
Episode 166 - The Timeshare

Episode 166 - The Timeshare

Episode 166 we talk about so much all wrapped together in very profound discussion about death, grief and the struggle to come to terms with our limited time and control over our time on this here third rock from the sun. My brother was so gracious as to offer his time, perspective and honesty to this episode. I hope you enjoy.

Feb 25, 202101:10:39
Episode 165 - All Things Considered
Feb 18, 202101:07:54
Episode 164 - Deceiving Yourself
Feb 11, 202101:33:21
Episode 163 - The Cornerman

Episode 163 - The Cornerman

Episode 163 I talk with my brother Philip Hall about the issues plaguing Christian men in today’s society. The conversation goes many places, but leads to an important conversation about how we can better serve each other in times where black men especially are in need of spiritual guidance. Enjoy!

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Obedience OVER Audience

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Feb 04, 202101:22:49
Episode 162 - Getting Closer

Episode 162 - Getting Closer

Episode 162 I have Charity Hall for another episode! This one I ask a simple question, "How do you know you are close to God?" A simple question  that birthed a very fast and entertaining episode. We aren't as close as we think we are, but the good news is, we aren't as far either. Enjoy!!

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Obedience OVER Audience

Jan 28, 202156:06
Episode 161 - God Conscious

Episode 161 - God Conscious

Episode 161 I got the original podcast partner Antoinette Andrews with me. Loved having her back in the co-pilot seat and hearing her perspective on what has changed in her understanding over the past four years. We get into a very great conversation about knowledge of self and knowledge of God. Great episode that I hope you enjoy.

This episode is dedicated to Regina Mclain, a supporter and listener that will be missed by many. The Real Church Matters family remembers and honors you.

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Obedience OVER Audience

Jan 21, 202150:31
Episode 160 - Don't Do You, Do God

Episode 160 - Don't Do You, Do God

I enjoy my conversations with Earl Spicer, there's never a time we don't arrive to some interesting truths. This episode we talk about what we feed and what it cost to feed it. We also talk about cookie'll have to listen to understand. Enjoy! Season 5 is here!

Listen and share with those you love...simply tell them

Jan 14, 202157:08
Episode 159 - New Year Chat

Episode 159 - New Year Chat

I'm incredibly excited about this year. Celebrating the fifth year of the podcast with a bit of reflection and resolution. Season five begins, hope you are ready for the journey. Enjoy!

Jan 07, 202132:33
Episode 158 - Together But No Togetherness

Episode 158 - Together But No Togetherness

The last podcast of the year, and it is fitting that I do it with my parents. I respect their relationship with God and their relationship with one another. They have a wealth of wisdom they have gained from their time with God more than their 40 years of marriage. This podcast is a time capsule of sorts for their children's children to hear wisdom as it relates to what truly defines a strong matrimony. Scriptures were said. Fun was had. Enjoy. Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 202053:37
Episode 157 - Don't Finesse The Process

Episode 157 - Don't Finesse The Process

Coming to the end of the year, but rearing up for the new year. I'm excited for the conversations to be had and the ones I'm having. This one with now 3-time guest Felicia Jenkins, talking about a plethora of subjects. From therapy to getting naked, we had an interesting one I know you will enjoy. So enjoy. 

Don't forget if you are interested in having a conversation, reach out at! I'm excited for what is to come. So come with me! Obedience over audience.

Dec 24, 202001:10:22
Episode 156 - The Doorman

Episode 156 - The Doorman

I started this conversation only knowing I wanted to ask one question, what is the hardest thing about being a Christian black man in America? That’s not a simple answer and this is far from a simple conversation had with my nephew Earl Spicer. You may ask, why call the episode “The Doorman” well, I won’t give it all away…listen and enjoy!

Dec 17, 202001:11:41
Episode 155 - Alone But Not Alone

Episode 155 - Alone But Not Alone

It’s not easy being a Christian, it comes with tough choices and uncomfortable phases of life. Unfortunately that’s not what is often taught to people new to the faith, especially young people. We don’t talk to them about how to navigate the feelings of loneliness that often come with the choice to walk a path that leads to righteousness. The road that is uncompromising is a road that often feels alone. Ironically, I’m not alone for this conversation, my niece Erica Spicer comes for a second time. This conversation moved me greatly; and I pray it touches and teaches you as well. Enjoy!

Dec 10, 202001:00:50
Episode 154 - The Heart Of The Matter

Episode 154 - The Heart Of The Matter

The heart is the heart of everything we experience, everything that we feel. The disquietness of your heart is louder than the still small voice of God. And at moments like these, it's important that we see the danger of the heart, the power we have over it and the responsibility to guard it--not from people--but the heart from our righteousness and integrity. 

Dec 03, 202047:54
Episode 153 - Ownership

Episode 153 - Ownership

Episode 153 - Ownership

You are not your own. This is a reality that must be reconciled with those who say they are children of God. I believe it’s the struggle of that reality that causes the most struggle for believers. This episode I talk about what it means to be God’s own and how God’s ownership fuels the very purpose of our existence on this earth. As I weighed my own purpose these past weeks, I came to a couple of truths that I think could serve you well…so enjoy.

Check out these past episodes!

Episode 41 - You don’t lead faith, faith leads you 

Episode 90 - The Mission Statement 

Episode 127 - God Loves Hard

Phil 2:13

for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

God wants to work in me, strengthen me and enlighten me to work for HIS Pleasure

Romans 11:36

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen.

Hebrews 13:21

equip you with every good thing to do His will. And may He accomplish in us what is pleasing in His sight through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.

Eph 1:5

he predestined us for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will,

Determined in advanced, my feelings, experiences and desires don’t factor in to this plan for me to work to the purpose of His will

Ephesians 1:11

In Him we were also chosen as God's own, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything by the counsel of His will,

There is a plan for our lives, it is to work out everything or align everything to His will

Matthew 12:50

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.

Hebrews 10:36

For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.

Matthew 7:21

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Nov 19, 202045:33
Episode 152 - Where Are We?

Episode 152 - Where Are We?

We are back! During my hiatus, I found myself in a tough time. During that time I had to ask myself, how did I get here? The answer was sobering, I got there because of my choices. This podcast I want to walk you through that question, using Job and Jonah. We often ask God why, instead of asking ourselves. Enjoy.

Nov 12, 202035:32
Episode 151 - Active Awareness

Episode 151 - Active Awareness

This episode is a brief search into the importance of awareness. It's our awareness that makes up our perception and our perception that defines who we are as it relates to our thoughts. We are missing very important things because we haven't connected our focus on the things of God. Let's talk about it. Enjoy.

Oct 08, 202031:41
Episode 150 - Find Your Joy

Episode 150 - Find Your Joy

What makes you happy? What completes your joy? What satisfies you? There should be a satisfaction we endeavor to as believers for ourselves and for one another. Let's talk about it. Enjoy.

Oct 01, 202040:07
Episode 149 - Fight For Unity (Director's Cut)

Episode 149 - Fight For Unity (Director's Cut)

Everyone has a fight, something that presses on their very soul. It becomes their mission, their goal to achieve. For the believer ours should be for unity. Why? Because in a dark world where pain and hurt are ever growing, we our supposed to be the good and pleasant place for one another. This comes with effort, a striving that we put upon ourselves. Listen and be encouraged to fight for unity. Enjoy.

Sep 04, 202046:28
Episode 148 - Think Anything, Feel Everything

Episode 148 - Think Anything, Feel Everything

This episode is for those that may suffer with anxiety or just feel a way in these strange times or just on the regular. My question to you is, why do you think you can think on just anything, and not feel just about everything? Guard your mind like you guard access to your phone. Be selective. Be exclusive. Be protective. This has little to do with ignoring people and everything to do with ignoring thoughts. Think on these things. Listening to this podcast will help…enjoy.

Aug 20, 202044:30
Episode 147 - The Root Of It All

Episode 147 - The Root Of It All

This episode I have my nephew Solomon Thomas as my co-pilot as we discuss what we’ve been up to all summer. Before long the discussion evolves to the importance of being rooted in God, the dangers of the internet, being in the world but not of it and more anecdotes that will be sure to encourage during these strange days. Enjoy!

Aug 13, 202053:31
Episode 146 - Hope For A Tree

Episode 146 - Hope For A Tree

Episode 146 is about growth. What causes growth in our lives is the same thing that causes growth in trees…water. What is this water? How can I get it? Why does it matter that I grow as a Christian? If we talk about fruit, I have to show you how to develop it in our lives. This is a special episode for me, because it celebrates my favorite scripture Job 14:7-9. This episode is dedicated to my father Forrest Scott Hall Sr.

Aug 07, 202051:27