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Real Fabulous Marketing

Real Fabulous Marketing

By Miranda Ivey

For female business owners who want to know how to use social media to get more clients. This podcast will share tools and strategies on how to carve out a place for yourself and your business in a busy online world, whether you're quirky, quiet or quite overwhelmed.
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31. How to Understand the Value of What You Do

Real Fabulous Marketing Nov 03, 2021

93. How to Plan for an Outrageously Good 2024
Nov 23, 202311:28
92. How to Sell a Mini Course from Facebook Ads - The Ads (Part 3/3)
Nov 23, 202319:23
91. Selling a Mini Course from Facebook ads - The Content (Part 2/3)
Oct 19, 202320:22
90. Selling a Mini Course from Facebook Ads - Getting Ready (Part 1/3)
Oct 19, 202320:10
89. What do your Images say about your Brand?
Oct 06, 202319:44
88. 3 Ways Human Design Has Helped Me in My Business
Sep 24, 202317:43
87. Using Human Design in Your Solo Business with Ros Isbel
Sep 21, 202354:47
86. WWID... to Launch My Online Course in Early 2024
Sep 14, 202319:16
85. WWWID... If I was starting a new venture and had $1000 Marketing Budget?
Sep 07, 202317:29
84. Do you need a mentor to get ahead?
Aug 31, 202317:40
83. 7 shifts on how to use your time more effectively when you work for yourself

83. 7 shifts on how to use your time more effectively when you work for yourself

Running your own business and working for yourself is the ultimate step into time freedom... or is it? When you can set your own hours it can be hard to move beyond the conditioning of being at your desk from 9 - 5 every day. After working for myself for 9 years now, I wanted to share 7 shifts on how to use your time to do more of what you want when you work for yourself.

Aug 17, 202321:56
82. How You Can Use Your Values to Attract Your Ideal Clients

82. How You Can Use Your Values to Attract Your Ideal Clients

When we're not living or working in alignment with our values, life can start to feel heavy. The key is to figure out your values and start to share them everywhere so that you can attract your ideal clients with ease. It can be scary to niche down but isn't niching down to the absolute people that you love to work with the best thing ever?

Special August Offer: Got questions about values that need clarity? Book in a complimentary clarity coaching call here:

Aug 10, 202316:59
81. An Instagram Experiment I ran - Here's What Happened!
Jun 15, 202316:31
80. Why Running A Business is Frightening in 2023
Jun 01, 202328:05
79. Making $$ When the World Says You Can't - Interview with Fitness Business Coach, Kellie Sanders
May 25, 202329:13
78. Plan To Do More of What You Want
May 11, 202311:48
77. Be a Content Superstar & Play to your Strengths
May 04, 202311:36
76. Lisa Corduff Interview - Being Real Online
Apr 27, 202356:00
75. What NOT to do with your Facebook ads in 2023
Apr 14, 202321:53
74. How to get Facebook Conversion Ad Ready
Mar 30, 202319:41
73. 7 Mistakes Solopreneurs & Small Businesses Make With Lead Generation
Mar 23, 202318:51
72. Talking Lead Generation with Angela Ponsford
Mar 16, 202319:27
71. Eeek it's March already and I'm so behind!
Mar 10, 202308:03
70. What should you focus on in 2023
Mar 03, 202312:06
69. Facebook ads predictions for 2023
Feb 24, 202316:03
68. My Marketing Predictions for 2023
Feb 17, 202317:52
67. Five Annual Review Questions To Help You Redefine Success in 2023
Dec 09, 202220:37
66. 11 Mistakes in Business in 2022 and what I'm changing in 2023
Dec 02, 202226:58
65. 5 Things You Don't Need in Your Marketing To Make More Money
Nov 17, 202226:39
64. 3 Ways to Move Beyond Feeling Uninspired at the End of 2022

64. 3 Ways to Move Beyond Feeling Uninspired at the End of 2022

When we get to this time of the year (November) people often talk about 'phew! It's been a big year... can't wait for it to be over!' Instead of racing towards the finish line, this episode is all about how you can regain some inspiration without overwhelm.

Nov 11, 202214:26
63. What to do when things don't work out how you wanted them to
Nov 03, 202219:38
62. Why Doing More Experiments in Your Business Is Always a Good Idea
Oct 27, 202212:29
61. 3 Options if You Don't Love Doing Sales Calls
Oct 20, 202217:58
60. Calling All Wallflowers: Don't Wait For the Invitation, Your Time To Be Seen is Now!
Sep 23, 202218:23
59. How to Improve Your Social Media Security To Not Be Hacked
Sep 08, 202219:27
58. The Biggest Mistake Course Creators Make (and yes, it IS possible to fix it)
Sep 01, 202225:03
57. Why now is still a good time to launch (and 5 steps to plan for your next one!)
Aug 26, 202217:38
56. How to be (even more) consistently fabulous with your marketing
Aug 14, 202216:47
55. 3 ways to use social media trends to boost your engagement
Aug 04, 202220:10
54. How to get better at marketing by telling better stories (and why you're not doing it already!)
Jul 28, 202219:37
53. Why always acting in integrity may be hurting your business
Jun 17, 202213:47
52. Is Perfectionism really one of your values? So why are you letting it be?
Jun 10, 202212:46
51. Discover Your Values To Run a Busines in Alignment With Them

51. Discover Your Values To Run a Busines in Alignment With Them

On Episode 50 with Michelle Smith from Curated with Conscience she talked a lot about her values and how she's running a purpose led business in alignment with them. What about you? Can you do this too, even if your values aren't necessarily about social justice and climate change? Of course! Your values are yours alone and are shaped by those around you. Discovering what they are will help you run a business that is in more alignment and will help you say "hell yes" to what lights you up - more often!

**Enter to win a Curated with Conscience Gift Hamper worth $95***
To celebrate 50 episodes of Real Fabulous Marketing, I've teamed up with Curated with Conscience to do a giveaway of their "Cuppa with a Conscience" hamper (value $95)⁠
~ Award winning Chai Walli signature masala chai, handmade in Melbourne using a delicious 11 spice blend, directly sourced from small batch organic tea farms in the Assam Valley of India.⁠
 ~ HuskeeCup 8oz reusable coffee cup sustainably manufactured using repurposed coffee husk as a raw material. Cafe-friendly, dishwasher safe, and with thermal properties to keep your coffee hotter for longer.⁠
~ Handmade Rocky Road fudge by Yarra Valley’s FUDGE by Rich.⁠
~ Premium Australian macadamias covered in silky vegan dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder, hand-panned in the traditional European technique by Melbourne’s Cocoa Luxe.
~ ‘Social Blend’ 250g signature espresso blend coffee by STREAT, a Melbourne hospitality social enterprise that exists to help young people who need a helping hand. ⁠

How to Enter:⁠
- Leave a review of Real Fabulous Marketing on your favourite podcast app⁠
- Send me a screenshot via
@mirandaiveymedia OR⁠
- Upload to your Instagram stories and tag @mirandaiveymedia for a bonus entry⁠
Entries close June 7, 2022. Competition is not endorsed by Instagram or Facebook.

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Values & Vision Workshop June 24, 2022

Jun 03, 202220:29
50. Running a Purpose Lead Business with Michelle Smith
May 27, 202236:22
49. Three Ways to Simplify and Receive More in Your Business
May 19, 202221:56
48. Simplifying Business with Marissa Roberts

48. Simplifying Business with Marissa Roberts

Owner of Beautifully Organised and host of The Simpler Business podcast, Marissa Roberts is obsessed with finding simpler and easier ways to do things! She built her first business working 10 hours a week or less, and along the way Marissa has collected so many ideas, hacks and strategies to simplify processes, save time and make work easier - without having to sacrifice your income or lifestyle. In this broad chat around simplifying your business and marketing I guarantee you'll learn new ways on how you can create more free time.

Find Marissa Roberts
Instagram @marissarobertsofficial and get her Simpler Business Tools

Check out her fab contact page here 

Want to be seen as the expert you really are? Sign up to my free 7 Day Expert Posting Challenge.

May 12, 202236:01
47. Top 3 Reasons Why You Feel Like You're Failing (Even When You're Probably Not)
May 06, 202221:51
46. Five Stages of an Imposter Syndrome Quantum Leap
Apr 29, 202219:51
45. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Cass Dunn
Apr 21, 202237:20
44. Behind the Scenes of my Online Auction for Flood Relief
Apr 14, 202221:53