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The Queens Chambers

The Queens Chambers

By Rebecca Korn

A podcast focused on elevating ourselves in relationships, business and life - in the raw and real version of a couple, who both happen to be entrepreneurs.
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When Cinderella Owns The Castle

The Queens ChambersFeb 02, 2023

When Cinderella Owns The Castle
Feb 02, 202328:47
The Feminine Revolution In 2023

The Feminine Revolution In 2023

Our managers, sales leaders, sales training is all centered in the masculine. They tell you how to mirror, how to structure, how to achieve and that's what they want from you; which is why you stay codependent in their sales training. Which is why you lead one month, and burn out the next. 

Jan 19, 202323:21
Mackenzie A Simply Frosted Cake Boss

Mackenzie A Simply Frosted Cake Boss

Mackenzie is a woman who has found her calling.

She didn't just wake up one day and decide to start a cake business. It took years of thought and passion, but when she finally saw the opportunity, she knew it was time, and courageously jumped in! Fast forward, Simply Frosted By Mackenzie is now a national brand.

Mackenzie grew up in a house where her mother made cakes for the whole family—and for their friends, too. They had bridges, and water, and enchanted her childhood connecting magic and memories. Mackenzie shares the magic of how she intentionally infused family, memories, love and passion into her purpose of cake. As little girls, we are taught that we are not "too big" or "too much" to take up space in the world. Infusing legacy into our businesses is sometimes, our greatest desire. But, the clarity on "how" often feels entirely impossible. Tune in, because Mackenzie's big cake energy smashes everything to deliciousness and is an incredible reminder of what following your heart can open up. Her thrill and joy in this podcast is only a small tasting of what I know her heart to be. But it is so incredible to witness a woman's decision in moving toward the life she most passionately desired: Simply Frosted By Mackenzie.

As we grow older, we are faced with many questions about our purpose: What should I do with my life? How do I create something that makes me happy? Where can I find fulfillment?

A big part of how these questions can be answered through our hearts, through our most precious memories that define who we are as people. Mackenzie shares her story and how she found herself pursuing a career in cake design after years spent working behind-the-scenes in other industries.

That's how Simply Frosted by Mackenzie came into being: with love, patience and passion put into every single bite!

Take a big bite of sweetness right here, and order up some CAKE!!!

Her insta:  / @SimplyFrostedCake 

Jan 12, 202301:02:58
New Year & No New Trauma Response

New Year & No New Trauma Response

They will burn the bridge, then ask why you don’t visit. 

Five years from now, know you chose your life and didn’t settle for it. 

But before you get off to a brand new start rooted in a survival basis, lets really think about the type of energy we want to breathe into - before we get into any habits. 

The boundaries you’ve had, will not pave the way for the life that’s waiting for you. It will pave the way for the life you’ve experienced. 

Expenses can only get decreased so much, it’s also about what you’re doing to increase the income. 

Dreaming about the next level. 

Will get a lot more dreams. 

But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies skipping their way to their best life. 

It’s sacrifice. Vulnerability. It’s deep understanding. Consistent action. Leverage. Agility. Ruthlessness. It’s also about boundaries, self respect and accountability. 

It’s some of the hardest work many will do, because it’s not instant, and it requires something more. 

Something about digging deeper, asking questions you don’t want to answer will get you to places you’ve dreamt of. 

So if the new year has you feeling like you’re lacking a sense of joy, you may be trying to rebuild the bridge they destroyed, out of survival. 

Darling, trust me, it’s time to Rise, and we hope this helps to get you there! Join us in our free Facebook group for more content -

Jan 04, 202328:36
Miss America In Finance?

Miss America In Finance?

She's got many passions, none of which fit neatly into a dress. But, what do you do as a woman who has multiple layers of playing in the mud, and loving high heels and beauty at the same time? 

You rise into the richness of who you are by unapologetically embodying your truest self. While that changes every day, and you as an incredible woman evolve more than you are told is okay, or received - it is happening. Heres a story that encourages you to be all the "too much" and "too bossy"'s on the planet!

Dec 30, 202230:46
Delivering Real Estate Riches Like A Queen

Delivering Real Estate Riches Like A Queen

Its easy to dream the dream, but its a different story when it comes to bringing it to life. 

Meet Melissa, who professionally crafts American dreams come true for her clients by guiding them through the wild pieces of financial education, all the way to home ownership. Its easy to assume that everyone is finance is a certain way, but Melissa breaks the mold. 

Coming from a world that was all about staying small, Melissa demonstrates that breaking the mold and stepping into her courage truly delivers. Melissa is a powerhouse networker, compassionate human, mother, professional, an adventurous traveler, loan officer, and Financial Literacy expert, and I am so excited to have her brilliance shine today in The Queens Chambers.

Dec 09, 202247:60
Cuffing Season + How To Spot Toxicity In Relationship & Business

Cuffing Season + How To Spot Toxicity In Relationship & Business

Its cuffing season and you've met someone. You want to swoon, and things are going pretty well... I mean after all, there are signs around every corner that this is going to turn into something. 

But then, out of nowhere you get this nagging feeling, "Is this the real thing or am I just wasting away" 

We’ve all stayed with people we know aren’t right for us but choose to ignore the gut feeling. Yet at the same time all of these posts are popping up in insta and reddit and are shouting things that "could" fit, but couldn't it fit with everyone? They are triggering and can miscommunicate real pieces that are masked. 

Yet, on the other hand, we all have stay because it’s easier than being alone, we “should” like the other person, or we’re worried there won’t be anyone else. Maybe this person checks all the boxes, and mom and dad love him! But there’s just something missing. 

You know the breakup cliché “it’s not you; it’s me?” Well, sometimes, it’s not you, but it’s not me either; it’s the “us” that doesn’t work. Chemistry is unpredictable, and compatibility (or incompatibility) isn’t always something you can anticipate in life, in relationships or in business. It’s difficult to know something’s missing when you can’t put your finger on what it is, that's why we did this. 

The beginning of this conversation was an actual one with a girlfriend and fellow coach. We often have these back and forth around the frustration of the miscommunication many of the Insta posts we see. So, I decided that it was time to clear the cobwebs. After all, you shouldn't go into cuffing season without a smattering of understanding. 

Dec 02, 202233:27
How to slow down and find space in your life as a woman entrepreneur

How to slow down and find space in your life as a woman entrepreneur

  When we understand how to connect with the woman behind the business as much as the face of the business, things massively elevate. I believe the woman behind the business deserves just as much love and attention as the woman leading the business. Her emotions fed. Her body nurtured. Her fears understood and heard. Her heart fully threaded into her soul. 

But, when I started out in business, that was simply not the case. The exact opposite was true. I drove so hard I would crash my body into adrenal failure over and over again. I would hustle so much my hands would shake. My only thrill, or quenching? A record broken. A new height of the business obtained. 

Masculine much? 

Yes. Truth be told..I was raised by a marine, who believed working hard was the only way to clarity. 

This invitation you have in front of you is a movement to bring out your FULL range of feminine leadership. The leadership only you can access. The leadership that connects with boundaries, breath and boldly ( yet kindly ) declining things that are simply not in alignment for you. 

Oct 15, 202230:17
Healing Stress As An Entrepreneur

Healing Stress As An Entrepreneur

What is stress?

Stress is a natural part of life, but it can also have a negative impact on your wellbeing. The person who often appears calm and collected isn’t immune to the long-term effects of stress. Tensions from finances, friendships, and family life can feel like a permanent weight on your shoulders, affecting your mind and body. Over time, chronic stress can make you more vulnerable to mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Stress for an entrepreneur, is different. Stress for a female entrepreneur is also different. 

 It's no secret that men and women are different. But what makes us different?

When we look at men and women, it's easy to think in terms of physicality, (( Hubba Hubba you sexy thang!! ))  But what about the way we approach life? Do you ever feel like you're in a constant state of stress? Are you feeling more uncomfortable in your body than ever before? It may be time to take a step back and examine the way you approach life—because the way you live can have a major impact on how well your body functions, as well as how happy and satisfied you are with your life.

We all know that stress is bad for us: It can cause headaches, muscle tension, high blood pressure, and more. But did you know that stress can also lead to weight gain? And more importantly (no pun intended), stress can actually change our perception of ourselves. In other words, when we become stressed out about something that happens at work or with our family or friends, it changes how we view ourselves—and ultimately leads us down a path towards feeling less confident in our own skin.

So what's the solution? 

Spiritual practices —in understanding your spiritual depth, can alleviate so many layers of stress that may be appearing unconsciously in your life.

For example doing masculine things gets us good at being masculine.We all can see that as human animals, we just get better and better at doing what we habitually do.Masculine energy become greater, more masculine, through challenge. So, it thrives on CHALLENGE. Often, though, challenge creates a stress in the body that men who are masculine can become extremely skilled (and sexy) at dealing with.

The better men get at dealing with this, the hotter they are to us.

However, women who are born more feminine at their sexual core….our feminine energy doesn’t get enlivened with challenge or stress.It gets enlivened with praise, moved by love, inspired by feeling, makes small things big, and free flowing! Safe, healthy coping mechanisms to regulate stress can make a huge difference in your long-term health. Spiritual practices and understanding can alleviate tension that may be sabotaging your business as well. Listen for more as we unlock what is stressing you, and step through what is inspiring you to live, Rise, n' Reign! 

Jul 28, 202226:53
Milk, Honey and Persistence In Rising

Milk, Honey and Persistence In Rising

 I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly through insta, and I was immediately struck by how humble and grounded she was. She seemed like the most refreshing person you could meet. But when I sat down to speak with her, something far more extraordinary than I had ever imagined began to happen.

After over an hour of conversation, she mentioned that she had been a cancer survivor, community leader, and former yogi studio owner. Then, out of the blue, she shared her dream: to create an online platform where people who have overcome adversity can share their stories with others in similar situations.

It hit me like lightning! Her words and her energy needed to be seen by as many people as possible—and that's when I knew what my next project would be: a documentary about Kelly's journey from doula with a dream to entrepreneur! Her business partner Celia! After the birth of her first child, Celia was inspired to create a solution that would help babies in need—and in doing so, she found a sense of community and support.

With her courageous business partner, Ceila, this story of resiliency to being called toward something so much bigger is sure to inspire. Attending classes for the social aspect and kinship, Celia felt a strong sense of community and support.

While forming a sacred bond during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, Celia and Kelly set out to develop a solution to solve the disparities between infants with access to breast milk and those without.

Their website for more information:

Insta handle: @sharethedrop 

Jun 02, 202238:36
Understanding Change & Living As a Military Wife with Vickie Verbos

Understanding Change & Living As a Military Wife with Vickie Verbos

Vickie was a military wife for 29 years, where she deeply resonated and connected with her light, her rock, and her husband. She took great pride in building a life with him, as a mother, a wife and the glue that kept the family centered. After the tragedy that changed her life within 12 hours, her whole world was turned upside-down. Everything they had planned for, every dream, everything they worked so hard to build, within a single evening, was ripped away.

At that moment, many would succumb to pain, grief that would lock that person down for years to come. Instead, this is where Vickie’s adaptability and vision shifted. This moment, was no longer about someone else’s vision. This moment was a complete shift in her life where she rose to a personal passion of protecting others in the wake of tragedy. This kind of personal passion isn’t learned, it’s born.

Since that moment, she sought toward making an impact in ways that others avoided. Many wouldn’t talk about death, she would. Many wouldn’t talk about money, she would. Many wouldn’t be able to discuss what kind of needs they desired for themselves, she opened them up. Vickie didn’t live in finance. She recognized the sacrifice that her late husband, Robert had made for her in preparing and protecting her in ways that said, I love you, when he no longer could verbalize it. He took deep care in his family, and she wanted to shine this light onto others. After 29 years, of being a wife, she stepped into the most courageous thing a person could embody, caring for others as an advisor, financial coach and entrepreneur.

Supporting a loved one in the military, and balancing the stress. How Vickie turned many parts of her story into inspiration, we learn how she shifted her whole life and stepped into service. 

May 26, 202250:39
Why Gratitude Gives Me Hives

Why Gratitude Gives Me Hives

One of the side effects of being an entrepreneur is the forever lingering sense of dissatisfaction which we get surprised to learn leads to depression and sadness? In this episode. I don’t tell you to write notes of what you’re grateful for. Instead, I dig into the juicy parts of MORE.
Feb 14, 202224:21
Is Playing Small Sabotaging Your life?

Is Playing Small Sabotaging Your life?

Thinking small, feeling small, and playing small, shows up in many unsuspecting ways. Join us in a conversation shifting the perspective
Feb 04, 202226:51
Codependence in Business

Codependence in Business

An in depth perspective on codependent relationships in business and how it creates an impact on your world, your clients, and your growth potential.
Jan 28, 202245:49
Understanding Overwhelm in 2022

Understanding Overwhelm in 2022

Already exhausted from 2022, and in need of a vacation? Becoming or being a business owner can be the most enriching experience of our lives. Overwhelm beats us down into a pit of depression that is hard to dig out of. Let’s shift our perspective and let’s fall back in love with our lives, together, to reign.
Jan 21, 202236:18
Health& Wellness Hacks For The 7 Figures

Health& Wellness Hacks For The 7 Figures

I know we all want it ALL. 

The achievement. The romantics. The passion. The Business. The corner office. 

All of it. 

And when we are driving toward our goals, we tend to burn ourselves out with all of the "should"s of the day. We do this day in and day out, and all of the sudden, realize, shoot, I didn't take any time for myself today. I didn't meditate today. I spent 13 hours on my phone today. I am not happy. But I achieved in this area, so I "Should" be happy. But I'm not feeling it!! You now have this burden of worrying and it creates an experience of underlying tension that then, you pull into your relationship, back into your friendships, or into your business and sabotage. So, here are some ways I've learned that best have helped me in this journey!! 

Jan 29, 202017:30
Cheaters - Caught On Podcast

Cheaters - Caught On Podcast


What do you do? What are the characteristics? Should you have known? How could you protect yourself from this pain? Is it true? Once a cheater, always a cheater? 

In this episode with the guest appearance of Brendan King, CEO of a multimillion dollar company, entrepreneur, and dad - we explore, along with our host Rebecca. Rebecca is the CEO of Rise Reign Rule, a social media maven and Queen to her CEO King. Both Brendan and Rebecca have been cheated on. Have they cheated? Listen. Hear more. Lets pull the veil back on the cheaters and lets LEARN together. 

Jan 20, 202027:01
Boundaries But Not Bi%chy

Boundaries But Not Bi%chy

Boundaries are hard. 

The word itself is rigid and aggressive. Its an uncomfortable thing to do with family, as we become adult children. Its especially difficult to do with partners and friends. But, simply put, boundaries are what create the space for where you begin and your relationship begins. Or, where you begin and your business begins. Its a difficult space to create, but, if you want to Rise n' Reign this 2020 this is an imperative podcast for you. 

Boundaries are hard. 

Resentment is harder. 

Regrets are hardest. 

Jan 13, 202015:30
4 Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs

4 Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs

Hello All! 

Its one thing to be busy

Its another thing to actually be productive.

Productivity is a finicky thing, especially in this world that is constantly demanding our immediacy.

Ive compared notes with a few of my entrepreneur friends to find out what takes their game from reaction to production.

First, what is a productivity hack? Well, its geared to strengthen work ethic and provide efficiency. But, if youre one to listen to this podcast, you a re probably already pretty smart and driven. So, I add in a little spin of positivity to this mix. Most of the time,  when we are seeking to be more efficient, we think that this new focused and productive space will naturally make us more positive. Listen to this episode to find out more about my thoughts on this and how to leverage it to be a part of the making your life to be the most extraordinary beautiful space to grow! 

Jan 09, 202014:31
Fight Fight Fight - The Knock Down Drag Out

Fight Fight Fight - The Knock Down Drag Out

In relationships we all know, there are some aspects where we experience things that bug us. I mean, really bug us to enter into the dreaded fight. From triggers, to reacting saying we are "fine", in the episode of Rise Reign Rule, Brendan King and I discuss how to move forward after one of these battles. First, we stop calling them fights and instead call them collisions or "skipping stones". Secondly, we discuss the unique delineation between owning your own stories, or pointing the finger at your partner as the culprit.  Tune in yourself, or with your partner, and find your own breakthrough with us. 

Dec 29, 201927:27
Lets Talk Dirty.....REALLY DIRTY

Lets Talk Dirty.....REALLY DIRTY

Lets dig into all things dirty. Like Ambition. Like unapologetic goals. Like CRUSHING THE FUDGE outta 2020!! So, when we drive down into our goals, how do we even begin? Well, I'm sorry, but all these articles rising up about "Goal planning" saying, to make a goal, create a to-do list, is a bunch of shiitake mushrooms in my opinion. Ive been setting and smashing goals for about 7 years consistently now, and, that's not how I accomplished any of them. To do lists?  Really? Tune in HERE, to learn more, if you are the no bs, goal crushing, type of woman looking to RISE like she's never risen before, in 2020! 

Dec 27, 201911:19
Entrepreneur's Money & Making It Sexy

Entrepreneur's Money & Making It Sexy

Often times, as a financial advisor, I would find myself talking to business owners and Entrepreneurs that were simply LOST with money. Not because they aren't good with money. Thats definitely not what it was. It was simply that most of the resources online weren't crafted specifically for groups of individuals with inconsistent money. Meaning, that inconsistency is what serves us as entrepreneurs. And, lets be real, we all know we can make more money in our business than we can with any stock market ideas!! Inconsistent in the way that it can be large lump sums, it can be no money, it can be negative, who knows which way is up at that point!? So, here, we are going to touch on some of the topics of money. First, where to begin, how to build a foundation, all the way to being smart with what decisions you may be making! There are more episodes to come that will align and follow this episode up, but please understand since all people and business are different, these are generalities that we are touching on and I am not making any specific recommendations to you or your personal situation ( disclaimer there for all the legal aspects ). Lets dive into the sexy, the not sexy, and the everything in between!! 

Nov 21, 201929:03
Entrepreneur’s Relationship Toolcast

Entrepreneur’s Relationship Toolcast

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough as a single person. But, tack on a relationship? What? Are you crazy? Yes. We are. But what makes an entrepreneur relationship different? If you are an entrepreneur or just thinking of dating one, you’ll want to know the strategies inside. Beyond that? What happens if there are TWO OF YOU CRAZY thrill seeking, risk daring entrepreneurs. Does that change dynamics in relationships? The answer, and some strategies to help you - inside this episode!
Nov 13, 201921:05
The Balancing of Alpha & Femme

The Balancing of Alpha & Femme

The journey of balancing my alpha and my femme has been a process of mine as an entrepreneur and business owner. Here are some of the ways that I’ve found are best for women, to create some of the most powerful femme moves I’ve found to help me most, professionally.
Nov 07, 201927:04
Money Mindset & How We Reign Our Self Worth

Money Mindset & How We Reign Our Self Worth

Money mindset and how it sabotaging your life. Our force, the way we ran our household, has massive impact. Impact for the life of our children, how they understand money and understand abundance or lack. Scarcity is like a insidious virus, that we often times brush by without any regard. Now is the time to change that, by elevating your money mindset to a whole new level.
Oct 24, 201924:31