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Like a Bardess

Like a Bardess

By Rebecca Bardess

Stories of resilience, resourcefulness, and rambunctiousness with Bard and Indiepreneur, Rebecca Bardess, and guests.

Mostly clean, but some uncensored language and adult topics you might find in 15+ films (discussions of relationships, narcissism and abuse, etc). Individual episodes will be marked for adults only if necessary.
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How Federal Prison Unlocked Wisdom For Brad - Part 1

Like a BardessSep 04, 2023

How Federal Prison Unlocked Wisdom For Brad - Part 1

How Federal Prison Unlocked Wisdom For Brad - Part 1

Contains 18+ content and potential triggers.*

Lessons from Brad, A.K.A. SurvivorsPath on X/Twitter (where you can follow him for updates on his journey and training) about how Federal prison taught him the value of honesty and humility.

In this fascinating interview, Brad shares authentically about the flaws that led him to spend 5 years inside Federal prison, the lessons about everything from mindset to relationships to spirituality and philosophy that he gathered while paying the price for his mistakes, and how young men can make different decisions to learn these lessons without doing time.


*Trigger Warnings and Disclaimer

This episode, and the following episode (the interview is in two parts) contain topics that may be triggering to some people. If these trigger you, this isn't the podcast episode for you:

  • Depression and suicidal ideation
  • Crime
  • Cluster B personality disorders, and traits thereof
  • Abuse
  • Prison
  • Neglect and abandonment issues
  • Relationship issues

Also, please note that this podcast is for purposes of information and entertainment. Neither party is a qualified therapist, so any opinions expressed that relate to mental health or psychology are just opinions. If you feel you need help with these issues, please ask a qualified therapist.


Rebecca Bardess coaches indiepreneurs and others in the work from home space on how to live master their mindset, make money online, and live with a greater sense of meaning.

She specialises in helping men in their 20s and 30s to discover their superpowers, and use them for good, not evil.

To get Rebecca's FREE training on old school online marketing techniques that are currently being revived by a new generation, go to (not entirely politically correct, as the content is from multiple industry leaders a number of years ago so, again, not for you if easily triggered.)

This will also get you free access to Rebecca's online 'coffee shop' community: Clockerfly Nation.

If you'd like to get a free 7 day trial of Indiepreneur Academy Membership, go to

And if you're a man in your 20s or 30s, looking to kick off the floppy shoes of the clownery of past errors, and become a chivalrous king, you'll find info on Rebecca's high level group coaching course here:

Sep 04, 202301:10:02
INTERVIEW: Man with BPD says "Amber Heard is NOT all of us."

INTERVIEW: Man with BPD says "Amber Heard is NOT all of us."

Rebecca's website: Indiepreneur.Academy

Rebecca's blog:

Rebecca's Instagram:

Rebecca's twitter: @rebeccabardess


Mystery guest speaker (my boyfriend) shares his perspective on the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, in which it has emerged that Heard has both Histrionic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), from the perspective of someone who has BPD.


Contains discussions about: 

  • Personality disorders and mental health issues, including cPTSD. If this triggers you, DO NOT LISTEN.
  • Neither of us is a therapist, so this is just experience and opinion. If you need a therapist, you can find plenty of fully qualified therapists through this link. You will get 1 week of free therapy if you use this link
  • Adult subjects and adult humour. 18+ episode. Do not listen if offended by strong language or discussion of adult themes.
  • My romantic life and mental health. If we're related and that freaks you out, clearly do not listen. Seriously. Just bimble along with your day. This isn't for you. Also, we are talking about things that currently work for us. This does not mean they will always work, or that any of this is easy. It is a snapshot of where we are in our relationship right now. What you apply to your own relationship or mental health is entirely your decision, and we are providing this discussion for informational purposes only. Neither of us considers ourselves the fully risen cupcake.
  • Addiction, including heroin, alcohol, sex/pornography, etc. IMPORTANT: This includes talking about how addictions feel good. If you're early in recovery, this may not be for you. Make a well reasoned decision. If hearing the raw, real, and honest discussion will help you, that's fine, but if it will trigger you to want to indulge in an addiction, leave this for now.
  • Aggression and abusive behaviour associated with BPD, NPD, and other disorders.
Apr 29, 202201:12:30
Is It Bring Your Trauma To Work Day?

Is It Bring Your Trauma To Work Day?

Do you bring trauma to your work, without meaning to do so?

Life since 2020 has been traumatising for everyone, but we all bring our own flavour of trauma coping to every day, regardless of whether it's a Big News Day or a Tuesday. So, let's talk about it.


Like A Bardess Blog

Coaching info

❤ Therapy: Better Help (free week through this link)

N.B: I am not a therapist (see link above for those). I'm not diagnosing anything. It is your responsibility to find out more about your own mental health, and I am not attempting to treat any condition you may have. This is just a place to start thinking.

TRIGGER WARNING: Episode deals with different trauma responses. If you're not ready to consider trauma you may have experienced, this may not be the podcast for you. 

Apr 20, 202231:24
Is It BDE or BPD That Makes Pete Davidson Irresistible To Women?
Dec 16, 202101:03:44
How To Handle Psychological Clusters of Bees

How To Handle Psychological Clusters of Bees

If you've struggled with someone close to you having a Cluster B personality disorder (or if you've struggled with traits like these yourself) this theory could help you to understand better what is happening. 

For more training like this, go to my blog: Like A Bardess.

You can also go back over my podcast episodes and learn more about narcissism in particular.

If you're looking for a coach (business, creativity, mindset, or spirituality) you can book a free taster session with me by clicking the orange button at the bottom of this page and clicking the calendar. Pick a slot, and please show up on time. Ghosters will not be rescheduled. Please note that I am not a therapist. I'm a coach. More info available on my site. For info on therapists, see 'Trigger Warnings and Disclaimers'.


I am neither a therapist nor a doctor. This is not a replacement for a qualified therapist. If you need one, these people are great and there are many therapists there who specialise in Cluster B disorders, as well as help with cPTSD etc from abuse by people with these kinds of personalities: 

  • Therapists: If you go through that link, you'll get an extra week for free. 

There are many trigger warnings at the start of this podcast. Listen to them and decide whether or not to continue listening. You are an adult. You can leave any time you get triggered. If you think you may be in danger if you get triggered then do not listen. 

  • Recommended app: Finch. This is helpful both for people with these conditions and for people recovering from narcissistic abuse. Again, in my opinion. This is not a therapist or doctor's opinion. This is the opinion of a random Brit on the internet. 
Nov 02, 202155:58
Gabby Petito and Narcissistic Abuse

Gabby Petito and Narcissistic Abuse

My thoughts on the Gabby Petito case, why it's captured the attention of the public, what it tells us about domestic and narcissistic abuse, how reactive abuse shows up, and what we can learn from it to help heal wounds in society.

TRIGGER WARNING: Discusses the abuse and death of Gabby Petito, its impact on the public, issues involving sexism and racism, and narcissistic and domestic abuse.


If you are, or have been, affected by these issues here are some resources:

  • Helplines for domestic abuse
  • Therapy (confidential, can do it on an app on your phone)
  • I've personally found the Rootd app helpful for cPTSD/trauma related panic attacks. It's free
  • If you've been through a difficult time or a breakup, or are going through recovery from a bad habit or dependency, and you are ready for a fresh start, this free book may help: You Deserve A Fresh Start
  • If you've found yourself isolated through the pandemic, or have become isolated through a breakup, and are struggling with working from home, this free book is useful: Work From Home Without Feeling Alone
  • If you are interested in learning more about healthy masculinity and femininity, you might find my course Mystery & Mastery useful. It takes a spiritual approach, so may not be a fit if you're not on a spiritual path. And it speaks specifically about masculine and feminine energy, which may not work for you if you're non-binary. But if you can bring an open mind to it, it's pretty powerful.
  • If you've struggled with feeling th;at you may be a bit narcissistic (if it's problematic, use the therapy link above) this is the podcast I mentioned where I talk about that If All Narcissists Are Monsters, How Come All Superheroes Are Narcissists? That links to the podcast on my site. You can also just search for that in whichever podcast provider you use. Being a bit extra is a world away from being a danger to society, but it's wise to bring those traits in check young so that you can use your powers for good, not evil. Let's work on making sure nobody, including you, gets hurt.
Sep 23, 202152:36
$mart Money Talks Money Twitter With Rebecca Bardess
Jul 27, 202154:58
#005: Should You Be TikTok Famous?

#005: Should You Be TikTok Famous?

  1. Why people want fame
  2. The glamour vs the reality 
  3. Do you want fame or do you want reach and influence?
  4. How to get the needs identified in point 1 without fame.


About Rebecca Bardess

⭐️Find out more about Rebecca here:



⭐️Social network that pays - (Free, with optional paid upgrades)

⭐️Affordable system to build courses (also has an affiliate program) - (Free 7 day trial)

⭐️Only for TikTok famous people, or those who want the best on the market - (Free 28 day trial)


Further Study

⭐️If All Narcissists are Monsters, Why Are All Superheroes Narcissists?

⭐️Sex and Relationship Tips For The TikTok Generation

⭐️Kobe Bryant, Cancel Culture, and Accepting Our Flawsome Selves


*Full disclosure. These are affiliate links, so I will be paid if you get any version other than the free versions. If you become an affiliate, the same will be true for you. 

Feb 03, 202001:06:40
#004: Kobe Bryant, Cancel Culture, and Accepting Our Flawsome Selves

#004: Kobe Bryant, Cancel Culture, and Accepting Our Flawsome Selves


Kobe Bryant's 'complicated history' and Cancel Culture.
Ego and success.
How narcissists and empaths develop, and what they have in common.
How to handle imperfect people, including ourselves.

Narcissism test mentioned in the podcast. NOT DIAGNOSTIC.
Trigger Warnings
This episode contains content pertaining to:

Abuse and neglect
Narcissism, including narcissistic mothers

Find Out More About Rebecca Here
N.B. I am not a doctor or a psychotherapist. Everything in this podcast is provided for information purposes only as a starting point for your own research, and not to diagnose anyone. Where I suggest that public figures have narcissistic traits, this is not a diagnosis but an observation. It is pure opinion and is not intended to insult or as a last word on anyone's personality or mental state.
Jan 29, 202001:01:00
#003: Sex and Relationship Tips for the TikTok Generation. (Includes some 18+ Content)

#003: Sex and Relationship Tips for the TikTok Generation. (Includes some 18+ Content)

Sex and Relationship Tips for the TikTok Generation. Some of this content is 18+ so listeners' discretion is advised.

TikTok Tinder
Age Gap Relationships
Predators and Sex Workers
Porn and Hook-Up Culture's Effects on Relationships
Jan 18, 202053:34
#002: If All Narcissists Are Monsters, How Come All Superheroes Are Narcissists?
Jan 10, 202030:55
#001: Nell Gifford: 5 Lessons From A School Friend

#001: Nell Gifford: 5 Lessons From A School Friend

Helena Bonham Carter said of Nell Gifford, who died last month, and after whom she named her daughter:

"I didn’t see her enough to get irritated by her and perhaps I’m in danger of canonising her now. But she was a living legend and now she’s done the uncharacteristic thing of actually dying she deserves a little canonisation. St Nellie in her armour on a horse. But she’d hate that. What she’d like as a memorial is for us all to continue going on as she so strove to, in search of the wonder, marking but not ignoring the mess and cruelty of life." (The Guardian article is

When the living legend, Helena Bonham Carter, says that YOU were a living legend, it's safe to say that you made a pretty big splash on the planet. Nell did. 

I wish I could say I had never been irritated by her but, alas, we saw each other every day when we were both at our most irritating. We irritated each other to distraction on occasion, when we were at school in our early teens, but I also loved her and respected her very much.

The last time I saw her was about a year ago, at her circus. We had a little chat and caught up on old times. When I found out that she had died, I was devastated, but I'm so glad that in that last meeting I told her how much she inspired me and how proud I was of all she had achieved. If the Nell Stroud I knew as a child caught a glimpse of the Nell Gifford she would become, she would have been as awestruck by her future self as we all were. The clues to who she would become were right there in girlhood. 

This podcast doesn't canonise her. I cannot wield that sword as well as Helena. However, it shows the real person that I knew and tells the five key lessons that Nell taught me in her short and magnificent firework display of a life. I am so grateful to have known her. 



Jan 09, 202025:42