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By Beth Ferreira

Redeemed: Hard stories lived out in the goodness of God.
Narrative storytelling revealing the goodness of God through the grit of human experience.
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Breakthrough (Part 2) : Known

RedeemedApr 23, 2022

Breakthrough (Part 2) : Known

Breakthrough (Part 2) : Known

Christy experienced 3 major bipolar episodes from the age of 15 until her daughter was born in 2005. In part 2 of her story, God redeems all that was lost in the war. God redeems her motherhood, her work life, her purpose, and her ministry. God shows up in power, in process, and in people. 

Listen in on a discussion with host, Beth Ferreira, and Christy's family about mental health and how we can help those who are suffering. 

Apr 23, 202256:47
Breakthrough Part 1

Breakthrough Part 1

Christy Burke suffered from bipolar disorder. She experienced her first major episode as a teenager. Through her battle with bipolar disorder, Christy came to know Jesus, met her husband, and had a baby. Each episode pushed her deeper into a darkness she could not escape. Christy's mental health affected all those around her. Hear from her husband, Rob, her dad, and her sister as they walk through this harrowing story of darkness and light. 

Apr 17, 202238:38
de novo

de novo

de novo means, from the beginning

Trent's life didn't look like what his parent's dreamed.
He couldn't move, couldn't eat, would never grow
beyond the newborn developmental stage. Yet, he
lived! Far beyond what the doctor's thought, far
beyond what anyone thought would be possible.
Trent's life was nothing like anyone expected; but God
used him mightily. From the very beginning God
embedded in his DNA what would make Trent's life so
remarkable. His life was no accident, he was exactly
who God made him to be: a warrior, fiercely loved.

Apr 03, 202129:16
Mar 20, 202130:24


**This episode contains depictions of violence, including sexual violence.
This episode was recorded in conjunction with a breakout session on storytelling at Proclaim Truth.
How does God redeem a life spent in slavery? Rebekah (Bekah) Charleston was trafficked for 10 years as a teen and young adult. Her story of rescue and healing inspires thousands around the nation as a warrior, rather than a victim, for those still in bondage.
Bekah Charleston is a nationally respected leader and a dynamic public speaker whose story of survival, triumph, and determination has been featured in communities across the United States and at the national level by numerous media outlets including Deadline Crimes, Daystar, Dallas Morning News, and the New York Post. After enduring a decade of abuse and exploitation, she built a career dedicated to the empowerment of Survivors and focused on community collaboration at all levels. In 2013, she launched Bekah Speaks Out to provide customized training and consultancy services to law enforcement, service providers, and community leaders alike. Since then, she has earned degrees in criminal justice and criminology, filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Nevada over the legalized prostitution industry, and worked with senators to advocate for the Trafficking Survivors Relief Act which provides victims the opportunity to vacate or expunge federal convictions resulting from their victimization. She previously served as the executive director of a non-profit that provided emergency housing, advocacy, and customized care to sexually exploited individuals and their families where she managed daily operations, programming, and community outreach initiatives. She has been an active member of the Fort Worth and Dallas Human Trafficking Task Forces for several years, has been publicly recognized for her critical work in the anti trafficking field, and has delivered a passionate talk at TEDx entitled “Tragedy to Triumph” that focused on the importance of resilience.
In her current role, Bekah serves as the Strategic Initiatives Director at The Jensen Project, where she manages projects, partnerships and strategic initiatives that help fuel the end of sexual violence by identifying best practices and leveraging resources to raise the bar at a local and national level. Through her personal and professional platforms, she provides guidance and coaching for program development, strategic planning, and economic empowerment initiatives for survivors of trafficking. Dedicated to creating sustainable changes in policy, culture, and victim-centered responses, Bekah continues to educate audiences on the evolving dynamics of survival, from trauma to healing to community reintegration, and all of the challenges in between. In 2020, her advocacy efforts came full circle when Bekah herself was granted a full pardon by the President of the United States for crimes she was forced to commit during her victimization, reminding us all to hold steadfast to hope and to never stop fighting for justice. Speaking from the heart, she delivers a message of hope rooted in science, empathy, self empowerment, and transferable skillsets that every audience can grasp. Bekah’s goal is not only to change perceptions, but to leave a legacy that demonstrates the dignity and strength of Survivorship.
For more about Rebekah :
Proclaim Truth Conference :
Other Resources:
Music Written By Andrew Dean Piland ; Performed By Gold Coast; Produced By Gold Coast
Mar 13, 202146:11
Mar 06, 202131:44
Jan 23, 202135:46


****Please note: This episode is about suicide. There are descriptions and discussions that may be triggering or difficult for some listeners. After the suicide of her husband Mike, Deanna finds herself a widow and a suicide survivor. Hear her story of hope as she walks through the deep waters of grief and healing. THIS EPISODE IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF MIKE LOUGHMILLER. Resources :- Books    - A Grief Observed by CS Lewis - God Will Use This For Good by Max Lucado - Sowing in Tears by Heather Enright Scripture Hope: - General search on "hope" - Book of Ruth -Book of Job Suicide and Mental Health Resources: National Suicide Hotline National Association on Mental Illness Alliance of Hope : Suicide Loss Survivors Thank you to author and speaker Heather Enright. Proclaim Truth Conference Music Written By Andrew Dean Piland ; Performed By Gold Coast; Produced By Gold Coast
Nov 21, 202035:14
Sep 25, 202032:23


How does a family cope when they've been displaced from their homes, by not one, but two major disasters? Listen to the Ortiz family share how God's faithfulness has carried them through literal and figurative, life-altering storms. 

Jul 02, 202031:41
Jun 06, 202022:33


This week we hear from the front lines of the COVID19 pandemic on what God is doing!

May 12, 202028:57
May 01, 202007:14
May 01, 202015:45
Season 1 Promo
Apr 20, 202007:40