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Red Rice & Fina'denne'

Red Rice & Fina'denne'

By Jaybyrd Castro

A storytelling podcast where Jaybyrd navigates connection to his CHamoru heritage and the people from the Mariana Islands. Red Rice and fina’denne’ sauce is a dish that's staple to the CHamoru cuisine, and it's been part of our people for a long time. The rice is stained with achiote, and the fina’denne’ sauce gives traditional dishes like red rice, a pop—a taste that has you going back for more.

And like red rice and fina'denne', this podcast will talk story—but that’s the pop—that talk that’ll have you coming back for more.

Part of the Fina'denne' project
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Red Rice & Fina'denne'Sep 23, 2023

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What’s your red rice story?
Oct 10, 202221:20