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ReFi Podcast

By John Ellison

The regenerative finance movement in web3 offers hope to both the climate conscious and the crypto-curious. At the intersection of these two unlikely worlds lies an ecosystem of innovation answering "How do we redesign money and heal the earth?"
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Regeneration, AI & Consciousness with Matt Cyrankiewicz │Season 3 Episode 3

ReFi PodcastSep 19, 2023

The Power of Climate Data with Sid and Osho Jha from dClimate │ Season 3 Episode 13 🎧

The Power of Climate Data with Sid and Osho Jha from dClimate │ Season 3 Episode 13 🎧

Come on a journey with John from ReFi DAO in an engaging episode with Sid and Osho Jha, founders of Arbol and dClimate. The Jha brothers share the story of creating organizations that leverage climate data for impactful solutions. Learn about Arbol's pioneering parametric insurance for farmers and dClimate's role in developing an open data platform that simplifies complex data analysis and application building. 

The discussion also covers CYCLOPS, a satellite imagery-driven platform for monitoring nature-based solutions, and Egis, a climate risk assessment tool applied to cities like New York. This episode is a deep dive into how these initiatives are shaping new markets and industries in the realm of regenerative finance and environmental data innovation. Tune in to explore the future of climate data utilization and its potential in local and global communities. 

In this episode you will:

🌱 Explore the innovative journey of Arbol and dClimate, led by the Jha brothers, and their impact on farming and environmental data analysis.

🛰️ Dive into the functionalities of Cyclops and Egis, groundbreaking tools using satellite imagery and climate risk assessment for real-world applications.

🌍 Understand the significance of these platforms in shaping regenerative finance, pioneering new markets, and empowering community-driven environmental solutions.

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Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:01:06] Introduction

[00:04:09] The Big Picture of dClimate

[00:10:07] The AHA Moment for Osho

[00:15:14] The Motivation to Build CYCLOPS

[00:25:34] Building Carbon 2.0 at CYCLOPS

[00:36:44] People’s Response to dClimate

[00:40:59] Implementing Open Source and Open Data in dClimate and CYCLOPS

[00:46:00] What is Eges and How Does It Work?

[00:51:35] What’s Coming Next for Climate Data?

[01:00:04] The Roadmap for Decentralization at dClimate

[01:03:16] Getting Involved


#Podcast #ReFiPodcast #CarbonMarkets #cClimate #CarbonCredits #ClimateImpact #ClimateAction

Nov 28, 202301:08:09
AI Co-pilots For Voluntary Carbon Markets with Niklas Terrahe from Ivy Protocol │ Season 3 Episode 12 🎧

AI Co-pilots For Voluntary Carbon Markets with Niklas Terrahe from Ivy Protocol │ Season 3 Episode 12 🎧

Join John in this episode of the ReFi Podcast as he chats with Niklas Terrahe, the dynamic mind behind Ivy Protocol. In this episode, we delve into the intricate world of the voluntary carbon market, exploring its challenges, limitations, and the significant opportunities it presents in today's era.

Throughout the episode, we unfold the multifaceted nature of the environmental asset market, underscoring the urgent need for collaborative and scalable solutions. These solutions are crucial for instilling confidence and trust, thereby facilitating the timely deployment of capital in this critical sector.

This episode is not just an exploration of a market segment; it's a journey into the heart of environmental economics and the innovative strategies shaping its future. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation. If you find value in our show, consider leaving us a five-star review. 

In this episode you will:

🌐 Gain a comprehensive understanding of the voluntary carbon market, including its current challenges and potential opportunities.

💡 Learn about Ivy Protocol's innovative approach, particularly its new co-pilot tool, which leverages a large language model to simplify complex carbon market data for users.

🚀 Hear first-hand from Niklas Terrahe about his entrepreneurial journey, the lessons learned, and his significant contributions to evolving the environmental asset market.

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:01:02] Introduction

[00:02:20] Who is Niklas Terrahe?

[00:06:56] The Epiphany Moment

[00:08:08] What Is Ivy Protocol?

[00:09:46] The Challenges In The Carbon Markets

[00:12:02] The Criticisms Towards The Voluntary Carbon Market

[00:14:51] Mangroves and Blue Carbon

[00:18:42] How To Start A Mangrove Restoration Project

[00:23:51] IA Co-piloted Regeneration 

[00:30:34] The Process Of Building the AI Co-pilot

[00:35:25] The Legacy Market & The Digital Native Asset Issuance

[00:40:34] Unlocking The Next Stage Of Evolution

[00:45:32] Aligning Nature With Our Economy

[00:53:00] The Ivy Protocol Team

[00:54:55] Supporting Ivy Protocol On Their Journey


#Podcast, #ReFiPodcast, #CarbonMarkets, #IvyProtocol, #EnvironmentalEconomics, #SustainableSolutions, #ClimateAction

Nov 21, 202356:56
The Ecological Benefits Framework with Douglas Gayeton and Monty Bryant │ Season 3 Episode 11 🎧

The Ecological Benefits Framework with Douglas Gayeton and Monty Bryant │ Season 3 Episode 11 🎧

In this episode, John Ellison welcomes Douglas Gayeton from The Lexicon and Monty Merlin from ReFi DAO as they embark on an insightful journey into the Ecological Benefit Framework (EBF), a collaborative effort involving over 200 organizations worldwide. This episode delves into the six specific benefits identified by the EBF, showcasing how projects globally can contribute to positive environmental change.

The discussion further explores how the EBF seamlessly integrates various forms of capital, such as compliance and grants, to create a unified direction for global initiatives aimed at ecological improvement. John, Douglas, and Monty engage in a thought-provoking dialogue, emphasizing the potential of the EBF to inspire collaboration among people from diverse backgrounds, all working towards a shared vision of a better future. 

In this episode, you will:

🌍 Discover the Ecological Benefit Framework (EBF) and its impact in bringing together over 200 organizations to identify six crucial benefits for worldwide ecological initiatives.

🤝 Understand the connection between EBF and ESG standards, and how they work together to promote sustainable development.

💡 Gain insights from Douglas Gayeton and Monty Merlin on the importance of various forms of capital, like compliance and grants, in advancing positive environmental change

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:00:56] Introduction

[00:01:58] What Is EBF And What Is It For?

[00:08:39] Monty’s Journey Building EBF

[00:10:49] The Response to EBF

[00:15:03] A New Framework to Measure Impact

[00:18:23] Use Case For EBF: Biochar & Biodiversity

[00:23:38] A Digital Handshake For The Planet

[00:30:41] How Can EBF Be Valued From A Financial Perspective 

[00:34:58] Financing Ecological Benefits: The Simulator With The Lexicon

[00:40:57] The Connection Between ReFi And EBF

[00:43:40] The Role Of Blockchain In The Implementation Of EBF

[00:52:52] Where Is EBF Heading

[00:55:55] The ReFi Local Node Model & EBF

[01:01:20] The Participatory Guarantee System

[01:04:12] The Connection Between ReFi And EBF

[01:04:45] Douglas’ Secret Sauce

[01:08:21] A New Opportunity

If you enjoy the episode, don't forget to leave us a 5-star review! 🌟 Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening and let us know what you think.

#Podcast, #ReFiPodcast, #EcologicalBenefitFramework, #ReFi, #RegenerativeFinance, #Environment, #ChangeMakers

Nov 14, 202301:13:25
Rising From The Depths - Andy Kirchner’s Story Of Regeneration In Curaçao │ Season 3 Episode 10 🎧

Rising From The Depths - Andy Kirchner’s Story Of Regeneration In Curaçao │ Season 3 Episode 10 🎧

Welcome to a special episode of the ReFi Podcast. In this brand new format "Regenerative Stories," we dive deep into the lives of the leaders in the regenerative finance movement, exploring the profound concept that personal healing and global sustainability are two sides of the same coin.

In today's episode, we journey with Andy Kirchner, from his early years grappling with identity amidst different cultures in Holland and Curaçao, to a terrible accident that reshaped his perspective on life. We follow Andy as he turns pain into purpose, rediscovering himself and becoming an integral part of a regenerative movement that is not just about the environment but also about nurturing our inner selves.

In this episode, John invites you to pause, listen, and reflect on your own journey of regeneration within. This condensed format is designed to engage you with the pivotal moments of Andy's story, encouraging you to consider how you can contribute to the collective mission of creating a more beautiful world inside and out.

In this episode, you will:

🌟 Discover the Power of Personal Regeneration: Learn how Andy transformed his personal traumas into a force for ecological and community healing, embodying the true spirit of regeneration

🌿 Explore the Intersection of Inner Work and Environmental Action: Dive into discussions that challenge the conventional approach to sustainability, emphasizing the importance of our internal motivations and the energy we bring to our work.

🤲 Be Inspired to Act with a Regenerative Heart: Gain insights into how you can integrate the principles of regenerative living into your own life, fostering wellness for yourself and the planet.

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:00:58] Introduction to Regenerative Stories

[00:03:04] Andy’s Life Growing Up

[00:06:07] “I Was Born Poor, And I Will Die Poor”

[00:06:27] The Day When Everything Changed

[00:13:02] Give Yourself The Time To Breathe

[00:13:44] Fighting With The Demons

[00:18:14] Acts Of Service

[00:18:44] The Recycled Pirate 

[00:22:31] A Moment To Think With Your Hands

[00:23:49] Getting Started In Web 3

[00:26:00] Building Kolektivo

[00:28:16] “Don’t Fight What You Can’t Win” 

If you enjoy the episode, don't forget to leave us a 5-star review! 🌟 Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening and let us know what you think.


#Podcast #ReFiPodcast #RegenerativeStory #InnerRegeneration #RegenerativeJourney #HealingHeart #ReFiStories

Nov 08, 202332:33
Community, Capital and Regeneration with Philip Stehlik and Lena Bumke │Season 3 Episode 9 🎧

Community, Capital and Regeneration with Philip Stehlik and Lena Bumke │Season 3 Episode 9 🎧

In this episode of the ReFi Podcast, host John Ellison sits down with Lena Bumke from Greatherthan, and serial entrepreneur and investor Philip Stehlik. Together, they discuss their shared vision for a regenerative future and explore the ways in which they are working towards creating a better world.

The conversation touches on topics such as decentralized models, decision-making, governance, and our relationship to money. The goal is to help bridge the gap between different sectors of society that need to work together to realize a regenerative future.

In this episode you will:

👐 Learn about the shared vision for a regenerative future held by our guests, Lena Bumbke and Philip Stehlik, and how they are actively working towards creating a better world.

🌱 Gain insights into the importance of organizational design, system thinking, and scalable solutions, as well as the role of decentralized models and governance in achieving a regenerative future.

🌎 Hear about the experiences and lessons learned by our guests in their respective fields, and how these can be applied to bridge the gap between different parts of society to create a united front for regeneration.

If you enjoy the episode, don't forget to leave us a 5-star review! 🌟 Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening and let us know what you think.

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:00:39] Introduction

[00:02:49] Lena’s Personal Journey

[00:07:25] Who is Philip Stehlik?

[00:12:41] Building Regenerative Organizational Systems

[00:16:06] Taking a Break From the Treadmill

[00:19:18] Community Buiding Between Life And Work

[00:24:50] Organizations Dealing With People’s Wounds and Traumas

[00:29:50] Inner Regeneration And Working On Regenerative Systems

[00:38:10] Tough Times For ReFi 

[00:41:15] What’s Coming Next?

[00:33:20] Money: The Primary Coordination Vehicle

[00:44:15] Is the Venture Capital Model Fit For ReFi?

[00:55:21] Pieces of Advice For Early Stage Founders

[00:59:03] The Future Is Now

#RegenerativeFuture #Sustainability #OrganizationalDesig #ClimateSolutions #Podcast #ReFiPodcast #RegenerativeFinance,

Nov 02, 202301:01:31
Building Regenerative Villages with Samuel Delesque │Season 3 Episode 8 🎧

Building Regenerative Villages with Samuel Delesque │Season 3 Episode 8 🎧

Yo ReFi Nation! In this episode of the ReFi Podcast, John Ellison of ReFi DAO sits down with Sam Delesque, a visionary software engineer turned regen village builder. 🛠️ 

Sam shares his incredible journey of transforming the Traditional Dream Factory (TDF), located in Abela, just an hour and a half south of Lisbon, into a regenerative co-living and co-working space. 🌱 Nestled in nature, TDF is an eco-friendly haven, complete with a permaculture farm that has seen the planting of hundreds of trees in collaboration with the local village of Abela.

We dive deep into Sam's philosophy and the Frontier Project at TDF, exploring how they are redefining the concept of ownership and embracing stewardship in today's age of regeneration. 🌏

Also, don't miss out on our upcoming ReFi Week from October 27th to November 3rd at TDF! Join us and a host of leaders in the ReFi space as we delve into the future of sustainable living. 📅

Register now:

If you enjoy our content, please consider leaving us a five-star review. Your support is greatly appreciated! 🌟

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:00:48] Introduction

[00:03:22] Guided Meditation

[00:06:09] Money's Shift: From Degenerative Finance to Regenerative Crypto with OASA

[00:07:33] The Big Picture of Oasa: From Ownership to Stewardship

[00:10:18] Oasa & TDF: What? How? And For Whom?

[00:13:21] How To Get Involved with the Traditional Dream Factory

[00:16:00] The Story Behind Starting a Network Of Villages

[00:18:14] Balancing Life Between Web3 and Nature

[00:21:30] The Story of Separation

[00:24:03] Building Closer & TDF

[00:33:20] The Problems Of The Land In Abela

[00:37:29] Sam’s Personal Journey 

[00:43:08] Changing The Root Characteristics Of Money

[00:45:08] Nature Backed Society

[00:48:39] Capital Moving Towards a Regenerative State

[00:50:31] Getting Involved

[00:51:48] Upcoming: ReFi Week At TDF

[00:53:35] Sam’s Work and What’s Next

#RegenerativeLiving #Sustainability #Permaculture #CoLiving #Podcast #ReFiWeek

Oct 24, 202355:42
Liquid Climate Finance with Stenver Jerkku & Rez Tammsaar of Solid World │Season 3 Episode 7 🎧

Liquid Climate Finance with Stenver Jerkku & Rez Tammsaar of Solid World │Season 3 Episode 7 🎧

Join John Ellison of ReFi DAO, as he sits down with Stenver and Rez from Solid World, two incredible humans and entrepreneurs revolutionizing the landscape of climate finance.  Their groundbreaking approach allows climate projects to receive financing at inception, eliminating the waiting game of traditional carbon credit systems. Discover how Solid World leverages Web3 technologies to craft a dynamic, efficient market, addressing the needs of project developers, brokers, corporate buyers, and capital providers. This episode sheds light on the importance of transparency and trust in the ReFi world while exploring the methodologies that Solid World employs to gauge risk and expand their impact beyond the voluntary carbon market.

In this episode, you will:

🌟 Discover how Solid World's innovative financing model empowers climate projects from the get-go, eliminating the prolonged wait tied to carbon credits.

🖥️ Unravel the potential of Web3 Technologies in creating a transparent, efficient market, tailored to meet the diverse needs of the climate finance ecosystem.

💡 Gain insights into the methodologies and strategies Solid World utilizes to evaluate risk and broaden their reach beyond the confines of the voluntary carbon market.

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:00:46] Introduction

[00:02:31] Who is Stenver Jerkku?

[00:05:20] Who is Rez Tammsaar?

[00:06:53] The Limitations of the Current Financial Instruments

[00:10:00] Solid World: How Does It Work And Who Is It For

[00:13:48] Liquidity & Trust

[00:16:11] From Order Books to Web3

[00:18:52] Using Market Activity to Set Liquidity Pool Parameters

[00:20:03] Redefining Carbon Markets

[00:22:09] Building Resilient Systems: The Robustness of Crisp-M

[00:29:46] The Origins of ReFi: Myanmar 1764 and TreeCoin

[00:38:09] The CRISP Framework and the Pursuit of Transparent Climate Action

[00:44:50] Assessing Carbon Credit Risk and Ensuring Quality

[00:42:01] Commitment, Innovation, and the Current State of the Market

[00:56:16] Navigating the Digital Frontier

#RegenerativeFinance, #RegenerativeFuture, #ReFiInnovation, #ClimateAction, #MangroveRestoration, #CryptoBearMarket, #GRiSFramework, #CleanEnergy, #BiodiversitySupport, #ClimateCrisis

Oct 17, 202359:20
Internet of Impact IXO & ReFi Cape Town with Shaun Conway & Shawn Alimohammadi │Season 3 Episode 6 🎧

Internet of Impact IXO & ReFi Cape Town with Shaun Conway & Shawn Alimohammadi │Season 3 Episode 6 🎧

Welcome, ReFi Nation! Join us as we unfold a dialogue focused on vision, impact, and technology in today’s episode, featuring distinguished guests, Dr. Shaun Conway and Shawn Alimohammadi from IXO.

Delve deep with us into a conversation where technology meets impact, and dreams align with actionable systems. Dr. Conway, a visionary since 2008, has been at the forefront, harboring the dream of a tokenized impact economy within the robust framework of the Cosmos ecosystem. With his profound experience in development and aid, he’s witnessed the power and potential of decentralized ledgers as enablers of a new world where harmony between people and planet isn’t just a utopian fantasy but a tangible reality.

Joining him is Shawn Alimohammadi, a pioneer of the ReFi Local Node movement, actively participating in sowing the seeds of regeneration in Cape Town. Shawn brings to the table not just expertise but a commitment to inviting and engaging local leaders in this transformative vision of a regenerative future.

In this episode you will:

🌱 Explore Revolutionary Systems: Understand the underlying logic and innovative mechanics of IXO’s groundbreaking blockchain system built on the Cosmos SDK, specifically designed for the tokenized impact economy. 

🔗 Witness Technological Intervention: Delve into the exciting intersection of blockchain, distributed ledgers, and artificial intelligence as crucial tools for verification and acceleration of impact claims. 

🌍 Gain Insight into Global Impact Movements: Discover first-hand the experiences and stories of Dr. Shaun Conway and Shaun Alimohammadi, from their initial visions to the practical implementation of Local Node movements and regeneration initiatives worldwide.


00:00 - Teaser
00:50 - Introduction
4:38 - Meditation
7:44 - The Tokenized Impact Economy
10:54 - We don't know what matters for planetary health
13:00 - A Public, Verifiable Proof of Making Good in the World
19:20 - The Local Currencies Experiment
22:55 - Presenting IXO
34:11 - Why Would a Project Choose IXO?
48:11 - What is Coming Next for IXO?
55:14 - The Culture of ReFi Cape Town
1:03:57 - How Can You Access the Power of IXO?

#regenerativefinance, #regenerativefuture, #permaculture, #environment, #assetmarket, #refi, #web3, #climatechange, #blockchain, #blockchainforgood, #refipodcast, #regeneration

Oct 10, 202301:13:51
Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion with Gilberto Morishaw │Season 3 Episode 5

Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion with Gilberto Morishaw │Season 3 Episode 5

Buckle up as we venture on a deep, introspective journey in Episode 5 with our guest Gilberto Morishaw, head of Impact, Equity, and Inclusion at Kolektivo.

Gilberto Morishaw isn’t just another guest; he is a lifelong friend and an individual whose views on regeneration, diversity, equity, and inclusion are profound and enlightening. Gilberto is actively orchestrating change on the ground in his home country, Curaçao. With roots deeply embedded in the island and a current residence in the bustling city of Amsterdam, his unique viewpoint offers invaluable insights into the holistic approach to regeneration.

In this episode you will:

🌱 Gain deep insights into the holistic approach of regeneration through the unique perspective of Gilberto.

🚀 Embark on a journey of self-reflection and exploration as both John and Gilberto delve into their personal motivations, biases, and shadows. 

🌍 Learn about the end goals and the envisioned “end state” of the collective mission of regeneration that individuals and communities globally are pursuing.

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:01:13] Introduction

[00:02:21] Meditation and alignment

[00:06:25] Building regenerative communities

[00:11:04] Tokenization and regenerative systems

[00:14:24] Justice, equity, diversity, inclusion 

[00:19:57] Diversity and innovation in economics 

[00:22:39] Going fast, not going deep

[00:26:10] Urgency and doom in climate crisis

[00:29:59] Conservation and indigenous stewardship 

[00:34:43] Dancing with the devil in capitalism 

[00:38:53] Web3 and public verifiable impact

[00:42:24] Redefining wealth

[00:45:18] Transitioning economic systems for equity

[00:48:15] Overcoming comfort for future growth 

[00:52:07] Holding yourself in love 

[00:56:25] Lack of end state

[00:59:03] Mainstreaming blockchain technology

[01:03:20] Inclusion and regeneration

[01:06:19] The world is changing












Oct 03, 202301:07:42
Ultragreen Money with Tim Moreton │Season 3 Episode 4

Ultragreen Money with Tim Moreton │Season 3 Episode 4

We're thrilled to bring you a deep dive with the extraordinary Tim Moreton. With a PhD in computer science from Cambridge University and an impressive tenure as the principal engineering manager at Apple he was drawn to cLabs by the intricate technical challenges and the compelling mobile-first approach of Celo's mission.

Together with John Ellison from ReFi DAO he uncovers the nuances of Ultragreen money, Celo's vision for a sustainable financial future, and the technical feats required to make it a reality.

In this episode you will:

  • Discover Celo's unique approach to finance, anchored in its Ultragreen Money initiative, and how it intersects with impactful climate projects.

  • Uncover the challenges and benefits of transitioning to an Ethereum layer two using the OP stack.

  • Gain insights into the evolution of scalable, carbon-negative blockchains and their broader implications for the world of decentralized finance.

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:00:42] Introduction

[00:02:32] Welcoming Tim Moreton

[00:09:18] cLabs and the broader Celo ecosystem

[00:19:01] The Success of Impact Market

[00:24:50] Ultragreen Money

[00:32:47] Celo’s ransition to an L2 on Ethereum

[00:39:40] Ecosystem Growth Through Ethereum

[00:45:00] Deploying a project on Celo

[00:48:20] When is the L2 Coming?

[00:50:30] Why Should People be Bullish on Celo?

[00:52:10] How to get involved












Sep 26, 202355:20
Regeneration, AI & Consciousness with Matt Cyrankiewicz │Season 3 Episode 3

Regeneration, AI & Consciousness with Matt Cyrankiewicz │Season 3 Episode 3

In this episode, Matt Cyrankiewicz of Future Horizon sits down with John Ellison of ReFi DAO as they dive into an enlightening conversation about shaping a brighter, collective future. Matt and John passionately discuss Future Horizon's mission to unify community leaders and catalyze positive transformation. As we grapple with monumental challenges like climate change, it's evident that collaboration is the key. Journey with us as listeners are prompted to envisage their individual roles in the "symphony of regeneration." Discover how every act, regardless of its magnitude, can ignite significant change.

In the second episode of Season 3 you will:

  • Discover the power of collective action and how community leaders are spearheading transformative change for our planet.

  • Explore the profound value of deep human connections, challenging the modern norms of isolation and individualism.

  • Gain insights into building resilient communities rooted in love, care, and the essentials of genuine fulfillment beyond material gains.

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:01:06] Introduction

[00:03:24] Breath awareness exericse

[00:07:06] Double exponential growth of technology

[00:10:01] Humanity's drive for consciousness

[00:13:28] Meaning of being human

[00:19:45] Lack of spirituality and imbalance

[00:22:37] Redefining Success and Satisfaction

[00:26:37] Tulum meets Star Wars

[00:29:00] FutureQuest and bridging worlds

[00:34:42] AI peaking as a wave

[00:37:52] Becoming a solopreneur's copilot.

[00:40:02] Offering cheaper services and experimentation

[00:45:30] Regenerative innovation hub

[00:48:22] Long-term threads of hope

[00:52:52] How can we escape metacrisis?

[00:56:18] Communities of care and regeneration

[01:00:23] Bringing species back

[01:04:37] Building an innovation hub

[01:06:17] FutureWorks and building communities












Sep 19, 202301:06:07
Environmental Asset Markets and Community Impact with Sarah Baxendell │Season 3 Episode 2

Environmental Asset Markets and Community Impact with Sarah Baxendell │Season 3 Episode 2

Join John Ellison of ReFi DAO as he sits down with a true pioneer in the ReFi space, Sarah Baxendell of Regen Network. Sarah's journey is as diverse as it is inspiring, with roots in finance, supply chain management, and hands-on experiences in permaculture landscapes across eight enriching seasons. As the global environment faces daunting challenges, Regen Network is at the forefront, developing cutting-edge technology to bolster the environmental asset market with unwavering integrity. Together, they navigate the innovations of Regen Network, highlighting breakthroughs, challenges, and the pressing gender imbalance in blockchain. 

Dive into this heartfelt conversation that not only spans technological feats but also emphasizes our collective role in Earth's regeneration. Immerse, reflect, and join our journey to make impactful changes together.

In the second episode of Season 3 you will:

  • Dive deep into Sarah Baxendell's multifaceted journey, from her hands-on involvement in permaculture to leading innovations in the refi space.

  • Uncover Region Network's pivotal role in environmentally-driven asset market innovation.

  • Delve into the conversation on gender disparity in blockchain and the push for inclusivity.

Time Stamps:

[00:00:00] Teaser

[00:00:40] John’s Intro

[00:02:05] Sarah's background and journey

[00:08:47] Occupy Wall Street

[00:13:31] Reclamation of 107 acres of land

[00:17:37] Regen Network's mission

[00:19:04] Creating global climate action

[00:23:38] Creating new income sources

[00:25:54] Keystone species and biodiversity

[00:31:00] Unique Regen Registry and scientific methodologies

[00:34:09] Interchain carbon paradigm

[00:36:15] Regenerative finance and blockchain

[00:40:06] Trust and growth in the ecosystem

[00:44:26] Data provenance and higher quality assets

[00:47:41] Permissionless credit class functionality

[00:50:38] App developer ecosystem emerging

[00:54:09] DAOfication of the core network

[00:57:05] Ecology and community of creators

[01:00:14] Women in the blockchain world

[01:04:37] Lack of women representation

[01:08:33] Women feeling unseen and unappreciated

[01:12:29] Feminine and masculine energy

[01:17:18] Blockchain as the cultural wave

[01:20:09] Forming community through chaos

[01:23:11] What it means to be human














Sep 12, 202301:25:45
AI, Nature and Web3: The Path to a Regenerative Society with Monty Merlin │Season 3 Episode 1 🎧

AI, Nature and Web3: The Path to a Regenerative Society with Monty Merlin │Season 3 Episode 1 🎧

In this thought-provoking episode, John and Monty explore the challenges and opportunities of creating a sustainable world. With a focus on impact and verifiable proof, they discuss the potential for a commercially viable business that tells the story of change. From rebuilding our lives to redefining what family means, they uncover the power of facing our shadows and taking action. Discover the narrative that propels us forward and find hope in the incredible solutions and networks that can make a real difference. 

Molded by familial values and academic pursuits in Bristol, Monty immersed himself in integrated management, innovation, and startup strategies. An early tech enthusiast, he recognized the lack of environmental focus in the Web 3 ecosystem. Today, he's a strong voice in the ReFi movement, working to harness the transformative power of AI and web 3 to foster a greener future through ReFi DAO and ReFi London.

In the premiere episode of Season 3 you will:

  • Uncover the capabilities of AI and Web3 in decentralizing our globe

  • Understand the dream of a Regenerative Earth

Witness how communities are forging regenerative societies


[00:00:00] Welcome to ReFi Podcast Season 3! 

[00:01:35] Community-owned network of storytellers

[00:03:08] Who is John Ellison?

[00:04:28] ReFi Podcast Recap 

[00:06:07] Intro to Source Studios

[00:06:55] Season 3 Overview

[00:08:28] John’s Personal Awakening 

[00:09:28] Motivations and Impact 

[00:14:32] Rewilding and conservation efforts 

[00:17:17] Global environmental tipping points

[00:21:59] Propelling towards making a difference 

[00:25:23] What does it mean to be human? 

[00:27:10] Redesigning models of growth 

[00:29:29] Web 3 and AI governance 

[00:33:31] Regenerative Renaissance and a New Story 

[00:36:08] Regenerative economics and society

[00:40:30] ReFi DAO and its potential 

[00:43:18] A new bottom-up grassroots society 

[00:45:15] Local communities and regeneration 

[00:48:39] Creating space for regeneration










Sep 07, 202349:05
ReFi Podcast S3 — Trailer

ReFi Podcast S3 — Trailer

🌍 Unveiling a New Chapter of Regeneration and Web3 🌍

Get ready for the third season of ReFi Podcast as we dive into the next chapter of regeneration, Web3 technology, and positive impact. Our mission remains steadfast: to reshape the world by harnessing the power of decentralized networks, innovation, and collaboration.

🎙️ In Season 3, we explore groundbreaking ideas, connect with visionary leaders, and share insights that shape the future. From discussions on the potential of network states to unraveling the complexities of global coordination, each episode invites you to be part of the conversation driving change.

🌐 Join us as we bridge the gap between online communities and real-world impact, weaving together diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives. This season, we're taking a closer look at the fusion of technology and sustainability, with our eyes firmly set on building a regenerative future.

🚀 Whether you're a Web3 enthusiast, an advocate for positive change, or simply curious about the intersection of technology and impact, Season 3 has something for everyone. Our guests share their insights, experiences, and visions, inspiring listeners to explore new horizons and take action.

🔔 Don't miss out on this exciting season! Subscribe to ReFi DAO's YouTube channel, hit the notification bell, and be the first to catch each episode as we journey together towards a more regenerative and interconnected world.

🎉 Join us on this adventure of innovation, collaboration, and positive change. It's time to rewrite the narrative and shape the future we want to see. Stay tuned for Season 3 of ReFi DAO!

👉 Subscribe now

🌐 Learn more about ReFi DAO and join our community:

🙏🏼 Supported by Celo Foundation ( and Climate Collective (

Let's regenerate the world, one episode at a time! 🌿

#ReFiDAO #Web3 #Regeneration #PositiveChange #Decentralization #Innovation #Collaboration

Aug 29, 202305:33
To network state or not to network state with Monty Merlin

To network state or not to network state with Monty Merlin

In this podcast episode, John Ellison is joined by Monty Merlin, collaborator at Refi Dao and good friend from the UK, to discuss the concept of a network state and its potential impact on regenerating the Earth. They explore the idea of decentralizing online communities into physical local communities to acquire land, take action, and gain diplomatic recognition. They address the tensions and conflicts that arise when bringing powerful coordination technologies into the real world. Monty goes on to share his background growing up in a passionate, environmentally-conscious family and his interest in technology as a tool to enable change. The conversation delves into the refi movement, its intersection with environmentalism, its shortcomings and the potential it holds to coordinate large scale shifts in society.

00:40 The network state.

09:32 Green consumer movement.

10:32 Living in a broken system.

15:01 Structural barriers and institutional limitations.

16:30 The suffocating canvas of legal possibility.

22:02 Network states and ideology.

26:54 Crypto-colonialism and experiments

28:33 Living in smart contracts.

33:04 Regenerative governance and collective intelligence.

37:12 Coordinations in network states.

40:42 Coordination vs. network state.

43:56 Regenerative way of living.

46:44 Regenerative economic framework.

51:01 Cross-network collaboration potential.

52:39 Global coordination and collaboration.

55:39 Storytelling in Web3.

58:10 Regenerative global organization.

Join the conversation on Twitter, follow:

Send in a voice message:

Aug 15, 202301:00:32
Digital Gaia — A network of AI co-pilots for a regenerative economy

Digital Gaia — A network of AI co-pilots for a regenerative economy

In this special episode, John chats with Rafael from Digital Gaia, who are focused on utilizing AI technology for the regenerative economy, specifically in agriculture. They are building large-scale land and soil models to help people understand the possible interventions for soil regeneration and creating healthier ecosystems. The discussion covers the issues with the black box AI model, the risks presented by AI, and how it can be reframed as an opportunity to accelerate the transition to a regenerative economy. Digital Gaia is currently fundraising on Gitcoin and is open to collaboration. The team consists of experienced professionals, including Rafael, who worked at Google for six years, and Ned Harvey, the former head of the Rocky Mountain Institute. They are dedicated to rethinking land management, data usage, and incentive structures for a regenerative planet.
Donate on Gitcoin now!

Rafael Kaufmann Nedal  

“Building the brain of the regenerative economy”

00:00 Intro

03:56 what is digital gaia?

05:28 where are we now with AI as a civilization?

10:40 How Digital Gaia is building AI co-Pilots Differtnly?

17:37 Digital Gaia Concept Paper Walkthrough

21:50 Theory of Change, Digital Twins,

29:54 Core lenses of building approach

32:05 Raf’s way of thinking

36:49 Where's Digital Gaia at now and what's next?

41:26 Digital Gaia Explained

52:56 Long term vision

58:00 CTA


Ned Harvey Digital Gaia

Daniel Schmachtenburger meta crisis

Cerulean Ventures

Thinking Fast and Slow: Daniel Kahneman

Gaia hypothesis

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This episode was sponsored by Digital Gaia

May 03, 202301:00:24
Keys to Regeneration with Rene from Celo | ReFi Podcast Bonus Episode

Keys to Regeneration with Rene from Celo | ReFi Podcast Bonus Episode

Join jE in this special bonus episode as he sits down with Rene, the CEO and founder of Celo. They discuss the current state of ReFi following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and its impact on the industry. Delve into Celo's origin story and explore the key interventions needed to ensure a bright future for ReFi. With a focus on unlocking scalable growth and solving real-world problems, this intimate conversation offers a unique perspective on the power of ReFi to make a global impact. Don't miss this chance to learn from one of the leading figures in the space.

Rene Reinsberg
“To all my friends working on bringing web3 to the masses focusing on real-world impact. 2023 is gonna be our year!”

0:00 - Intro
2:32 - Global network state teaser
3:53 - Welcome outline topics
5:54 - How would you describe the state ReFi today?
11:16 - Core ideas of celo’s origin story
21:05 - Key markers/ milestones of the current state of celo’s ecosystem
27:30 - What are the key impediments? what are the interventions we can introduce to see mass adoptions?
29:40 - How to bring this capital into refi and what are the impediments (breaking down each section of capital)
43:28 - What is celo’s strategic direction is in 2023
53:45 - Cello CTA

Website -
Discord -
Celo Camp -
Chainlink Ecosystem -’s Guide to Fundraising in the Celo Ecosystem. Team
Sepandar (Sep) Kamvar -
Marek Olszewski -
Angelo Paolo Kalaw -

Alex Marcus -
Tim Berners-Lee -
Charles Eisenstein -
Luuk Weber -
Tomer Bariach -
Aave -
MakerDAO -
UniSwap -
Kolektivo -
ReFi DAO -
ReFi Lisboa -
Poolside -
Impact Market -
Polka Starter -
Flori Ventures -
Mento -
Climate Collective -
Meta Mask -
Cosmos -
Venture Founders -
Silta Finance -
Global Impact Investing Network
EthicHub -
Morgan Stanley - https://www.morganstanley.comInformation
Dynamic NFT -
Black Swan Event -
On-Ramp & Off-Ramp -
Carbon Tunnel Vision -
ZK roll-ups -
Valora app -

ReFi DAO Local Node Prize! -

Apr 03, 202357:34
Pragmatic Carbon Finance with Hayley & Ryan from Thallo | ReFi Podcast Bonus Episode

Pragmatic Carbon Finance with Hayley & Ryan from Thallo | ReFi Podcast Bonus Episode

Join jE & Simar for an exciting episode of the ReFi Podcast as they welcome Hayley and Ryan from Thallo, the carbon platform revolutionizing the way we tackle carbon emissions. In this episode, they’ll be exploring their recent launch of a two-way bridge with bio carbon registry, a key innovation in the space that will unlock demand for quality carbon credits while providing the necessary liquidity and transparency of a decentralized finance market. Thallo is leading the way in providing funding for project developers and land stewards to address one of the most pressing issues of our time. Don’t miss out on this story and make sure to share with those who would be interested, and leave your thoughts in the comments…  

Hayley Moller “If I’ve learned one thing, it’s to never let the fact that you can’t fix the WHOLE problem stop you from taking whatever small step you can.”
Ryan Gledhill “Ultimately, we started Thallo to make a difference.”

00:00 Intro
03:00 Hayley’s Story
06:24 Ryan’s Story
09:44 What is Thallo?
15:47 Corporate Adoption
21:30 Where’s Thallo at now?
24:37 Projects & Developers
29:17 Explainer
34:25 Traffic Volume so far
37:57 Where’s the Market Headed?
41:16 Ecological Succession
47:32 CTA  

Thallo: Website -
Twitter -
Reports -
Two way bridge -
Core members: Adam Dry -
Joe Hargreaves -
Nicolas Alexander -
Also Mentioned: Sepandar Kamvar -

Orgs: Verra -
Toucan -
KlimaDAO -
Flowcarbon -
BlackRock -
Bank of New York Mellon -
Vantage Capital Markets -
r3 - https://r3.comMaker DAO -
Bio Carbon -
Al Gore -
Project Drawdown -
United Nations -

Footsie -
Digital Measurement, Reporting and Verification (DMRV) -
Application Programming Interface (API) -
Blockchain -
Web 3 -
ESG or CSR journeys -
Global North and Global South - Articles
Verra ban on Tokenisation of retired credits -

Regen Investor Roundtable -

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Feb 13, 202350:11
Financing Sustainable Infrastructure with Ben from Silta Finance | ReFi Podcast Bonus Episode

Financing Sustainable Infrastructure with Ben from Silta Finance | ReFi Podcast Bonus Episode

Join jE for a bonus episode of the ReFi Podcast as he welcomes Ben Sheppard, the serial entrepreneur behind Silta finance. In this episode, Ben will share his insights on how his company is bridging the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance to support sustainable energy infrastructure projects. As a due diligence protocol, Silta finance is offering unique processes to instill confidence in the lending side of the market, helping them to finance projects in emerging markets all over the world. If you are interested in real-world assets on chain and the future of infrastructure finance, this is a must-listen episode! Don't forget to subscribe, share and leave your thoughts.

Ben Sheppard, Co-Founder, Silta Finance “Building a better world for my son to grow up in”  
Keep up to date with Silta:

00:00 Intro
03:00 What is Silta?
05:08 What is the size of the market? (It's big)
06:00 Epiphany Moment
13:41 Silta's Alternative to Due Diligence
16:37 First DD Solar Micro Grid Philippines
17:53 Silta Score
20:16 Debt Instrument People are Buying?
24:08 What people are investing into...  
28:15 Satisfying TradFi & DeFi Lenders
29:44 Explainer
33:43 Pre-existing alternative to SILTA?
36:15 Silta Token
39:20 Are the tokens at risk?
43:45 Building in Resilience
48:34 Are we still in Crypto Winter?
51:56 CTA  

James Cook
Stanley Boots
Samy karim @cryp7omaxi
Maex Ament @maex242
Philip Stehlik @pstehlik

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
StepStone Group
Goldfinch | The Decentralised Global Credit Protocol
Aave Open Source Liquidity protocol
Centrifuge | The first protocol to bring Real-World Assets to DeFi
TrueFi Capital Markets | DeFi’s Leading Credit Protocol
Credix | Credit investing made global
MakerDAO | An Unbiased Global Financial System

Stable coins
Dynamic NFT

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Feb 07, 202353:56
A Year in ReFi: 2022, with jE, Simar & Frens

A Year in ReFi: 2022, with jE, Simar & Frens

jE and Simar gratefully reflect on 2022, and what a year it has been!In both meeting and working in collaboration with brilliant and ambitious individuals that they have met along the way, uniting with a single purpose, to build a better future for all of nature and humankind, using the emerging tools at the intersection of climate & Web3. Helena from Spirals and Brian from LOA LABS jump on to have a catch up too!
Helena Merk CEO at Spirals
"Spirals makes it easy for any money to work towards climate impact. Rather than holding ETH, you can now hold Green ETH, and rather than holding CELO, you can hold Green CELO."
Brian Truax, CSPO at LOA LABS
"Here you are today, staring down the barrel of 2023. And while the best time to demand the best for and of yourself was years ago, the second best time is right now."
Celo Connect
David Dao from Gain Forest Labs
Gain Forest Labs
Amira from Solana
Ryan from Kleiner Perkins
Dr. Watson from Toucan
Klima DAO
Kevin from Gitcoin
Scott from Gitcoin
Gitcoin Grants
NFT Pivot
Sev from Eco Labs
Eco Labs
Gregory from Regen Network
Regen Network
Luuk from Kolektivo
Michael from Loa Labs
Black Artist Foundation
Real Simple Labs
Climate Collective
ReFi Gratitude NFT
Good Reads:
jE What is ReFi Article
Ministry for the Future
Sacred Economics
00:00 Intro
01:20 Gratefulness
04:24 Belonging
13:17 Past, present & future of ReFi
17:10 Simar, founder to investor
22:30 Relationships of LPs/GPs
23:07 Venture capital perspective
27:37 Brian
30:10 2022 Highlight
31:47 Trials and tribulations
35:28 Togetherness
36:34 Self help practises
39:33 Role in Refi
43:00 Refi Gratitude collection
50:40 Brian's CTA
51:12 Helena
51:43 2022 Highlights
54:50 Personal impact
57:40 Spirals update
58:30 FTX collapse
01:02:30 ETH Denver
01:03:21 Thanks to frens!
Special thanks to all the listeners, Simar, Johnx25bd, Climate collective, Thomas, Lewis and Henry at Feed ignite, Pheadrus, Pranav and Cate.
See you at ETH Denver!
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Dec 30, 202201:07:11
Financing Renewables with William from Helios

Financing Renewables with William from Helios

jE is joined by William from Helios, who are building DeFi infrastructure to allow investors to support direct renewable energy projects on top of existing commercial and industrial businesses. They have projects live across India, The Middle East and South America already, promoting decarbonization and electrification, whilst bringing real world assets on chain with a stable yield...

Important Note: Tariq Fancy is the former Chief Investment Officer for Sustainable Investing at BlackRock, and has no affiliation with BlackStone. We would like to clarify that any reference made by William in the episode to BlackStone was unintentional, and we apologise for any potential confusion caused.

Topics covered include:
🎙 William's journey
🎙 Solar in emerging markets
🎙 The Helios user/investor expereience
🎙 How Helios works
🎙 The Helios roadmap
🎙 And a whole lot more, see below...

William, founder of Helios:
“People feel hopeless in the fight against climate change. Helios provides the power to make a real difference”

Akiya DAO
David Rodriguez
Draft Ventures
Tariq Fancy
eth barcelona
eth denver
Block split

00:00 Intro
02:17 Akiya DAO 
05:07 William’s founder journey
11:20 Helios in a nut-shell
18:00 Where Helios fits in solar sector
20:40 Solar in Emerging Markets
22:56 The Helios user experience 
26:55 Investor Experience
29:00 The scale of opportunity
33:25 Where’s Helios at now?
35:55 What’s next?
38:26 Helios Collaborators
42:19 Helios Legal Structures
45:30 CTA

Join the conversation on Twitter, follow:  

Thanks to our frens at Feed Ignite for the podcast and micro-content production:

Dec 27, 202249:01
Sep Kamvar from Celo & Mosaic

Sep Kamvar from Celo & Mosaic

jE and Simar are joined by Sep, Co-Founder of Celo, for a beautiful journey of a conversation brimming with stories and metaphors that connect nature, humans, technology and money...

Topics covered include:
🎙 Sep's background
🎙 Mycelial Networks and their symmetry with Web3
🎙 Story/Technology
🎙 Blockchain Mental Models
🎙 The Vision for Money
🎙 And a whole lot more, see below...  

Sep Co-Founder of Celo:
"The blockchain reminds us that money is just a technology, but money has always been a technology, which can change..."


We Feel Fine
Jonathan Harris
Wild flower Montessori Schools Project
The hidden life of trees
Arthur Koestler
Charles Eisenstein
Sacred Economics - Charles Eisentstein
Demurrage, Silvio Gessel
The Miracle of Wörgel,as%20Stamp%20Scrip%2C%20or%20Freigeld.
Rob Kalin Etsy founder
Etsy founder
The Story of Curitiba, Brazil,of%201%2C200%20trees%E2%80%94each%20day!

00:00 Intro
04:16 We feel fine Project 
06:35  Wild flower Montessori Schools Project
08:47 Celo Connect Talk, Mycelial Networks
11:55 Story is inextricably related to technology
17:00 Blockchain Mental Models
22:14 Vision for Money
28:55 Ecological Succession
32:21 The Story of Curitiba, Brazil

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Dec 20, 202236:07
Bear means BUIDL with Jahed from Cerulean Ventures

Bear means BUIDL with Jahed from Cerulean Ventures

jE is joined by Jahed Momand, co-founder of Cerulean Ventures, for a deep-dive into his experiences, learnings, and insights that sit at the intersection of Climate & Web3.
Topics covered include:

🎙 Jahed's background and journey into the space
🎙 Forming the fund of Regen Network
🎙 Raising Money at Cerulean Ventures
🎙 Core Mental Models for founders in the Bear Market
🎙 The massive opportunities presenting themselves as a result of new climate legislations in the EU and US,
🎙 And a whole lot more, see below...

Follow Jahed, Co-Founder, Cerulean Ventures:

"I co-founded Cerulean Ventures with my partner Matthew Stotts. Cerulean Ventures backs crypto / web3 companies building the infrastructure and tools necessary to scale climate impact in this decade.
We take a deeply hands-on approach informed by our own experience and background as founders, helping our portfolio with everything from the technical (mechanism design, product management, data engineering) to marketing and operational (community engagement, governance, tokenomics design, recruiting).
I also actively contribute to DAOs, as a steward to both PrimeDAO and GnosisGuild."

Individuals Mentioned:
Dan Ariely
John Light
Gregory Landua
Ethan Buchman
BJ Fogg
Brianna Welsh
David Rodriguez
Cathie Wood

Prime DAO
Regen Network
Regen Foundation
Gold Standard
American Carbon Registry
Bio Carbon Registry
Open Forest Protocol
Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Mercy Corps Ventures
Jasmine Energy
Helios DAO
Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol
World Climate Summit
Draft Ventures

00:00 Intro
01:53 Jahed's Journey
09:27 Shared Ownership
11:06 Regen Network Thesis
17:14 Impact Outcomes
19:57 Impact Claims
21:14 Cosmos Deep Dive
23:57 Cosmos App-Chain Thesis
27:05 Cosmos Use Case
33:40 State of ReFi in the Bear Market
41:14 User Research to Test Hypotheses
45:17 Unlocking the Next Cycle
49:51 Insetting
52:07 Renewable Energy Opportunity
54:58 Greening Bitcoin
58:58 Concluding Thoughts

Join the conversation on Twitter, follow:

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Dec 16, 202201:03:56
RECs Renaissance with Arkreen, Jasmine Energy & Reneum Institute

RECs Renaissance with Arkreen, Jasmine Energy & Reneum Institute

jE hosts ReFi Podcast's first ever live chat on Twitter Spaces, joined by ReFi pioneers Brianna, Dalton and Karl. With a live audience of 244 listeners from across the ReFi Nation, they take a deep dive into the new world of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

The chat covers:
The history and importance of RECs
Their role in Web3
Capital flow & Liquidity
And much more, see below...

Follow Brianna, Co-Founder, CEO at Renuem:
"Focused on #TheRegeneration. Tokenizing renewable energy to fund the energy transition!"

Follow Dalton, Co-Founder, CPO at Jasmine Energy:

"The time to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels for energy is now."

Follow Karl, Head of Commuity Growth at Arkreen:

"If we build it, the planet will regenerate." - Arkreen

Twitter Spaces Guests:


00:00 intro
01:51 Brianna from Reneum
02:25 Dalton from Jasmine
04:12 RECs - Brianna
06:00 History of RECs
07:42 Karl from Arkreen
08:38 Why RECs are important now
10:24 Web3 role in REC market
15:14 Capital flows/Demand
18:46 Bottom layer and monitoring renewable energy
20:20 Liquidity added to markets
20:38 Liquification process
21:54  Voluntary market
22:55 Arkeen's approach to RECs
24:50 Incentivizing prosumers
25:12 Electrifying the economy
27:00 REC Value
29:50 Recs on-chain
33:35 Volume of on-chain supply
35:08 Spaces Q1 from @solarpunkmaxi
41:55 Spaces Q2 from Beltran, @lyricalpolymath
49:48 Spaces Q3 from @solarpunkmaxi
54:16 Spaces CTA from Beltran
58:20 CTA


Join the conversation on Twitter, follow:

Thanks to our frens at Feed Ignite for the podcast and micro-content production:

#refi #web3 #climateaction #climate #nft #renewables #renewableenergy #blockchain #carbonmarket #onchain #investing

Dec 13, 202201:02:15
ERC-Cool with Leanne from Tres Cool Labs

ERC-Cool with Leanne from Tres Cool Labs

Johnx25bd is joined by Leanne Bats, founder of Tres Cool Labs and Co-Author of the new ERC-Cool Standard which is looking to embed climate action through carbon removal technologies into the cultural fabric of Web3.
The chat covers:
Leanne's background in marketing, psychology and sports...
Her calling into climate and web3...
The power of storytelling to galvanize climate action
And much more...

Meet the ERC-Cool.
An improved implementation on the Ethereum standard smart contract ERC721A, that weaves real world, perpetual carbon removal into any NFT use case that adopts it."
Find out more at

Follow Leanne:
"After a cocktail of mother instinct, too little sleep and one too many climate documentaries,
I have been building...  And I won't stop until climate action is the definition of cool."

Mentioned in the show:
SBS Columbia
How the World Really Works - Vaclav Smil
Sacred Economics - Charles Eisenstein

00:00 Intro
01:13 Leanne's Journey
05:00 Sport & Web3 Connection
06:00 Why Climate?
08:00 Why Web3?
15:00 A digital world that fixes the physical world
20:24 Embedding Climate Action at the Base Layer
22:00 ERC-Cool Explainer
25:00 Green Hushing
30:46 How's ERC-Cool going?
32:28 How does it work?
36:10 The First Users
38:28 Storytelling
44:55 Mass Adoption
51:24 Mint of Intent
53:00 CTA


Join the conversation on Twitter, follow:         

Thanks to our friends at Feed Ignite for the podcast and micro-content production:

Dec 06, 202255:56
State of The ReFi Nation with Rez from Solid World DAO

State of The ReFi Nation with Rez from Solid World DAO

John Ellison is joined by Rez, co-founder of Solid World DAO and co-host of This Week in ReFi Podcast. They take a look at the last year in the world of ReFi, the Cambrian explosion of innovation at the intersection of climate and Web3. Where we are now, and where we are headed as we continue our collective ReFi journey together...

Mentioned in The Show

Stenver Jerkku.

Solid World

CTA Links


00:00 Intro
01:32 State of The ReFi Nation
03:04 Rez's Journey
08:45 JE's journey
12:45 Klima DAO launch
16:40 JE's time at Toucan
17:55 KlimaDAO Launch
19:20 NCT Launch
22:50 Verra pausing Tokenization
26:50 Verra Consultations & Gold Standard
33:40 Where are we now?
34:00 State of tokenized carbon
36:22 How we dealt with COVID-19
36:43 US Money Supply 
38:26 Macro Finance, IMF GFSR
40:40 Tech Stocks 
41:04 Tech Company Layoffs 
43:03 Changing Narrative of Crypto
47:45 Atmospheric CO2 
48:20 Global Co-ordination 
55:40 The next chapter of ReFi
57:34 Future Quest 1M grant pool

Connect with Rez, check out Solid World Dao & This week in ReFi

Rez on Twitter
Solid World
This Week in ReFi

Nov 28, 202201:01:03
Circular Economies with Ashley from Resource Finance

Circular Economies with Ashley from Resource Finance

Simar is joined by Ashley from Resource Finance, who are taking the ancient behavior of bartering and mutual credit, and creating a set of tools to enable this to happen at a community and local level at scale.

The conversation unpacks:
- What Resource is
- Mutual Credit
- Ashley's story
- What regenerative economic systems look like now and in the future
- A whole lot more....


Peter Buffett

Charles Eisenstein: Sacred economics

The Ascent of Humanity

David Casey

Resource Finance

00:00 intro
01:32 What is resource?
03:45 Ashley’s journey
08:54 Initial insights on the broken economy
13:02 Origins of the protocol
19:25 What is Mutual Credit?
24:09 Credit/Debit
27:31 Communities on the Ground
31:12 Theory to Practice, discoveries
35:40 Key Educating Factors
37:50 Future Potential
42:13 What do you Value?
43:40 CTA


Connect with Ashley and check out Resource Finance


Join the conversation on Twitter, follow: 

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Nov 22, 202245:24
Speed & Scale with Ryan from Kleiner Perkins

Speed & Scale with Ryan from Kleiner Perkins

As COP27 unfolds in Sharm El-Sheikh. John and Simar are joined by Ryan Panchadsaram, Co-Author of Speed & Scale, advisor at Kleiner Perkins,
and formerly Former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer.

Drawing on Ryan's experience and knowledge they unpack :

- Ryan's backstory
- Speed & Scale as a blueprint and plan to mobilize collective action towards tackling the climate crisis
- Where and how technology can help service this mission
- A resounding CTA for both individuals, companies, and governments to strive towards the Climate goals being discussed at COP27
- A whole lot more... See below...

#cop27 #2030 #climateaction #unitednations

Individuals Mentioned:

John Doerr
Todd Park
Bill Gates
Al Gore  
Christiana Figueres

Companies/ Organizations/Gov Departments Mentioned:

Speed & Scale
Department of Health and Human Services
United States Digital Service
Rock Health
NASA, Methane leaks
Climate Draft
Breakthrough Energy Ventures
Lower carbon
School of Sustainability Stanford  

UN mentions:
The Paris agreement
COP26 UN integrity Measures



00:00 Intro
03:10 Ryan's Story
07:00 What are you most curious of?
09:16 Why Speed & Scale Exists
13:37 Solutions & Accelerants
16:25 What are you seeing since the plan is out?
19:30 Code reds Methane, Coal, Beef, Nature..
23:29 COP27
26:40 Coordination at a global level
29:30 Sustainability School of Stanford
32:44 Carbon Removal
35:36 View on Carbon Markets
41:00 Natural Market Trends
46:10 Growth/De-Growth
48:16 Re-designing Money & Deploying Capital
56:29 CTA


Connect with Ryan and check out Speed & Scale  


Join the conversation on Twitter, follow:      

Thanks to our friends at Feed Ignite for the podcast and micro-content production:

Nov 15, 202201:00:03
Ocean Metagenomics with Courtney and Gordon from New Atlantis DAO

Ocean Metagenomics with Courtney and Gordon from New Atlantis DAO

John Ellison and Johnx25bd are joined by Courtney and Gordon for an insightful, exciting and deepening conversation about New Atlantis DAO. The two successful entrepreneurs have founded New Atlantis DAO with the goal of enabling the protection and regeneration of the Ocean. Through pioneering metagenomic data sampling the aim is to create a biodiversity market that will fund the regenerative projects that are sorely needed to secure the World's largest biome and carbon sink.
It's an amazing project that is inspiring Scientists to get involved and giving hope to a sector that has been neglected and under funded thus far...

Mentioned in the Show:

Only One

00:00 Intro
03:05 The Problem with the Oceans
04:52 How did you stumble on this?
10:45 Political Landscape/Classes of Protection
13:50 What is the New Atlantis Solution?
19:10 Investor demand
28:00 The call to Contribute
31:46 User Journey/Actors
34:40 Sampling process metagenome explainer
39:46 How do you regenerate the Ocean?
46:10 Scientists reaction to New Atlantis Arrival
49:47 Urgency and Incentive
52:46 Looking Ahead/Get Involved


Connect with Courtney & Gordon and get involved with New Atlantis


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Nov 08, 202257:14
Energy Transition with Brianna from Reneum

Energy Transition with Brianna from Reneum

John and Simar are joined by Brianna for a hugely insightful and inspiring conversation about her work at Reneum, which will soon launch a green marketplace that will use the power of #web3 and #blockchain to fund #renewable energy. She shares the background story, future prospects and also the bigger picture of Renewable Energy Certificates and what's needed from all of us for the successful transition to green energy, and so much more...

Mentioned in the show:
92 Rio Summit
Hormesis Therapy
Jasmine energy.

00:00 Intro
03:36 Brianna's Journey
06:40 Transition from Business to ReFi Founder
09:48 Energy Transition and Climate Change
12:46 Claiming Renewable Energy Credit Process
16:50 Monitoring Tools
18:08 Future & Forward
21:05 Explained
23:53 Credit Lifecycle
28:15 Primary vs Secondary Market
31:00 Where's Reneum at and future roadmap
31:58 Incoming Beta Market place 
41:05 Inner journey and staying well
44:10 Giving People their Agency Back
46:30 Projection to 2030
50:20 Fitting into the Big Picture
54:15 CTA for renewable Energy

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Nov 01, 202259:54
Scaling Carbon Markets with Dana and Phil from Flowcarbon

Scaling Carbon Markets with Dana and Phil from Flowcarbon

John and Simar are joined by Dana & Phil from Flowcarbon and have a great chat about how their backgrounds led to the inception of Flowcarbon, the amazing work they've been doing to help project developers on the ground. The public consultation they've been leaning into and devoting so much time to with all the different voluntary carbon market participants. The background work that's gone into the new centrifuge pools for carbon forward projects, and what they expect to happen in the next six months for tokenizing assets and entering a new era of a liquid supply of carbon credits flowing both on and off-chain.

#web3 #blockchain #refi #carbonmarket #investing

Mentioned in the show
Charles Eisenstein

00:00 Intro
02:32 Flowcarbon overview
05:30 Phil's background
07:47 Dana's background
11:53 Price discovery in carbon market
15:39 Two Way Bridge
22:08 Project Finance. Centrifuge
25:48 The Supply & Demand
29:16 The Projects on the Ground
30:40 Behind the Scenes
34:25 Whats Needed Before Mass Adoption
39:36 Future Forecast
44:05 CTA

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Oct 25, 202246:19
Nature, Culture & The Sacred, with Nina Simons

Nature, Culture & The Sacred, with Nina Simons

John and Simar are joined by co-founder of Bioneers, and author of Culture, Nature & The Sacred, Nina Simons. Nina details her discoveries made in life that put her on her journey to strive for a better, healthier world for nature and ourselves. The discussion is like a winding river that steps into the heart of regeneration, and so many lessons can be learned and cultivated to enrich our behaviors, relationships and collective goals on our ReFi journey...
Mentioned in the Show

Caroline Casey
Seeds of Change
Movie: The Burning Times
Carl Jung
James Hansen
Biomimicry Janine Benyus
Zaina Salbi
Beloved Economies

00:00 Intro
05:27 Nina's Journey
10:03 Creating Bioneers
13:00 Archetypal Feminine Masculine
15:56 Unlocking the Feminine
21:40 How do we connect different movements?
27:45 How to Bring in More Nurturing/Caring
31:00 Cultivating Fields of Pluralism
38:50 Maintaining the Regenerative Spirit
43:00 Bringing new thinking to Climate Emergency

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Oct 18, 202250:26
 Investing in Climate and Impact Fintech with David Rodriguez from Draft Ventures

Investing in Climate and Impact Fintech with David Rodriguez from Draft Ventures

This week, John and Simar are joined by David Rodriguez from Draft Ventures, a leading seed stage venture capital fund that has invested in over 75 companies, eight of which have become unicorns. David is an active investor in ReFi, climate software, and impact fintech. He reveals his inspirations, aspirations, investment theses, perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in ReFi, and the launch of his new venture fund.

#web3 #climateimpact #fintech

Mentioned in the show:

References: Larry Fink
Charles Eisenstein
UN sustainability goals  

00:00 Intro
02:36 About David/Draft
04:34 Journey into impact and climate
08:50 MRV
12:47 Case for investing in ReFi
16:20 Listening to climate calling
19:30 David's definition of ReFi
25:05 Financial Inclusion
36:30 Investment theses
40:52 Core Practices
42:06 ReFi CTA
46:35 Approaching investment in ReFi space
51:51 Connect with David


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Oct 11, 202253:17
Human Empowerment with Marco from Impact Market
Oct 04, 202239:36
Kolektivo Framework with Luuk and Pat
Sep 27, 202201:01:14
Automating Climate Impact with Kieran and Andrew from Return Protocol
Sep 20, 202249:27
Climate Impact Staking with Helena and Doug from Spirals Protocol
Sep 13, 202247:45
What is ReFi?
Sep 06, 202201:03:47
Angry Teenagers with Ben an Eline from Ecomint

Angry Teenagers with Ben an Eline from Ecomint

John Ellison sits with Ben and Eline from Ecomint, and they discuss the stories and details behind Angry Teenagers; An NFT collection which is funding a reforestation project on depleted land in Ghana as well as investing in badly needed infrastructure for the local communities who are deeply involved with the on-ground work there. This is a great chat about a really exciting #refi project that leverages the energy and urgency of the youth of the world and aims to draw a direct line between investors and real world impact using #nfts, community building and the power of #web3

00:00 Intro
02:25 What is angry teenagers?
03:40 Eline's background
04:54 Unpacking The NFT collection
10:33 Making this work fun and engaging, artwork and branding..
12:33 Governance - Opt-out voting
14:29 Active action, not passive
15:29 The Ghana Project
19:06 Positive externalities for local communities
23:45 The Ecology of Money
26:00 Managing frontline communication and dealing with misconception
29:00 Game changer for the charity and donation world
30:25 Organization architecture
33:15 Verifiers, buyers, who are they?
38:36 Carbon offset messaging doesn't work
42:40 The unit economics
47:00 Just regeneration, not preservation?
48:17 Who else is working on this?
51:40 CTA

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On Twitter:

Ben on Twitter:
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Aug 30, 202254:09
Impact Hyperstructures with Kevin from Gitcoin

Impact Hyperstructures with Kevin from Gitcoin

On episode 4 of ReFi Podcast Season Two, John chats with Kevin Owocki, founder of Gitcoin and thought leader working to incentivize public goods. We explore Kevin’s story, dive into what it means to take the “Green Pill”, and learn all about Kevin’s vision for how web3 can solve some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Recorded live at SBS in Paris..

00:00 Intro
01:56 Quadratic Funding History
04:30 Why we launched GTC
08:10 Gitcoin Passports
10:47 The idea of ‘Lunar Punk’
13:28 Green Pill
16:33 What kind of world are our kids going to grow up in?
18:22 Galaxy brain ideas into memes.
22:00 Local people are best to solve problems
23:55 Quadratic funding in Colorado during pandemic
25:28 Why blockchain is well positioned to solve global communication failure
29:00 Spinning the flywheel of sybil resistance
30:00 Web3 has to provide mainstream utility
34:04 ‘Carbon credits’ for poverty reduction, biodiversity restoration
36:44 Solar punk & web3 ready to bear fruit
39:20 Why Kevin stood down from leadership at Gitcoin
44:00 What can we do to help?
47:14 Advice for a young entrepreneur?
50:38 Ideas are fun but stressful
52:38 How do you manage a business of this size?
54:30 Hyperstructures


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Aug 23, 202259:24
Carbon & Innovation with Benoit from Verra

Carbon & Innovation with Benoit from Verra

On episode 3 of ReFi Podcast Season Two, your hosts John and Simar chat with Benoît Clément, Director of Financial Innovation at Verra. We explore Benoît’s personal story, what it means to tackle the climate crisis while working at Verra, and get his perspective on the future of on-chain carbon markets.


Some of the topics we jump into:

0:00 Introduction
3:07 Benoit’s Story
4:32 Re-Forestry
6:03 Web3 & AI Background
7:30 Working at Verra
9:40 Addressing Climate Change
12:04 Voluntary Carbon Market
13:35 Standards, Methodology & Integrity
16:48 Defining Integrity
18:21 Social Impact
19:20 Transparency & Pricing
21:12 History of On-Chain Carbon
22:17 KlimaDAO's Theory of Change
23:10 Awakening Dormant Credits
24:00 Zombie Credits
24:55 Verra's Public Consultation
25:38 Retail Investors & Hype
27:00 Efficiency of Impact
31:20 Verra Tokenization
33:44 Fraud
34:04 Environmental integrity 
35:33 Anonymity of Entities
39:19 Regulatory Landscape
41:02 Tokenization of Carbon Credits
50:18 ‘Private vs Public’ Blockchains 
52:20 Innovating Verra's Model
55:45 Engaging in Public Consultations
57:38 Stakeholder Considerations
59:59 Digital Measurement, Reporting & Verification


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Aug 16, 202255:01
Preserving the Amazon with Luis from Moss
Aug 09, 202258:23
Welcome to Season Two
Aug 02, 202256:41
Episode 11: Investing in ReFi with Kristin

Episode 11: Investing in ReFi with Kristin

On episode 11 of ReFi Podcast we chat with Kristin McDonald, from Eniac Ventures. We touch on the dynamics of moving the carbon market on-chain, the emerging trends in that space, and we take a look beyond carbon, and the future of valuing, and tokenizing biodiversity.. Some of the topics we jump into: 00:00 Intro 02:35 "My original a-ha moment with crypto..." 04:40 Is Web2 following the trend of financialilzation of natural resources? Or just Web3? 06:00 Rewarding work in Web2 is really hard.. 07:28 What was the focus on your studies on the path to where you are now? 08:49 "efficient capital allocation is a really , really powerful tool..How do we incentivize behavior that is beneficial for everyone?.." 12:14 What's the stumbling block for mass adoption of climate tech in Web3? "Cultural clash..need to bridge communities of traditional climate space and Web3 space.." 17:00 Climate community response to all the recent new protocols and innovations? 19:00 "Cambrian explosion of new projects has validated opinion of this is a waste of energy..increased fragmentation.." 20:41 What do you see as the first leverage point for mass adoption? "seeing traditional companies buying on-chain carbon.." 25:08 Thoughts on the emerging on-chain carbon market?  30:57 You're understanding of science around net zero?  "There's a difference between decabonizing and net zero.." 36:02 2030 2040 targets, how do they affect your work as a VC? 37:27 What's exciting you about deploying capital?  39:27 Do you see the market pushing beyond carbon? 40:43 "Climate change is so urgent, we have this myopic focus on reducing emissions..simple narrative.."  41:15 Cambrian explosion within ReFi movement  44:20 "The level of collaboration within ReFi is just wild and unprecedented.."  44:45 How do you approach valuing protocols, web3 ventures?  47:07 factors for founders to consider when trying to raise a seed round of investment?  49:26 Is venture capitalism becoming more collaborative outside of Web3?  51:12 What do you see happening beyond carbon?  54:09 "glimmers of hope of new innovation to tackle MRV problems..Drones..LIDAR.."   56:50 Prioritizing/maximizing carbon pulldown or biodiversity 01:02:30 Any specific companies you've come across taking a look at the climate challenges?  01:05:15 How can people connect with you?  Follow Kristin and check out Eniac Ventures: -------------------------------------------- Join the conversation on Twitter, follow
Apr 05, 202201:06:36
Episode 10: Bloom Network with Magenta Ceiba

Episode 10: Bloom Network with Magenta Ceiba

On episode 10 of ReFi Podcast we chat with Magenta Ceiba, from Bloom Network. A unique organization that enables and empowers local grass root communities that perform regenerative acts. Using the power of Web3 to share knowledge and resources to both heal the Earth and human relationships...

Some of the topics we jump into:

00:00 Intro

06:05 Who are you and what's Bloom Network?

06:58 "bloom network initially formed.."

11:00 When did you become involved?

18:31 Breaking down capital flow of Bloom Network and how it all works 20:04 Uganda project example integrating permaculture into local education there

23:57 Is it crucial to respect the needs of local people in Bloom's projects? "Leadership should be from local chapters.."

25:18 "Many of the local chapters develop services that are relevant to the global community.."

25:45 Are the chapters already running before they are onboarded to Bloom network? What is the value offer for them connecting to Bloom network? 27:16 "There's scaling momentum you get from a global brand recognition.."

28:05 "Shared understanding of community to collaborate to care for the planet.."

29:05 "The ability for the public to find them doesn't exist.." 30:39 How do you approach grassroots organising?

32:25 "Colonial history has destabilized our autonomous relationships with nature and each other.. grass roots aims to empower local people to push back.."

43:58 When did you realize Web3 would be critical in your mission? after hitting walls in fundraising etc and realizing we need each other

48:46 "Bloom network is a peer to peer action network for regenerative cultures"

48:58 What does this regenerative culture look like and why the need for peer to peer?

49:02 "Indigenous cultures are naturally peer to peer..."

50:55 The crucial role of Web3 and peer to peer in regenerative economies 51:56 "Through Web3 we can create our own subsidization and value driven..not centralized corporate extraction.."

52:38 Rio Bloom example

54:57 Urban/rural relationships

55:37 How do communities feedback learning into the Bloom network? 01:01:55 What's one thing someone on the ground can do to help the Bloom Network?

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Mar 29, 202201:05:48
Episode 9: Regen Network with Gregory Landua

Episode 9: Regen Network with Gregory Landua

On episode 9 of ReFi Podcast we chat with Gregory Landua, CEO and Cofounder of Regen Network. He's been influential in building the core foundational aspects of the Regenerative finance movement, and is credited by many for coining the term ReFi...

Some of the topics we jump into:

00:00 Intro

02:29 What was the origin of Regen network? Galapagos goat ecology

08:00 When did you become aware of Crypto? "First started discussing bitcoin back in 2009.."

11:31 wrote regenerative enterprise

15:39 "At this point i'm all in..lets see what it looks like to build this.."

16:26 "I started asking how would the social process be connected to an ecological process of regeneration..and Regen was born out of that question.. "

19:29 "I've long hoped we could build infrastructure so it serves to regenerate cultural connect with the world.."

23:57 Backbone of Regen explained

30:36 Multiple methodologies in a credit class

31:39 Who plays the role of the verifiers? 

32:52 "We wanted it to be possible for communities to self verify.."

33:42 Do eco credits have to meet vera and gold standard crediting standards?

38:18 "The foundation for ecological health stewarded by indigenous people..make sure they are at choice of participation.."

39:48 Sovereign choice of Web3 participation

43:24 Who are the key partners to help direct climate financing in the right direction?

46:40 "A big part on what we focus on.. creating credit classes"

48:00 "Easier to measure impacts on flooding/erosion than carbon soil cycle.."

49:46 Is there a minimum limit on size of land to take part in the carbon plus grassland methodology?

53:00 What are the incentives within regen for say, farmers to take up regenerative practices? "In the initial carbon grassland pilot 85% of payment went to farmer.."

58:48 "In our early days we referred to regenerative incentives as reverse mining.."

01:00:00 "Reinvention of value..regenerative finance revolution..ecological health = wealth.. "

01:02:28 The demand side of the equation

01:05:13 "Carbon offsets should be understood to be the first baby step towards a more radical reinvention of finance and money that starts to re-embed humans in the larger planetary carbon cycle in a culturally and socially conscious way."

01:06:28 Who are the actors in Regen and what are the incentives?

01:10:19 "Ecological assets are the most important assets of the 21st century, if we get this wrong we're toast..when the stakes are that high people change.."

01:12:17 What's one thing people can do to get involved in Regen network?

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Mar 22, 202201:16:38
Episode 8: MakerDAO with Rune Christensen

Episode 8: MakerDAO with Rune Christensen

On episode 8 of ReFi Podcast we chat with Rune Christensen, cofounder of MakerDAO. Rune's history with Crypto goes way back to the early days of Bitcoin. We chat through his approved proposal for clean money on the Maker forum and how DAI can be used to support the climate and much more besides...

Some of the topics we jump into:

00:00 Intro         

01:44 What do you do to regenerate yourself?

04:40 Where did the vision for clean money come from?                      Sovereignty of crypto was awesome..

07:20 Rollercoaster experiences through crashes

08:00 Volatility in market lead to need for money equivalent stablecoin

12:30 Can financial censorship be an appropriate tool to use?

18:25 When did you become aware that addressing climate change was the right course for DeFi?

23:22 Climate danger more about psychology than physics

25:20 Greenwashing

27:33 Any core weaknesses within DeFi for making a difference?

31:46 Unpacking how real world assets, natural capital connects with the DAI stablecoin

38:00 MakerDAO explained

40:40 What should you do with the power of DeFi

41:45 West going crazy for stablecoins

43:26 Value into dollars, going to unsustainable business..

45:30 The more you put into fiat, the more you're funding unsustainability

49:00 Reaction of community using Maker for climate impact?

51:15 Clean money proposal being accepted

53:14 It's called clean money not green or sustainable etc to avoid greenwashing..

57:00 The goal is telling people what if you could make a real difference with your money instead of paper straws B.S

59:00 Reprogramming the financial system..

59:56 The core mechanics of the governance process and what's being learned

01:02:20 The opportunity of clean money..

01:07:40 Voter committee concept

01:10:10 The problem with Maker

01:11:25 For a DAO to work..

01:15:50 What's one thing people can do today to help the clean money vision?

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Mar 15, 202201:18:35
Episode 7: Flori Ventures with Tomer Bariach

Episode 7: Flori Ventures with Tomer Bariach

On episode 7 of ReFi Podcast, we are joined by Tomer Bariach, general partner of Flori Ventures. Tomer is a pioneer of token economics and opens our minds to how crypto can be used to enable a universal basic income. He also offers some challenging questions on the area of token incentives we are creating ourselves on our journey to scaling the carbon market on chain... Some of the topics we jump into: 00:00 Intro 01:14  Tomer's education and path to Flori 07:40 How does Celo resonate with you? 09:50 What thesis' are you working on at Flori? 13:00 Why is decentralization so important? "I trust a well designed incentive structure economies more than people" 16:30 the role incentives play in influencing behaviors   20:09 what do you see happening in this while ReFi movement? only way we understand value is to consume/destroy 22:40 natural capital currencies, backing with the health of the forest 24:47 3 pillars of ReFi 29:12 Unpacking UBI 31:45 "you are a human being, you are giving our economy value.." 35:25 How do we get UBI into the mainstream? 39:26 Which projects are making the biggest impact on the ground an in communities? 43:14 how do we mitigate against double accounting in carbon markets? 1. decentralized verification - wikipedia/encyclopedia 2. Fungibility 3. carbons into the ground per block for bitcoin style curve, gold rush for sequestering carbon 49:33 Who else is trying to crack measurement and verification reporting? 51:21 Do you like sharing your ideas? "its in my interest to share my ideas" 53:15 What do you think of on the ecology of money?  58:28 What primitive crypto economic mechanisms are you excited about? 01:01:18 What interests you in under collateralized loans? "getting money to people on the ground who have no other reasonable access.." "community credit score.." 01:09:00 top  under collateralized models  01:11:00 summary of chat and closing thoughts on the ReFi movement Connect with Tomer and check out Flori Ventures: -------------------------------------------- Join the conversation on Twitter, follow Thanks to Feed Ignite for the podcast and micro-content production:

Mar 11, 202201:15:01
Episode 6: On Growth, with Rebecca Mqamelo

Episode 6: On Growth, with Rebecca Mqamelo

On episode 6 of ReFi Podcast we chat with @rebecca_mqamelo from Zerion. She shares her deep knowledge and research findings on community backed currencies, diversity, inclusion, and the gift: the economy of reciprocation.

Some of the topics we jump into:

00:00 Intro

02:37 About Rebecca

05:09 Rebecca - "I really care about understanding where one comes from, this is tied to my identity.."

06:09 Rebecca - "i'm really passionate about my continent and what it means to be global and African.."

09:13 What are the choices we are making now for future generations?

10:25 Rebecca - "What does a world look like where evverything is tokenized?..

11:39 Rebecca - "Our sense of value is influenced by this noise...empathize value through carbon credits etc.."

15:19 The background, value and importance of Zerion

17:12 Rebecca -"Zerion was the first DeFi aggregator to integrate Uniswap... Now it's a portal to all decentralized finance.."

18:39 Rebecca - "Whether you are a first time investor or a degen of five years it gives you clarity across different wallets.."

19:29 Rebecca - "We went from tokens, to NFTs, now we're indexing wallets.." 20:55 What have you learned from your experiences working in different communities and projects?

24:18 Rebecca - "In all the research I've done...The biggest thing is whatever token you are building there need to be an on the ground element.."

26:03 What happens when there isn't an on the ground component?

33:32 Local currencies being reflective of their culture

34:33 Rebecca - "In the past our identity was defined by our physical surroundings.. now those physical barriers are tokens are being tied to identity.."

37:58 How do we think about money as a language?

43.25 Diversity and representation within the crypto community

44:56 Rebecca - "People underestimate how the narrative is still malleable...but we focus too much on the financial side its alienated people..branding problem.."

46:24 Rebecca - "If you want people to use a currency make sure the builders are representing the people you are going after.."

49:03 What roles do investors play in all this?

51:02 Rebecca - "If everybody did have a wallet, what would the needs be?..."(Changing available opportunities, onboarding etc)

54:03 What role do indigenous land stewards play in healing the Earth and creating communities of care?

55:10 - Rebecca - "There is a reality that climate change is happening..and there are people who have taken up the challenge of protecting whats there.."

57:36 How do we collectively make sense of what matters?

01:01:13 Rebecca - "A $10 bill doesn't tell you how it got to you..Crypto gives us the ability to do that.."

01:05:14 Gift relationships and the realization of inter-dependance

01:05:58 Rebecca - "Gifting is at the core of all human relationships..." 01:11:07 What can people do to help you or Web3 movement/ReFi?

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Mar 08, 202201:15:19
Episode 5: Celo and cLabs with Markus Franke

Episode 5: Celo and cLabs with Markus Franke

On the 5th episode of ReFi Podcast, we sit with Markus Franke. We hear about cLabs and the vision for Celo—a mobile-first blockchain.  We discuss natural capital backed currencies, universal basic income, and so much more.

Some of the topics we jump into:

00:00 Intro

01:10 What is Celo and cLabs?

01:51 Celo is a layer 1 blockchain...

05:09 What piece of this puzzle are you involved in?

07:51 Markus "How can we build nature backed currencies on Celo?..."

09:27 Building a simple inclusive mobile system

11:31 Markus "the user experience is very important.."

16:33 What's being built on Celo right now that's redesigning financial systems?

18:11 Markus "kickstarter are decentralising and using Celo.."

21:26 Why is DeFi liquidity good for inclusion?

23:50 Markus "if theres strong liquidity in DeFi then people everywhere can get a loan on Celo"

25:45 How are you making liquidity sustainable on Celo?

27:26 Markus "from the start Defi had a mission to make defi accessible to any mobile user...."

28:59 Markus "this can be used to finance universal income.."

30:19 Markus "this opens up so many possibilities, having something like kickstarter on the blockchain... economic value is created in a sustainable way"

30:51 Empowering people to participate in the financial systems while mitigating risks

35:59 Markus "when we built the protocol we built a see stability..."

37:45 Provo project

39:19 Markus "provo allows banks to try the technology..."

40:09 Can you see your stable coin portfolio sit along side with central bank digital currencies?

40:35 Markus the amazing thing about this technology is it finally allows for competition between currency..innovation..haven't seen innovation for 200 years..."

42:59 The current state of money

45.29 where does money actually come from?

50:09 natural backed currencies in the regenerative system

53:44 Markus "backing money with trees...what we want to see more of..."

54:35 Setting the right financial incentives in nature

58:49 Bringing the natural capital assets on chain

01:04:12 johnx25bd drops some alpha on Astra protocol

01:12:40 Markus "It was interesting to see with NFTs...nature and trees can be NFTs..."

01:13:18 The opportunity in the ReFi movement to redesign money to regenerate the environment

01:16:56 Why should people build on Celo?


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Mar 03, 202201:20:39