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By Rehash

Rehash: The podcast about the social media phenomenons that strike a nerve in our culture, only to be quickly forgotten - but we think are due for a revisiting.

Hosted by Maia (Broey Deschanel) and Hannah Raine

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RehashFeb 27, 2023

Depp v. Heard

Depp v. Heard

Has the sun set on the Me Too era? If you were following along with the Depp v. Heard defamation trial last April, it seems like it did. When Johnny Depp took Amber Heard to court for three vague quotes suggesting she had been abused by him, the world was in a frenzy. Has this hot, blonde, bisexual woman really been abused… or was it the easier answer? That she was an evil psychopath who pulled a Gone Girl on everyone’s favourite fictional pirate. In this episode, Hannah and Maia are finally ready to talk about this blight on cultural history. Discussions include: the popcorn consumption of televised celebrity court cases, TikTok’s true crime cottage industry, Johnny Depp’s hideous hats, and the societal Basic Instinct-ification of hot women. Will Amber Heard be redeemed as a maligned women when the fog clears in a few years, or did Depp v. Heard reverse Me Too for good? 


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Sep 25, 202301:08:40


Remember when everyone freaked the f*** out about that French movie on Netflix? No? Well everybody, let us introduce you to: Cuties. In this episode, Hannah and Maia discuss Maïmouna Doucouré’s quaint 2020 coming-of-age film and the all out moral panic that it spawned on the internet - which culminated in a real life obscenity lawsuit against Netflix. Discussions include: the thin line between depiction and endorsement, America’s many moral triggers and paradoxical attitude towards sex, the weaponizing of children as a political tool, the cultural consequences of Jeffrey Epstein, and Netflix… actually... defending… art? 


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Sep 11, 202353:32
Kim Kardashian Breaks the Internet

Kim Kardashian Breaks the Internet

Remember when Kim Kardashian invented butts? Paper Magazine sure would like us to. When they released their scintillating cover issue of Kim K in a sequinned dress, balancing a champagne glass on her formidable silicone buttocks, Paper Mag declared: “Break the Internet Kim Kardashian” And break it she did. In this episode, Hannah and Maia trace Kim Kardashian’s transformation from trashy reality star to fashionista de jour. Since the Paper cover, and with the help of Kanye West, Kim’s body has become the subject of a twisted performance art. But it’s also generated controversy - creating unhealthy trends, grifting from the natural features of Black women, and now disappearing into what we everyone has deemed a “skinny renaissance”. Digression includes: Maia getting riled up about Timothée and Kylie’s fabled romantic union. 


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Aug 28, 202301:04:45
Gamergate ft. Fūnk-é Joseph

Gamergate ft. Fūnk-é Joseph

Men used to go to war. Today they are keyboard militias, defending the sanctity of video games and the Gamer™ identity from hysterical women and their evil feminine wiles. ... If you didn't know about Gamergate before today, we're jealous. In this episode, Hannah and Maia provide an excruciatingly detailed breakdown of the 2014 mass harassment campaign which led to the abuse, threatening, and doxxing of countless figures in the game development, journalism, and academic industries. Was there really a feminist conspiracy against video games? Was it just a bunch of men feeling threatened by the fact that, surprise, games are fun for everyone? Or was it just faceless trolls throwing stink bombs all over social media? Listen for an illuminating interview with special guest Fūnk-é Joseph, who offers some much needed insights into just what the hell happened with Gamergate, and what the hell it did to ~the culture~. 

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Intro and outro song by our talent friend Ian Mills:


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Aug 14, 202301:19:46
A Conversation With Caroline Calloway

A Conversation With Caroline Calloway

Exciting, but not surprising. Caroline Calloway, self-proclaimed “scammer” and queen of name-searching, reached out to promote her book on the pod. In this special interview, Hannah and Maia discuss the long-awaited memoir, Scammer, with the author herself (who characteristically conducted the interview from her luxurious Floridian bed). Discussions include: the ethics of writing about other people’s traumas, undervaluing art made on social media, and the Dimes Square Image Rehabilitation Centre™. Digressions include: Tile Tequila and the nightmare that was being bi in the 2000s, coining the term “trad book”, and Caroline’s official inauguration as “schemer, not scammer.” 

Jul 28, 202301:14:01
The Writers Strike

The Writers Strike

Do androids dream of writing Succession? In the second part of this two-part special, Hannah and Maia discuss the 2023 Writers Strike - a hotly debated labour dispute between the Writer's Guild of America (WGA) and The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). Robots may not want to turn you into a paperclip (yet), but they do want to turn you into a gig worker. Creative industries were the last place we thought this would happen... until generative AI came about. Although, is generative AI really to blame, or is it the greedy f*ckers in too-big suits dictating the future of art? Listen for a comprehensive breakdown of the strike, a chat about the precedent it will set for our job market, and lastly a theatrical reading of an AI-generated screenplay about three people who are bored. We must ask - does it compute? 

Jun 23, 202301:03:17


What the hell is ChatGPT, and why are these pasty nerds telling us it's going to save the world? Hannah and Maia bring you a special, pre-season episode with a discussion of this new AI technology and what it means for the future of our world. The democratization of this smooth-talking chatbot means even YOU can bully a robot into doing your homework. But does democracy really mean that everyone has a grubby finger in the proverbial tech pie, or has humanity begun to miss the point a bit? What is the point anyways? Well Hannah and Maia are here to tell you, so put on your tin hats, sound the Luddite alarm, and get in your bunkers for a very spicy episode.

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Intro and outro song by our talented friend Ian Mills:


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Jun 19, 202346:40


Welcome to the season 2 finale! This season has been all about words entering a dark tunnel and coming out on the other end looking completely different. And nothing better encapsulates that than "groomer". As a word that defines a process rather than an outcome, this one is notoriously hard to pin down. It occupies a legal and colloquial grey area which leaves it dangerously vulnerable to misuse. "Groomer" was invented to protect children from abuse but, as so often the case with misused terminology, marginalized people have been harmed as a result (and even children themselves). This episode covers delicate subject matter - please listen at your own discretion.

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Intro and outro song by our talented friend Ian Mills:


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Apr 17, 202355:14


She's rude. She's got a bad haircut. And she will, indeed, be speaking to your manager. We've finally arrived at everyone's favourite pejorative, "Karen". The most contemptible lady in America today, Karen has had a bit of a reverse trajectory in popular culture. Hannah and Maia discuss the dual role that Karen occupies on our feeds, from the "can I speak to your manager" meme to her more insidious form as a 'Miss Ann', and the throughline of entitlement that runs between them. To what degree can we critique elements of ageism/misogyny embedded in the Karen meme, while unpacking the very devastating consequences that "white women tears" have had, both historically and imminently, on BIPOC living in the United States? It's time to rehash.

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Intro and Outro song produced by our talented friend Ian Mills:


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Apr 10, 202353:13


Not quite an incel, not yet a Chad. The gymcel is a little-known, but hugely polarizing figure. Rather than swallowing the black pill and turning away from society (one where evil feminists govern man's ability to get laid), the gymcel takes matters into his own hands and get gains in pursuit of the ultimate Chad-bod. After all, everyone struggles with body image from time to time. So why do women hate him? Or, better yet, why do incels hate him? Hannah and Maia discuss the gymcel and his peculiar role in the ever-expanding Manosphere, giving you a thorough breakdown of all the incel terminology we're sure you've been dying to learn ("looksmaxxing"... "manlets"... "fapstinence"...). Is a figure associated with the worst subsects of the internet worthy of our sympathy? Could the gymcel be more benign than he seems?

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Intro and Outro song produced by our talented friend Ian Mills:


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Apr 03, 202352:48


He's hot. He's dumb. He's also a feminist ally. Househusband. Beef pillow. White knight. Clinically depressed golden retriever. And climate activist. Truly, what the f*** is a himbo? Is he a person who pops up in our everyday lives? Or is he just a misguided coping mechanism because women are (1) h*rny, and (2) feel let down by the real men around them? Hannah and Maia discuss the Himbo, his evolution from Himbo-Erectus™ to Himbo-Sapien™, and whether or not, like Maia's imaginary middle school boyfriend Derek, we'll grow out of him one day.

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Intro and Outro song by our talented friend, Ian Mills:


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“Himbos” Know Your Meme

Mar 27, 202358:25
Pick Me's
Mar 20, 202356:12


You wanna be on top? Well then girl, go do some exploitation! Hannah and Maia discuss the once revered, now maligned figure of the Girlboss™. Where did she come from? How did she get here? And why does she keep telling us to wash our face? We think sometimes you have to stop and consider, maybe becoming the #1 event planner in your state doesn't make you Malala. Join us for an unpacking of the She-EO, the world's fastest crash course on women in the workplace, Hannah's arduous journey towards building her bed, and whether or not we should put the "C" word on a t-shirt (we should). 

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Intro and outro song by our talented friend Ian Mills:


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Mar 13, 202301:02:01
Gatekeepers ft. Rayne Fisher-Quann

Gatekeepers ft. Rayne Fisher-Quann

It's time to talk about the most misunderstood word in the Tiktok lexicon :( gatekeeping! Hannah and Maia dive into the history of the word, its sinister origins and the way it now bursts out of our mouths every time someone doesn't give us what we want, the moment we want it. Join us and extra special guest Rayne as we digress about the death of subcultures, the Supreme™ brick, the bouncer at Berghain, and the ever-overlooked qu∊∊f community! 

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Intro and outro song produced by our talented friend Ian Mills:


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Mar 06, 202301:06:45


In the first instalment of our poignant, hard-hitting series: Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss; Hannah and Maia breakdown "gaslight" and its terrible evolution. From a 1944 psycho-thriller starring Ingrid Bergman about a woman being tormented by her greedy husband, to a catchall for anytime anyone is ever unfriendly to us - the term "gaslight" is now a spectre of what it used to be. In this little series we ask - is this a natural linguistic evolution, or is the cultural abstraction of these words more damaging than we think?

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Intro and outro song produced by our talented friend Ian Mills:


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Feb 27, 202356:45


Hannah and Maia discuss the post-woke, irony-poisoned community of Manhattan's lower east side - also known as Dimes Square. These podcasters (Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, Cum Town, and Wet Brain), filmmakers, literary ingenues, and bloggers have come together to be as provocative as possible. But is irony-poisoning just a long, slow descent into nihilism? And is nihilism just a lazy river into the bleak world of the alt-right? Listen to find out! 

**Correction**: The charges against Kyle Rittenhouse of curfew violation and unlawful possession of a firearm were *dismissed by the judge prior to jury deliberation. He was acquitted by the jury on all other charges. 

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Intro and Outro song produced by our talented friend Ian Mills: 


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Feb 20, 202301:03:59
Man Repeller

Man Repeller

Hannah and Maia unpack the horrors of the feminist fashion world and its posterchild, Leandra Medine (founder of Man Repeller). Was Man Repeller's demise really a death rattle for the girlboss, post-feminism era? Or was this just a blip in the timeline? Join us as we digress about Moonlight v. La La Land, whether emo and Abercrombie could ever be bedfellows, 5000 different pronunciations of Tavi Gevinson's name (and the Dhoom movies), and a fun game of spot the difference with a pair black fishnet tights.

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Intro and Outro song produced by our talented friend Ian Mills:


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Jan 16, 202301:12:35
Diet Prada
Jan 10, 202301:01:12
Bad Art Friend
Jan 02, 202334:03
West Elm Caleb

West Elm Caleb

Caleb was a very bad boy. But did we have to John Tucker him x 1 million? Hannah and Maia get personal about life in the trenches of online dating, and whether or not doxxing is a justified means to a feminist end.

Intro and Outro song by our talented friend Ian Mills:


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Dec 26, 202236:57
Caroline Calloway: The Art of Scamming Yourself
Dec 19, 202236:56
Lindsay Ellis and the Wrath of Twitter
Dec 12, 202244:10
Taylor Swift and the "Gaylor" Conspiracy
Dec 05, 202241:08
The Try Guys

The Try Guys

Hannah and Maia discuss the end of nuance, and feeling betrayed by Wife Guys™. 

Intro and Outro song by our talented friend Ian Mills:


Seth Abramovitch, “Why Are the Try Guys So Angry? Try Jeopardizing $6M a Year in Clicks” Hollywood Reporter (2022).

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Further Reading:

Willy Staley, “The Try Guys and the Prison of Online Fame” The New York Times (2022).

Nov 25, 202243:51