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Reiki Reflect

Reiki Reflect

By Angie Andro

Reiki Reflect, where Spirituality and Science meet to exchange phone numbers and discuss their similarities over a hot cup of Matcha tea. We'll dive into topics ranging anywhere from love and relationships to quantum entanglement. Reiki Reflect not responsible for side effects of opening your third eye. Side effects may include: Spiritual Awakening, Chakra Balancing, Manifesting your desires and or becoming one with your higher self
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Checking In! (Covid-19)

Reiki ReflectApr 26, 2020

#006 Grief, and how to manage.

#006 Grief, and how to manage.

Today we talk about grief, though a hard topic. In this episode, you'll find ways and technics on how to manage, maintain, and heal from grief.

Jan 06, 202110:21
Checking In! (Covid-19)
Apr 26, 202003:14
#005 The Dark Night Of The Soul
Feb 03, 202031:45
#004 Twin Flames and Soulmates Part 2
Jan 21, 202026:09
#003 Twin-Flames and Soulmates
Jan 21, 202027:45
#002 - What is Reiki?
Jan 18, 202025:40
#001 - The Beginning

#001 - The Beginning

Welcome to Reiki Reflect this is my first episode of the podcast topics include but not limited to Reiki, Charka, Tarot, Spiritual Wakening, Twin Flames & SoulMates, Science. We will be touching on topics with some great in-depth, while I help you on your spiritual journey. 

Happy Listening!

- Angie


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Twitter: @Reiki_Reflect

Jan 15, 202024:27
January 14, 2020

January 14, 2020

Jan 14, 202000:52