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Rein In Your Herd

Rein In Your Herd

By Rein In Your Herd

Where do I start? Is social media even worth it? How do I find clients for my equine business? Why can’t I get any traction on Facebook or followers on Instagram? Am I doomed to be a poor equine professional forever?

Welcome to Rein in Your Herd where hosts April Hardeman and Laura Langfitt answer these questions and put your fears to rest. Yes, you can have a killer horse business or be a successful equestrian without living in the back of your truck forever. It just takes a little bit of faith and a lot of determination.

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How GoHorse Grew Their Herd

How GoHorse Grew Their Herd

Community is the name of the game in the horse world, and Jenny the founder of GoHorse has that part down. Joining GoHorse is like joining a family, her herd is engaged, and it shows. In this episode, we sit down with Jenny and talk about her journey of taking their social media audience from 0 to 20k in two years. 

Jenny owns a boarding facility herself and was tired of struggling to find clients while getting calls for services her facility didn't even offer. She and her mom founded GoHorse. A website that connects equestrians with horse businesses so we can all have better horse experiences. 

Tune in to hear from a real equine professional and learn what worked and what didn't for GoHorse. 

Podcasts will be going live the first and third Fridays of the month. 

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