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Living to Be: A podcast by Reino Gevers

Living to Be: A podcast by Reino Gevers

By Reino Gevers

Living to BE – a podcast aimed to inspire you in becoming your authentic self. In the ever-changing landscape of life, filled with triumphs and tribulations, we explore the realms of health, spiritual growth, and personal development. From the very moment, you took your first breath, you embarked on a path destined to reveal your true essence and fulfill your unique purpose in this world.
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What is your calling?

Living to Be: A podcast by Reino GeversMay 31, 2021

Scott White: Staying positive and living your best life
Dec 01, 202328:44
Why does a God allow suffering?
Nov 12, 202307:04
Liberating the mind from attachment and grievance culture
Nov 02, 202309:09
Navigating challenging times

Navigating challenging times

Humanity is about to embark on a journey marked by monumental shifts and unprecedented disruptions, unlike anything we have seen before. It will impact every aspect of our lives, creating a ripple effect that will affect us on multiple levels. During times of uncertainty, we are seeing a retreat into political extremism and religious fanaticism. Fear is what fuels the radicals, exploiting emotions to sow discord and chaos. Millions will find themselves on the losing end, navigating the turbulent waters of change.

Amidst these challenges, there will emerge a resilient group of individuals and communities who seize the opportunity. Winners not only adapt to change but have the innate ability of turning adversity into an advantage.

Ultimately all of life underlies a seasonal principle of natural and spontaneous changes. Evolutionary change, sometimes disruptive, is an elementary aspect of the universal intelligence, of God, or the divine.

- Resilience is acceptance of life's seasonal principle

- Within the vast tapestry of the universe life is constantly, evolving, adapting and in motion

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Nov 02, 202307:54
Never Quit on a Bad Day
Oct 16, 202323:00
Kelli Field: The Grief of Goodbye and a walk into authenticity
Sep 13, 202339:43
Michael McGinnis: Awakening from the slumber and the victimhood
Sep 06, 202327:25
Chad Hufford: Creating an Abundant Life with Intention
Sep 01, 202339:53
The dragnet of a cult
Aug 30, 202308:54
Derick Gant: Moving from Mediocrity into a Mindset of Abundance
Aug 28, 202325:46
Standing guard on the information highway
Aug 23, 202303:05
Mark Barnes: Practical strategies on living a long and healthy life
Aug 10, 202327:36
Defining your purpose and meaning

Defining your purpose and meaning

The meaning of life and purpose differs for every individual but at the same time, humanity is collectively transitioning to an ever-changing evolution
of consciousness. The global crisis on multiple levels is by its very nature a transition between the old and the new.
- Moving from a culture of exploitation to restoration and sutainability
- The soul edging toward fulfillment
- Learning, adapting and realigning
#selfdevelopment #spirituality #taoism

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New! ⁠ The Turning of the Circle: Embracing Nature's Wisdom for Purposeful Living⁠
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Jul 24, 202305:52
Doing or Being?
Jun 05, 202306:07
Lori Marini: Finding a new life after cancer
May 29, 202323:21
The lucky farmer or was he really that lucky?
May 18, 202304:18
Dr. Lynn Carey: Finding your inner peace with passion and purpose
May 08, 202318:43
The things blocking you from living your soul purpose?

The things blocking you from living your soul purpose?

The ancient mystic teachers believed that the ultimate purpose of the human cycle was to become whole, emphasizing that each person has a unique mission to play in the cosmic order. But with the pull of external distractions, you might feel estranged from this sense of purpose and will need to take concrete action.
Taken on a daily basis energy-depleting habits can creep into your life and you would have to react with a clear structure to realign body, mind, and
There is a general misconception that external validation of material success and fame equals living a life of bliss. Often the search for soul
purpose is stuck in the "I" as opposed to the "we". It's the reason why many of the world's most successful people are terribly unhappy
on a soul level with a few of these exceptional individuals however transmuting this unhappiness into causes that serve the greater good.
One of the most gifted men on the tennis court, Andre Agassi struggled with addiction for most of his professional career, which he details in his autobiography "Open". He in reality hated tennis but then realized that his fame as
a tennis player could be a platform to do greater good.
He established the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, which focuses on improving the education system in the United States. The creation of the
foundation stemmed from Agassi's own personal experiences of feeling lost and unprepared for life after tennis. He recognized that many children in the United States faced similar challenges, particularly those from underserved communities, and wanted to help provide them with the tools and resources they needed to succeed in life.
"You can’t spread who you are without being broken first. Sometimes, when you’ve been broken into pieces, you come back and give much more to
people. You can see my scars and they’re key to me making a difference in other lives now," he said in an interview.
Soul purpose is a journey. The whole of life is a discovering journey of your soul purpose. Often the end of one journey, the death of one
"life" is the initiation process into another life, yet ultimately a journey of growth, redemption, rectification, and wholeness.
In this episode, we look at what is key to living your destiny.
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More information:
⁠Website: ⁠
⁠Deep Walking for Body, Mind and Soul⁠
⁠Walking on Edge: A pilgrimage to Santiago⁠
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May 01, 202306:52
Opening the shutters of the mind
Apr 23, 202309:02
Community: A key to happiness
Mar 29, 202304:60
Byron Morrison: Changing self-sabotaging behavior
Mar 15, 202325:59
Escaping the monkey mind
Mar 04, 202307:51
Kevin Considine: Life lessons from a global pilgrim
Feb 28, 202331:34
Charles Smith: The Power of a Happy Mind
Feb 20, 202321:19
Amanda Kate: Practicing intuitive wisdom
Feb 02, 202333:29
Hannah Spanke: Arising from the hell of prostitution to an intimacy and relationship coach
Jan 27, 202333:31
Things break apart gradually and then with a bang

Things break apart gradually and then with a bang

The signs of a relationship going sour, a company going in decline, and a country becoming a failed state. The patterns are all the same. Early warning signals are not heeded.

A leak in the roof of a house will drip by drip gradually weaken the structural walls until the foundations give way and the house collapses. When small repairs are not carried out they become big problems. A health crisis is preceded by many small aches and pains. A relationship breakdown will have a long history of hurts, insults, and betrayals. A company’s bankruptcy comes after years of poor management and missed opportunities.

The seeds of the failed nation are sown with the gradual growth of the tentacles of corruption, poor government, and nepotism. Countries such as Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Argentina, and South Africa are just some examples of once-flourishing countries that today are sad reminders of how fast the rot can set in.

An alcoholic will very often only seek help during an epiphany that comes in a “flat on the ground” moment. The person is so disgusted and pained about his own behavior that he will admit finally that he has a problem. It is the first step in the healing process.

Negative and destructive behavior has the habit of sneaking into life in many subtle ways. It is one of the reasons why so many New Year resolutions fail. Typical sabotaging self-talk could be: “It won’t make much of a difference if I skip my workout this morning.” “I need to reward myself with a shopping spree after saving for two months.” “It won’t affect my relationship if I cheat on my partner just this once.”

Creating a life of bliss with positive habits

Transmuting pain and suffering leads to higher consciousness and positive change. Meaning and purpose are found after years of depression. A fulfilling, loving relationship is found after enduring years of abuse in a dysfunctional marriage. A different and more fulfilling work is sought after job burnout. An exercise routine and a healthy diet are followed with passion after overcoming a life-threatening disease.

What can you do today? What can be done that will start the ball rolling? If you enter an untidy room filled with junk, you start by clearing one small area, then the following day the next, and so on. Getting physically fit could start with a walk of 2,000 steps and then gradually increase it day by day to 10,000 steps. Reducing a stressed out and fearful mind can begin with a short meditation lasting three minutes until 15-20 minutes is done with ease because you feel so much better afterward. Training body, mind, and spirit to a new level of consciousness and bliss comes after a reawakening from the shadowlands.

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Jan 24, 202309:01
Nicky Billou: Relationships and the power of connecting
Dec 08, 202216:57
Victoria Rader: Prospering by surrendering to the heart
Dec 02, 202220:05
Nita Sweeney: Depression hates a moving target
Nov 22, 202224:51
Carrie Schmidt: Looking beyond the "foggy" screen
Nov 11, 202225:56
Finding Purpose and Meaning

Finding Purpose and Meaning

Reino Gevers did more than a dozen pilgrimage walks on the Camino de Santiago in northwestern Spain He had countless conversations with people on the same path in search of purpose and meaning. In his essence, he found that life is a journey to finding that alignment and connection to divine purpose within. But so much is holding us back. It could be the inability to forgive a person who is caused you much pain or the trauma over the loss of a loved one. Yet when looking back you will realize that all the ups and downs of life have molded and sculptured you into the person you are today. If you can take a different perspective on what has been and is no more or on the many unfulfilled expectations, you realize that everything is grace and that all has a purpose.

Listen to best-selling author Barry Nicolaou’s take on how thoughts can sabotage or assist us in creating the life we want.

Lori Saitz on how gratitude can be truly transformational in goal-setting and manifestation,

Liam Naden: on how to transform a stressful mindset into one of creativity and flow.

Patricia Lindner, spiritual career alchemist and mentor why so many people get stuck in the so-called comfort zone.

Nov 02, 202231:56
Patricia Lindner: Follow your calling by letting go of your limitations
Oct 30, 202221:52
Liam Naden: Harnessing the infinite power of your brain
Oct 17, 202238:42
Why do most employees lack motivation?

Why do most employees lack motivation?

Only about 15 percent of the global workforce feel motivated in their jobs. Most people suffer in silent misery counting the years and months to retirement - when they can finally start living.

Billions of revenue are lost annually due to unmotivated employees. It doesn't have to stay that way. Choosing the right leaders for key positions can make a huge difference.

In this podcast, we delve into one of the basic human needs: To be validated.

We also look at some of the key qualities required by leadership in setting the foundation for motivated and creative staff.




Oct 03, 202205:13
Kathleen Donnelly: A grandmother's journey of wisdom on the Camino
Sep 04, 202231:00
New ways of dealing with persistent pain: Dr. Alan Weisser

New ways of dealing with persistent pain: Dr. Alan Weisser

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain. It prevents people from living life to the full with many resorting to medication, alcohol, or opioids to deal with the situation.

Dr. Alan Weisser has an extensive background in working with the psychological problems people face when they are living with chronic pain.

His practice has provided support that has empowered patients to transition from dysfunction and disability to empowerment and recovery.

Dr. Weisser is uniquely qualified to lead others in experiences of self-discovery. When he was 12 years old, he broke his neck in a diving accident. Though he nearly died, he developed an unshakable belief that he could and would recover.

In this episode Dr. Weisser explains:

  • The emotional response to persistent pain
  • Lessons from martial arts in dealing with pain
  • His own recovery process 

Dr. Weisser's book "New Possibilities Understanding the Mystery and Mastering Chronic Pain" can be obtained at:


Aug 27, 202231:54
The difference between thoughts and feelings
Aug 21, 202206:36
Vickie Helm: Creating financial freedom
Aug 07, 202227:42
Wisdom: What it means in our time. An interview with philosophical thinker and author Jason Merchey

Wisdom: What it means in our time. An interview with philosophical thinker and author Jason Merchey

Jason Merchey is a philosophical thinker and independent scholar as well as the founder of Values of the Wise. Jason’s fourth book is entitled “Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought” It is a unique combination of psychological research findings, philosophical principles, & personal insights. In this podcast interview Jason explains: Why wisdom as opposed to information and emotion is so important in our times What we can learn from the great thinkers, philosophers, and leaders of past times How can we learn to transmute "tribal" identity for the greater good? The Book: "Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought" Values of the Wise Facebook LinkedIn
Aug 03, 202232:39
Kevin Palmieri: A pathway to success after hitting rock bottom
Aug 01, 202226:59
Dr. Shahrzad Nooravi: What drives a healthy company culture?
Jul 25, 202230:44
Barry Nicolaou: Understanding your thoughts and living your purpose
Jul 17, 202240:59
Unlock the mind: Take a walk

Unlock the mind: Take a walk

Time spent in the stillness of nature unlocks the mind, reconnecting mind, soul, and body with the greater whole.

I’ve recently back from my annual pilgrimage walk on the Camino in northwestern Spain.

There are few things so healing and rejuvenating as spending time in the green and blue spaces of nature.

My very first walk on the Camino de Santiago was in 2006. I needed time out after feeling totally stressed out from job and relationship challenges.

Nature is a healing place

That first walk opened a window that completely changed my life. The first big epiphany: Reconnecting with nature liberates the mind from the treadmill of the same thoughts, fears, and feelings.

On the Camino Primitivo

When body and mind go into synchronicity with nature, self-important ego thoughts are transmuted into calmness and stillness.

You feel part of a bigger whole. The universe starts whispering to the truth of the soul.

Let your breathing follow the natural rhythm of waves breaking to shore. Feel the calming effects of crystal clear waters swirling around a rock. Hear the choir of birds in the woods. Each with a different song, forming that symphony of unity.

Your body tells the truth

Your body is the collective memory of all that you have experienced. The seeds of underlying tension and pain can go far back to a traumatic childhood experience.

It’s those suppressed feelings from the past that deplete the energy that you need to accomplish your dreams. When you do a pilgrimage you may walk more than 20 kilometers (12 miles a day) with a backpack.

Your body goes through a cleansing process both physically and emotionally. You will be letting go of old stuff, walking things off, with every step.

Jul 10, 202204:22
Walking into health and well-being

Walking into health and well-being

With most of us spending many hours a day glued to screens, going outdoors and taking a walk in nature is one of the easiest most simple ways of maintaining your physical and mental health.

What avid walkers have known all along is being confirmed by science. Walking in the green and blue spaces of nature is healing on multiple levels.

Trees emit airborne chemicals, called phytoncides, used to protect themselves from insects. As we breathe in these phytoncides, our bodies respond by increasing the number and activity of a particular kind of white blood cell, called natural killer (NK) cells.

The term forest bathing or shinrin-yoku became popular in Japan in the 1980s. It is basically immersing or meditating in nature. Against the background of the increasing number of people with subhealth the Japanese researchers found that shinrin-yoku not only brings people with subhealth a healthy lifestyle but also offers complementary therapies to the sick. Subhealth is described as a condition between health and disease.

In the United States researchers monitored the intimate connection of trees to our physical health after the emerald ash borer decimated over a million trees in 15 states between 1990-2007. Less tree cover was linked to over 6,000 deaths from respiratory disease.

Stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol weaken the body’s natural defense systems, making it susceptible to cardiovascular and other diseases. By spending time in the green and blue spaces of nature you can reduce those stress hormones in your body significantly.

Jun 18, 202205:49
Kara Goodwin: Healing the inner and outer world

Kara Goodwin: Healing the inner and outer world

Kara Goodwin is a former IT professional who followed her soul purpose in becoming a meditation teacher. In this podcast, she shares her own journey of transformational change. Her view is that we cannot expect to change the outer world if we don't do the work within. Other key points: 

  • How meditation changes the brain 
  • A good way of starting to meditate  
  • The connection between the inner and external world

 More information on Kara's individual and group coaching programs can be found on her website where you can also access a FREE guided meditation:

May 30, 202229:00
Lori Saitz: How gratitude can transform your life

Lori Saitz: How gratitude can transform your life

Lori Saitz, CEO of Zen Rabbit and award-winning writer, speaker, and broadcaster tells us how expressing gratitude can be truly transformational in goal-setting and manifestation. She is using her own experience in leaving a 22-year marriage and starting a new business in guiding Gen-Xers to a new beginning. In this Podcast, we cover several topics including:

  • How to find that positive experience in every negative situation
  • How to create greater well-being and contentment in your life with a morning and evening ritual
  • The importance of finding a peer group giving positive feedback and different perspective

May 27, 202229:09
Why are we so lazy when it comes to personal health?
May 20, 202207:58
Connecting to the spark within

Connecting to the spark within

One of the big illusions of our time is the constant messaging from false gurus promising salvation and a life of bliss that can only be found externally. Letting yourself be true to your inner voice and reawakening that ancient sense of rhythm and instinct is a real challenge.

The shadow world feeds on sowing confusion and triggering the toxic emotions of fear, hate, and rage that can easily be manipulated for ulterior motives. One of the greatest gifts we have is the power of choice.

The lower vibrational field remains unaware, stuck in a fundamentalist worldview that leaves no room for nuance, diversity, individual growth, and interpretation. It finds expression in fanatical nationalism that inevitably dehumanizes everyone who is not of the same tribe and belief.

We have seen the phenomenon throughout history in the pogroms against Jews, Huguenots, Armenians, and the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. Mass psychosis gripped an entire population in Germany during the Nazi era. Currently, we are experiencing a dangerous resurgence of 19th-century nationalism in several countries.

Taming the wolf within is one of the greatest stories of St. Francis of Assisi. Feeding the wolf with peace, kindness, and love is moving into the higher vibrational field.

The great 14-century Mystic Meister Eckart said: “If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”  Like Eckhart, most of the early medieval Mystics saw God in all creation, only to find themselves being persecuted and tried for heresy by the religious leaders bent on imposing an external belief based on fear and control.

Self-estrangement could only be overcome by going into solitude and inner silence. God, he taught, could only be discovered in the total presence of the here-and-now. It is why the green and blue spaces of nature have such healing powers. Nature and landscape thrive on silence. Modern man is literally terrified of silence because of his disconnect from nature and soul. He has to constantly surround himself with the drumbeat of electronics to banish natural silence.

Meister Eckhart defined the spark within as authentic soul nature, the core essence of one's being.

More information:


Deep Walking for Body, Mind and Soul

Walking on Edge 

Social Media:




May 10, 202204:59
I am because I belong

I am because I belong

Nature is our greatest healer and our greatest teacher. When immersing in the natural world the senses awaken and go into synchronicity. From observing a bee pollinating a flower to mushrooms growing in the special moisture of soil in a shady forest, every living thing is interconnected.

God or the universe find expression in nature and we are one part and inextricably bound to its structure and underlying order. Ancient cultures were well aware of the divine within, seeing the sacred in landscape features, plants, and animals. Modern man’s disconnect from the soul nature and the spiritual has come with rapid urbanization and the disconnect from nature.

The mental health crisis that modern culture is currently experiencing can in part be attributed to the broken relationship with the self, estrangement from the community, and a “relational” crisis on all levels.

Narcissism contradicts the essence of human nature

Our culture of narcissism contradicts the very essence of human need. It over-emphasizes the needs of the individual over the collective. When we are born, we are completely helpless beings, totally dependent on a nurturing family environment. Our primary family shapes and determines how we think and behave.

Our beliefs, habits, and actions are shaped by our closest associations and the relationship we have with our immediate surroundings. It is foundational.

The resurgence of nationalism and tribalism, the emphasis on one’s own culture and belonging, while denouncing that of the other is just a perverted expression of the loss of belonging and the disconnect from the higher self that is universal in its humanity.

Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize winner and anti-apartheid activist, explained the African “relational” concept of Ubuntu as the essence of being human.

We are made for complementarity

“It speaks of how my humanity is caught up and bound up inextricably with yours. It says, not as Descartes did, “I think, therefore I am” but rather, “I am because I belong.”

Apr 29, 202205:32