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Remotely Creative

Remotely Creative


Keep your sanity while social distancing and beyond! We’re navigating the ins and outs of creative survival in a remote setting and answering your questions. You’ll hear from professional artists, designers, and a few wildcards about how to stay inspired and connected when working and living from home. Hosted by Robb Fladry, Dean of Students at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD). Submit your questions to and visit us online at
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32. Your Whole Job Can Be Pantsless (ft. Adán de la Garza)

Remotely CreativeNov 03, 2020

32. Your Whole Job Can Be Pantsless (ft. Adán de la Garza)

32. Your Whole Job Can Be Pantsless (ft. Adán de la Garza)

For our Season 1 Finale, we let our minds wander with video artist and culture cultivator Adán de la Garza. We got some background on the collaborative roots of Collective Misnomer and insight into de la Garza's work cultivating a home for time-based arts in Denver. Adán also discussed adapting to recent transitions, ignoring the pressure to make COVID art, and the highest honor: a wing sauce in your name.

Nov 03, 202059:23
31. The Blank Screen (ft. Ash Hopkins)
Oct 28, 202001:02:12
30. Biscuits or Cornbread? (ft. Jack Ludlam)
Oct 21, 202046:37
29. Part Two: I Plan Zero (ft. Greg Ellis)
Oct 14, 202041:11
28. Part One: It Takes Time to Understand Bob (ft. Greg Ellis)
Oct 08, 202050:19
27. We're Both Bens (ft. Ben Alderman)
Sep 30, 202033:39
26. Are There Free Chips? (ft. Wesley Hall)
Sep 23, 202054:46
25. Destruction Is A Part of Creation Though, Right? (ft. Gretchen Marie Schaefer)
Sep 16, 202042:08
24. It Is The Stuff of Legend (ft. Carolyn Malachi)
Sep 09, 202056:34
23. I’m An Artist, Bro (ft. Nathan Brown)
Sep 02, 202051:16
22. I'm Gonna Yell At You, Mel Gibson! (ft. Barry Jones)
Aug 26, 202040:49
21. The Universe Is Hilarious (ft. Theodore Davis)
Aug 19, 202048:60
20. Decoy Hotel (ft. Domonic Smith)
Aug 12, 202053:38
19. It's Okay to Relax (ft. Kyla Paolucci)
Aug 05, 202041:15
18. The Bigger, The Bolder, The Better (ft. Annie McIntyre)
Jul 29, 202038:38
17. Not Just Something Pretty (ft. Thomas Evans)
Jul 22, 202055:56
16. One Thing I Hate Is Polio (ft. Chris Johnson)
Jul 15, 202001:13:40
15. All Art is Collaboration (ft. Anthony Benedetto)
Jul 08, 202048:17
13. More Parades! (ft. Frankie Toan)
Jun 24, 202052:14
12. In Love With An Alien (ft. Naomi Clark)
Jun 17, 202049:22
11. Choose Your Own Adventure (ft. Dalton Frizzel)
Jun 10, 202041:46
9. I Am High Fidelity (ft. Jason Sloan)
May 27, 202041:44
8. Team Bidet, Baby! (ft. Meredith Kachel)
May 20, 202049:28
7. Equal Opportunity Pockets (ft. Candice Lambert)
May 13, 202046:09
6. What Does Over There Mean? (ft. David Horvitz)
May 06, 202034:49
5. I Have a Therapist Now (ft. Kalup Linzy)
Apr 29, 202001:02:28
4. Dressing Up As Tiger King (ft. Paul Trani)
Apr 22, 202026:14
3. Old School Fist Fight (ft. Tobias Fike + Matthew Harris)
Apr 15, 202040:10
2. Oh Sh*t, It's Tuesday (ft. Sarah Wambold)

2. Oh Sh*t, It's Tuesday (ft. Sarah Wambold)

In this episode we talk with Sarah Wambold, who is an Executive Producer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Hear her thoughts on digital content, the romanticizing relief efforts, and the current state of human experience. To view images associated with this episode on our website, click here or visit

Apr 08, 202024:42
1. Do You Have Enough Toilet Paper? (ft. Ian Fisher)
Apr 01, 202024:02