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Unsolved Wyoming: Cold Cases & Haunted Places

Unsolved Wyoming: Cold Cases & Haunted Places

By Renee Nelson

This podcast covers unsolved cases and tells the stories of haunted places of Wyoming. Families share insights of their loved ones, along with what they know about the day everything changed. And, we also explore some of the unexplainable mysteries hidden in the great Wyoming landscapes. Join us every other week for a full episode and weekly for case updates from around the state.
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Missing: Irene Gakwa

Unsolved Wyoming: Cold Cases & Haunted PlacesJun 03, 2022

Missing: Wyoming Updates--09/15/2023
Sep 16, 202312:14
Missing: Wyoming Updates--08/25/2023
Aug 26, 202312:33
Missing: Wyoming Update--08/13/2023
Aug 14, 202309:37
Missing: Wyoming Updates--08/05/2023
Aug 06, 202303:56
Missing: Wyoming Update--07/22/2023
Jul 22, 202307:00
Missing: Wyoming Update--07/14/2023
Jul 15, 202309:53
Missing: Kimberly Kay Novak AKA Kimberly Kay Allen
Jul 08, 202349:25
Missing: Wyoming Update--06/16/2023
Jun 17, 202309:31
Missing: Wyoming Update--06/10/2023
Jun 11, 202305:28
Happy Anniversary--What a Year!
Jun 03, 202303:58
Missing: Wyoming Update--05/12/2023
May 13, 202305:29
Missing: John Daily Hammond
May 05, 202346:31
Missing: Wyoming Update--04/28/2023
Apr 29, 202306:11
In the Field: Jennifer C. Kocher, Journalist
Apr 15, 202347:59
Missing: Wyoming Update--03/31/2023
Apr 01, 202317:11
Missing: Wyoming Updates--03/24/2023
Mar 25, 202312:01
Missing: Wyoming Update--03/11/2023
Mar 12, 202305:10
Missing: Christopher Dale Mauk
Mar 04, 202334:44
Missing: Wyoming Update--2/24/2023
Feb 25, 202306:26
Book: True Crime and Deaf Row Chat with Ron Franscell
Feb 18, 202357:07
Missing: Kyle Jay Ellis
Feb 10, 202347:47
Missing:Wyoming Update--1/27/2023
Jan 28, 202308:38
Missing: Wyoming Update--1/20/2023
Jan 20, 202307:38
Homicide: Davida Peterson
Jan 14, 202343:57
Missing: Wyoming Update--1/06/2023
Jan 06, 202311:16
Missing: Wyoming Update--12/09/2022
Dec 10, 202210:56
Missing: Wyoming Update--11/22/2022
Nov 23, 202211:43
Missing: Wyoming Update--11/14/2022
Nov 14, 202210:51
Missing: Wyoming Update--11/07/2022
Nov 07, 202205:03
Haunted: Crossover with Dean Petersen from That Doesn't Happen Every Day Podcast

Haunted: Crossover with Dean Petersen from That Doesn't Happen Every Day Podcast

And here we are at the end of spooky season 2022. On the podcast for this second haunted episode I have a crossover with Cheyenne local, Dean Peterson, host of That Doesn't Happen Every Day, and author of The Burqa Cave. He shares with us two tales from his friend CJ Young along with recorded audio from his show. Have you ever heard of the Lady of Arlington? Be prepared to get full body chills. Oh, and the Rawlins' historic prison...let's just say that creepy doesn't begin to cover it. And as always, we the the update with Desiree Tinoco from DCI.
Show Notes:
That Doesn't Happen Every Day podcast
The Burqa Cave book
Missing People of Wyoming Facebook group
Oct 30, 202248:03
Missing: Wyoming Update--10/21/2022
Oct 22, 202207:07
Haunted: Historic Crime Tales with Ron Franscell
Oct 15, 202201:01:13
Missing: Wyoming Updates --09/30/2022
Oct 01, 202203:59
In the Field: Be 307 Aware

In the Field: Be 307 Aware

Do you remember the Terry Meador episode where I talked about Be 307 Aware? Well, this episode features Jim Mitchell and he tells us about how the program was started, how it works, and provides insight into what you should be ready for if you do get lost. I also have this week's DCI updates with Desiree Tinoco.
Be 307 Aware Facebook Page
Be 307 Aware Flier
Missing People of Wyoming Facebook group
Sep 24, 202216:19
Missing: Wyoming Update--09/16/2022
Sep 17, 202211:04
Missing: Wyoming Update--09/09/2022
Sep 10, 202212:08
Missing: Terry Meador
Sep 03, 202243:43
Missing: Wyoming Update--8/19/2022--Back to School Edition
Aug 20, 202212:44
Missing: Wyoming Update--8/12/2022
Aug 13, 202207:17
In the Field: Desiree Tinoco of Missing People of Wyoming

In the Field: Desiree Tinoco of Missing People of Wyoming

This week, I interview Desiree Tinoco, a true inspiration and cornerstone when comes to advocating for missing people in Wyoming. You know her voice because she's featured weekly in the podcast, but I thought it was time for listeners to get to know more about her, her journey, and her amazing impact in Wyoming. As always we have an update towards the end of the episode, so be sure to stay tuned.
Show Notes:
Missing People of Wyoming Facebook group
Aug 05, 202231:55
Missing: Wyoming Update--7/29/2022
Jul 29, 202207:25
Missing: Irene Gakwa Update

Missing: Irene Gakwa Update

I've been watching and following the Find Irene Gakwa Facebook group since before I did my very first podcast episode. And as the story has unfolded, an incredible group has emerged to help coordinate the search efforts to locate Irene. In this week's episode I chat with Stacy Koester and Missy Bloxom, they are two friends of a larger cohort, who have come together with the sole focus of bringing Irene home. And as always, I have an update with Desiree Tinoco, so be sure to stay tuned.
Show Notes:
Find Irene Facebook group
Jul 23, 202233:20
Missing: Wyoming Update--7/15/2022

Missing: Wyoming Update--7/15/2022

Here are the latest missing cases here in Wyoming. I also have a short PSA at the end on fair safety.  

Jul 16, 202206:36
Missing: Renee Diane Yeargain
Jul 09, 202201:24:10
Missing: Wyoming Update--7/1/2022
Jul 01, 202210:08
Missing: Anne Elliot Lancaster
Jun 24, 202201:46:01
Missing: Wyoming Update--6/16/2022
Jun 18, 202206:14
Missing: Wyoming Update--6/10/2022
Jun 10, 202213:31
Missing: Irene Gakwa
Jun 03, 202255:21