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Renewed Daily with Will Woods

Renewed Daily with Will Woods

By Will Woods

I'm Will Woods and I will present you people who I greatly admire and are at the top of their field. The goal is to tease out what makes them successful, to uncover habits that they've developed to achieve that high level of success, to learn about their mentors that have helped shaped their lives. Let's learn together to be better citizens, business owners, and leaders in our personal lives.

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How Music Changes Life Perspective - Interview with Dr Edgar Cajas

Renewed Daily with Will WoodsSep 22, 2021

How Music Changes Life Perspective - Interview with Dr Edgar Cajas

How Music Changes Life Perspective - Interview with Dr Edgar Cajas

Can you imagine a life without music? I can’t. Music is one of the greatest gifts God has given to humankind. In this episode, my friend, Dr. Edgar Cajas, shares how in-home worship services during the pandemic helped his family and how music therapy can make a huge difference in students of all ages.

"Through music, we can communicate the feelings" - Dr. Edgar Cajas

Dr. Edgar Cajas was born in Guatemala and traveled to the US at a young age to earn his Ph.D. degree in Music Education. As a former Houston Baptist University Music Education Coordinator, he has helped a lot of students to find and grow their passion for music. Back to his home-town in Antigua, Dr. Cajas continues helping to develop talents of all ages

What we learned about how music changes life perspective
  • The effects of music therapy
  • How technology and music helped his family during the COVID-19 quarantine
  • How family worship helped his nephews with autism
Questions I asked
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Sep 22, 202130:28
How Motivation Keeps Reinventing Itself with Ethan Yates | Renewed Daily

How Motivation Keeps Reinventing Itself with Ethan Yates | Renewed Daily

Have you ever asked yourself where does motivation come from? Motivation comes in different sizes, shapes, and sources. It also keeps reinventing itself if you look closer.

I invited my friend and fellow musician Ethan Yates, who recently released his first song to Spotify, a devoted husband and soon-to-be dad. Ethan shares with us how the creative process to release his song was driven by his heartfelt motivation and how it has been constantly reinventing itself in his career path of music.

Join us, in this episode you will find inspiration, love, and lots of fun.

*** The number one thing to overcome fear is asking yourself “Can we be used by God?” - Ethan Yates ***

Ethan Yates is an American Christian singer/songwriter originating from deep East Texas. His love for music began when he was a kid, hearing his grandmother sing the harmonies to the most beloved hymns in the pew behind him at his small southern Baptist church.

Questions I asked
  • How did the song itself actually come about?
  • What was your wife’s reaction to the song you wrote for her?
  • Is there a worship album coming up?
What we learned about how motivation keeps reinventing itself
  • How to overcome fear to an uncertain future
  • Where the inspiration comes from
  • How God should always be the number one in our projects

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Aug 03, 202126:53
How Adding Love For People Brings Success – Interview with Stephanie Simmons

How Adding Love For People Brings Success – Interview with Stephanie Simmons

Stephanie Simmons is a mom, a wife, and a businesswoman from Walnut Springs, Texas. Stephanie shares with us how she took the brave decision to begin her own business as a local realtor and although it seemed impossible to accomplish due to the pandemic, she got success selling almost twice her first-year goal by keeping a warm, genuine love for people.

“You learn from people around you… If you truly care, you will know more about them than you know about yourself.” - Stephanie Simmons

In this episode, we learn about the influences and experiences that have fueled Stephanie to be the driven, passionate person of faith she is today. Few people have the self-confidence and determination to accomplish their goals. Today, we tease out how she is able to do it.

What we learned about adding love for people
  • How was opening a business in a pandemic year
  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed at the early stages of your business
  • How to be a more caring, compassionate person and add more love for people
  • What is the source of greatest inspiration in Stephanie's life to achieve her goals
Items mentioned
  • A Plan for Financial Success by Dave Ramsey
  • Gimbal, the most helpful product purchased for $100 or less
Contact Stephanie

Episode transcript

Jul 05, 202133:52
The Philosophy of the Lawyer and City Mayor, Scott Cain

The Philosophy of the Lawyer and City Mayor, Scott Cain

Have you ever wondered how is it to run a city? Tornados, storms, or pandemics cannot stop you from protecting the people living there. 

What kind of person does a city need to feel safe and in constant improvement? I’m not sure about the perfect recipe, but I’m sure it includes a true calling and a high vision. 

Today, Cleburne’s Mayor, Scott Cain invites us to the intimacy of his office and shares his human side, serving us with his personal advice not only to build a better city but also how to be a better person following God’s plan and making good use of our talents and live a fulfilling life.

Scott Cain is the mayor of the City of Cleburne, Texas, and he was first elected as mayor in May of 2012. He is the managing partner of Cain Associates, attorneys at law. He’s an adjunct professor at Southwestern Adventist University in Keen where he teaches business law. His areas of practice include civil litigation, trials, appeals, business, real estate, railroads, estate planning, probate. He’s an author, and his latest book, Cleburne Baseball, A Railroader History.

Questions I asked
  • What was your life goal when you were young?
  • What made you come back to Cleburne?
  • What makes you proud of Cleburne?
  • If you had a giant billboard, what would you try to communicate to the world?
Key Takeaways
Connect with Mayor Scott Cain

Check out his Facebook page
Hire his law firm, Cain and Associates
Buy his book Cleburne Baseball, A Railroader History

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Jul 01, 202139:28