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Resilient and Rowdy™

Resilient and Rowdy™

By Jess Jaimes

Resilient and Rowdy™ (R&R) is the experience of life itself hosted by Jess Jaimes, an Army Veteran sharing her journey of self discovery post military service with an odd but happy sense of humor; discussing real + raw topics and issues in a safe, conversational setting.
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Scott Deluzio, Author of Surviving Son

Resilient and Rowdy™Oct 12, 2021

Embracing Resilience in Life: A Conversation with Jessica Rose
Nov 28, 202301:00:22
Josh White, Host of HeroFront Podcast
Nov 01, 202301:00:28
Level Up with Alex Aun
Oct 09, 202301:30:40
If The Shoe Fits with Jennifer Aun

If The Shoe Fits with Jennifer Aun

This week's episode is featuring a very special guest, Jennifer Aun!

Jennifer is an engineer, entrepreneur, and Army Veteran.

Jess & Jennifer crossed paths in the women veteran space and have shared many similar experiences with happenings in the community.

We sit down and discuss the what and why, acknowledge the unfortunate and perpetual behavior witnessed over the years, and our hopes for accountability to better the environment that claims to empower and uplift women.

If you think this episode is about you.... pls stop. lol

Anyways, if you can relate to this episode and would like to share, talk, or vent; feel free to comment on the Instagram post or send a DM! You are not alone!

Let us know your thoughts on this episode and follow Jennifer on Instagram @JenniferAun

Check out her businesses @Peachtails.apparel & @WoobieOfficial

Sep 22, 202301:23:16
It's your bestie calling!!

It's your bestie calling!!

HELLO??!! Mama's home. It's been awhile, so here's a lil catch up episode on what's been going on lately with me.

Why am I whispering?? UGH Anyways. Today I share with y'all some life changes and choices I've made and how they've effected me to this day.

Getting your sh*t together, mental health breaks and checks, sobriety, all SUPER fun things right..

Next few episodes are in the works, let me know what y'all want to hear from guests and I to dive into!

Follow on insta @ Resilient.Rowdy & on Facebook!

So glad to be back, stay tuned y'all

xo Jess

Sep 13, 202321:30
Episode 56: Jessica Manfre, Author of Never Alone

Episode 56: Jessica Manfre, Author of Never Alone

Resilient and Rowdy is happy to have Jessica Manfre as a guest for today's episode! Jessica is a beautiful soul with a giving heart. She and I chat briefly about her newly released book called Never Alone, where she openly shares her testimony and the tools to handle loss, loyalty and loneliness as a woman of faith, wife of a Coast Guardsman and mother of two. Check her out at 

Never Alone is sold anywhere books can be purchased: 

Moody Publishers, Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble,, Target and Walmart. 


Jessica Manfre is a published author and senior contributor for multiple military publications. She is a licensed social worker, earning her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Central Florida in 2020. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Northwestern State University. Jessica is the co-founder and CFO of Inspire Up, a 501c3 nonprofit promoting global generosity and kindness through education, empowerment and community building. She is the spouse of an active duty Coast Guardsman and mother of two. When she isn't working, you can find her reading a good book and drinking too much coffee. 

Mar 13, 202350:45
Lakeydra Houston: Turning victims into warriors
Jan 07, 202352:43
Welcome back Ms. Charlotte Astrology of Celestial Compass!

Welcome back Ms. Charlotte Astrology of Celestial Compass!

I am so happy to have Ms. Charlotte of Celestial Compass back on Resilient and Rowdy. She was my top downloaded episode this year and I figured why not bring her back on to see what the stars have to say! We touch on Meghan Markle, the Royal family drama, America's Pluto Return, Jess's Saturn return *cries*, Kanye/Balenciaga scandal, and so much more. Check her out on instagram where she thoroughly analyzes celebrity charts and placements, where you can learn more in depth about your chart as well! Charlotte has a substack you can subscribe to if you're interested in more of her content. She does astrological chart, synastry, and love readings as well! 

IG: Ms.Charlotte.Astrology 

Dec 27, 202201:42:05
Gold Star spouse Britt Harris - Embodying Resilience

Gold Star spouse Britt Harris - Embodying Resilience

Did y'all miss me? Ya girl is back and excited to share the inspiring journey of Gold Star spouse, Britt Harris. In this episode, Britt shares her chapter dealing with significant loss, how and what got her through those difficult times. Taken aback with this supportive nation and community, Britt has given back and now helps others reach a level of peace, a safe haven thru non profit work. Be sure to check out @childrenoffallenheros and @campresilientnc ! The gals briefly touch on self accountability, self growth, mature and healthy friendships! Britt has been a light and inspiration, follow her journey on making the most of this lifetime and how she honors her late husbands life by appreciating all the blessings, ups and downs life brings us in this lifetime. Check her out on IG @Britt.M.Harris 

Dec 05, 202201:34:60
SSG Sandy Marquis Speaks Out - Ft. Hood Retaliates

SSG Sandy Marquis Speaks Out - Ft. Hood Retaliates

Welcome! Resilient and Rowdy is honored to have SSG Sandy Marquis, an immigrant and patriot currently serving in the United States Army. After arriving in Fort Hood, SSG Sandy Marquis found out how manipulative uniformed personnel can be and the lies used against SSG Marquis to threaten her from speaking out. The criminal justice system and Child Protective Services were used against her in retaliation. This toxic behavior is embedded deeply into our military and we learn how deep it goes in order to silence victims.  This interview is set to inform folks how corrupt bureaucracies and instituations can be in order to fulfill someone's sick agenda and intentions. As well as acknowledging there is a "good ol' boy" system everywhere you go, a code of silence, and connections hidden in plain sight to keep crimes and injustices from seeing the light of day.  If you are interested in speaking with Sandy, you may reach her at  SSG Sandy Marquis is searching for a high profile lawyer to help her case, any guidance is appreciated.  Survivors and honorably serving military personnel have your back and will see it through Sandy and her children get justice!

Jun 15, 202201:15:44
To The Stars! With Ms. Charlotte Hall

To The Stars! With Ms. Charlotte Hall

Welcome this beautiful woman from across the pond! Ms. Charlotte Hall is an Australian & British astrologer based in London. 

In this episode, we learn how Charlotte got into astrology and how her passion turned into a magnificent talent! 

We discuss the astrological signs, planets, asteroids, Amber Heard & Marilyn Monroe's charts AND MORE! 

If you are interested in getting a reading from Charlotte, you can find her on instagram @ms.charlotte.astrology 

#astrology #natalcharts #amberheard #marilynmonroe 

May 02, 202247:22
Ep 47: Ricky Derring

Ep 47: Ricky Derring

Welcome back to another ep y'all! 

Last week at Bourbiz, I had to opportunity to meet so many wonderful and inspiring folks! 

I am grateful to share the story of hard work and success with today's guest.  

Meet Ricky Derring, a retired Green Beret, mentor, and corporate professional with experience in Fortune 2 & 4 companies.  

In this episode, Ricky shares the keys to success to translate military talents into civilian terms and opportunities. 

We discuss transitioning out of active duty, identity crisis, setting yourself up for success through the important details.  

Get in touch with Ricky if you'd like improve on marketing yourself and resume help on

Mar 31, 202201:04:51
Short & Sweet Update

Short & Sweet Update

YA GIRL IS BACK AND done hiding in my cave. HAHA. 

Here's your personal update, what I've been up to, what's to come.. 

New Pod?! WORD. 

Check it out 2Broads 1 Podcast, Available on Spotify & Apple podcasts!

Catalyst for change fundraiser t-shirt link in BIO of my Instagram @jesscjaimes

Stay tuned next week for Bourbiz! 

Jess briefly shares her most recent trip with healing and plant medicine. 

Mar 18, 202211:22
Ep 45: Kara The Huntress

Ep 45: Kara The Huntress

Welcome to episode 45!!!! This week, I have the honor of speaking with Kara Smith, Director of Commercial Analysis and Senior Targeting Analyst for a non-profit & private intelligence firm Deliverfund. Kara is an Air Force, FBI, and NSA veteran. This episode discusses human trafficking, how social media plays a role, and being situationally aware of this issue. 

DeliverFund is a private intelligence firm that disrupts human trafficking markets by providing intelligence and delivering specialized analytics about human trafficking activities to law enforcement authorities.

Any questions for Kara when she returns or reach her directly at 

IG: Kara_the_huntress 


Feb 26, 202251:14
Crossover Event | Shelly Klingerman - Project Never Broken | with The Protectors Podcast

Crossover Event | Shelly Klingerman - Project Never Broken | with The Protectors Podcast

Shelley Klingerman joined Jesse and Jason to discuss the loss of her Detective brother to a senseless ambush, starting Project Never Broken to help those dealing with loss & grief, women’s safety issues, and tons more.  Shelley also discusses attending citizen training to get a glimpse into the policing world from responding to threats to dealing with individuals with mental health problems.

About Shelley: Shelley Klingerman is a successful entrepreneur, author, marketing professional, and documentary film producer. She is a graduate of Indiana State University and the mother of three children who inspired her to make the documentary Terror in American Schools: Are Your Kids Safe? The film outlines threats and vulnerabilities to our schools, and what can be done to increase security for the nation’s children.

During her research for the film, and from her two decades of working for a large global firm, Klingerman began to understand the need to be vigilant and aware of her surroundings in everyday situations. This sparked a passion to help others learn what they should be aware of when traveling and living their day-to-day lives, and how they can prepare and protect themselves. She compiled her insights — which have been featured in The New York Times — into Vigilance: The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Personal Safety, Self-Protection Measures, and Countermeasures (Niche Pressworks, 2019).

She received Situational Awareness Specialist certification in 2021 and is currently attending the FBI’s Citizen’s Academy.

This episode brought to you by Faraday Defense and Health To The Rescue.

Please check out

Support the show (

Feb 08, 202232:35
Get with the healing team bb

Get with the healing team bb


Whew, the healing episode took a lot longer to somewhat touch on the experience. 

Healing y'all... it's been a humbling and strange journey.  

One day it'll hurt enough for you to want change. 

You are worthy of living at peace with yourself. 

AND!!! It is okay to love yourself first! *laughs in people pleasing*  - xoxo jess  

If you liked this ep, pls like / share / send to your dad 

Suggestions on what to talk about next?  

tweet me: @jessjaimz (main)  

email me:

Feb 02, 202211:31
Last EP of 2021!

Last EP of 2021!

Recap of December// ending the year with hope and gratitude ❤️
Jan 01, 202214:01
Ep 41: Hot Girl Nikki

Ep 41: Hot Girl Nikki


An introduction to Nikki and Jess's friendship.  

The gals talk about how women have to overcome their own toxic behavior while not tolerating the projections of those who won't. 

Jess has been focusing on improving friendships and relationships in her life and came across a book which describes the phenomenology of women's behavior towards other women. The book is called Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman by Phyllis Chesler

Nikki and Jess are on the rise, growing and glowing physically, mentally, and emotionally.

With that being said, sometimes your growth can trigger something vile in other women.

We briefly discuss some of the ways women hurt each other and the drama that entails.

Quality over quantity. Friendships, relationships. Period.

The gals touch on relationships, Nikki mentions a book she is enjoying called The Rules of Love by Richard Templar which has helped her get to know herself and her partner. An intimate recommendation if you're into deep conversations.. 

If you enjoyed this episode, let us know!

Want more Hot Girl Nikki? She will be back!

Dec 17, 202143:39
Dap Me Up!! - Daphne Adebayo

Dap Me Up!! - Daphne Adebayo

Welcome to Episode 40 of the RNR podcast!  

Today's episode is highlighting fellow hype woman, Daphne Adebayo, an entrepreneur and rolling stone at heart. 

We discuss Daphne's journey as a College basketball athlete, the post-grad employment grind, and how she continues to be a motivational spirit. Whether it's her energy and authenticity, Daphne is sure to continue doing amazing things while encouraging others. 

Check her out on IG and TikTok!  @Dap_Adebayo

Nov 08, 202138:53
Deseret Fournier - Host of B*tch How! Podcast

Deseret Fournier - Host of B*tch How! Podcast

Y'all. It's a big world out there, small Army. A lil throwback of Ft Riley comin' in HOT Welcome Deseret Fournier, a certified Nutrition Coach and 2x Pro Champion International Physique League! In this ep, Deseret discusses her early career as a young Army officer and how it has helped her become the resilient woman she is. There's girl talk, sharing how we overcame toxic relationships, and World Series smack talk!!! Jess shares her podcast journey and we introduce Deseret's upcoming podcast, B*tch How!? on podcast streaming apps + YouTube @deseretgrace @rubizzeeyy @bitchhowpod Email @

Nov 02, 202101:17:12
Sam, Host of Martini Mantha

Sam, Host of Martini Mantha

Welcome Sam aka Martini Mantha!  

Sam is a woman in STEM, fellow podcaster, and roommates with Jess in Atlanta. 

The gals chat as we dig into Sam's life: moving back to Georgia from Texas, life changes, and how their unexpected friendship has blossomed over the past few months. 

We wrap up the ep with a couple takes on the Bachelorette and the Braves World Series. 

Check out Sam's podcast Martini Mantha, season two coming soon!  

@msamlee @MartiniMantha 

Oct 28, 202138:28
Oct 20, 202132:40
Scott Deluzio, Author of Surviving Son

Scott Deluzio, Author of Surviving Son

Hellllllo Scott! Welcome to a new episode! Today's guest and I get a sweet preview of his new book! He is the author of Surviving Son, where he shares his perspective on being a Gold Star brother during his deployment to Afghanistan. We talk about perseverance and mental health tips. Scott also enjoys podcasting and highlighting stories from veterans and the like. Check out his podcast at @DriveOnPodcast Surviving Son on Amazon
Oct 12, 202156:27
Hola Renea!

Hola Renea!

WE ARE BACK AND have another cool chica met through the vetrepreneur sector!! Meet Renea, a Jamaicain immigrant, Army Veteran Retired, mother, and businesswoman. This woman does it all, Whew! In this episode, Renea shares with us her life experiences that made an impact on the person she is today. An immigrant with a dream to pursue an education and willing to do whatever it takes for it! After some time, she ended her enlistment to commission as an officer in the United States Army. She has now retired after 21 years and is excited to pursue her many business ventures. Renea's story is beautiful in which you see the perseverance of someone with drive and passion to succeed.  Check her out on FB & IG : @thefitmomceo Tiktok, FB & IG: @reneajoneshudson 
Sep 16, 202101:37:17
Rachelle - The Enduring Campaign
Aug 11, 202127:07
Michelle Black, Gold Star Widow + Author of Sacrifice
Jun 24, 202101:02:57
Dating Advice with WarBear

Dating Advice with WarBear

This episode is NSFW!! Does PP size matter? Foreplay?! 

Unhealthy relationships and overcoming them! Enjoy our random tangents but we always get back into the topic. 

Let us know your thoughts, questions, etc. 

Holler at WarBear on IG: @Warbear_actual 

Jun 16, 202101:29:19
Jason, Man of all Trades
Jun 09, 202125:11


When you need that fire, these two guys got you covered. Meet Boub and Tristen, two unexpected friends and now business partners. Fire For Effect Ind. makes homemade candles with a twist of dark humor AND reusable glass! Tune in to hear their exciting new business venture and preparing for Bourbiz! Check them out at and @FFE_candle_co on instagram! 

*Proceeds from FFE Candles for Hunter Seven Foundation go straight towards funding medical research and helping current survivors of toxic exposure while deployed. 

Jun 04, 202122:03
WarBear: 1776 Part Two

WarBear: 1776 Part Two

Warbear and Raid Kitten? Meow!!! This MF ruffled some feathers last episode and for some reason Jess agreed to have him back on. For legal reasons, this episode is 1. A joke and 2. Hypothetically speaking. Check him out on IG @Warbear_actual for explicit posts and dope stickers!
May 29, 202101:33:06
Toxic by Britney Spears ONLY!

Toxic by Britney Spears ONLY!

Welcome back Laura!! This episode Laura and Jess share their past toxic behaviors/habits/relationships, implementing boundaries, and breaking toxic cycles. If you have ever had a toxic friend, relationship, or situation this is a MUST listen. We accept Toxic by Britney Spears, no one else.
Suicide, suicidal ideations are mentioned. Listener discretion is advised.
May 27, 202101:26:27
Matt "WarBear" Hoffman
May 19, 202101:32:38
Herbal Healing with Laura

Herbal Healing with Laura

Meet Laura! She is a long time friend of the pod (even before the R+R pod was a pod!!) 

In  this ep, our guest takes reign and shares her story with IBS while finding a natural resolution to her ailments. 

We talk becoming vegan, herbal concoctions, and cannabis. 

If any of the topics resonated with you and you'd like to know more from Laura, contact her via 

@Laura_of_Rose on IG 

May 12, 202143:55
MFP Launch
Apr 07, 202135:30
Bailey Goes Abroad!

Bailey Goes Abroad!

Finally catching up and getting back into the weekly ep folks.. welcome one of Jess's close gal pals in Denver, Bailey! An unhinged and unwed 30 year old gal shares her experience studying abroad. Tune in to hear advice and tips on skipping over the pond for an education.
Apr 02, 202133:57
We're Going On A Trip with Lee

We're Going On A Trip with Lee

Lee is an ongoing guest on R&R and today we decided to chat about life, finding healing and lessons learned through psychedelics. 
Mar 07, 202101:00:18
Glenn Gives Back

Glenn Gives Back

This dude right here is a resilient and happy fella. Glenn is just a regular guy with a heart of gold. A father, now recently widowed shares his experience as his late wife's caretaker, how they handled it in their relationship and family, and how he is getting by today. Tune in for some great advice from Glenn and a little bit about what he does for the community.
Mar 07, 202156:46
The Tech Era

The Tech Era

Hehehe I made funny! Welcome Tech!! Tech is a motivated and positive leader in the infantry and ranger community. He enjoys running and living a healthy mental and physical lifestyle. In this episode Tech shares his experience overcoming in survivors guilt after a helicopter accident. CW: discretion advised ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Check him out on IG & YT @Era_of_tech
Feb 10, 202101:04:42
Meet Topher & The Marine Rapper
Feb 08, 202134:38
Maia Papaya!

Maia Papaya!

All about Maia!! Maia is a current pharmacy student, former cannabis examiner, and an overall badass chic in STEM! This episode the gals talk graduating from undergrad and getting into the professional sector, while unfortunately becoming unsatisfied in it and making the big step to pursue higher education! Later on, the gals touch on personal things such as dating and more! 

Pharm D, Delete Bumble, Hinge gang 

Feb 03, 202139:05
Natalie Thee Stallion

Natalie Thee Stallion

Welcome Natalie Oliverio, CEO & Founder of Military Talent Partners!  After serving in the Navy, Natalie found the transition to the civilian workforce a challenge, or not challenging enough.  Currently, Natalie and Military Talent Partners helps mentor and market jobs/careers for military service members, veterans, and their spouses!  Tune in to hear all about finding your niche and why you + your company should consider hiring military and veteran personnel!  Reach out to Natalie via 
Jan 27, 202124:08
Lights, Camera, Jennifer Brofer!

Lights, Camera, Jennifer Brofer!

After a brief stint with strep throat, R&R kicks off the new year with an extraordinary guest and current girl crush, Jennifer Brofer.  Starting as Combat correspondence in the Marine Corps, Jennifer wanted to do more with film and camera.  Now she is a filmmaker, producer, actor, and more!  Tune in to here more about the creative process and journey with Jess & Jennifer!  If you are interested in collaborating or more, reach out via IG @JenniferBrofer @RightFaceProductions
Jan 20, 202129:05
Peanut butter and Pookie
Dec 11, 202053:24
J's Interlude

J's Interlude

Episode 15 is your host Jess giving you a personal update on taking social media breaks, a brief intro into a future guest and someone she admires, and lastly some exciting news!
Support the pod and share with friends bbys.
Dec 06, 202013:12
The Dating Saga

The Dating Saga

After a 2 year hiatus, Camille is back in the dating game! Have your note pad ready for self reflection and personal toy advice. Dating in Menver is an adventure but dating during COVID - yikes. Jess and Camille catch up and talk daddies, mommy issues, and cuffing season. A liberating episode, tipsy and uncut - take a drink every time the girls say "like."
Who is Mr. Clean? DM the pod with your guess!
Nov 21, 202051:18
Snakes on the pod!
Nov 15, 202033:08
Latinas Running with Dr. Kim Rodriguez
Nov 09, 202034:41
Thriving in Mind, Body, Soul with Lee Gonzales

Thriving in Mind, Body, Soul with Lee Gonzales

After finding himself in a TBI clinic, Lee Gonzales applies his experience in the Marine Corps and rehabilitation center to thrive post military service.
In this epsiode, Jess and Lee talk about how to start and continue healthy habits, despite internal and external struggles.
Lee is a resilient gentleman, whose self reflection supports his journey in thriving mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger.
Follow him on insta at @LeeGonz138
Oct 24, 202041:23
REBRAND and Veteran with a Sign
Oct 06, 202043:59
The Catch Up

The Catch Up

A quick catch up from my month long hiatus. Check on your strong friends y’all. Stay tuned for next weeks guest. 💗
Aug 31, 202009:53