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RE: Spectrum

RE: Spectrum

By Abraham Ologundudu

On RE: Spectrum, I highlight ideas, thoughts and questions I have had to process on my leadership journey.

By exploring lessons, insights, stories, and questions based on my values, beliefs, and experiences, I desire that you get empowered with clarity, boldness, strategies and tools to lead an informed and purposeful life.

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Gbas Gbos: Being The Villain In Someone’s Story

RE: SpectrumJul 22, 2020

Gbas Gbos: Being The Villain In Someone’s Story
Jul 22, 202037:28
On Rising Up From Personal Downtime as a Young Leader
Jul 08, 202028:50
Dealing With the Pressure and Expectation to Perform as a Young Leader
Jun 23, 202020:53
On African Childhood, Parental Love, and Cultural Expectations
May 08, 202001:04:17
Abraham, I Want to Get To Where You Are.
May 01, 202040:25
On Reflective Thinking, Self Awareness and Support Systems in a World of Never-Ending Distractions.
Apr 22, 202001:23:04
On Re-engineering Self-Confidence as a Young and Emerging Leader
Apr 14, 202059:25
Q&A: Meet Abraham Ologundudu
Apr 07, 202045:33